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  • Re: Meek Mill basically goes "But what about black on black crime" on instagram...

    i ro ny wrote: »
    meek mill didnt "basically" say anything like the threadstarter made it seem.

    he said exactly what he said.

    Low key, I think it's pushed to make a black person talking about the violence in our cities at the hands of our own. A taboo thing to talk about. Like, people are in such a rush to disown anyone that speaks on the crime in our cities by the hands of our own race is an issue much larger than cops killing blacks

    Moralisticly cops killing blacks is a much larger issue seeing as they are sworn to serve and protect and they bastardize their main purpose into a power trip.

    But on some societal shit, crime in the inner city is a much greater issue. And has much longer standing consequences. Because it's such a strong thing, people do what people do. Attack the thing that's deemed less of a challenge. Or what is deeemed by most as the safe righteous fight.

    You can think of the most loved celeberity like Beyoncé. As loved as she is and her fans ride for her heavy. If she Eva spoke on crime in Chicago in a way that it doesn't fully place blame on the government. Her career would be over, her own hive would disown her. Bet that

    Given their platform, blk public figures have always been encouraged to speak on blk issues...even the violence in our communities

    Many focus on systemic racism because police brutality and crime within black communities both derive from structural inequalities. Not because it's less a challenge or a less controversial stance--even for a celebrity

    It's also extremely short sighted to argue crime is the greater societal issue or that it has far reaching consequences opposed to police brutality. And that's not to say crime isnt a big problem. But you are deflecting from the fact that a lot of the crime and violence we see is fueled by inequality, an ineffective justice system, and police misconduct

    By that i mean, police misconduct, inequality and an ineffective justice system creates a toxic environment where ppl are less likely to report crime and work with the police; and more likely to take the law into their own hands and/or create their own laws/means to an end. Families are left broken

    The formation of street gangs in the blk community, when local vigilantes organized and armed themselves to help keep their neighborhoods safe, for instance, was initially a response to police brutality and white racism. Obviously things spun out of control, especially when drugs were funneled into a lot of these neighborhoods

    So what we see is not surprising. And the outcomes are replicated under similar conditions. See Mexico. See Brazil. See the middle East.

    Look at native americans. Their young are literally killing themselves at an unprecedented rate

    So yes rightfully Beyonce or any other blk celebrity would then face backlash if they spoke about the violence in our communities WITHOUT nuance and historical's irresponsible to say the least

    In Meeks case, he is doing his fans and our communities a huge disservice perpetuating the myth blk ppl, BLM don't care as much about crime within their communities as they do about addressing a discriminatory criminal justice system that targets them. Deflects attention from the real issues. How about advocate for funding/raise funding for anti violence community programs in Chicago like Cease Fire that has lost a lot of the governemnt funding they depended on????

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  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    yall some haters man lol

    beyonce is not whitney, but she can do more than just carry a note

    and other musicians, like prince, have praised beyonce as a great vocalist and talent

    so it's debatable

    adele's great too, but I can't say she is a far superior vocalist ....and her technique is lacking... ever live performance I've seen of adele she has been pitchy
  • Re: I lost count on how many times i cheated (((lmaooo))))

    Kai wrote: »
    Copper wrote: »
    If you dont belive nor want to be in an monogamous relationship dont get into one.

    I am in total agreement with you there, my point was more about society making it seem like 1. That's the only way to be in a committed relationship and that 2. Being a male who is fulfilling your biological imperatives makes you a bad person

    am with you to a certain extent when it comes to monogamy, but then again why is it then ok to police a woman's sexuality which I've seen you do?

    that said, i think monogamy is unnatural for both genders and takes work... so stepping on alone, doesn't automatically make one this irredeemable, evil person

    what gets me is the dishonesty

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  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    It's not supposed to be the same. Beyonce doesn't sound like Jill Scott, Jill Scott don't sound like Jazmine Sullivan, Jazmine Sullivan doesn't sound like India Arie, India Arie don't sound like Erykah Badu, etc. Unlike those singers who, let's be honest, don't have the versatility she does, she doesn't only have to make one type of music. A couple of them tried and failed miserably.

    If all you can throw at her is that she ain't doing it like everybody else as if that's a strike against her, that's your problem. Not hers. And your bias doesn't negate her versatility.

    I'm not a Stan for anybody but it's funny to me when people look at a duck looking walking and quacking like a duck and swear up and down its a chicken.

    Slow your caping down man. I'm not downing Beyonce. I just don't think she would be a good Soul singer. Nobody said she has to sing just like Jill Scott. That wasn't the point and you know that. I pointed out that Soul music doesn't sound like Pop R&B. That's why they are considered two different genres. Beyonce sang the song, the way she sings all of her ballads, which was just fine from an R&B standpoint. It didn't sound soulful like Jill Scott's rendition. That's the point. A ER doctor is probably more versatile than a neurologist. That doesn't mean an ER doctor would make a good neurologist.

    you're suggesting her voice lacks soul, that's not downing her alil? lol
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  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    usmarin3 wrote: »
    If it was about singing Taylor Swift shouldn't even be nominated so why is it all problem all of a sudden when a black/urban artist is in the run. People keep changing the criteria.


    and what does "urban contemporary" mean exactly