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    (ob)Scene wrote: »
    (ob)Scene wrote: »
    My niggas. I'm flabbergasted... befuddled... perplexed. Pray for me.
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    The ironic thing about the Knicks play is we always end up crawling back into games after getting blown out the first 3 quarters. We play triangle and fall way behind and once we're forced to pick up the pace and get back in the game we run teams off the floor yet fall just short.

    But I don't see it as an indictment of the triangle. These cats just too damn stupid to grasp the system.
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    From 20 down to bring it with in 2 points in the last minute. Knicks ALWAYS do this.
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    We're up one but I already know how this ends.
    (ob)Scene wrote: »

    This sequence of events over the past 30+ mins was amazing. I saw this ending before it even happened.

    Dog I don't even know why you wasting your time with this team..Shit is becoming soo repetitive with this squad.. quite honestly I don't even wanna watch these niggas no more.. I 'm done with them for the season.. You gone find yourself somewhere in the middle of the street's of nyc ready to commit suicide..Meanwhile a nigga like me is on destiny right now, popping niggas left and right.. I think you should go do the same.. It will solve all your problems..
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    Getting the feeling something a isn't right in that Cavs locker room, a lot of hints being dropped by Bron to the media. Does anyone really fear this Cavs team even when they win 55 games, or maybe I'm being short sighted.

    Knicks are trash man, when you start saying to yourself, man if Jose was healthy, you know you're in trouble. I like how Melo has been efficient for the last week but team Defense a turnstile. If they lose to Sixers.......

    Already call it dog..It's not even the effort on defense nor the offense.. It simple that these niggas can't defend nobody.. That's the reality for Knicks right now. We have no talent on defense what's so ever. If you can't beat the bucks a team that is rank 28 in offense and a depleted wolves team..worst defensive team in the league giving up 113 points a game. Who can you really beat?

    I have no confidence in this team at the moment.. I don't even think they can beat a winless sixers squad. That how bad shit is right now. What this team needs to do right now.. and probably Melo don't like hearing shit like this.. They need to tank. Assess the team throughout the season, makes some major moves in the offseason. Phil would be working with 79.9 million cap space towards the offseason/Draft and comeback strong for the 2015-2016. That's the only option they got right now. This team just doesn't have no talent presently. No identity.. Playoff's is outta the question at this point.
  • Re: Sexually Aggressive Women

    Dr.Chemix wrote: »
    but the way society is set up...

    Which? The traditional or the new age shit?

    I find this ironic because Six asking dudes if they don't mind being proposed to, in which niggas are either lying or just plain bitches, saying that they don't.

    It's strange how society rules has changed. Men are no longer go getters, leaders, or pursuers. They are the ones at homes, playing housedad (ask Vibe), and waiting on women to lead them

    You can see it how some women talk to men, rude, abrupt, with no respect for them. It's not uncommon in the date game that broads are commenting on how niggas are so soft. How they appreciate me taking charge and how niggas just wait on them to get that pussy.

    What happened? Why is that? While I don't mind a woman who knows what she wants, a sexually aggressive woman in the context of the OP seems as if the broad is saying "nigga when you're going to let me hit that nigga".

    Me no wants

    Even Pico, responds,
    Pico wrote: »
    I'm good on that fam.

    As in saying "I rather have a real man that knows what he wants, not me leading the relationship"

    Not to throw shorty in it, but she even recognizes, even if its not mentioned, the implication of the context.

    I don't know bruh, no diss to you. My brain just analyzing and thinking about this shit.

    I have been seeing this shit going strong for a while now. Males are not being manly nor are they attempting to remain masculine. When males used to do so.

    Excuse me IC for the long read...I know yall niggas hate that shit...and I hate it too

    That's because in today's society the roles been reverse.. niggas are the new bitches nowadays. Some niggas be acting like fucking females in their relationship. Instead of being the man and taking Leadership role like a man with some pride. They be letting females run all over them like some punk ass nigga.. Once a female see's you a bitch ass and notice you ain't doing shit about it. She gone keep doing it. She gone start showing her ass and acting the fuck up. You should see these cats nowadays, their chicks been embarrassing them and shit. Niggas ain't doing a gotdamn thing.. Letting a female bossing you around and shit. Talking to you like some fucking man.

    Naw my man..where your balls at? Put that bitch in check. and that's why females be acting out, wild and shit.. cats out here be acting like fucking females. Ain't no chick on my watch acting the fuck up around me.. I would put that bitch in check. I let chick know in a min. You start showing out on me and I'll split your ass in half.
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    Maxwell drop the int