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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    TheBoyRo wrote: »

    They had a strong fan base there and endured some trash years from 02 til now, this is unfair mane
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    Beta wrote: »
    You trying to make an argument over other niggas arguing?

    Remember I told you wizards fans don't like John wall like that? here's some comments from the other side on how they felt about his performance tonight

    You sound like a fool. Nigga you really basing your shit off of internet comments.

    Go to a wizards game and see how many Wall jerseys you see in the stands compared to anybody else.

    Better yet go read and pull up comments from when Wall had his knee surgeries and see what the fans were saying.

    You feeling yourself way too much tonight. Bet those comments wasn't the same when yall got yall asses ran out the gym last game though!

    Last game when we were without 2 starters? Lol fully healthy we cracking your squad in 5 if we meet in the playoffs. Also wall ain't leading yall anywhere as the number 1 option, and I ain't basing anything off Internet comments im talmbout what wizards fans told me. Yall mawfuckas were over .500 yesterday for the first time since November of 2015 and u really wanna pop off FOH
  • Re: 2016/2017 NBA Prediction Thread

    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    Beta wrote: »
    Who starting over bazemore son?

    They could go back to Thabo for the size and d. Bazemore better suited as a 6th man on that roster imo. No knock he's definitely starting material in this league.
    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    Celtics as a 6 seed? GTFOH we won 48 games with a worse roster u drunk freeman

    We'll see. I don't think your squad that special but I could be wrong. That's not a contending roster. You guys over achieved.

    Horford couldn't do anything with better Atlanta rosters and he's a shit rebounder where sullinger as fat as he was was one of the better rebounders in the league per 36 last year. And Isaiah just in a situation where he gets to jack cause no one else can create their own offense consistently if at all. And he's BBQ on d. No chance stopping kyrie, Lowry in a series. Pound for pound celtics don't have better roster than cavs, raptors, pacers or Hawks.
    Jaylen brown isn't about to save the day, you guys should have went with Dunn or Murray then maybe yall would be straight.

    I just don't think you guys are equipped. Just some try hards. You need more ppl.

    No disrespect.

    Lol we'll see man rofl at the Hawks, I'm aware of sully's rebounding ability but his inability to stay in shape was too problematic. I believe horford will be utilized better under Stevens. I'm optimistic rozier and smart will improve their offensive game, I don't think we're there yet but no way in hell will we finish as the 6th seed I'm willing to avi bet on that

    So if I said 5th you wouldn't be mad?

    I feel it's a reach you're underestimating stevens
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    Crowder got way too emotional for no reason, when the fans cheered Durant last season he didn't take it as a personal attack, can't defend him here

    That retweet about the mavs would take him back had me HEATED but some of it was competitive fire I hate how he went on that rant while we're playing our best ball of the season tho. He's gotta apologize to his teammates if anything
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    BlackAX410 wrote: »
    BlackAX410 wrote: »

    @infamous114 told u yall ain't coming into the 410 and winning I hope we run into yall for the playoffs if yall somehow make it lls

    Won't be possible cause yall aint winning your divison lol.

    Lol lemme guess you're a believer in those subpar steelers as well



    Yall a 1st round exit lol nobody is scared of Yall
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