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  • Re: George Zimmerman Trial Thread (Found Not Guilty Jesus help us...)

    Today is a good day
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  • Re: Several witnesses in Trayvon Martin case change their accounts...

    I kinda feel pity for the innocent White people who are gonna face violent consequences when the riots begin...

    NOTE, Keyword: KINDA.

    You act like white people are going to roll over and die lol. Given the tension between non-blacks and blacks in this country and people coming to the realization that the black community has a lot of problems and cause a lot of problem, its not going to be treated with pacification.

    Also, white people aren't the only people tired of black people's shit. I've met African-specifically Nigerians and Sudanese-guys who were more racist against black americans than any white guy I've ever met. Not to mention asians, indians, and every other ethnic group out there.

    So y'all just going to ignore this post all together. LOL. Like we give a fuck. We been fighting against the world this whole time what makes it any different now?
    It'll be a totally different level once people stop caring about being called racist

    Won't happen. It's in white people's best interest to perpetuate the facade.

    How else can they smile in everyone's face while stabbing them in the back?

    Only reason people care about being called racist for saying things outside of the acceptable norm is because a vocal group in the country use political correction and social stigmatization to keep people who dare to have an opinion outside of status quo from straying too far publicly. However, I think everyone can admit that this tactic is starting to lose its effectiveness and people are starting to ignore the enforcement of political correctness.

    Once people stop caring then there is no need to care about social niceties or as you put it "
    How else can they smile in everyone's face while stabbing them in the back?". People will start to feel free to express how they feel openly and become proud to do it.

    Social histories in particular segments of time are relatively short to history as a whole. Only 80-90 years ago woman couldn't vote. Only 50 years ago was discrimination government enforced. Social mores and customs change rapidly so 10 years from now who knows what will be acceptable or not but I have a feeling which way its going.
  • Re: Trayvon had drugs in his system and all injuries show signs of a struggle.

    Trill 5015 wrote: »
    so you saying if im high off my ass and a nigga starts following me in a car decides to get out the car come up to me asking questions like he the police im suppose to just answer him?.....cause where im from if a car starts pulling up slowly while u walking u run or get shot. bottom line ya trayvon tried to whoop on the nigga for running up but dude had a gun trayvon didnt so zimmerman still had the advantage when u pull out a gun on somebody you have two choices shoot or tell them not to move...zimmerman decided to shoot known trayvon didnt have shit on him. an trayvons died its not like he can tell somebody what zimmerman did to make him react cause ive hit white folks just for calling me nigga so whose to say zimmerman didnt decide to start running his shit talker&got punched in the face for it cause u know he wont tell on hisself

    Calling someone a bad name isn't a crime.

    Asking someone what you're doing here isn't a crime.

    Beating someone's head into the concrete is and justifies self-defense. End of story.

    Hood rules aren't society's rules. For people from hood own sake, they need to stop thinking this way or else they'll never successfully integrate into the rest of American society and they will be on the wrong side of the government and how most people in America live their lives.
  • Re: Trayvon had drugs in his system and all injuries show signs of a struggle.

    Still, none of this justifies what Zimmerman did. He should've listened to the 911 operator and not pursue Martin. If he'd stayed his bitch ass in his vehicle, none of this would've occurred
    At the end of day, him following Trayvon asking him what he is doing here isn't illegal. Beating someone's head into concrete is and could be considered attempted murder. He had a right to fear for his life and defend himself at this point and Trayvon ended up shot. It was justified self-defense even if you disagree with the initial following of Trayvon.
  • Re: Trayvon had drugs in his system and all injuries show signs of a struggle.

    I still wanna know what happened to make them get into a fight. The kid was probably scared some creeper was following him.
    Most 6 foot black guys aren't scared of fat short Mexicans. My guess is he felt "disrespected" and needed to prove his manhood in the situation and got shot. Lets not pretend this isn't the M.O. of your typical inner-city thug

    Thank god for concealed carry laws that allow you to protect yourself and not end up with your brains scattered on the concrete due to having them beaten in. Don't want to get shot? Don't attack people :)