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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    I think the trade off for Jeff Hornacek was you can run your style of offense.. but if find your offense becoming stagnant during the game.. run the triangle.. I think that was the agreement...
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Looking back at Ned starks.. he wasn't suppose to be excuted.. littlefinger, varys and cirsei plan was to get ned out the way in a cell somewhere because he knew the truth.. but joffery dumbass wanted to show how much balls he got.. and did the complete opposite.. had him excuted.. to some extent the plan backfired.. and littlefinger ended up created a fucking mess throughout the 7 kingdoms.. that why when joffery pull that shit.. everybody including varys.. was like WTF is you doing?? The plan was get him out the way not excuted..
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    My view on this shit is.. It was good trade for the knicks.. Gave up nothing for value, not even a draft pick.. we gain additional flexibility in 2017 by trading the remaining three years left on Lopez’s contract. We only got rose on a 1 year expiring deal.. which expires towards to end of next season.. depending on how the nigga plays which for him is a contract year..with no commitment whatsoever.. if he proves himself.. then something can be made.. We also save about 3 million in cap space by getting rid of Jose Calderon as well..

    All this sum's up.. Knicks got tired of patience,rebuilding and the triangle system that does not work in today's NBA that's is not coach by Phil Jackson.... low risk gamble.. with no future penalties if shit don't work out.. We going in a complete opposite direction now.. Something had to give..

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    LOL at lopez having no heart and desire..One of the most underrated centers in the game.. The bulls will enjoy him.. underrated passer,. has a mid range jumper.. can post up and play under the rim.. shot blocker.. Defender..
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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    The way jon beat the shit out of ramsey.. look like he was possess by ned..
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