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  • Sexual Harassment and How Men Can Take Responsibility For Their Actions


    First I have to say my post wasn't meant to be directed towards just you, I just disagreed with your assertion that a person's hands are completely clean of an offense solely because they weren't the one to commit the offense

    And some men could do a better job of taking accountability for why this behavior persists...the music, films, artists, etc we choose to support play a role fostering an environment where this sort of behavior is common...the lack of action, and what we choose to say or not to say does so as well

    I could have done a better job of explaining that

    Kudos to you for what you may have done to combat the problem

    The internet isn't the greatest of examples because it so hard to regulate...but on the IC mods and posters at least could do a better job of banning, flagging certain individuals, deleting certain threads...its no coincidence the female presence on this forum is dwindling

    Who kanye married is besides the his music women are consistently reduced to being nothing but trophies or and sex dolls which doesn't exactly foster a female friendly environment

    ...or you could log off. Who's forcing you to be on this site?

    So I'm assuming you like the IC being an all boys club
  • Sexual Harassment and How Men Can Take Responsibility For Their Actions

    i haven't sexually harassed no females .... so .... i don't know how im supposed to take responsibility for something i didn't do ... i don't know anybody who would take responsibility for something they didn't do ....that doesn't really sound to practical actually ...

    Take responsibility for your silence

    From my observations in real life and on the IC, when a woman is subject to sexual harassment, the subject of a rape joke, touched without her consent, etc no one especially men are willing to take a clear stand against this type of behavior ...some men even try to rationalize said behavior

    Just found out we have a thread in illpix that prompts posters to secretly take and share pictures of women's ass...which is not only creepy and may be illegal, it is also a violation of a woman's right to privacy and her personal space... but on this male dominated site no one says a peep about it...the shit is actually encouraged

    I know ur a kanye stan... yet how do you feel about his misogynistic lyrics and how it may contribute to this behavior...are you willing to stop buying his records

    Silence is why this behavior thrives...and in my eyes makes a person just as guilty

  • Rich Door, Poor Door

    1of1 wrote: »
    So they'll prevent access into one door or the other with key fob programming?

    Or will they take measures to INFLUENCE entry into one door or the other but not REQUIRE it?

    The FHA prohibits discrimination on the basis of any of these 7 classes:
    1. Race
    2. Color
    3. Religion
    4. National Origin
    5. Sex
    6. Disability
    7. Familial Status

    States and Cities extend further protections based on other factors if they choose to do so.

    I think NYC offers protection from discrimination based on "source of income." As long as you have a "lawful source of income" (which includes any form of federal, state, or local public assistance or housing assistance including section 8 vouchers) the property owners or their agents can't discriminate against you based on how your housing is paid for.

    Now there are buildings/complexes that are structured to have certain residents use one entrance while others use another...out of convenience. If it's structured so the high end units have a certain view on one or two sides of the building and they're all bunched together, then there really is no problem with this. The perception is bad when you frame it as "Rich Door, Poor Door."

    The part the reason why the entrance has earned the name "poor door" is because it's located at the back of the building near an alley way

    Obviously the developers and whoever are going to take advantage of inclusionary housing polices because of the zoning and tax benefits, they exist to make a profit....

    My issue is more so with the city for approving such a thing ...if it was a structural issue they could have easily demanded that the lower income places be mixed with the other apartments. Otherwise they would only get the tax break on the income produced solely on those few low income residents not the income on the entire building

    And with the amenities like many places why couldn't there be passes to the gym, pool, etc every tenant would have the opportunity to purchase at varying rates/prices...which would be fair

    But noooo, rich white people shouldn't to live and workout amongst the lower income folk

    Really just illustrates how america is nothing more than a plutocracy

  • Rich Door, Poor Door

    New York City Approves 'Poor Door' for Luxury Apartment Building
    By Lucy Westcott

    Filed: 7/21/14 at 5:49 PM | Updated: 7/22/14 at 8:19 AM

    The prospect of a separate entrance for lower-income residents has been circulating for some time, but as the New York Post reported today, plans by company Extell Development to put a separate entrance for affordable housing tenants, who make 60 percent or less of median income, in the 33-story condo have been given the green light. The property will have 219 units, including 55 affordable units overlooking the street. Those renting and buying the apartments at the market-rate will have waterfront views.

    The entrance is part of the Inclusionary Housing Program application, under which developers can build larger projects if they also provide low-income housing, either on- or off-site.

    The approval of the entrance at 40 Riverside has prompted outrage, with many on social media calling it nothing more than an updated version of segregation. ThinkProgress’ report notes that issues affecting low-income tenants in luxury buildings — which include not being allowed to use perks like the gym or pools — usually fall on people of color.

    Brooklyn Magazine points out that it’s “not an unusual scheme” to include affordable housing units in fancy buildings that will remain, for most people, mere real estate fantasies. But New York Magazine reminds us that the entrance will serve the purpose of “[sparing] all the residents from the terrible awkwardness of regularly encountering people whose lifestyles differ from theirs, or something."

    And although the Post says that Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer "vowed" to reject similar plans in the future, this "poor door" looks like its going ahead for now.


    Fair or foul?

    I say foul
  • Woman Writes Article "Why I Will Not March For Eric Garner"

    The_Jackal wrote: »
    Black women are more likely to go to college have a career make more money and quality of life is better overall then black men and I can pull the stats up to prove it if I go on my cpu. Let's not forget their also less likely to go to jail and be murdered. Fuck what this bitch talking bout and supposed harassment. Get at me when your hunted and treated like animals in your own home.

    Smh @ bolded

    This dismissive attitude towards the plight of blk women you and others have is reason why she and like minded individuals have a platform to speak from

    While some of what u said is true, fact remains blk women are double minorities, and violence against women is a problem within our community... 1 in 13 murder victims are killed by their husbands or boyfriends... blk women in particular are about three times more likely to die at the hands of a partner or ex-partner than members of other racial groups

    Not to mention, we too face racial biases within the criminal justice system...and abuse from law enforcement

    Also blk women are more likely to work in lower paying jobs and experience higher levels of unemployment and poverty than their non blk counterparts

    With that said, I do still feel her letter was exploitative, and somewhat small minded lol