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  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    It's not supposed to be the same. Beyonce doesn't sound like Jill Scott, Jill Scott don't sound like Jazmine Sullivan, Jazmine Sullivan doesn't sound like India Arie, India Arie don't sound like Erykah Badu, etc. Unlike those singers who, let's be honest, don't have the versatility she does, she doesn't only have to make one type of music. A couple of them tried and failed miserably.

    If all you can throw at her is that she ain't doing it like everybody else as if that's a strike against her, that's your problem. Not hers. And your bias doesn't negate her versatility.

    I'm not a Stan for anybody but it's funny to me when people look at a duck looking walking and quacking like a duck and swear up and down its a chicken.

    Slow your caping down man. I'm not downing Beyonce. I just don't think she would be a good Soul singer. Nobody said she has to sing just like Jill Scott. That wasn't the point and you know that. I pointed out that Soul music doesn't sound like Pop R&B. That's why they are considered two different genres. Beyonce sang the song, the way she sings all of her ballads, which was just fine from an R&B standpoint. It didn't sound soulful like Jill Scott's rendition. That's the point. A ER doctor is probably more versatile than a neurologist. That doesn't mean an ER doctor would make a good neurologist.

    you're suggesting her voice lacks soul, that's not downing her alil? lol
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  • Re: I lost count on how many times i cheated (((lmaooo))))

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    If you dont belive nor want to be in an monogamous relationship dont get into one.

    I am in total agreement with you there, my point was more about society making it seem like 1. That's the only way to be in a committed relationship and that 2. Being a male who is fulfilling your biological imperatives makes you a bad person

    am with you to a certain extent when it comes to monogamy, but then again why is it then ok to police a woman's sexuality which I've seen you do?

    that said, i think monogamy is unnatural for both genders and takes work... so stepping on alone, doesn't automatically make one this irredeemable, evil person

    what gets me is the dishonesty

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  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

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    If it was about singing Taylor Swift shouldn't even be nominated so why is it all problem all of a sudden when a black/urban artist is in the run. People keep changing the criteria.


    and what does "urban contemporary" mean exactly
  • Re: Carlos Santana: Beyonce's Not a Singer

    Also, something y'all forget: These awards are voted on by other artists and industry types. The criteria for becoming a voting member of the academy isn't all that difficult to pull off, especially now that they accept artists that are digitally released instead of demanding a physical release. Shit, if I sat down and put in the work, by the end of the year I could be a voting member.

    What other artists view as a good album vs what the people view as a good album are going to be different. You're being judged by your peers when you get that Grammy nod. A cat that sold 50K copies of an album that was incredibly good has just as good a chance as getting a nomination, if not a win as someone that sold 4 million. This has happened numerous times, with the most memorable (to me anyways) being The Foreign Exchange being nominated for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for their song "Daykeeper" against not only Beyonce herself, but also Solange that year.

    the voters are predominantly old and/or white

    also i'd like to think their (e.g. artists, musicians, song writers, etc) taste/ear for music would be a bit more sophisticated

    but then again taylor swift's "1985" won album over the year over kdot's TPAB last year so I dunno

    Typically it is more sophisticated; that's why she lost. Adele's album was more appreciated by those with an ear for it. While y'all might not like it, from an artist's perspective it was simply better.


    but then again taylor swift's "1985" won album over the year over kdot's TPAB last year

    and i will never concede or understand 1985 being the better album

    everything is subjective I guess....

    but it also seems as if there is some cultural bias that exist

    The bold goes without saying. This is still a majority white country. Did you really believe an album that is unabashedly black would be out a beloved Becky?

    Stevie Wonder beat out Bette Midler and Paul Simon in '74
    Stevie Wonder beat out John Denver, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and Joni Mitchell in '75
    Stevie Wonder beat out Chicago, Peter Frampton, and Boz Skaggs in '77.
    Michael Jackson beat out David Bowie, Billy Joel, and The Police in '84
    Lionel Ritchie beat out Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen in '85
    Quincy Jones beat out Phil Collins and Wilson Phillips in '91
    Natalie Cole beat out Amy Grant, Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M., and Paul Simon in '92
    Lauryn Hill beat out Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Garbage, and Shania Twain in '99

    c'mon now y'all...

    only 10 blk artist have ever been nominated for the award

    and only 13 out of 59 times have a blk artist been nominated for the award
  • Re: Vogue's 'DIVERSE' Cover Gets Slammed

    It's not a very diverse group, but damn, do people have to whine about everything?

    Considering the cover is suppose to "the modern American woman", i dont see how its than wrong or "whiny" for readers to then note the lack of diversity lol

    All that shit is subjective. To some people that's diverse. Whether complaining about it is wrong or not is a matter of opinion, but yeah it's whiny to make a big fuss because some people behind a magazine don't have the same perception of diversity as you do. It's Vogue giving a representative sample of models not some government report defining what diversity should look like in the work place or something. It's not that serious.

    Not like they are picketing outside their offices ready to burn the bitch down

    Just voicing off on twitter with their dissatisfaction with Vogue's idea of diversity

    The media ran away with the story

    Now here you are bitching about their "whining" lol

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