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  • Do you think this is some strong cooning?

    SMH at the coons with the girl with the nigga shirt. Just shameful. And wtf is a white queen? The proper term is cavebitch.
  • Can Goku & Vegeta take out the whole Marvel universe

    achewon87 wrote: »
    Let's clear the air on the 40 tons...

    The gravity that was on King Kai's little planet is 10x that of earth's, so he was struggling with 400 tons...

    By the time he goes to fight Frieza he was training at 100x earth gravity...

    Oh noes. 400 tons!

    Hulk lifted 150 billion ton mountains. It's still not close.
  • DMX, George Zimmerman, and Floyd Mayweather Sr. Slammed Over Fight..

    you cant be re reading your posts?? you have to just be typing without thinking LOL

    You don't go blow for blow with Foreman, you outsmart him like the great Ali did. You have no layers to your train of thought. Your strings are being pulled without you knowing it.

    this dude just compared white ppl to george foreman LOL

    see this is the thing, when you are the underdog IN YOUR OWN MIND before the fight even starts, you'll lose either way

    you compared whites and blacks to foreman and ali respectively..... as if ali, the most confident fighter in the history of the world, ever thought once in his mind that he was gonna lose.
    Ali didnt outsmart foreman, he simply fought by using his strengths and exploiting foremans weaknesses. That has zero to do with this weak nigga shit youre talking about "being smart" while your enemy is shooting you over a bag of skittles and a iced tea. youre enemy shoots you, then you go read a book and challenge him to a debate?? you weak right now dude just say youre scared of white ppl and youre not built to fight back smh

    ....Says this nigga as the petition literally works as planned. Ok nigga, you keep fighting that good fight or w/e you do with your hands or guns or w/e (outnumbered 1 to 200 million+). We'll keep getting shit done. Intellectually.
  • They Really Are Pushing It....Disney Channel Introduces It's First Same-Sex Couple

    zombie wrote: »
    ok...so if seeing a gay couple on tv will influence a kid to be gay, how were there gay people in the 50's & shit when there weren't any gays on tv or in movies?

    what a stupid fucking question. No one is saying that there would be no gays if not for tv, but we are saying that tv is an added influence.

    the point is that there was 0 media outlets for gay people in those times...no exposure. yet there was still millions of faggots & faggettes running around living their lives among the straight people. nobody influenced them to be gay, yet they were still gay.

    you ain't gonna up & say you're gay or "try it out" if you're really not gay.
    there's nothing you can do about it. either they're gay or interested in trying shit out or they're not. only thing different about today is if you'll be judged for it and/or to what extent.

    B....there was no TV long ago, yet there was still murderers and violence. And yet....people still don't want kids seeing violence and sex on TV. Why is that? Because Kids are impressionable and they might try some of that shit, or it might warp their mindset to be more violent/sexual. That's how shit works. Homosexuality should be no different.

    I don't want my child seeing homos and thinking that shit is normal at all. I don't want my child being influence by homos at all either. Keep them out of children's shows ESPECIALLY when they represent such a small percentage of the population.

    Dudes acting like kids, teens, hell even adults don't conform and adopt certain actions/styles/mindsets because it's seen as "normal" and/or "cool". We don't want kids doing that with homosexuality obviously. Niggas need to think. they got you indoctrinated already.
  • Good Samaritan Shoots Armed Robber - Armed Robber's Family Outraged & Says He Had No Right To Shoot

    LOL the system got these niggas fooled with ease. Y'all need to get enlightened, go read or some shit, gain knowledge, do some critical thinking, and then you'll see my point. Right now y'all just a bunch of black zombies caping for guns and violence when that shit ALWAYS is turned on us. Go shoot a white man as a vigilante, guarantee your ass gets 10 years minimum. Y'all over here riding for your own enslavement and you don't even know it. SMH