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  • Re: Video: Black Woman In Police Custody Dies After Being Forcefully Removed From Hospital

    Im confused to as why they cops were call in in the first place.What am missing? why were the cops involved at all.

    I said this before .. and ill say this again.. Most of these people dont value your humanity.. You have to really internalize what that means.

    The cops were called because she refused to leave the hospital room to be discharged at the request of the attending physician

    Plenty of ppl at fault here

    The officer

    But than I blame the physician and nurses who obviously dismissed her pleas

    Happens a lot though, especially with ppl with whom medical staff suspects is a drug addict

    Remember when a similar incident made some waves when a young blk woman named Anna Brown died in a jail cell from blood clots after being forced out a hospital

    Never felt it got the attention it deserved

    This was the NYC incident?

    No, St Louis

    In light of the events in Ferguson now Cleveland, we gotta begin to address the racial disparities in health outcomes occurring in our health system

    Studies, for ex, suggest physicians spend less time examining black patients....this is especially troubling since now more than ever private physicians are hell bent on seeing as many patients as possible to make a profit

    Obviously this leads to patients, especially blk patients, being misdiagnosed or patients not receiving the proper treatment

    Than we continue to be the hardest hit by soaring medical costs

    All of which impacts an already stunted black wealth
  • Re: Are All White People Conditioned To Be Racist?

    All I'll say is that same way we promote and perpetuate our cultural superiority over "lesser" nations, american institutions and public policy perpetuate the ideology of white supremacy and blk inferiority

    For ex, the penalties for selling cocaine vs crack leading to the unequal policing of the blk community. Or how predominantly blk schools are under funded. Policies and practices that perpetuate racial disparities

    Now imagine growing up in a world where most the ppl who look like you are either poor or convicts...whereas the succesful and powerful are mostly white

    If our teachers and politicians are to be believed when they speak of America being this land of opportunity, its not hard to see why a blk child would develop an inferiority complex under certain circumstances...same as a white child would begin to develop a sense of superiority

    I'd argue it's even evident in the annual niggas vs blk ppl "debate" on the IC

    Imperialism, white supremacy, crony capitalism, racism, poverty, etc it's all connected ...can't address one and not the other
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  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    a.mann wrote: »
    readin alot of the comments here why are some of yall so fuckin obsessed wit a race war!!?

    is white people that live next door to u walkin up and shootin u on ur porch and goin back to they house to catch the tennis match!!?

    or is it POLICE shootin niggas and gettin paid vacations..

    white civilians aint got shit to do wit this..

    its quite possible this shooter is white and shot 10 cops killin 3 and niggas in here talkin about "oh he mustve been shootin at the crowd and coos got caught in the crossfire."

    no idiot.. he was shootin at cops..

    white people have been showin u prayerful protestin niggas for centuries how to get shit done.. but yall rather stress voting in ur local primaries. lol & smmfh


    for a quite sometime now i knew you only talked a good a game
    I mean,I do commend you because you had these niggas here who have no real life experience fooled
    but alas the jig up

    Let me tell you, white civilians have EVERY got-damn thing to do with this!

    For decades upon decades THEY are the ones that directly enabled (that means empowered)
    these racist trigger overly aggressive cops, by sitting idly by(silence is consent)

    but in most case they are constantly defending and justifying police brutality toward black people.

    So yes, theses white civilians are and should be held accountable for this hell
    just like all these alleged "good cops" that never seem to speak out against their brethren's obvious misconduct

    aint u in the army my nigga??

    iv been suspectin u as a fuckin mole on here for yrs.. and called u on the bullshit before and noticed how u started treadin lightly..

    and no.. white people get harassed by cops jus like niggas do..
    POOR whites POOR blacks all the same.. our TRUE enemy is not the poor whites that are our neighbor.. its the eatablishment u enlisted to..

    so i can see why u in here tryin to deflect..

    so u can shut the fuck up to..
    u aint about this life.. u about preservin theirs..

    go rock the vote fuck nigga..


    Blk ppl are disproportionately poor and discriminated against

    Blk ppl are disproportionately targeted by law enforcement and consequently are disproportionately the victims of police violence

    That said, our enemy is white supremacy and any institution or persons that seek to upholds it or fail to speak out against....that includes whites and blks... regardless of income or profession

    Go preach this shit on storm front or yahoo news to the poor, down trodden white folk who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire
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  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread

    Sion wrote: »
    Now Hilary the "pragmatic" one is proposing a plan to make college free families that make less than 125k annually...similar to what Bernie had proposed some months ago

    I guess with her in the white house its not some pipe dream as she and others suggested when it was Bernie's idea

    This is where the future of college education is going. They already do this in Germany. They're gonna bring it to North America within 15 years. But then the next thing will be masters degrees that schools will make the priority.


    My point was when Bernie proposed it he was selling the public a dream, while Hilary was supposedly the only adult in the room

    But now Hilary is endorsing a similar idea, its something within reach
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Another comeback with Curry on the bench.

    And Kyrie on the bench