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  • Re: Leaked DNC emails reveal secret plans to take on Sanders

    Honestly I dont care about this at all. I think it was a simple matter of votes for Bernie. He did good but in the end he didnt have enough. Not surprising. This is immaterial to for who you wanna vote for or whatever. If somebody personally doesnt like Democrats fine. Thats yo business.


    Doesn't matter how the DNC felt. B/c if Bernie was that great of a candidate his supporters make him out to be, then why didn't the rest of the country vote for him to be the democratic nominee?

    At the end of the day, it's THE PEOPLE who chose who they want representing their party.

    Hilary won, but lets not act like having the establishment behind her didn't help her cause lol

    what bothered me was the DNC's initial insistence on a small number of debates at low viewership times... especially considering that Bernie was fairly unknown while Hilary was a household name

    and it should bother you too
  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread (Now Trending: #DNC)

    It's politics

    But its funny

    One minute his proposals are pie in the minute she's adopting similar proposals yet now a few months later they are attainable

    Remember during one of the debates she was disparging Bernie for wanting america to emulate the practices of different countries with her "we are not Denmark" with this proposal she wants to follow in the foot steps of a Germany

    She is so blantant with it
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  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread (Now Trending: #DNC)

    Sion wrote: »
    Now Hilary the "pragmatic" one is proposing a plan to make college free families that make less than 125k annually...similar to what Bernie had proposed some months ago

    I guess with her in the white house its not some pipe dream as she and others suggested when it was Bernie's idea

    This is where the future of college education is going. They already do this in Germany. They're gonna bring it to North America within 15 years. But then the next thing will be masters degrees that schools will make the priority.


    My point was when Bernie proposed it he was selling the public a dream, while Hilary was supposedly the only adult in the room

    But now Hilary is endorsing a similar idea, its something within reach
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  • Re: So David Banner and Lyfe almost caught the fade over their approach to police brutality last night

    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    Yall keep forgetting about the gotdamn national guard.

    Yall really have no clue the emphasis that has been put on urban warfare training and tactics over the past decade.

    You will lose.

    You want to change the system get in the system and change it from within.

    That is the only realistic solution.

    Worked for the klan right?




    Good luck trying to change a system designed to keep you at the very bottom

    Y'all have been tying to "change the system" since the civil rights movement and y'all have gotten absolutely nowhere

    But you got the answers tho smh

    You mean to tell me that after alllll this you think police departments would turn us away?

    One good cop in one neighborhood effects many lives. You make of your service what you want.

    Interpret their indoctrination in such a way that it does not conflict with your moral compass.

    What is so hard about this?

    once you are in a system there are limitations as to what you can do...especially if the problems as systemic need support .... ppl on the outside to pressure policy makers into action

    otherwise i'm not even sure diversifying the force will do much if the policies and practices that encourage the unequal policing of our communities remain in place

    currently there is no research that suggest that the race of a cop impacts his performance or factors into how he or she interacts with the public......though there is evidence that suggest the race of the civilian plays a role

    New Orleans, for example, is among the most racially balanced departments in the country. Yet in 2012, the Justice Department found that it discriminated against African-Americans. There are similar concerns among Hispanic activists.

    in the long term, we need to rethink of what it means to be a police officer....right now we ask too much of them

    the question is how do we pressure policy makers into action?
  • Re: Don Lemoán Confronts Black Lives Matter Leader: Why Not Change Police Depts From Within...

    7figz wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    7figz wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    7figz wrote: »
    jono wrote: »
    Don't want to help police
    Don't want to be police
    Don't want to police communities for free
    But want to complain when police doesn't do anything or is ineffective.

    Where's the win? Niggas just want to complain.

    Nobody watches cops all day, they literally have no supervisor. Join the force and let folks do whatever they want to like you think should happen.

    See why you ain't get that text ?

    She clearly explained why - and there have been points already made in this thread why not and all you come to is "Niggas just want to complain" ?


    Cuz all Niggas want to do is complain.

    Are niggas trying to help police catch real criminals or nah? The answer is no. "That ain't my business/no snitching"

    Are niggas trying to join the force? No. "See see see the whole system corrupt mayne!" You gonna try or no? Of course not. Its easier to criticize.

    The problem with cops is there isn't any oversight. Literally no one will bother you if you let a nigga speed, let em jaywalk, smoke weed etc nobody cares! Its one of the easiest jobs in the world. Most cops do NOTHING all day.

    And being a cop doesn't require anything special either. Literally a gang of well educated, liberal black men can join the force en masse (they always hiring especially in the inner city.)

    The same can be said for POs, COs and alot of other criminal justice jobs.

    To respond. (I don't use the word "niggas" to refer to Black people)

    You know how many Black snitches / informants there are ? A lot I'm sure.

    You know how many Black cops there are ? A lot. Is it changing anything ?

    The reason there is no oversight of cops isn't because of individual cops, it's systematic. Police unions, prosecutors, chiefs, mayors, judges, laws, etc....

    There isnt enough.

    Whenever Theres a significant amount of "snitches" you see the results. Compare the mob of today to the mob of 50 years ago.

    Police depts the country over are still primarily white even in black cities.

    Oversight of individual officers is virtually non existent. Those police reports are basically on the honor code. Whoever is over your dept wasn't there so they know nothing about whatever happened.

    Cops literally drive past and ignore bullshit all day so they won't have to deal with people.

    Want to know why theres a quota system on tickets? Because people complained that cops don't do shit! (then they changed the rules that some depts are funded by tickets and asset forefeiture, the point is to incentivize police action because otherwise they wouldn't do a damn thing!)

    The dude didn't say - 'we need more Black cops on the force so we can make a difference'. He said 'come make a difference, don't be part of the problem' as if somehow one cop is going to make a difference.

    Again, like I said - what about Nakia Jones ? Didn't she get suspended as a cop for speaking out against the bullshit ?

    And she's just one - there have been others.

    Finally, how you can knock someone wanting to change the system over being a part of it ? Which one would have more a substantial effect - especially when the system hasn't changed for the better in decades ?[font]

    Don't start with him

    Rather than consider the legitimate reasons as to why more Hispanics and blks arent joining the force, nigga is complaining about niggas complaining

    Not only that, if he truly believes that the problem is merely there being a lack of oversight dude is lost