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  • Re: Woman Who Died After Alleged Botched Butt Implant Was ‘Hooked On Booty Shots’

    Some of these females don't even realize their buttocks is basically muscle..even if you got no ass. You can still take your ass to the gym and start doing squats, lunges and incorporate weight lifting in the process, along with eating right.. you'll see complete difference in the mirror.. But.. you can't tell these women nothing.. females taking the easy way out nowadays. all the female ass is muscle.
  • Re: The Official 2015 NFL Offseason/Draft Thread

    I tell you. Some of these athletes are fucking dumb.. He's rep and money alone could of got him any pussy in the world.. but this nigga instead resorts to raping these broads out here.. that a sick nigga man..
  • Re: Damon Dash At The Breakfast Club (Dame Wilds Out)

    Sion wrote: »
    He said not to listen to Dame Dash because it's going to fuck over a lot of people and we just have to watch.

    Maaaaaaaaannnnn in all of this I respect the fuck outta Jay-Z now holy shit SMMFH. THIS shit opened my eyes holy shit...... It's crazy cuz we only see one side of the coin.

    @Sion ..Pretty much.. Dame was a fucking bully..Treated everybody like shit.. and that's why nobody wants to do business with him..Dame's reputation is done.. If only had dame sat the fuck back like biggs(remember, you never heard shit from biggs. biggs was always the silent type, ran shit from the shadows). shit would of been different..That nigga fuck himself in the end.. Nigga had a big ass ego, and pretty much everybody on Rocafellas records was getting annoyed/tired of dame and his ego at one point.. Shit.. I don't blame Kanye afterall for going with Jay, dame would of fuck him good..

    Like 50 said.. "fuck should I take advice and jewels from a nigga, who talk about the glory days, but ain't go shit to show for it nor, the resume/trackwork to provide in order to take that information"

    Shit..Let me put it this way..You rather take jewels/advice from 50 or that nigga dame..

  • Re: Damon Dash At The Breakfast Club (Dame Wilds Out)

    Sion wrote: »
    Also, Dame is more of a hustler vs. a CEO, that's why I think the record label/music business was PERFECT for him. He can be himself to get his way with execs and it's a good fit especially given how labels jerk niggas for money anyways but since he seems to go into a bunch of directions he can do the same overlooking many artists and helping them with their projects. I think that "make another Hov" shit was the ultimate diss in the most subtle way b/c if Dame wanted to come back to music he'd always be plagued by that, kinda like in Game of Thrones how they call Jaime Lannister the "Kingslayer" that shit just sticks SMMFH. He'd have to go way left or anybody he signs gets labelled "is this the new Jay-Z" ?

    The way Jay did Dame was necessary b/c if Dame came out of that on top let's not act like Dame wouldn't have completely berated and humiliated Jay. The fact that Jay left the shit alone for so long and never spoke on it till years later where he might have poked small lyrical jabs here and there goes to show you how much respect Jay still had for dude. I feel like Dame wouldn't have been that mature about it. That shit should have been a humbling experience for Dame but unfortunately he did not learn his lesson.

    Dame for one is a harlem nigga and we know how harlem niggas get down.. known for that fast slick talking hustling mentality..
  • Re: Damon Dash At The Breakfast Club (Dame Wilds Out)

    Sion wrote: »
    a.mann wrote: »
    @sion this cat talking your to hear your sage commentary on this interview
    a.mann wrote: »
    Go here....Bobby Phats show


    start at about 40mins. mark to get the real unfiltered story as to why Dame is in his current (financial) predicament

    as well a pretty decent and competent business lesson

    Yoooooooooooooo @a.mann you need to tweet that to Charlamange and DJ Envy ASAP....

    Wow I'm shocked at the depth of what dude was saying and how much of a contradiction Dame is but I can't say I'm surprised. I felt like the thing with the russians and the fact that Rocafella was split between Jay/Dame/Biggs was always known. The thing about Armadale and the Koreans owning Rocawear was etherous tho considering Dame's stance on ownership. We knew about Jay owning everything but I didn't know about Jay to this day not owning Reasonable Doubt entirely (that reminds me of a recent tweet Dame made about RD still being his LOLOL). While I believe the dude I don't think it's fair to say Dame doesn't own anything today - that sounded personal. But like I say, "the people you shit on on your way up are the same people who will shit on you on your way down" I agree tho that Dame's attitude is why he's in the boat he's in now and yes because of it he'll always get in his own way. The "performance equity" incentive I heard about Dame doing waaay back but I don't know how true that is, not sure why anyone would even propose that unless you work in the hedge fund/investment or sports business but I understand why he'd impose it. Crazy how a lot of the things he's talking about people seemed to have conveniently forgotten LOLOL.

    What really shocked me was finding out that Dame owed Jay-Z nearly $70 million for royalties from his first 7 or 8 studio albums and simply couldn't pay him. Jay even gave Dame a chance to raise the money he needed but Dame must have been hoping Jay would sweep it under the rug on principle of them being friends, not even Universal was about to have that shit go down in one lick. For that I can understand why Jay pulled the carpet. Pretty much said "I want back what's mine or I'm telling mom and dad", and Jay knowing Dame simply just moved anyways. That bit was a huuuge shock to me. I thought it was Jay just choosing to split the ROC because he was greedy I didn't know that the president of Defjam position was part of Universal's incentive to pay Jay the money Dame owed him while at the same time allowing Jay to severe his ties and still retain what he had a stake in. Dame owing Jay-Z money is entirely WHY that shit took place and for a guy who talks big money like he was at that point, that's not a good look for Jay. The way he manoeuvred that situation tho was beautiful.

    I have also say that just because Dame has started businesses doesn't mean the recent ones will fail, it does take time for things like that to flourish. Sometimes it's quick, other times it's not but to be fair I think we should let time tell it. If you have a lot of thing you're involved in sure it might be hard to put all your energy into one but we can't say Dame's new projects, Creative Control, BlackROC, his galleries and stuff will "fail". Let time tell the story, Dame's not too old to strike oil again.

    Overall, there are 2 things I have to agree with: A. Jay-Z WON not even off that Dame shit but just in general and how his mind works and with how far into the future he thinks and plans. B. if you front, somewhere, some place, somebody who knows you is going to expose you and keep it real, that's just universal. What dude illustrated was that Dame is simply an insecure, arrogant and pompous prick - something we all knew tho. What's funny is that even after all that, dude still tried to approach Dame about helping to organize his assets and keep him hot, only Jay took that advice and with his new business partners still kept acquiring and building businesses - which is why his new ventures have been so successful. Dame has so much pride he basically told dude to go fuck himself with that "why am gonna pay you 4 mil for !?" shit SMMFH, but he legitimately just didn't understand what he was saying and given how the public was looking at their relationship with the Roc split it's understandable why he'd be in his feelings.

    Dayum tho @ this interview and thread blowing up the way it has.

    @a.mann @Sion Pretty much.. Dame was stealing money from his own artists including Jayz. This has been confirmed years ago. Nigga was taking money from the record label and putting that shit into other ventures/businesses he try to start up and fail..

    Let's also add that in terms of the death of Rocafella Records..beans dumbass couldn't stay out of jail, Biggs couldn't stop selling them drugs.. Dame dumbass couldn't stop stealing and spending along with shutting the fuck up..Then on top of try to make cam VP of rocafella records????!!!! These cats were never going to be part of anything successful over the long term cuz they were too short sighted. Hence why Jay got the fuck out..

    Jay was going to give up everything in order to get his masters back for reasonable doubt.. (clothing line etc the other 7 albums) But dame told the nigga no.. that was the end after that.. Dame is going take the masters to his gotdamn grave..

    Dame could of just sat back like biggs..Shut the fuck up and run the record label quietly from the shadows.. While Jay and the rest of them cat did their thing.. But Dame ego's wouldn't allow him to do that.. State Property got fucked(Beans dumbass fuck himself and blew all that money).. Desert Storm( DJ clue and them niggas didn't listen) Dipset got low balled..

    and Let's not act like Jay was innocent in all this shit.. Because when he became CEO of Def Jam.. Nigga started clapping back at dame, dipset and what was left of Rocafella Records with his clout on some revenge shit. Holding everybody albums hostage and shit on the damn Label.. DMX and LL wanted to fuck Jay up.. That the real reason why LL don't like that nigga Jay.
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