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  • Re: Millennials Aren’t Lazy, We’re Hurting Because the Baby Boomers Screwed Us Over

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    I'm gonna leave yall with this...Every generation had thier challenges... You can be paralyzed by them or you can persevere through them. The choice is yours..

    For the record I'm a Millenial just like yall.. Not trying to talk down on you cats just add a differebt point of view..

    No one is arguing young ppl should just wallow away in self pity as the world past them by

    But rather let's learn from the mistakes made by past generations that have lead to their being less jobs that pay a decent wage than there were 40, 50 yrs ago

    Not to mention the costs of college has sky rocketed since then

    All facts

    So I'm not totally understanding the point of your post
  • Re: Millennials Aren’t Lazy, We’re Hurting Because the Baby Boomers Screwed Us Over

    zzombie wrote: »

    Like i already told you the baby boomers were already the biggest demographic and politicians do what they are allowed to do, they pander to the biggest demographic they pandered to the baby boomers who if they do not want them in power would never have elected THESE politicians in the first place. By 1970 the fuckery of the 60's had already eroded american society and continued right on into the carter administration with it's welfare state, support of feminism, abortion and no fault divorce. The person who turned 20 in 1970 was already born into a culturally,socially and economically degraded america.

    now add being black to tell me why should someone born in the 90s even have something to say.

    how and what did black folk have to do with this?

    this is a convo...we really can't blame on our elders unless they was born into some sort of money from the get go.

    our community has never been without outside and internal conflict....

    so thinking you should have more without understanding our struggle.... is a bit.... wait very damn arrogant

    The struggles that blk and white millennials face today ultimately stem from many of the same forces and institutions that exist to perpetrate the status quo

    But you're right in the sense that I as a blk american cannot hold my parents and grandparents generation responsible for the struggles of my generation

    Most of us are just grateful for their sacrifices and realize we are relatively better off then they were

    Considering they too were the victims of the free market and racist policy

    Still as tax payers we have very real, legitimate gripes in regards to how our government is being run and tax dollars managed

    And as vanguard we owe future generations a better future

    That said, there is value looking backwards to see how to move forward

    For instance, our grandparents placed a lot of value on integration and less on economic policy , which didn't exactly help the most vulnerable amongst us

    And along the way lost what men like MLK Jr were fighting for in his war against poverty

    In his final book, the civil rights leader laid out his vision for a universal basic income

    Another example, my parents and their generation supported the crime bill and welfare reform...but now we see the communities most impacted by these policy decisions are in the same if not worst condition...

    I'm happy better yet relieved that a lot of the younger generations are speaking out and seemed to have learned what works and don't
  • Re: Pres. Barry Obama: Black Lives Matter And Other Activists Need To Learn To Compromise & Stop Yellin.

    I dunno

    Just going to say I disagree with his critiques

    But first, BLM was started by blk lesbians tired of seeing other blk ppl being gunned by the police... so they weren't later infiltrated by the gays looking to just push a LGBT agenda

    And yes they do have a agenda listed on their site, largely devoted to addressing police brutality

    That said, the movement, organization is still in its infancy so over course they aren't walking just yet

    But what they have done is raise awareness to an issue that has been festering but largely ignored by most americans for decades

    And I would argue their work on the ground and behind the scenes has help to pressure more pds utilizing body cameras and dash boards cams

    And Obama knows there are so many different levels and tactics and strategies that have to be employed to make a difference

    Sitting down and talking and having a nice meeting is definitely a part of it. And then also getting out in the streets and making some noise and disrupting political events and daily life

    Tactics used by activists since forever
  • Re: IC court question: Is it feminism or lack of moral guidance

    And I find it very interesting that blk households are continuously compared to non blk households and continue to be found lacking

    Especially since the days of slavery we have been systematically oppressed and denied any formal family structure....not allowed to marry...children, siblings, the other "partner" sold away from each other...the poor punished for marrying

    Yet, somehow, between 1865 and 1965 there is supposed to have been this great deterioration of the nuclear blk family with feminism being the catalyst??? If that is the case, when was the heyday of this blk family?

    From what I've researched our families never looked like that of the Beavers. And since the days of slavery blk women in america have always had to take on the traditional role and responsibilities of men as a matter of survival

    The reason why Blk women were drawn to feminism in the first place was because they didn't have the same rights and the same economic opportunities as their male counterparts making them incapable of helping to fulfill these roles adequately...which in many cases meant living in extreme poverty

    Violence and crime in America did spike to supposedly historic level within the last 60 yrs or so, however generally speaking that has always been the case following economic recessions. Its been on a steady decline. And are we going to seriously argue it was feminism and not the introduction of illegal yet highly addictive drugs into our neighborhoods are to blame. Not to mention guns, particularly automatic weapons, becoming more accessible naturally made matters worst

    That said, the ills we see in places like Chicago and Detroit are the cumulative effect of centuries of structural racism, marginalization and failed government policy that keeps the residents trapped in poverty
  • Re: IC court question: Is it feminism or lack of moral guidance

    If you consider women showing their thighs and voting a sign of moral decline, there is a case to be made that feminism has been a bad thing for this country

    However if like myself you believe that morality is primarily how we treat each other, we as country, planet are on a steady incline

    Violence has been declining. There is less race hatred, less religious turmoil and less genocide

    More work to be done.... but just looking at how young ppl have been showing so much compassion and focus on how others are treated with initiatives such as BLM we are headed for better days