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  • Re: The Lox on Drake & Kanye Having Ghostwriters, Not Being Top Lyricists

    That's shadyteam? I done put like 10 shadyteam profiles on ignore and this bitch keep coming back with a new one. The fuck is the point in banning her?
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  • Re: This Michel'le movie is horrible

    Turfaholic wrote: »
    N YO HOOD wrote: »
    He not beating on his white wife tho


    Why did he make her black in straight outta Compton
  • Re: Shawt Bus Shawtys Of The IC.....

    Gee you make no damn sense to me. All your post is about speaking on your black culture and shittin on Eminem for his racist tapes,yet you in here calling another black man a monkey and Photoshop his pics on a fucking monkey. If anyone is acting like a cracka it's you with that bullshit ass post you just did. The fuck is wrong with you
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  • Salaam Remi defends Nas Beat picking against Dj Vlad

    Salaam brought up great points and shut vlad up
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  • Re: Snoop Dogg Unreleased Biggie Diss:

    DR. JEK wrote: »
    DR. JEK wrote: »
    Lol stop don't nobody give a fuck about the outlawz, them niggas been releasing albums and dying since 96, and don't no one give a fuck. Why is tupac even brought up anyway

    Because ole boy up there just assumes Big can destroy whoever and when Pac and the outlaws started actin a damn fool and getting at him real tough we saw no evidence of this monster MC Big was suppose to be. We saw a runner and a plea copper that resulted in NY taking an L. I will concede Biggie is an all-time great rapper as far as making hits and things of that nature, but just maybe he wasn't great at the battle rap on wax shit so having said that, why couldn't Snoop possibly get wit Big in a wax battle?especially Vs Big who admitted on life after deaths first track he tryna sell records like Snoop? Snoop coulda came at him like get off my dick fat Albert ass nigga!

    im not even here to defend that nigga but nowhere did that nigga say big could destroy whoever.
    lethal5 wrote: »
    Snoops nice off the top of his head, but biggie would of killed it if he responded....especially since snoop looks like he weigh 2 pounds, u could make too good disses off that fact alone.

    he said Snoop because if you havent noticed thats who this thread is about. snoop dissing big. you simply took a simple quote of someone and try to make it out more than it was like you did with mine in that flex/bow wow thread lol. cut it out with this "NY took a L" shit.. especially when every single person on hit em up is from the NY/NJ area. it was a problem between 2 labels, pac said it himself. " I have no problem with the east coast im from the east coast, its just certain rappers"- The words of your GAWD tupac corleone. this the second time you trying to start some shit about some east/west crap that doesnt even need to go that route, leave your feelings in the 90s b

    and with your stupid logic of bring up "big couldnt even handle tupac" how did that battle with eazy E, a nigga who wasnt even a legit rapper btw, work out for snoop?

    Eazy got embarrassed, that's why he had to go get BG knockout and them guys to do the heavy lifting in that beef but that was that shit. I'm talking about this right now, I'll go back to that beef in a little bit if you want.

    He said Biggie woulda killed it if he responded, how do we know that when he don't really have a track record of devastating responses to wax disses? Biggie had a great chance to make an example outta some people throwing rocks at the throne and he DIDN'T DO SHIT! And no disrespect to Lethal5 I ain't got no issue wit him like that(I'm saying this off the bat so don't try to twist it up) but Don't be tryna tell me what that man said, I know what he fuckin said! Snoop a better rapper than anybody give him credit for, especially back then near the doggystyle days. Yeah he suck today but back then he was still good enough to where a Big Vs Snoop ain't no guranteed Loss for Snoop. I have a right to believe what I believe based off what I seen and heard from Snoop, what I seen and heard from Big OR LACK THERE OF To formulate a logical response on the situation.

    I was around also From 94 to 97 so you can't trick me, I'm from that era not this fuckin skinny jean shit so I know what happened after "hit em up" dropped. Y'all can't revise the history as long as cats like me is still around and I'm not gonna let you. Biggie lost!! I remember being dissapointed because I was like everybody else, I thought he was better than Pac, probably better than Snoop, I know for a fact he was better than Jay and I almost convinced myself he was better than Nas, then Hit em up happen. Don't call yourself King of New York if you not gonna stand up for yourself if a nigga tryna rip your heart outta your chest! CNN and Mobb shouldna had to pull a BG Knock out and stand up, he said he was gonna shoot your fuckin Cot damn kids, not theirs!!! Fuck is wrong wit y'all niggas? If you king of new York you you basically everything New York in the flesh so when you lose New York lose because you the embodiment of pride in New York. No fuckin way should these cats have come thru and kick his ball over the fence like that. Stop it!!!

    nigga you sound so stupid you cant even stick to your own logic. ok so say we use that "if so and so lost to whoever how could he beat whoever". why dont you use that same logic for snoop losing to eazy e? what would be worst losing to pac or eazy e non rapping taking 12 hours to record 1 song ass?

    Im not even going to get into the long kiss goodnight OG version with cap being recorded before pac death shit cause its been told to you pac stans over 10000000000 gotdamn times and yall still go with this bullshit that everyone was so damn scared of the big bad Don tupac corleone that got shot and did nothing but throw temper tantrums over tracks that many people didnt even take serious. pac stans in 2017 still believe that who shot ya was a pac diss and he's alive in cuba sippin hennessy, so wtf can I tell ya huh?

    anyway, snoop got WASHED by eazy, either stick to your logic or shut cut the bullshit
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