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  • Re: 2 Pac vs DMX

    Weak ass poll
  • Re: Best of NY without a classic

    Nah you just exposed yourself. Googling the songs just now don't save you. Your credibility is done
  • Re: The Official DC Cinematic Universe thread - now showing "Lego Batman"

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    They been some test screenings of WW most were positive, some did say it was just ok.

    OK is better than terrible that one way to look at it.

    BVS also had very positive Test screenings though. We'll see how it goes. By now im sure certain reporters with some following already have their minds made for hate lol.

    Well they got it right cause BVS was great. This universe will do just fine
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  • Re: Outkast vs The Roots

    Outkast is the most overrated bullshit in Hip Hop. Get them niggas the fuck outta here
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  • Re: Who handled rap beef the WORST?

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    Biggie and the east coast came away looking super weak from that beef.....no one responded to tupac and tupac had too much influence even on the east coast that it made a lot of new York rappers a running joke back then

    @ the bolded. You obviously weren't hip to mix tapes in that era.

    And Mobb Deep responded to Pac with Drop a Gem on Em. It was a single.

    You've posted those mixtapes multiple times and each time you get the same response...they were weak as fuck.....drop a gem on em was lukewarm at best

    But what I mean is biggie. Jayz. Nas....sort of forgot about Mobb deep

    You're bugging if you think Doo Wop's mix tapes were "weak as fuck".

    In fact, I can't take your opinion seriously. Wop had NYC on lockdown from 95-98 until DJ Clue took over in the late 90s and then Kay Slay from about 01-05. After Kay Slay the internet kind of replaced mix tapes as far as being the primary outlet for new music.

    But yeah, white kids in the suburbs might have been getting their info from The Source and/or Yo! MTV Raps but Doo Wop tapes were like gold. They still are.

    in fact, @bck145 name ONE Doo Wop tape from 95-98 that was "weak as fuck". Here's a link to most of his tapes from that era. I'll wait.


    And here we go again with Doo Wop. Fact is Pac was shitting on NYC on commercially released platinum records that EVERYONE could here. NYC responds by putting out tracks on mix tapes only NYC can hear. You can see how that is an L for NYC right? And Mobb Deep was too scared to say Pacs name on Drop a Gem on Em. Plus P begged to have his verse taken off of LA,LA. The Mobb didn't want it with the westcoast.


    NYC was in a different stratosphere when all of this was going on. You'd really have to live in New York to understand what the vibe was like. New York had Hot 97 and 125th st along with Video Music Box while everybody else had Yo! MTV Raps and The Source. It was really a different world.

    Remember that 2Pac interview when he said, "its like an election, I can lose New York and still win the other 49 states." Well, that's what happened. Cats in Idaho and Nebraska might have preferred Pac and Death Row but the 5 boroughs preferred that fast, uptempo flow with the metaphors, double entendres and alliteration with the mixtape DJ yelling over the track.

    So I'll concede that from the perspective of a person in Nebraska it appeared that Pac was "shitting on New York". But cats who actually lived in New York didn't feel that way at all. In fact, from New York's perspective Pac went out like a sucker; he was walking around NYC at 4:00 in the morning with $60,000 worth of jewelry on and got robbed, went to prison and basically got run out of New York. Then instead of handling his business like a G he goes to a recording studio and makes a diss record. Why didn't he really get at Big and Puff instead of making diss records?

    I know if I thought somebody robbed me I wouldn't go to the booth and diss him, I'd get my chain back...which Pac never did.

    As far as I know Pac never got his jewelry back. Did he?

    So this huge ass country agrees on something and one city doesn't? That makes that one city look like the delusional people...not the other way around like your trying to twist it

    Inb4 new York is where it started nonsense....I don't care...it's music and I'm judging quality of music all that other crap isn't relative

    Yes or No; Did Pac get his jewelry back?

    Nah he just went to the studio and started throwing temper tantrums over beats
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