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  • Re: Jay Z To Hold Concert In Support Of Hillary Clinton

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    Y'all realize that out of Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, only one of them actually voted for the Crime Bill.

    Hint - it was the person who was serving in Congress.


    Sanders voted for the crime bill, largely because it included some provisions that he strongly approved of, like the Violence Against Women Act and a 10 uryr assault weapons ban. And he backed more funding for police

    Before that, in the early 90s, he regularly stated his concerns with mass incarceration

    And earlier in the year, Sanders suggested that he did not see the tough on crime parts of the bill as the right solution to crime

    Sanders also voted against other tough on crime measures. He voted against the 1991 crime bill. He voted against banning Pell grants (for college) for prisoners. He voted to amend the 1994 crime law to ban the federal death penalty. And he voted against the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which stripped defendants and prisoners of their ability to contest court rulings... even when the rulings may be unconstitutional

    That said, while Clinton could not vote for the bill, she was one of it's biggest supporters... and it wasn't until last year 2015 that she acknowledged that the 94 crime law went too far

    And unlike Sanders she played into racist stereotypes about blk criminals

    Not until the advent of the BLM movement, had she actually taken interest with criminal justice reform. Before that she has always positioned herself as the tough on crime candidate

    As recently as 2008 Hilary claimed Obama "was too liberal and out of touch for opposing mandatory minimum sentences"

    Not to mention the money she's taken from the private prison industry
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  • Re: Ayo , who watches these Madea movies breh?

    I blame Blk grandma's

    I know when mine isn't watching OWN, she's watching a Tyler Perry production
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  • Re: Chicago at it Again (Murder Rate Spikes)

    zzombie wrote: »
    If you want to stop gentrification liberalize building rules and increase housing supply

    that would be the job of the government correct?
  • Re: Ava DuVernay's Documentary '13th'...

    Mister B. wrote: »
    I saw it. Masterfully done.

    Not saying some people don't need to be locked up, but the way this prison system has morphed over the decades pretty much proves that this has been basically slavery part 2.

    Oh yeah: fuck Richard Nixon, and MOTHERFUCK Ronald Wilson Reagan. (I wonder why Jimmy Carter's term got omitted from this doc, tho?)

    If you haven't already done so, check out the pbs documentary “Slavery by Another Name” by Douglas A. Blackmon

    He details how Blk men and wome. were forced into industrial servitude

    Alabama and Mississippi being among the many states that profitably leased convicts to private businesses. As the book illustrates, arrest rates and the labor needs of local businesses could conveniently be made to dovetail

    Many of the ppl leased to these corporations had only been guilty of vagrancy ...or in other words they were arrested for being poor

    The US Steel industry profited tremendously...thousands and thousands of blks are buried graves unmarked were worked to death in their mines

    During that time to say the work conditions were deplorable would be an understatement

    This lasted for 80 something yrs...from the end of the civil war until the 50s

    Here's a link to the doc
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  • Re: Chicago at it Again (Murder Rate Spikes)

    zzombie wrote: »
    Clearly this is the fault of whites and not the young black men actually choosing to pull the trigger.

    Isn't that right @desertrain10

    so the government's decision to drastically cut funding to Cease Fire that has nothing to do with it?

    never mind CeaseFire has been found by researchers to reduce shootings

    what about the closing of neighborhood high schools ? that means little huh?

    and let me guess, the violence has nothing to do with the war on drugs and cheap heroin flooding the streets