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  • Re: Jay Z To Hold Concert In Support Of Hillary Clinton

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    Y'all realize that out of Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, only one of them actually voted for the Crime Bill.

    Hint - it was the person who was serving in Congress.


    Sanders voted for the crime bill, largely because it included some provisions that he strongly approved of, like the Violence Against Women Act and a 10 uryr assault weapons ban. And he backed more funding for police

    Before that, in the early 90s, he regularly stated his concerns with mass incarceration

    And earlier in the year, Sanders suggested that he did not see the tough on crime parts of the bill as the right solution to crime

    Sanders also voted against other tough on crime measures. He voted against the 1991 crime bill. He voted against banning Pell grants (for college) for prisoners. He voted to amend the 1994 crime law to ban the federal death penalty. And he voted against the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which stripped defendants and prisoners of their ability to contest court rulings... even when the rulings may be unconstitutional

    That said, while Clinton could not vote for the bill, she was one of it's biggest supporters... and it wasn't until last year 2015 that she acknowledged that the 94 crime law went too far

    And unlike Sanders she played into racist stereotypes about blk criminals

    Not until the advent of the BLM movement, had she actually taken interest with criminal justice reform. Before that she has always positioned herself as the tough on crime candidate

    As recently as 2008 Hilary claimed Obama "was too liberal and out of touch for opposing mandatory minimum sentences"

    Not to mention the money she's taken from the private prison industry
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  • Re: Did she just ask him to apologize for a rape he was acquitted for?

    5th Letter wrote: »
    LordZuko wrote: »
    Lsa is really exposing black females in this ongoing gender war. Black females been showing they ass for a minute now. They aren't thinking about the end game at all.

    I went to see it last night, it was a great film. The only thing i didn't really vibe with was how white women were portrayed as bystanders of the antebellum south. That they didn't have any skin in the game and had their own nefarious shit they were up to.

    Besides some scenes at the end. I didn't like how they made white women out to be "nice" to black people. That was complete bullshit.


    While white women suffered under the weight of the same patriarchal authority to which slaves were subjected

    Just think of how the son inherited his father's property and the plantation after his death...though his mother was still alive and well

    White women still had the freedom to vent their fury, albeit on the only people to whom they were superior... Blk ppl

    And even with BoN it bothered me a lot seeing white woman seperate young Nat from his mother...only so she could teach him how to parrot the bible and parade him around like a well behaved dog

    But yea I think 12 years a slave did a better job showing how white women we rent just bystanders but complicit participants

  • Re: Official Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover - "Atlanta" Trailer - on Fx (Premieres 9.2016)

    Her dumb ass shoulda just took the damn test and wait

    No, she shoulda opened the condom a little more carefully...

    I would've just called off of work lol
  • Re: Fair or foul: Marquise Jackson Says Dad 50 Cents Needs Therapy

    Sure the boys mother had very few kind words to say about 50 when he was growing up so who knows

    But then again judging how 50 was bashed his son on social media

    And how he lost mother at a very young age and his own father wasn't around

    There relationship could probably benefit from some therapy ...especially shared sessions

  • Re: Chicago at it Again (Murder Rate Spikes)

    But ppl don't want the violence to stop
    Both black and white ppl like having ppl they can point their fingers at
    'Look at those ignorant niggas'


    it's sad