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  • Re: Sh-t Is About To Hit The Fan; Greece Bailout Program to Expire Tuesday

    and believe it or not.. their currency is not the everybody else except for the English who's with the eurozone Union but they go by the pound...theirs is the Russian Ruble..

    and that's the problem with the Eurozone/Union.. When those Europeans countries join that shit.. It's stop them from making their own currency.. and take on the Euro..
  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    i dont know much about this guy, ic kniccabocka fans what yall think about this pick

    Offensivly he looks like dirk but more athletic, he can also attack the rim

    he also has good lateral movement on defense his upside is huge if he wasnt euro could of been a number one

    He has probaly,the biggest potential in the draft they keep bitching about him being skinny thats more fixable than havibg to develop a jumpshot

    The knicks had a pre draft workout kid did so good phil made up some bs about him having a injury so he wouldnt be picked


    From what everybody saying around the league.. It's was a good smart pick.. I know the cat can play.. I don't know.. when it just come to euro big players.. everybody got that mindset that.. these niggas going to end like darko and shit..

    But the the kid has a huge upside.. from wingspan,perimeter range, raw protector and can put it on the floor Can react to defense, has athleticism .. I mean it makes sense.. Phil went with a swing in the fence.. more of dare and risk pick.. We'll see..
  • Re: The REAL ONE-HIT WONDER Thread

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how many niggas forgot about this shit.
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  • Re: 21yo Dylann Roof walks into a Black church and, reportedly, 9 people dead at AME Church S.C(caught)

    All this love and Forgiving shit..; Go speak that shit to the Natives and see what they tell you.. You think they going to love, forgive and open arms to the white man.. After what the white man did too them.. from the Trail of Tears and generations and generations of natives wipe out.. Families that would of existed today...and the only thing white motherfuckas gave for an apology.. ain't gotta pay no taxes..

    I knew a native cat in college.. He told me straight up.. any time he see a white motherfucka.. he wants to chop his ass up..
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    Ya'll heat fans gotta let it go....nobody wants to raise there children in a city whose #1 natural resource is prostitues. You visit but you don't stay. There's one bright side in all this, besides Vegas declaring us the fav to win next year, at least we beat the shit out of the Bulls. Ended they season in a blow out on they own homecourt. Beat em til they quit in front of they own fans. Priceless.....

    Last time your city won Dr. King and Malcolm X were still alive and the super bowl didn't exist.Shut yo hoe ass up.Lol @ this random tirade tho =))

    The tirade was for the n#gga posting them wack Cleveland videos. Ya'll know I couldnt let that sh#t slide. Ya'll can talk about the "L" all day, It came as no suprise, we had no business making to the finals without are starting PG,PF, and C. Had a good year overall. Just dont talk about my city...especially if we kicked yo favorite team's mouth in this year. Which pretty much goes for everybody on here since none of ya'll are GS fans......

    Nigga shut the fuck up..
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