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  • Re: For all the old heads, was dating underage women cool back then?

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    I would talk to someone that is a few years younger than me but if a HS boy tried to holla I'd tell his ass to go drink some juicy juice. Dating underage people is NOT cool.

    For women it is a totally different story.


    I was in Chick-Fil-A yesterday, and this professional looking chick walked in with a dude that looked like he could be her little brother or something.

    She looked like she was about 5 or 6 years older than him.

    23/24 and maybe 18/19.

    It looked weird and she looked stupid.

    Probably one of those chicks who doesn't understand the context of gender roles.


    Doesnt understand the context of gender roles? Expound...

    Maybe she's just looking to have fun and the dick is good

    It's a win, win

    And I'm sure she doesn't care what you or anyone thinks about their relationship

    You sound jealous
  • Re: Smfh:Cops kill unarmed black man that has epilepsy

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    Smh @ these fuckers

    That was so unnecessary

    Dudes head was leaning, bearly responsive just run into a stop sign...but here they go guns drawn and screaming

    Thank God he lived

  • Re: Smfh:Cops kill unarmed black man that has epilepsy

    One officer tased the man

    The other fired his gun

    The others looked on, from what I can tell

    This tells me at least one officer seen the man as no serious threat

    While one overreacted for no good reason. They were close enough to the victim to see there was no actual gun in his hands

    Now a man is dead for being Blk and mentally ill/disabled
  • Re: Trump vs Hillary Debate Round 1

    I'm legit depressed right now

    Hilary is obviously the better candidate

    But to say I'm underwhelmed is an understatement

    She's the HPV vaccine

    Better yet a vote for her is the equivalent to stepping on a rusty nail and having to get a tetanus shot

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  • Re: Colin Kaepernick refuses “to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people”...

    Ya know, there are instances where "All Lives Matter" applies.

    Like here

    Black lives matter and it exists as a movement because in the eyes of many, black lives don't matter. All lives matter is not a contradiction to black lives matter and you niggas calling LeBron a coon for merely saying it are dumb as fuck.

    In a vacuum "All lives matter" is a perfectly ok statement to make

    But "All lives matter" didn't become a thing until the BLM movement gained steam

    Apparently, something about the statement “Black Lives Matter” makes white ppl very uncomfortable. Why is that I wonder ?

    Not as if singling out Black people’s lives as mattering means that white lives don’t matter

    So you tell me...

    That said, I'm not going to call LeBron a coon just yet. But obviously, and just as so many ppl have explained, the problem with “All Lives Matter” is that it refocuses the issue away from systemic racism .... It distracts and diminishes the message that blk lives matter or that they should matter more than they do

    Sorta like what you were trying to do when you posted that video

    I'm of the opinion LeBron doesn't want to alienate parts of his fan base, he doesnt want to make too many ppl uncomfortable
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