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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    ChiCity wrote: »
    my nigga @ChiCity logged in and went straight to work wow.png

    pulled about 4 chi-town chicks in one night of posting, that shit was lowkey demonic how easy you did it
    That ain't what's happening at all lol. You do have a lot of females over there tho.

    I'm merely trying to understand the layout and all. You doing good shit

    Any bad ones?

    Time will tell. I only seen a couple of them and they attractive. I don't think they got a pic thread going

    Apparently LSA is where the fucking at tho. Them chicks doing hair, paying for ubers, paying phone bills....this yr b.

    2016.Like Jan 1-today
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  • Re: Cole World! "4 Your Eyez Only" Dropping Dec. 9th

    As long as it ain't a live version of 2014 FHD or some throw away shit like Kendrick pulled I'm cool

    New material WITH some damn features this time
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  • Re: Why You Nikkaz Didn't Tell Me "Cam'Ron Voice" The Hardest Song This Summer? (#ShotEveryDayB)

    This shit trash and Murda is a poor man's Fab
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  • Re: Lil Wayne Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

    Will Munny wrote: »
    Lil Wayne was my FAVORITE rapper back in the day.

    But then I actually stopped a listen to some of the shit he said.

    "When I was 5 my favorite movie was the gremlins, ain't got shit to do with this but I just thought that I should mention"
    Easy there Elmer Fudd, this line goes hard
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  • Re: Official Drake - "More Life" Album (Drake Drops 4 new songs)

    jazzybella wrote: »
    Only reason drake is a top rapper cuz he's the most popular . I like some of drake music but dude should never be mention with his peers . He can continue to make music like one dance etc cuz I enjoy it but I don't take him serious as a rapper even if he do write some of his shit . I'll always think hmm did he write this or not .

    annnddddddd close thread. We trying to make Drake into something he's not. His music isn't inspiring change or promoting social justice like the GOATs did but honestly do we want him too? Nah lol keep giving us the late night cuffing/ sometimes you gotta fuck another nigga hoe/ 2am drunk texting background music. Drake will be remembered for his popularity within hip hop and pop music and that's still an achievement.

    We oversaturating the GOATs club with random niggas who make a good single or two. We getting hyped because a nigga going platinum not because of his music is creating a social change with his lyricism (even dope boy/ hustle lyrics at least make you want to go out and improve your situation legally or illegally lol) but because he's saying something that fit in 140 characters on a dope ass beat. Drake will never be Pac, Biggie, Nas, Jay Z, Cube, Dot, Cole, and etc as far as GOATs because unlike them, Drake just enjoy making music to steal yo girl too...and that's ok! I need some music to snatch somebody nigga from sometimes anyways ;)

    So Biggie promoted change and social injustice? (I mean at least he wrote his own rhymes)
    'Even dope boy/ hustle lyrics at least make you want to go out and improve your situation legally or illegally'

    She covered Biggie in her assessment
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