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  • Re: Geraldo Rivera: Hip-Hop’s Done ‘More Damage’ to Minorities Than Racism in the Last Decade..

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    If you guys don't think a rapper can glorify gang life, drug dealing and gun violence, you must not be listening to the good stuff.

    In fact, you must not have heard any rap in the past 25 years if you deny that rap music CAN have a negative effect on youth via the lyrics.

    Or maybe ya'll just sincerely don't remember what the Black community was like prior to the gangsta rap era.

    Crack and gang infested?

    How old are you?

    Ever see The Cosby Show?

    Granted, I didn't grow up in "the hood" the 80s was post civil rights era. Martin Luther King's birthday was made into a holiday and you began to see the beginnings of a Black middle class.

    When gangsta rap came around it was like a double edged sword. On one hand it was the voice of the underclass; The voice of the voiceless. On the other hand, it confused children and teenagers who, could have been encouraged to stay in school and go to college, instead they said "fuck the world", smoked weed, got drunk, sold drugs and in many cases, went to jail (and in some cases people are still in jail from the early gangsta rap era)

    The incarceration rate has gone up 700% since the early 70s. That means if there were 100 people in jail in 1970, there's 700 people in the same jail now.

    Here's some more statistics; Blacks drop out of high school at a higher rate than whites. In Trenton, NJ the dropout/graduation rate is around 50%. For some reason Black dropouts have a higher incarceration rate than White dropouts, and Blacks dropout at a higher rate. One obvious solution would be to stay in school and go on to college. Black College graduates have a far lower incarceration rate than Black high school dropouts.

    I can remember what I would consider the turning point. It was in the late 80s. Spike Lee was the new kid on the block and he was producing and directing his own movies with all black casts. His movies had a positive vibe to them and whenever one of his movies dropped the Black Community would flood the theaters. One of his movies, School Daze came out in 1988. It was about a fictional Black College. The characters all had their heads on strait(relatively speaking) and we're pursuing degrees in college. There was a scene where the college students had a run in with the locals in the town who resented the presence of the college kids.

    It was around that time that Schooly D, Boogie Down Productions and NWA came out. They aired a lot of dirty laundry. People could relate to gangsta rap and I suppose it was a combination of socio-economic class, upbringing and having positive role models but between 1988 and 1995 it went from Spike Lee making movies about Black kids going to college to movies like Menace to Society (which was a great movie directed by John Singleton another Black director) to rappers like Tupac tattooing Thug Life on his stomach and Biggie rapping about being a crack dealer in the first person.

    I was in my twenties during the 90s and I could see the shift. It went from wanting to be like Theo on the Cosby Show to wanting to be "a real nigga" that curses all the time, does drugs, goes to jail and ultimately ends up dead. If you didn't live in that era don't even bother responding.

    It's impossible to argue that the incarceration rate has declined since the gangsta rap era. The only reason there may appear to be a lower incarceration date is that the jails/prisons are overcrowded so there's nowhere to put the criminal after he's found guilty. The Criminal Justice System is experimenting with different Community corrections techniques like electronic bracelets or extended community service. Unfortunately, when you look at the statistics, things are worse than they've ever been.

    What? Lol

    Black high school dropouts have a higher incarnation rate than their white counterparts because blks are more likely to be arrested even though whites are just as likely to use/sell drugs/ commit crime

    Anyways the rise of the blk middle class began in the 50s,60s, however, leveled off and began to decline in 70s, 80s thanks to discriminatory housing practices, multiple economic recessions, bad policy ... Before NWA hit the radio waves

    Small economic gains were made in the late 90s and 2000s, but government job cuts and the 2008 housing market crash put a stop to that

    Also the crack wave of the 1980s and the war on drugs hit many blk communities hard... as well as free trade and the globalization of the economy which weakened America's manufacturing/auto industry leaving the residents of places like Detroit with little decent paying jobs

    Still, blk high school dropout rates nationally continue to decline

    Blk college enrollment rate is on a steady upward trend

    Rates of abortion, and teen pregnancy among blks are on the decline

    And crime particularly violent crime nationally is at a historic low

    The incarnation rate has ballooned since the 70s because we are sending more and more people to prison for non violent offenses than ever before, the sentences for these non violent offenses are longer than ever before, and we are sending younger people to prison ... thank you prison industrial complex, smh

    Things def aren't perfect, but there's no evidence that gangsta rap, trap music, rappers with facial tattoos, etc caused this huge cultural shift responsible for the state of blk America

    Don't get me wrong music can be influential, but so can video games, rock music, porn, hollywood, etc

    We have way bigger shit to worry about like why an inner city blk kid who listens to everyone from Lupe Fiasco to Jeezy is more likely to make less money, be arrested, die at the hands on the police than a white kid from surburbia who plays violent video games and idolizes heavy metal bands who glorify violence/drug use

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  • Re: Kangaye reveals that Tyga is type of n!gga that stunts outside of highschools schemin on young girls

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    Tbh I was 19 fckin 16yr olds and up so was a lot of other niggas y'all can play the upstanding citizen role if u want but imma keep it 100. Kids are FCKIN they always have been there's girls in middle school busting they pussy open hell I was 15 when I lost my v card my home girl was 12 kids out here lookin mature now it's a lot of 17yr olds looking like they legal cause there bodies have matured. This is a subject people like to ignore and swipe under the rug cause they know when they was that age they was doing it to. Now that I'm older and look back on it I can say "ya that ain't right" but rewind time and at that age we didn't give no fcks boys wanted pussy and this girls wanted dick plain and simple. Plus if she's 17 and OK with dating and fckin a 25 yr old its pretty safe to say she been fckin older niggas #FACTS

    yeah you're not tight

    *right cuz ion know wtf tight mean and nigga go to the ghetto and see how many young thots fckin gtfoh with that "the world is a good place shit" ain't nobody ever say what happens in america is right but it happens and its jst the truth live with it

    Well yea

    We know it happens, at least I witnessed it growing up

    I went to school with guys who got locked up for santutory rape

    Obviously it doesn't mean everyone endorses it, or that we should just "live with it"

    A 16, 17 yr old is barely out of puberty ... They cant even fully grasp the consequences of their actions yet

    My niece will turn 16 next yr, I know if me or her father or her 3 uncles find out about any 20+ yr old lame ass nigga tryna hit it's gonna be some problems

    So if he waits 2 years will those 24 months really make a difference??? So your uncles will risk an assault charge and your niece will still fuck with dude

    My point was the mindset of a 16, 17 is totally different than than that of someone in their mid twenties ... A 16 yr olds brain isn't yet even full developed ... Again they are barely out of puberty ... The power dynamics in such a relationship would be extremely skewed

    As far as my niece goes

    I hate to admit 2 of her uncles are police officers

    They catch wind of a grown man stiffing around her, an ass whipping is the least of his worries

  • Re: Kanye West on the Breakfast Club... (Really Good Interview)

    He never called Amber a hoe . Wow Yall like to hear what Yall wanna hear

    He suggested kim believed Amber was a "hoe" with the shower comment... If he didn't agree with kims assessment why would he make such a comment in public

    Either way it was obviously a diss in retailiation to ambers Twitter beef with Khloe

    It was a great interview, but for all the wrong reasons

    Distrubed when he said north was gonna have a body like Kim... and when he commented tyga was smart for locking down Kylie so early

    Than he said who wouldn't want to be as beautiful as the Kardashians... Wtf? Lol

    To top that he even claimed associating himself with Kim and the kardashias has helped his career ...

    Smh... Dude sounds delusional

    His attempts to elevate kim and the Kardashians to be these great talents and visionaries is just nutty and sad really

    And to suggest his dad, a former black panther, was the main reason why he choose not to speak on ferguson... The same guy who has no problem going on public rants about the public industry or ranting on tv about basically the Grammies not respecting the artistry of blk artists

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  • Re: Kanye West on the Breakfast Club... (Really Good Interview)


    Good interview

    But smh @ the Amber rose shots ... Just seemed petty and reactive, especially after her spat with Khloe on Twitter

    And ye has no room to be throwing stones anyways. He just went from one "hoe" to a high class "hoe"

    Not only did Ray j, whose slept with all of LA, hit kim before Kanye but Nick Cannon, Nick Lachey, Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, Halle's berrys baby daddy, Kris Humphris, etc

    Plus Kim is a 3x married woman

    I gotta give him the side eye about his decision not to speak on Ferguson too... Weak excuse ... Not that we should be looking to him for leadership, but unlike the normal joe when ye speaks people listen ... His words create headlines ... He has the power to reach millions

    He stumbled on the tyga questions too ...

    Lastly I'm no longer setting myself to get amped about any new albums from ye only to be let down ... Especially after hearing "Wolf"

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  • Re: asian guy says black men dont appreciate black women..and has abandoned them now that time is good..

    did anyone ever think of the dennis rodman theory?

    he fukk with only white chicks cuz when he was broke and coming chicks didnt fukk with him because he was ugly and broke but now they throw the ass at him.

    white chicks now how to play the game. they go for potential. if you not living up to your potential then they leave. but if you are ...they stroke your ego and secure their place. have kids and play homemaker....then leave.

    i am not going to place a blanket statement but most of the educated blackwomen want a life already built and dont wanna fukk with a nigga with potential.

    some of our people have a problem with seeing long term potential and that is why we are where we are....


    Which is it bruh

    One day the problem is too many blk women have the attitude that “she don’t need a man”, the next it's too many blk women are settling for broke niggas and felons


    And if the majority of blk women only are interested in and marry men with money, why is blk women's median net worth so low? ... Why do so many blk mothers live in poverty?

    And last time I checked the majority of the time blk women marry blk men, many of whom I strongly suspect aren't wealthy or close to it .... And that has been the case since even before Rodman was born

    all the above.
    chicks do pick felons and have nothing niggas
    chicks do have the "i dont need a man attitude" until they get old and dried up which leads them to the felon and have nothing niggas.
    now while the chick is young and tight and got heads turning....they do seem to think they deserve a man with money. they think they have the pick of the litter.too often they bring nothing to the table....which then goes back to the first type nigga unless they luck up with a simp who doesnt mind being a doormat cuz the chick is cute or sukks him right.

    A lot of times young girls of every race and culture are attracted to shiny things, what they don't possess ...whether it be money or the forbidden fruit aka the black boy, bad boy, etc

    But my initial point was that year after year, decade after decade most blk men, which means blk of every socio-economic background, marry blk women, so obviously there are plenty of blk women out there who men find to be wife material

    And actually african American men marry within their race at a higher rate than any other race of men

    So I think we are making a mountain out of a mole hill

    They've been saying unprecedented number of black men are marrying, dating outside of their race for the last 20, 30 years now yet the data to suggest such has yet to materialize