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  • Re: 15 Yr Old Backpage Prostitute Sentenced To 9 Yrs In Prison

    jono wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    She's 15. In 9 years she'll be 24, she has her whole life in front of her to make better decisions but she earned that 10 year sentence.

    Multiple armed robberies, prostitution, c'mon bruh. We not talking about truancy or some stupid juvenile crimes. Her and those dudes are predators, they lured people into those robberies.

    Getting pregnant is something that happens accidentally. Im sure she didn't do that on purpose but they planned those robberies. If she can plan a robbery she can go to prison for it.

    She'll be fine. Its the best thing for her in the long run. Take her out of that shitty environment where she was robbing people, hooking and getting pregnant and put her somewhere where she can get help.

    she'll be fine?

    she'll be fine after 9 years in prison surrounded by older, hardened criminals, and away from her children?

    while there are the exceptions, american prisons have only been good for exploiting and housing society's undesirables

    there is not nearly enough funding there to actually rehabilitate people

    then whenever she gets out, there will be very few job opportunities for her, she cannot vote, will not qualify for certain government programs/grants, etc

    she certainly deserved to be punished for her actions, but the sentence does not fit the crime, and chances are it will not serve to rehabilitate the girl

    So we pretending this kid is a credible mother? She's whoring and robbing people, she don't need kids her own life is fucked up.

    Whether she straightens up or not is a personal choice.

    She has to want to do better and she can.

    She already fell in with criminals so that argument is moot.

    I guarantee that 17 year old and that 18 year old going to get more than 9 years. Nobody care about their families or their tears or am I supposed to think theres a huge difference between 17 and 15?

    In Michigan armed robbery comes with mandatory prison, she was involved in at least two of them. So you looking at three felonies 2 of which she could have gotten LIFE for and niggas mad she got 9? She lucky as fuck.

    first i have to say mandatory minimum sentencing laws are bullshit....they serve no one but the private prison industry and corrupt politicians

    that said, she did fall in with the wrong crowd, but putting her around more criminals for the next decade is the answer? really? she has to want to change, but is putting her in prison for that long conductive to that change

    and regardless of whether you think she was a credible mother, separating her from her children for 9 years is not the best decision if they are then left in the care of the very ppl that failed her or the state, which is more than likely

    she's made her bed, but crazy how we as a country can recognize teenage naivety and impulsiveness when to comes to the follies of white children, but not blks ...this is just another example
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  • Re: Video: Black Woman In Police Custody Dies After Being Forcefully Removed From Hospital


    Why u flag my post?

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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    D. Morgan wrote: »
    I see a lot of people talking about the new red witch. If the new witch the O.G. and aligned with a different set does that mean Melisandre will have go with whatever moves she trying to make? Say like if the new witch wants to fuck over Jon Snow will Melisandre have to go along with that plan?

    wonder if they have a pope like figure...or some sort of centralized leadership

    and funny how, like cersei, tyrion is asking for the help of religious fanatics to uphold the crown...

  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    I don't know if this has been discussed

    but all things considered, wouldn't the night king want to keep bran alive?
    bran is marked, well at least until bran can get past the wall...i know it didn't seem like it before...or I wonder with the last of the children of the forest gone is the wall no longer enchanted.... with benjin I don't think he's alive. thinking bran is going to see him in a vision
  • Re: Black Twitter gets @ Supreme Coon Clarence Thomas for voting against falsely convicted Black man...

    Mister B. wrote: »
    If this isn't clear-cut evidence that Supreme Court Justice need term limits, then there may never be any. People can just hand down the most egregious decisions which can literally determine if someone lives or dies, and face no real repercussions for it.

    SCOTUS judges need a max of 15 years to serve on the bench, after that, it's time to get new minds that will acclimate with the times.


    and crazy we still allow attorneys to strike down jurors because someone 'is unemployed' or 'a single mother' or 'has a brother in prison' or 'only has high school diploma'

    should be one of the top civil rights issue of our time...