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  • Re: Woman, children "accidentally" pulled over by police at gunpoint [video]

    kzzl wrote: »
    Honestly, she alive and all five got to go home. I'm glad just for that.


    But I'm sure she and her children are traumatized

    Just another example of how our blk skin makes us guilty until proven innocent

    Wrong make, color of car....but it's a car full of blk people ...they must be the guilty party


    And they wonder why blks distrust the police
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    MR.CJ wrote: »
    So what's next?

    Wait for the investigation to come to an end, and the grand jury to come to a decision.. the prosecution was quoted as saying it could take to mid october
    Blacjason wrote: »
    dwade206 wrote: »
    Wilson has raised over 100k for legal fees
    The eye witnesses are being discredited on CNN
    The jury consists of 9 whites and 3 Blacks

    The shakedown begins.
    9 whites? Who is picking these juries?

    I know emotions are high. Just trying to play the devils advocate.

    If a black man was the defendant and he had 9 black people on the jury and only 3 whites wouldn't we say that was fair?

    Just saying...

    It wouldn't be fair either way

    If possible jury should include people of different races, all walks of life

  • Re: 5 Disturbing Stats On Black-White Inequality

    _Lefty wrote: »
    this is actually sad

    and it is more than enough reason for cats to really want to protest

    SMH @ that difference in household wealth...........and then inheritance just continues to make the gap wider for the next generation

    It's partly our fault, not to say the machine didn't have a large role, but when you get an income tax check, take it and go get a charger or impala at 25% interest and go buy the whole mall and shit like that. Most of us haven't been taught fiscal responsibility or economic education so we think it's all good. I still see young people when they turn 18 sign up for all them credit cards in the mail and fuck they credit up before it starts. I couldve done the same, but I already had money and didn't need credit cards. Nobody tellin these kids nothin and they become adults that don't know nothin. The cycle repeats worse every time.

    Not making excuses but to some degree or another, blks are born into a legacy of financial illiteracy

    1. Slavery, which only officially ended in america 149 yrs ago, stripped our great, great grandparents of their economic traditions from their homelands...not to mention they were discouraged from learning how to read

    2. There were efforts to keep blacks away from schooling in the fields of business and finance

    3. The lack of financial and economic education available in the public school system

    4. Besides institutionalized racism, I believe our biggest obstacle is the disproportionate acquaintance of blks with poverty which yields less available role models of financial success ...that's why you see young people from certain neighborhoods blowing their money, ruining their credit on shit like cars, clothes, purses, jewelry and shoes ...largely things that depreciate in value

    Also desperation stemming from poverty or financial restraints is reason why so many of our people fall into debt. Growing up I don't know how many times I've seen people be deceived by these get rich quick and something for nothing schemes, as well as the fine print, and numerous traps that await us all disguised as wealth creation programs

  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    I can see where talib was coming from

    I think it's fair to assume that CNN asked him on for an interview... with that said, don lemon a journalist and employee of CNN should have better prepared himself for the interview and it's common protocol for an interviewer to ingratiate himself/herself with their subject before the interview...if talib is to be believed lemon acted unprofessionally

    Lemon was first to interrupt talib as he spoke as well...another strike against him

    I also agree with talib CNN coverage is lacking in many ways.. there is very little coverage given to the protesters who were taking a stand against the looters while sensationalized images of “violent” protesters in the face of heavily militarized police forces are in constant rotation. Than they

    But yea talib should've handled himself alil better ...better off not even agreeing to do an interview with
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen.

    "ohh what are you gonna do about it you're not gonna shoot me"

    (What the woman said the Officer that show Mike Brown said)

    This makes me laugh and mad at the same time.. seriously..


    Finally listened to her account of what happened and I couldn't do nothing but shake my head

    As if they aren't three witnesses to the shooting besides mikes friend ... all of whom seem to be credible and did not personally know mike brown...who all can attest that he had his hands up surrendering before the fatal shot to the head