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  • Re: "Democrats Would Be Insane to Nominate Bernie Sanders "-Washington Post

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    I'm saying tho, why is wrong for her to make a lot of money tho using her name ? She's not even a regular politician she was secretary of state and a president's wife. Mitt Romney was the CEO of Bain Capital everyone knew that, he drove Rolls-Royces and had private jets but no one ever pestered him for being rich.

    That's why I felt it was a pointless question, why is it right for an author to be paid 200k to speak but wrong for one of the most popular women in America to be paid 600k to do motivational talks, appearances, etc for charities, colleges, events and others ? Obama made $1.4 million off of Dreams of my Father book and another mil from his other book and Tony Rezko buying his house while he was a senator. But Clinton makes 600k and its shunned ? That don't even make sense.

    It's not about her being a wealthy woman who has profited off her cachet

    And yes, Clinton is not the only politician to have collected speaking gigs around the country

    The difference is pitch and audience .... Romney, for instance, campaigned as a job creator who knew how the economy worked at a time when most Republican voters thought that is what the country needed

    Clinton's campaign is trying to paint her as a tough on Wall street Progressive who will fight for the middle class...which obviously contrast with the woman who has collects large sums of money in speaking fees and campaign contributions from Wall street

    You're being disingenuous if you don't see how some voters would question her integrity

    I do believe it's a fair question especially considering when asked whether she would be willing to release the transcripts from her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and other organizations, Clinton has yet to do so

    It's bad timing as well

    Today after the bailout with income inequality and Wall street profits being at all-time highs, it's a totally different landscape

    The anti establishment movement is growing. And the Democratic party is moving more and more to the left

    So because Clinton has struggled to answer questions about her ties to Wall Street and her change of position in regards to universal healthcare, again Progressives question her authencity

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  • Re: "Democrats Would Be Insane to Nominate Bernie Sanders "-Washington Post

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    educated people lean left because they have been programmed through school to lean left like i said earlier google

    long march through the institutions


    "Educated" people are chiefly taught to consider all sides or an argument before taking a position. Most individuals are politically neutral.

    Public Schools tend to be more liberal because conservatives prefer to work in think tanks and in private schools. They are also more dogmatic in their approach

    That is the way is it should be but the reality is that american higher education system is biased against certain ideologies


    Professors tend to be more liberal for the same reasons investment bankers aren't big fans of Bernie...and that is most ppl, with the exception of poor white folk, are of a certain ideology because it's convenient or beneficial for them

    However there is no evidence that american higher education system is biased against certain ideologies

    And if these evil liberal professors are a tasked with indoctrinating their students, they are doing a terrible job

    There is no evidence that going to college does make students substantially more liberal

    When studies compare the political views of first year college students with those of seniors, there is little to evidence evidence of systematic indoctrination

    There were also few differences in attitudes about particular social and economic issues

    You people have to be joking. WHEN THE vast majority of university professors are leftist/liberal leaning there is obviously a bias. when feminist block men's rights groups from speaking on campus there has got to be a liberl bias there. when universities establish "SAFE SPACES" there is a liberal bias.

    The political views of frehsmen and seniors don't change much most likely because they are not being challenged by outside views because all there fucking teachers are liberals and ex hippies.

    Because professors tend to be liberal doesn't mean there's a bias lol

    And the fact that students conservatives and liberals alike don't leave college significantly changed ppl proves that colleges aren't indoctrination factories as you suggest
  • Re: What is white privilege?

    zzombie wrote: »

    It would be necessary to tear up the constitution because we cannot do much of what people like you suggest without disregarding the constitution.

    what's stopping banks from lending us capital??? banks are not really totally private they do have some backing a support from government and therefore they cannot do as they please in everything.

    public housing, jobs and services should be impartial and given to those in need or who best qualify, however iT is wrong for government to force private citizens to employ, serve or house people they don't want to.

    the government caused the housing bubble to be created in the first place thus leading to a crash, they encouraged all this greed by sticking there nose were is does not belong

    black americans have more than enough income and money to waste, if we put our moeny to better use we would not suffer so much.
    and no one is insulated from a recession some just suffer less in the last economic down turn blacks suffered a lot because our so called middle class in a creation of government

    Now if we were not so reliant on the government we would have suffered less and bounced back harder

    The united states is not europe no european nation has 300 million people, we have a different system as we should because we are in a different economic situation. Now, I don't mind the government helping somewhat with healthcare but obamacare over steps the bounds of government. I am all for education but there need to be reforms in the educational system you should not have to go to school for 8 years to to get a job that can give you a decent living. people go to these expensive schools that make you takes classes you don't need. Not to mention the brainwashing that liberal professors do at these fucking schools thank god i was not a victim

    The constitution would not prevent any of my aforementioned demands, such as an end to the war on drugs, from materializing

    Discrimination against minorities especially in the banking sector is rampant and has been for decades, the private sector it's no different

    Prior to the Civil Rights Act of 64 it was worst...we didn't have adequate access to the capital and resources necessary to build or sustain wealth

    And why should privately owned businesses be able to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, etc? Like banks, they benefit directly and indirectly from things such as public infrastructure and law enforcement . Not unless their business operates completely off the grid, using absolutely zero taxpayer funded resources should they be able to do as they please

    The median net worth of blk families is $6500-8500, most of us are currently drowning in debt. Debt from student loans, mortgages, medical bills, car loans, legal/court fees, etc

    The price of living is going up, while wages have stagnated. So if we maintain the status quo, where's all this money we have to waste hiding or going to come from? Despite what you've heard most blks aren't out here blowing money thy don't have on Jordans and spinning rims

    The government actions that played a role in the housing bubble and crash all fall under the rubric of deregulation, or "letting the market decide" how to manage the rules of the financial sector....The Community Reinvestment Act and the GSE's affordability mission didn't cause the crisis. The subprime mortgage boom and the subsequent crash were concentrated in the private market, not the public obviously the" free market" cannot be trusted to do what's in the public best interest

    I can see why you have little faith in the government, but I have no idea as to why you believe a "free market" is our savior when the ppl who control the resources and means of production would be old white men
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  • Re: GnS Social Debate 2016: What angers you about women?

    Honestly, I don't have a problem with women at all. I have a problem with popular culture and it's influence over the masses. This is what nurtures those unfavorable character traits we all talk so badly about, in both women AND men.

    Do other countries with different cultures complain about their women as much as Americans do?

    In places like the middle east and India whose ppl are generally conservative and tradition bound, the men don't seem to fond of the women from what I've observed
  • Re: What is white privilege?

    zzombie wrote: »
    Straight up, Zombie is a coon, and y'all can't see it.

    Zombie promote garvyism and black self reliance not begging or blaming white people for anything

    You love white women disrespect black women and blame white people if the rain falls too hard

    Making demands of our government does not amount to 'begging the white man' for something

    Black families pay taxes just like non blk families, and black soldiers fight and die on behalf of our country

    We don't deserve to be treated like second class citizens nor should we stand for it

    And this notion that blk ppl just need to pull themselves by the bootstraps and than other races would be glad to meet him on the plane of equality and comradeship as Garvey suggested,
    implies that we are at the bottom because they have not been trying hard enough to move up

    Not only is that assumption wrong, blk Americans are some of the most hardest working, hustling ppl on earth...there are also tons of data that disputes that assumption

    I understand racism isn't going anywhere anytime soon, but protection against discrimination is not through financial independence...look at what happened to Blk Wall street

    We have always made our greatest progress in political struggle

    The most fatal flaw in your argument though is that we actually have the wealth and discretionary income anytime soon to build an internal economy that could insulate us from crisis such as a recession

    While your waiting for that to happen, telling ppl to just suck it up, ppl are dying
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