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  • Re: "Women Lose power as they age and become more radical / Men become more conservative"

    In general...

    Women get more radical as they age because they lose power
    while men tend to gain power as they age and become more conservative.

    How do you respond to this general sentiment?


    are you referring to politics? power dynamics between men and women?

    and what do you mean by radical ?

    i'm only 29, but I feel more empowered than I have ever been.... i have the money and time to do things i dreamed about doing when i was 19

    I'm also more in tune with my body and wiser....even more empathetic

    i have access to a greater echelon of men

    maybe once I turn 35, 40 it'll be a different story

    i can see how a woman who was overly dependent on a man to get what she wants may have some trouble, struggle as she ages

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  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    I hate when people protest shit like this. It's probably wrong, but is a shopowner wrestling with someone who tried to steal from him worth this kinda response?

    Sometimes it seems like some of these protesters believe criminals deserve to pick their own reaction to the crimes they commit. And let's be real, if that was a black owned business, they would not be protesting this.

    You hate when an attack of a woman results in black people organizing and uniting against a common enemy to decide to no longer patronize their racist establishments?

    Is there a history of racism or are you just projecting? If you got more info, cool, share it. I don't know if you've ever seen how asians handle asian thieves, but I have. They do the same damn thing. Not everybody in the world is on some "treat a criminal nicely" type shit.

    Again, if this was a black owner in NC doing that to a black woman, would people in Chicago be boycotting? Would you be promoting this reaction? If you say you would, I'll take your word for it and we can agree to disagree. I personally don't believe holding a person down when that person attempts to steal from you is all that crazy. It might be wrong, but not worth protesting over.


    not as if it matters, but the store owner has handed over no proof that the woman was shop lifting

    so let's not concede just yet, that she was....if i'm wrong correct me

    and having walked into many of asian run beauty supply stores, i can tell you a lot of the clerks are often rude ....and some treat you like criminals soon as you walk in for no reason....could it be that i am blk, maybe...wouldn't be surprised if he jumped the gun

    that said, whether of not this man is racist, he handled the situation very poorly... dude literally kicked her and than wrestled her to the ground after this woman even offered to let him check her bag

    regardless of the race he was i'd take issue with it

    so if the community wants to rally behind this woman, good. the store could have a history of mistreating their customers for all we know

    its crazy to me anyone would try to justify the actions of this man or mock a protest
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  • Re: Cinema Etiquette and (some) Black People (especially Black Women).

    7figz wrote: »
    The shit people make into a Black / White thing.. smh


    can't relate to o/p

    teens of every race have been biggest distractions/talkers.... annoying but not surprising... at that age when you with ur friends at the movies watching the movie is secondary
  • Re: Black Ty (Tyrese) Speaking That Real About the Build-a-Thot Community

    farris2k1 wrote: »
    He always come with these shallow thoughts that he tries to pass off as deep, mostly lecturing women

    Missing is the critique or mention of how unrealistic beauty standards are set and enforced by the media or society as a whole, with mostly illusory rewards as the prize

    No consideration of the burden, pressure that puts on girls growing up

    And I could be mistaken, but i dont remember him making the effort to cast real, natural women in his music videos


    Wtf??? Are u a female??? Aint no straight dude sayin that shit, and if you seen his last video "shame" "stay" doesnt look like he had any build a bitches in those vids, quit reachin and makin shit deeper than it is

    Yes, im a lady

    You won't find big booty "bitches" twerking and whatnot in his videos

    And i liked stay and shame

    But the women in the majority of his videos and music videos period didn't just wake up like that either. They sit through hours of hair and makeup. Many of them noticably have had breast augmentations. Colored contacts. Weaves. Nose jobs. They just knew when to stop or had the money to get shit done the "right" way

    That influences how many womenm view themselves and the decisions they make

    And where's the videos featuring ladies with locks and or other natural hair styles?

    Liked how tank and wale featured a slim chick with locks in the last video which i don't think I've ever seen

    But yea this isnt his first time jumping on social media to lecture women.... forging concern, when his real concern is book sales...Going for the low hanging fruit ...

    I don't take him serious....I think he's reallly trolling...but it is a serious issue

    Women, especially young women, out here are physically harming themselves trying to live up to unrealistic beauty standards
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  • Re: Black Ty (Tyrese) Speaking That Real About the Build-a-Thot Community

    all you thirsty ill pix simps get in here now! ITS TIME FOR AN INTERVENTION GOTDAMMIT!



    And this idea that these build a bitches aint finding any suitors willing to wife them is a lie
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