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  • Weekly Update: Check Me

    Yo what's good, time for the weekly thread.

    Last Week:I had a flashback and linked ya'll to my Self Perception and my poet laureate freestyle.

    This Week: I just put up a new song on Jeezy's RIP beat called check me. It's some serious shit, g checking, don't fuck with me style.

    So go check it out and provide feedback and whatnot.

    And don't forget my other channels:
  • Re: LOL.. Lupe Fiasco / Azalea Banks/ Kid Cudi Go At It On Twitter over Kendrick's Comments the end of the day, no matter how trash Cudi is, he was right and Lupe was caping for a coon. Let's drop the "who" said the message and remember the "what" they said in their message.
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  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    Cena/Brock was better than Punk/Brock by far. First and second (for shock value).

    Also, I'll say it again, Punk was given more than he deserved, given a 400+ day title reign. For him to complain is laughable.
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  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    actually i think he wanted to main event with the rock and be given a chance to prove he can be an a level guy, u can mention starpower but dude merch was up there with cena, and he was number one amongst the true wrestling fan. and anyone in the world would complain or want to complain about they're checks slowly getting lower and lower while their worth to their job gets higher and higher bruh come on now. plus everyone in the company money affected by the network, idk if he should be gettin brock/rock money since they bring a whole other eye to the company, but u mean to tell me he didnt have the best match on that lackluster ass mania he was talkin about? i see his point on that one. plus vince "owed" him one. and i think his point about droppin the belt was timing(triple threat at mania would have been best for business) and what would happen next(as we know wwe has no continuity on ANYONE'S storylines)

    He DID main event with Rock though. And everyone doesn't get that chance, only if they believe in you. Punk was given a 434 day title reign anyhow, always beat Cena and was booked to be top of the chain so he can't complain.

    And starpower? His merch was high, his ratings and PPV buyrates were terrible though. And he had no recognition outside of hardcore wrestling fans.

    He was #1 among true wrestling fans? I disagree. He was straight for a few years, then got sloppy and boring as he was focused on more.

    His paychecks getting lower is fine to complain about. Not getting Rock/Brock money isn't. He has the best Does John Morrison and the Shield and whoever has the best match get to get paid more than bonafide main eventers like Rock and Taker......because they had a good match? Nah, it doesn't work that way and never should.

    Vince owed him one and gave him a 434 day reign. I think the debt was paid. He beat Shield 3v1 and was going to beat HHH at WM (which is a big deal). How is that not paying him back. I don't defend WWE at all, but Punk was unreasonable.

    And the triple threat wouldn't have been best for business. Rock/Cena II was tbh despite how trash it was. Plus Taker needed a match, and Punk was given that honor (and it is an honor).

    Rock/Brock would also have been best for business, but WWE got something for Cena winning for w/e reason.
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  • Re: C.M. Punk Finally Opens Up on The Art Of Wrestling(Colt Cabana's Podcast)

    Punk was pretty much bitching and whining outside of the medical shit....which we already knew that WWE didn't care about people's health (unless they're golden boys).

    I mean he said he should be the main event over The Rock? Hell nah. He should get paid same as the Rock? Hell nah.

    Should beat Brock, Taker, Rock, or even be an A-level main eventer? Again Hell Nah. He wasn't big enough (starpower) nor good enough IMO.

    Should main event WM? Not the years he didn't (besides Miz and that puzzles everyone tbh).

    And I don't see how he can complain about money and his push. He got a 434 day reign (that made me stop watching for a while) and went over Cena almost every time they faced. That's a pretty damn good push. He also beat the Shield 3v1 remember.

    Basically, he had complaints, but most of them were overshadowed by him being a mark/fan of himself and wanting more than he got when he got so much that he seems crazy.
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