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  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread

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    oh my god oh my god she's so trill. I love her and can't wait to give her my money
    it amazes me how America has nominated two spectacular shitlords to run for president

    can't wait until we all regret it


    our next president tis either going to be .....

    a lying mentally unsound, failed businessman turned reality tv star OR

    an unethical war hawk with ties to some of the worst ppl on the planet ....who is currently being investigated by the FBI for what she claims is a non issue even though she has gone to great lengths to cover her tracks

  • Re: When did Jay fell off?

    Why so much hate for BP3?

    It wasn't one of his best albums, but I wouldn't say it was garbage. And it was definitely listenable. Better than BP2

    His flow somewhat changed but he was still Jay

    Already Home, As Real As it Gets, What We Talkin Bout, Thank You, So Ambitious>>>

    Empire State of Mind, Run This Town, A Star Is Born, D.O.A. ....were hit singles/serviceable tracks

    I will admit Hate, Mar vs Venus were garbage
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  • Re: Fair or Foul: Women Anonymously Discuss Regretting Having Their Children and Becoming Single Mothers

    its fair

    kind of off topic, but its going to be interesting to see how, if ever, we begin to address the fact that here in america child bearing has become disadvantageous....which is obviously problematic

    with women for example, you marry/bear children young and your spouse decides to leave you, there is little support there... especially for low income mothers...and more than likely you have little career prospects

    you wait until the "right time" to have children, there's a good chance you may struggle to get pregnant considering our chances of getting pregnant begin to dwindle after our early thirties.....most the time fertility drugs aren't covered by your insurance

  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread wrote: »
    Ref swallowed his whistle on Lebron there.

    Lebron has at least 3 offensive fouls that haven't been called
  • Re: Lets address the misogynoirism in Black Community....

    objective facts?

    I was asked for my OPINION in regards to what I thought could be done to combat/address misogynoir in the blk community? specifically what blk men could do

    that said, i believe we live in a society that often seeks to rob women of their agency and perpetuates hatred towards women, particularly those who offends the white, male, patriarchal gaze ...and I gave my opinion as to what I thought should be done about it...

    nothing more, nothing less

    and actually a lot of what I speak is echoed in the articles @purr posted

    if you are referring to my stance on abortion, i'm not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. people are free to have their own opinions. my point was that, regardless of intent, if we make abortion illegal we would be forcing pregnant women to carry children to term they don't want. and that is effectively stripping away a woman's right to do as she pleases with her reproductive organs. its just that black and white.

    i haven't always been on the right side of the aisle, but i like a lot of women would be ok with giving men the right to abort their financial obligations to their child before its conception

    then some of the same politicians and contingencies who oppose abortion aren't fans of the pill either. they along with others oppose the idea of birth control and or support the idea that birth control should not be covered by health insurance, arguing its sinful. but what they really mean is women are only meant to be baby receptacles for their husbands. never do they consider that birth control is often times used for a variety of medical conditions not just as a contraceptive

    sadly we as a society entertain this garbage. and you know how it hurts the most? women of color

    in regards to welfare reform, i was referring to our support of the politicians who were pushing this narrative that it was welfare that created black single mothers. and that there was this large contingent of blk women having tons of babies, only to push their fathers out the home, just to get a welfare check. these single mothers, rather then structural barriers and racism, were the real architects of american ghettos. even today we regurgitate the toxic rhetoric. i bring this up because i believe SOME of the support and this need to see certain women suffer "because they need to be held responsible for their actions" , even if it counterproductive/ means their children will suffer as well, is fueled by self hate and misogyny

    which brings me to my next point, i think we need to redefine what it means to be a man. a lot of ppl associate masculinity most with domination, hyper-sexuality, physicality and material wealth. shunning all things feminine. obviously this can be problematic, especially for members of marginalized communities. this can help to explain why women of color are at a greater risk of being abused by an intimate partner. and how most black women murdered are murdered by men and most blk women murdered are nearly always killed by men they know intimately

    I think you misunderstood my point. I wasn't knocking you. I was pointing out that for matters like this, all you guys can do is give opinions. @purr is basically telling us that we can't engage with you guys until we shut up and are educated by you guys. But you can't educate us with your opinions. You have to tell us your opinions on how things can be fixed and allow us to discuss.

    As for your opinions, I don't really agree with most of what you say because I feel its very biased and completely misses the male side. It's not that I think that what you're saying is unreasonable. I don't. I just think that there needs to be a back and forth in order to get to a solution. That's how you solve problems. You don't tell one side to shut up and acquiesce.

    But yeah society sets up stupid contradictions. I'm not outright against abortion but I'm not a fan of it. That said anyone who is outright against abortion but also against contraception is an idiot. And not allowing birth control to be put on insurance hurts men too. After all, there might not be nearly as many dudes with their pockets being drained if women could have that kind of access to birth control.

    Lastly, I'd agree that we need to be more mindful of what we teach men. The hypersexuality and overagression hurts us just as much as it hurts you. However, some of you are going overboard. As men, we should be strong and we shouldn't be forced to embrace femininity in ourselves. The education system is already trying to redefine how boys are raised and taught. It's stamping out everything that benefits boys and pushing what is beneficial to girls. The results of that pretty much across the board is that boys are falling behind in school and no longer thriving. That's why you see all the initiatives to get schools for boys. It's not because people are against girls. It's because society is trying so hard to overcorrect for the injustices shown towards women that it's hurting boys. You feminists don't see that because you don't care about that. It doesn't fit your agenda, and you'd never see it without active discourse with men.

    Considering misogynoir is often used to describe prejudice experienced by blk women in a range of contexts, who is best to share their experiences and help people understand than blk women

    That said, what I think @purr was making the point that if we are going to have a healthy discussion in terms of solutions participants should first have an understanding of what it means to be a blk woman

    Biased how? We are discussing misogynoir, obviously my posts are going to centered on the experiences and plight of blk women

    And yes, not allowing birth control to be put on insurance hurts men too. Doesn't make it any less an assault on women

    Sexism, patriarchy, gender roles hurts both men and women to varying degrees

    For ex, some like to argue society doesn't hold women accountable for their actions to the same effect as men. But then again, I could argue women's actions are considered less affective, less meaningful and less significant than male actions. So while women may get a collective pass when it comes to certain offenses, we also get collectively passed over when it comes to promotion to jobs with real authority and power

    In regards to dropout and graduation rates, grades, and many test scores that show boys faring poorly compared to girls, I would contend
    ingrained sexism and gender roles is hampering schooling for both boys and girls. Studies show biased teachers are steering girls away from STEM which could potentiallylimit a woman's career opportunities and earnings in the future. I believe the attainment gap has more to do with factors outside the school house considering middle to low income boys and boys of color are far more likely to fall behind their female counterparts. boys seem to be more sensitive than girls to disadvantage. any disadvantage, like growing up in poverty or and in a bad neighborhood.

    Same as ingrained sexism and gender roles continue to hurt both men and women, so does misogyny

    Misogyny, the hatred, ridicule, and fear of femininity, can structure male experience as much as female experience. In some ways, in fact, misogyny can be even more restrictive for men than for women. I think it's a big reason why men commit suicide more frequently than women, even though women typically have higher rates of mental health disorders like depression. Men are discouraged from doing things that could possible help them to cope with the pressures of life like discussing their emotions and fears with others because it's feminine