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  • Re: So Nas was Calling Jay Z gay, knowing dmn Well That JayZ was slaying his baby moms

    Maybe Nas doesn't care considering he wasn't with her anymore. Why would he care what Carmen does or did when he broke up with her? And btw, Jay could easily still be gay. Gay guys do have girls, and fuck girls to cover up the fact that they're gay, so Nas could be right. And smh at dudes tryna say Jay won. SupaUgly was one of the worst diss tracks of all time. He didn't come with science, he came with bs tryna make niggas catch feelings cause his soul was burning and quite slowly. Nothing was lyrical about it it was just petty shit. Ether was the second 2nd Round KO. It was bodying Jay with science, facts, and some funny bars. Even Takeover was off b/c Jay claimed Nas only had 1 good album in Illmatic, when It Was Written was superior to Illmatic, and I Am wasn't "doo" as Jay said, it was near classic, and even Nastradamus wasn't whack just average. Nas won. Get over it. In fact he rarely loses, for every loss, there's 20 more significant wins.
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  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    DarkRaiden wrote: »
    DarkRaiden wrote: »
    Cena/Brock was better than Punk/Brock by far. First and second (for shock value).

    Also, I'll say it again, Punk was given more than he deserved, given a 400+ day title reign. For him to complain is laughable.

    That first Cena/Brock match was just Lesnar doing german suplexes the whole damn match, GTFO with this

    That's the second one. With shock value. And it was better than Punk/Brock.

    How so fam? im interested in ur analysis.

    1st one was Cena vs. Brock, Brock came back and absolutely dominated Cena with strength and aggression like no one had before (but still enough back and forth for it to be a match). And it fit his gimmick perfectly. He was athletic, fast, strong, etc. and his semi-shoot style made for an amazing match. Him losing made it worse, but it did still tell a story. Albeit a story no one wanted to read.

    2nd one was Brock, fresh off of the Streak dominating Cena for shock value. Unlike the other match, it wasn't so much shoot, and it Cena didn't get as much offense in. When he did....Brock sat up like Taker and laughed. The shock of him just suplexing Cena over and over again and dominating him like a jobber was a great match to see.

    Punk vs. Brock was good but dumb. I couldn't get into it because Punk looks like Brock can break him in half at any second. And they expected me to believe Brock was going to lose unless Heyman interfered. Even if I ignore all that it's 4 stars at best.

    1st Cena one is 4.5, second is like a special 5 (just watching it was something super special), but really just a 4.
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  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    Punk was pretty much bitching and whining outside of the medical shit....which we already knew that WWE didn't care about people's health (unless they're golden boys).

    I mean he said he should be the main event over The Rock? Hell nah. He should get paid same as the Rock? Hell nah.

    Should beat Brock, Taker, Rock, or even be an A-level main eventer? Again Hell Nah. He wasn't big enough (starpower) nor good enough IMO.

    Should main event WM? Not the years he didn't (besides Miz and that puzzles everyone tbh).

    And I don't see how he can complain about money and his push. He got a 434 day reign (that made me stop watching for a while) and went over Cena almost every time they faced. That's a pretty damn good push. He also beat the Shield 3v1 remember.

    Basically, he had complaints, but most of them were overshadowed by him being a mark/fan of himself and wanting more than he got when he got so much that he seems crazy.
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  • Re: Do you think this is some strong cooning?

    SMH at the coons with the girl with the nigga shirt. Just shameful. And wtf is a white queen? The proper term is cavebitch.
  • Re: Can Goku & Vegeta take out the whole Marvel universe

    achewon87 wrote: »
    Let's clear the air on the 40 tons...

    The gravity that was on King Kai's little planet is 10x that of earth's, so he was struggling with 400 tons...

    By the time he goes to fight Frieza he was training at 100x earth gravity...

    Oh noes. 400 tons!

    Hulk lifted 150 billion ton mountains. It's still not close.
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