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  • Re: So Nas was Calling Jay Z gay, knowing dmn Well That JayZ was slaying his baby moms

    Maybe Nas doesn't care considering he wasn't with her anymore. Why would he care what Carmen does or did when he broke up with her? And btw, Jay could easily still be gay. Gay guys do have girls, and fuck girls to cover up the fact that they're gay, so Nas could be right. And smh at dudes tryna say Jay won. SupaUgly was one of the worst diss tracks of all time. He didn't come with science, he came with bs tryna make niggas catch feelings cause his soul was burning and quite slowly. Nothing was lyrical about it it was just petty shit. Ether was the second 2nd Round KO. It was bodying Jay with science, facts, and some funny bars. Even Takeover was off b/c Jay claimed Nas only had 1 good album in Illmatic, when It Was Written was superior to Illmatic, and I Am wasn't "doo" as Jay said, it was near classic, and even Nastradamus wasn't whack just average. Nas won. Get over it. In fact he rarely loses, for every loss, there's 20 more significant wins.
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  • Re: Should Cool C Be Executed?

    Nope. I don't see killing a cop while robbing a bank an executable offense.
  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    actually i think he wanted to main event with the rock and be given a chance to prove he can be an a level guy, u can mention starpower but dude merch was up there with cena, and he was number one amongst the true wrestling fan. and anyone in the world would complain or want to complain about they're checks slowly getting lower and lower while their worth to their job gets higher and higher bruh come on now. plus everyone in the company money affected by the network, idk if he should be gettin brock/rock money since they bring a whole other eye to the company, but u mean to tell me he didnt have the best match on that lackluster ass mania he was talkin about? i see his point on that one. plus vince "owed" him one. and i think his point about droppin the belt was timing(triple threat at mania would have been best for business) and what would happen next(as we know wwe has no continuity on ANYONE'S storylines)

    He DID main event with Rock though. And everyone doesn't get that chance, only if they believe in you. Punk was given a 434 day title reign anyhow, always beat Cena and was booked to be top of the chain so he can't complain.

    And starpower? His merch was high, his ratings and PPV buyrates were terrible though. And he had no recognition outside of hardcore wrestling fans.

    He was #1 among true wrestling fans? I disagree. He was straight for a few years, then got sloppy and boring as he was focused on more.

    His paychecks getting lower is fine to complain about. Not getting Rock/Brock money isn't. He has the best match....so? Does John Morrison and the Shield and whoever has the best match get to get paid more than bonafide main eventers like Rock and Taker......because they had a good match? Nah, it doesn't work that way and never should.

    Vince owed him one and gave him a 434 day reign. I think the debt was paid. He beat Shield 3v1 and was going to beat HHH at WM (which is a big deal). How is that not paying him back. I don't defend WWE at all, but Punk was unreasonable.

    And the triple threat wouldn't have been best for business. Rock/Cena II was tbh despite how trash it was. Plus Taker needed a match, and Punk was given that honor (and it is an honor).

    Rock/Brock would also have been best for business, but WWE got something for Cena winning for w/e reason.
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  • Re: Ricky Williams: "Adrian Peterson Did Nothing Wrong, That's Just How Black People Raise Their Kids."

    So, Black people routinely put cuts and lacerations on their sons' scrotums?


    Where is your source nigga....you just made up some shitt


    aneed123 wrote: »
    Once crackers started putting their nose in how we raise our kids with all this extra dfcs and foster care for any little thing shit .... It fucked up everything.

    Exactly where was all this so-called "outcry" when we was growing up? So plz stop.

    And plz stop actin like a 3 muthafuccin year old child don't act the f@@@ up. Y'all niggas need to get up off that damb fairytale, and come back to reality.


    Bruh... You don't think this is kinda extreme? Especially for a 4 year old child?

    I got beat with switches, paddles and extension cords.....

    And I NEVER had these types of wounds.

    You tellin' me you don't see nothin' wrong with a pro football player doing this to a 4 year old?

    Didn't the kid push one of AP's other kids off a ride or something? If so, the only thing excessive was the leaves. You NEVER hurt family and he needs to learn that young.
  • Re: Wolverine vs. Spider-Man

    Peter Parker Spiderman has a conscious. Let's say if it were Doc Ock Spiderman (same as power set as Parker, but with Doctor Octopus' ruthlessness), I'd say it would be a repeat of this:




    Not even a crew of Avengers could really lay hands on Superior Spiderman:


    That Avengers thing is PIS though.
    In naruto terms it's current naruto with shikamaru intelligence vs hidan with kimimaro bone abilities. You saw a much weaker naruto took kimimaro and a legendary ninja out with one move right spider man goes apeshit Wolverine getting that ass beat

    Naruto has literally never beaten Kimimaro. Just saiyan.