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  • Re: White Woman Opens Fire Killing Young Black Aspiring Doctor & College Student

    DWO wrote: »
    but we the violent ones

    Man, stop with this bullshit man.

    Whites are violent too, but AAs commit far more acts of violence per capita.

    That's the truth. No criminologist denies it.

    And no, that doesn't mean blacks are naturally violent. It's the circumstances in which people live, and their life experiences, that make them commit acts of violence, for the most part. Black people live in way worse circumstances than whites.

    Seriously dude, shut the fuck up for once
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  • Re: Who Was The MVP of 2003

    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    GetoBoy wrote: »
    I been voting based off commerical success AND how dope their music is.

    Oh and black album is not on the same level as stillmatic, get the living fuck outta here with that bullshit son

    Nigga BA>>>>>Stillmatic idgaf what you IC Nas fanatics think pocket that bullshit....but fuck it let me not turn this into Jay vs Nas 684742684639 whatever floats your boat there buddy

    Nobody even thought of a damn nas vs Jay thread again cause I'm a fan of both. I just disagreed with your point which is silly. Every damn mvp thread you niggas straight up bitch about something. Everytime about anything. Like these threads are life and death. You niggas need to cut it out.

    Nigga it's called debating wtf kinda bullshit ass forum you looking for if niggas can't debate they point....what we should all just answer then hold hands and sing Kumbaya foh if I see bullshit ima call it out period

    There's nothing to "debate". The criteria was laid down since the beginning for you slow ass niggas. You just trying your hardest to be the smartest guy in the room and sounding stupid while you're at it...the votes are critically AND commerically. The people that didn't vote for em didn't think too much of his shit critically as the other options. It's not rocket science. No debate needed no fucking kumbaya needed to be sung. Thats all, people didn't vote for Eminem, so what get over it

    Ok dumbass if that's the criteria then critically the dude won every hip hop award and the album was regarded as his best and commercially sold millions of records so by those criterias it should be an easy pick but clearly those aren't what ppl are using..... How bout you be honest with your simple ass be honest with yourself and cut the bullshit nigga smh

    Wow b you seriously going to make a case for Eminem album CRITICALLY by using the argument that he won awards? MTV and grammys? I'm not even going to get into the gkmc vs macklemore crap cause I'm 100% sure you know it already. You just on your last leg in your debate but for some reason still want to debate so you'll just pull some shit out your ass even though you know it's bullshit. FOH

    Oh my bad I forgot the only "critical acclaim" that matters is the hood.... Guess project pat is critically acclaimed too cuz you niggas gave him a classic.... Swear you dudes mindstate can leave y'all lil blocks smmfh..... Oh and macklemore album was critically acclaimed.... In fact I dont even think yo simple ass know what critically acclaimed even means becuz if you did you'd know how dumb you sounding

    I never said anything about it only matters to the hood clown cause I don't even live it in the hood anymore. Stop putting words in my mouth. You wanna debate right. Debate like a man not a hoe. It matters to hip hop fans not some random committee that's obviously not hip hop fans but casuals. I said it before y'all only want to bring up these awards when it helps your argument. You voted for em so of course you're using it but let em beat out someone you like its a different tune and all y'all saying "oh the grammys don't matter".niggas make me sick

    Like I said yo dumb ass don't know what critically acclaimed is.... Nigga I said the hood becuz clowns like you don't think any opinion matters unless it came from the hood....I can show you plenty of magazines, critics, or just rappers in general who raved about his album and movie and you'd find a issue with all they opinion.... Niggas THAT'S being critically acclaimed not if it makes it in the IC vault or not...niggas drops a critically acclaimed album and movie sells millions of both wins every hip hop award has the biggest song of the year but wasn't MVP becuz the other gave us a hip hop dictionary word and the reactions button???? You niggas is pathetic lol

    Critically is not just magazines. Fans count also. But now let's go full circle. If I told you that this is what the thread is made with.what don't you get? The threads are for commerical success and your personal opinion.one is facts the other is not. It's easy to understand

    Of course fans count but I didn't wanna include them becuz then the next response would have been "his fans don't count" going back to my hood argument..... But all in all I get the shit I just would rather ppl say "I like so and so more than so and so and that's why I'm voting them" stop fronting like they REALLY had a bigger year and were REALLY the MVP of the year....no nigga you know he wasn't the MVP of the year but you just like him more that's all it is

    Again its not just bigger year. If that's the case then there's no point in doing these threads. All 5th letter has to do is post the numbers and move on

    I'm one of the few Eminem fans on here. Butmusically I enjoyed nas albums more than eminems joints that year and that's why I voted for him. These threads have voting for a reason. It's all opinions. If someone personally wasn't rocking with the Eminem show how much sense would it make for them to say that Eminem was their personal MVP that year?
  • Re: New G-Unit Mixtape 'The Lost Flash Drive' (It's Out Now)

    I really hope kidd kidd isn't on this shit
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  • Re: Redman Says Dissing MC Hammer In The 90's Could Get You Hurt

    Always the rappers you least expect. Common was in the streets also
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  • Re: Madden '17 Thread

    How my giants offense only 83?

    I'll just go to edit player and put his ratings up where they should be fuck it