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  • Re: Was He In The Right?: Teacher Judo Slams Student Who Attacks Him When He Tries To Break Up A Fight

    That cop comparison is 100% on point. None of you niggas can ever complain about police brutality again. Judo slamming luttle girls is about equivalent to punching, choking, and beating a grown man cause.....you know, a grown man weighs 100+ pounds more and is like 5x stronger.

    Ol' hypocrite ass niggas, condoning a little girl being Rounda Rousey slammed for NOT fighting yet. SMH
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  • Re: Was He In The Right?: Teacher Judo Slams Student Who Attacks Him When He Tries To Break Up A Fight

    He was wrong. Too brolic to be handling a little girl that was no threat and didn't even do shit yet.
  • Re: Where does Shawn Michaels rank in the top 5 all time?

    He's not close to the top 5......at all.
  • Re: Wu-Tang Clan, Bone thugs-n-harmony Joint Project Potential: "Everybody Is Down," Krayzie Bone Says

    Nah not feeling it. That's like mixing ambrosia with green beans or like doing a collab between TGT and Nicki and Drake (both singing). It's the best combined with mediocre at best, kinda wack and it'll only bring Wu down. Never felt Bone Thugz and their singing or their flow. Keep em separate.
  • Re: Can Goku & Vegeta take out the whole Marvel universe

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    The strongest hulk is the stupid one so he will be easy tod outsmart and that will be his weakness. People forget that Dbz characters also have mental powers and are very strong willed so professor x won't easily be able to fuck with their minds.

    Buu had the power to destroy whole galaxies by the end of the show goku was stronger than him.

    Wrong on all bolded....so the whole post. SMH

    The strongest Hulk was Worldbreaker aka guy who destroyed a planet by PUNCHING someone equal to him aka one of , if not the smartest Hulk.

    DBZ characters have never shown mental powers on Professor X's level. That nigga can connect to and fuck up BILLIONS of minds at once.

    Buu never get close to destroying a galaxy. Just a planet. You thinking of the anime (not canon btw) scene where they show what would happen EVENTUALLY if Buu went on a rampage. Not to mention the galaxy actually had activity in it that suggested that BILLIONS of years would pass before Buu would finish the task, but the main point is....his strongest attack only destroyed a planet.

    No way in fuck is wwh stronger than stupid hulk dumb hulk has always been recognized as the strongest professor x has problems with alien minds and people with strong will powers. So I don't see him breaking vegeta and goku.

    Yeah Worldbreaker Hulk's literally STATED to be the strongest Hulk. He's also done more.
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    Marvel characters don't like to kill that another weakness they have. And if you don't win against a saiyan in the first fight you will lose the second.

    Loki, Thor, Legion, Ghost Rider, Sentry, Magneto, Namor, Black Panther, Doom, Apocalypse, Thanos, MODOK, etc. tons of villains and some heroes don't give a flying fuck about killing.

    Also word to Buu. Fought Vegeta twice and whooped his ass both times. Same with Cell. And Freezer. Also Buu lost to Gohan the first time, beat him the second time.

    DBZ can't get close to winning. Sad thing is that we haven't left New York and Cali yet really. Cosmic is a whole nother ball game. As are the nigh-omnipotents on Earth itself.

    Except the cosmic guys I don't see anyone in marvel beating goku maybe thor level guys would give him a fight but the rest lose easy. Like i keep saying people are down playing how fast and strong dbz characters are not to mention they actually know how to fight. The hulk any hulk can't fly and he is slow compared to goku

    Bruh. Quicksilver's ran faster than Radio Waves (Faster than light or FTL btw) and has easily outpaced lightning. NO ONE in DBZ is faster than lightning. They all take 5 minutes to fly like 100 km, making them very slow.

    Also Goten and Trunks were almost COMPLETELY visible to a normal human crowd. DBZ isn't all that fast.

    Oh and btw Hulk has hit Quicksilver with ease so he can hit Goku and Vegeta. Thor has moved in microseconds before and hit FTL people and can travel at FTL speeds.

    Monica Rambeau IS LIGHT and thus moves at lightspeeds and can absorb UNIVERSES of energy. Oh and she's not even cosmic btw.

    Blue Marvel nearly split a moon in half by throwing a medal. And he also has anti-matter and can put them on his hands to make his hits stronger. He's also not technically cosmic.

    Professor X can mentally connect with billions of minds, he can mindrape Goku and Vegeta. So can Moondragon, and Jean Grey, and Emma Frost, and Psylocke, and more.

    Magneto can rip out their blood or EMP their brain and kill them. And his shields are fast and strong enough to block Mjolnir.

    Human Torch can go to temperatures hotter than the sun.

    Invisible woman can place a forcefield inside of them and expand it, killing them. Or just suffocate them with a forcefield around their heads.

    Doom has technology and magic that strips peoples powers from them. He can leave Goku and Vegeta powerless as his forcefield effortlessly blocks and absorbs their energy attacks and easily deflects their physical attacks.

    Goku and Vegeta ain't shit in the big picture of Marvel Earth even.
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