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    Unfortunately or fortunately their is going to be a universal income policy

    fortunately? lol
  • Re: Submission-Should Women submit to her man?

    a woman should submit to her man's need to feel loved and respected

    a man should submit to his woman's need to feel loved and respected

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  • Re: Damn! Jim Brown Really Is A Coon

    I haven't been following closely. Other than saying he had a sit down with Trump and likes him, what exactly has Brown been doing to get him labelled as a coon. I mean we're just taking it to another level if a noted activist can be called a coon just because he likes someone you don't like.

    So... If I sat down with a Klan member

    ... and then I said something stupid like:

    "I really like this guy.

    "They KKK aint so bad. Negros need to give these guys a chance and hear them out."

    What would you call me?

    Trump ain't a Klansman. Trump is a conman and getting people to like them when no one should is what conmen do. It's crazy to me that Jim Brown thinks Trump is a good guy after sitting down with him, but I wouldn't call him a coon. Ya'll act like Trump didn't have a lot of high profile black people who loved him before all this. You think he's any different now than he was then? The only difference is he said a bunch of racist bull shit to appeal to the racists that he needed to become president. Now he's about to screw all of them and us over like the crooked business man that he is.

    regardless of whether or not trump has had famous blk associates over the years, trump speared headed the racist birther movement; was sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination in the 80s; used his influence to demonize the central park 5; and has used highly offensive language stereotyping blks as lazy or criminal

    his father also had ties to the KKK

    so yea none of this is new, just not widely discussed/publicized

    i've never liked the man

    maybe coon is too harsh a word but can we all admit it is disappointing to see jim brown embrace him the way he has
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  • Re: Victor Cruz: Racist graffiti found at teammate's home 'reflection' of U.S.' state...

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    Will Munny wrote: »

    Do you know what the electoral college is or did you never have a 9th grade level civics course?

    Yes I know faggit.
    It was a response to your stupid ass " how is Obama president if half the country is racist?" comment...the same way trump is

    So you have no explanation for how Obama got elected if half the country is racist?

    For someone so sensitive, it boggles my mind you'd use a homophobic slur.



    being not racist means not harboring prejudices or preconceptions toward people because of the color of their skin. ppl of different backgrounds exhibit this racism in different ways

    simply put, a vote for a political candidate does not absolve someone of, or condemn someone with charge of racism

    that said, trump ran as blatant a campaign of racial demagoguery as i've have seen. and despite that fact a large segment of white americans still voted for him. maybe they all aren't racist but they sure voted for one. defend that
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  • Re: Victor Cruz: Racist graffiti found at teammate's home 'reflection' of U.S.' state...

    So we're going to dismiss the evidence of persistent racial discrimination in employment, housing, and credit markets, education (in terms of both resource inequality and disproportionate school discipline), policing, courts, and medicine??????

    In every facet of soceity there’s abundant evidence of the way race and racism shapes our lives

    Regardless if you believe “race” is a myth, it is a myth with real impact in our society

    That said, I argue the problem is most americans only associate racism with burning crosses on black lawns or segregation

    They malign the KKK but cite the disproportionate number of Blk men in prison as connected to "race" or "culture", when it is really about the lack of economic and social opportunity for these men

    Or they cite class and not race as the real driver of our division despite all the evidence

    I dunno if it's ignorance can say its cognitive dissonance

    Meanwhile the status quo continues

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