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  • Re: -The official 2014-2015 NFL season thread

    Going to beat hard beating Seattle in Seattle, not the same team the Cowboys beat at home earlier this season

    Cowboy's First gotta go through the last of the God's in the NFC North.. They said he's immortal.. Others said he was created by Zeus.. He's known as Arod the God.. and he's a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man.. Can the cowboy's take out an Immortal God??.. we will found out tomorrow.. The battle of the ages..


  • Re: The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Offseason Thread

    I just can't get over the fact that bulls front office try to be slick if Melo goes there.. They want us to do a sign in trade for pieces like Carlos Boozer??. That's really an insult to Phil's intelligence. Think the nigga stupid or something. This is the same Boozer that Chitown bully wanted to slice his throat and put a bullet in head this season and they want us to put up with a nigga like boozer??? Then try to slide in some 2nd round Picks to smooth shit over??


    We just got rid fat fuck Buffet eating motherfucka Felton. Cmon B. Why the fuck we want another unbearable motherfucka.

    HustleThaDonIceBergTayloriron man1soul rattler
  • Re: Official 2013-14 NBA Thread

    LOL at this nigga Tony Allen. The knee Reaper is coming for that nigga. I want that nigga legs split in half.
    infamous114D0wntwentyfivelightersHeavy In The GameMax.Beta(ob)Scene