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  • Re: Bucktown - Smif N Wesson

    I was pretty much a toddler when this came out. I got into them around 2010, when I used to work with teks wife. She let me talk to him a few times, he told me to check out his stuff. I became a fan since. I already had the tupac one nation songs but I didn't get they actual stuff. I love this album. Also got into black moon too. I already was bumping sean price, so I had that heltah skeltah. I never met the others but tek is a mad cool dude. He said he got some more unreleased pac collabs too but said he don't own it to release them. I hope they come out
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  • Re: Is The NY Hip Hop scene stable again?

    Let's be real here, on the mainstream level Hip Hop isn't that stable nomatter the region y'all agree with that any other day but chose to single out today. But if you going on Hip Hop as a whole counting the indie. New York and everywhere else is fine. There's New York albums that came out recently I fuck with. didn't the ic just vote tribe as having album of the year last year too? Shit gotta be on the radio to be good now?

    Alot of two faced talking be in this forum. One day some niggas will be bragging about how they region is all over the radio on New York threads but in a complete other thread different day, agree that the radio shit is trash. Let's be real here, the whole shit fell off . Got nigga mumbling the same topics over traps beats every song. That ain't on the level of kast or goodie mob either
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  • Re: Rate the Discography Vol.43-A Tribe Called Quest

    People's instintive travels-5/5
    Low end theory -5/5
    Midnight marauders--5/5
    Beats rhymes and life- 4/5
    Love movement-don't remember
    We got it from here-5/5


    The Renaissance-5/5
  • Re: Happy Birthday to Hip Hop

    Mr.LV wrote: »
    I grew up down the block from 1520 Sedgwick ave ,to think something so big like Hip Hop/Rap to come out of such humble looking building is crazy.

    Word, me too. I'm from the towers right across from 1520. It's just a normal building. They should have some monument or something around it
  • Re: Happy Birthday to Hip Hop

    White people thought this shit was going to be a fad, 44 years later the biggest genre
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