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  • Re: Article: The video that will rip Chicago apart — and why you need to see it..

    Here's the video.. SMDH...

    They think they slick by not releasing the audio
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  • Re: Is respectability politics... still respectable?

    I refuse to engage in respectability politics

    I just don't feel it should be my job to convince anyone that I'm one of the "good" negroes

    Than it's a lost cause

    No matter if I put on on my best face, i'd still be black and i'd still be the exception to the rule

    The rule being blks/ blk culture is inferior

  • Re: GnS Politics: Abortion

    Cain wrote: »
    Who am I to tell someone else what to do with their body. On the religious side of it, God everyone choices to make right or wrong. Let them make it and let "him" handle it afterwards.

    its not just their body anymore though....

    if I put 300 dollars on someone's head I'd be considered a murderer... yet a chick can have unprotected sex.... (when there are plenty of safer and cheaper options) gets pregnant feels "she not ready" and just gets to knock an unborn baby without a care in the world...

    I feel it's funny a chick can't come up with 30 dollars for a morning after pill (you have 3 days, to get one) but can come up with 300 to go to a clinic.

    Regardless of how you feel...whether u consider it fair ....or whether u consider it murder...

    Most women who inadvertently become pregnant are young and either poor; or gay; or struggles with substance abuse;
    or comes from an abusive household

    It makes more sense and it's more humane to give these women the option to abort

    Otherwise we'd be forcing a woman to carry out a pregnancy against her will, which I'm sure isn't best for the mother or fetus in the short or long term

    The foster care system is already overburdened as it is

    Young mothers are more than likely to become single parents....children of single parents are more than likely to become young parents

  • Re: BLM Supporter Assaulted At Alabama Trump Rally While Trump Yells Get The Hell Out Of Here

    a.mann wrote: »
    A tweet from the Don


    That shit is some made up statistics


    Not that it matters

    His supporters will continue to believe whatever bullshit comes out his mouth

    He already shown himself to be a pandering, racist lier yet he is still a GOP front runner

    And the media will continue giving him free press
  • Re: 2 Chainz Gives Tips on Successful Date Rape

    I'm a female and I would've at least went to check on the woman

    She obviously didn't want to go with bruh

    I can understand not wanting to get involved

    But to just sit back and record the entire incident without even making ur presence known is another thing.... Than he posted the shit on YouTube


    Yes, but the reactions that dude would have had to you doing that and to another dude doing that would have been completely different. I'm not saying that it's right to do nothing, but saying "I'm a female and I would've..." is basically you ignoring the extra leeway you'd get as a female in a situation like that.

    Extra leeway?


    You're right to certain extent

    But considering the way he was treating the young lady in the video, he probably would'nt have had no issue jacking my ass up to

    And again I can understand not wanting to intervene....but to sit back, joke around about what you perceive to be a woman being taken advantage of and record the entire incident for laughs that's something totally different

    Its low