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  • Re: Kerry Washington Tackles Black "Homophobia" in GLAAD Speech...

    Dope speech

    Regardless of your beliefs

    We have a public health crisis on our hands

    The homeless and incarceration rate of gay youth has sky rocketed the last 30, 40 years

    And compared to straight youth, they are at greater risk for violence and other abuse once incarcerated or homeless

    The rates of suicide attempts among gay youth have been found to be higher than rates among youth than heterosexual youth

    Closeted gay men have help exabberate the spread of HIV

    And it's because of homophobia

    It's a plague same as the other isms

    Better yet how can we say all black lives matter than devalue the lives of our gay brother and sisters

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  • Re: Kerry Washington Tackles Black "Homophobia" in GLAAD Speech...

    zombie wrote: »
    All black lives don't matter some of these black people deserve gunshot more than anything else.

    So says the Christian lol
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  • Re: Black Scholar Calls "Empire" ‘Ghettofied’ ‘Coonery’

    this was a good discussion

    but a lot of you underestimate the power of tv, film, music, video games, etc

    and how advertising and entertainment can shape our subconscious
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  • Re: Females want to marry or be in a realationship with a beta male.......

    Rasta. wrote: »
    nex gin wrote: »
    So here we are again attempting to draw a correlation between unrelated things? smh @ this going 10 pages.
    A man is going to cheat if that's what he wants to do and the opportunity presents itself....plain and simple.
    " naw nigga it's in our blood to cheat... only 'a real alpha male' is going to understand this..."

    a real Alpha wouldnt even use the word "cheat" shit the only reason we know how the word us used is listenin to u henpecked niggas...

    we have who we want..
    u niggas take what u can get. lol

    gwaf! you just proved what niggas in here been saying about the alpha male being subjective.... cause ain't no nigga ever got EVERY bytch they have wanted... btw I hope most of you niggas younger than me... because if y'all not im sure none of yall pulling chicks that's about anything over the age of 23...

    well seein as i want who wants me my batting average is pretty high..

    nigga u wake up to the ic and stir estrogen in ur coffee to give u the energy to post..
    OF COURSE u aint gonna get "Alpha Male" shit..

    lol.. bruh.. that's the dumbest shyt/ cop out I've heard in a min.. " seeing as I want who wants me" bruh I got hoes that want me that I don't want... i got hoes who I want but don't got... that real... if you only want hoes that want you THAT sounds like some female "afraid of rejection" type shyt... any real nigga gone try and talk to a chick he attracted to... she might give him play she might not... you basically just said you will only talk to a chick unless you KNOW she down.. smh..


    He knows his limitations

    He doesn't have much to offer besides money, charm, and an inflated sense of self importance

    While it may be enough for some women

    For others not so much

    And he's fine with that

    He is a pimp lol

    Applicable to all spheres of life so why still comment and bicker about what a nigga does?


    I'm just teasing Cap

    No need to come to his defenses

    He's a grown man who's more than capable of handling himself
  • Re: So Tyga has said he is in love with a 17 year old


    Tyga a 25, 26 year old man is dating a teenage girl who walks around with boxes of lucky charms and recently made her pet dog an Instagram page


    And yes I recently tried to watch the Kardashians reality show ...
    out of curiousity

    Shit was boring though...if someone wasnt in tears and needed attended to, they were all occupied will their iPhones texting or taking selfies ...oblivious to the outside world until there were more tears
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