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  • Re: Black Americans Unfairly Targeted By Banks Before Housing Crisis, Says ACLU

    Smh @ some of these responsives

    We have former employees from Wells Fargo and Bank of America that have come testified that they were instructed to sell shoddy mortgages to would be African American homeowners, yet some of you want to make this into an issue of self accountability

    The same Bank of America who has lost multiple lawsuits accusing the institution of racist hiring pratices

    And the same Wells Fargo that refer to blk ppl as "mud people"

    To some degree or another, blk americans are born into a legacy of financial illiteracy...and that's something we need to address...but what these banks were doing is frowned upon and considered unethical for a reason

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  • Re: Obama: We are not cured of Racism, just because you don't say "nigger" in public

    TheIraq wrote: »
    Low key Natives are eatin off the government because of white ancestor bs....... not sure how credible this is but I was watching Judge Mathis a few years ago a young Native was talking about getting checks or college shit paid off based on his ancestors and getting checks just because he was Native...... I don't know if I was hatin or not but damn I got heated after hearing that......... Y'all some smart niggas, can you confirm that Native Americans are eating because of reparations??????????

    Wouldnt call it eating...

    Vast majority live in mobile homes in the middle of the desert surrounded by land they cant grow shit on. They are stuck in a perpetual state of dependency


    Teenage suicide rate on Native American reservations is through the roof

    "Reparations" aren't gonna mean shit if institutionalized racism isn't addressed as well

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  • Re: 21yo Dylann Roof walks into a Black church and, reportedly, 9 people dead at AME Church S.C(caught)

    What Roof did, he did alone...

    But all of our hands aren't completely clean either

    Whites can condemn his actions all day , but what does that really amount to when the next dylan roof turns his tv to one of cables highest rated channels fox news to hear more lies about "black poor", "inner city people", or "black pathology"

    Lies about the spoiled lives of "welfare queens" and their ex felon baby daddies with their "luxury" items such as tvs

    Lies that are designed to gin up white racial resentment while simultaneously legitimizing the pity party, white victimhood of "job creators" who actually believe that they are suffering in America, and how the poor should be envied

    What happens when politicians and other public figures who use similar rhetoric, are given a national stage to regurgitate these lies

    Are they ready to condemn these ppl with the same fervor they once used to drive a mike vick out the league and face up to their own prejudices

    And as for the others, are white liberals and conservatives alike finally ready to face up to their own white savior complexes

    I doubt it

    Than what happens when a another unarmed blk person is gunned down by the police but the officer is not immediately charged?

    What does it do to our subconscious mind when the media portrays blk ppl only as either desolate or "the help"

    For the next dylan roof i fear this will further validate his own superiority over "those people" in an act of racial narcissism and white supremacist dreaming

    And when will institutions such as the criminal justice system, which perpetuate racial disparities that have been used to legitimize a system of racial supremacy that benefit whites, be exposed for their acts of terrorism

    And what does it say to white americans when we subscribe to respectibility politics of a don lemon

    Than this just makes me think of the times i failed to do more as a blk person in my own neighborhood because of my own selfishness

    I dunno

    Hopes this sparks actual action and a real dialogue on race, rather than lets all gang up on the half wit, white hillbilly for a week or 2

    Not only is the the gun control talk but questions such as "is this an act of terrorism?" are distractions imho

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  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Thread

    I'll bet money theon and sansa will make their way to the iron islands...the road to castle blk on foot is too from news of season 6 casting theons brother or uncle is going to be introduced

    Don't think stanis survives...he served his purpose soon as he introduced the red witch to jon


    Do you personally know kit? Lol

    And kit doesn't necessarily have to be lying, the Jon Snow we know now could be dead and gone ...however he could come back with a whole new persona season 7... something like lady stone heart, but less vengeful

    I refuse to believe the building up of jons character and his run ins with the white walkers were for nah

    These internet theories weren't created out of thin air...plenty of evidence in the books, show that suggest jon is the prince who has dragons blood that was

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  • Re: Misogynoir: Black women are placed at the bottom because of anti-Blackness (long read)

    D. Morgan wrote: »
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    Ajackson17 wrote: »
    Men need to lead with logic and women need to tend the kids and the kitchen with emotional grace. Problem solved.

    If you dont get the fuck out my thread with this bullshit.

    Serious question what is wrong with what he said.

    Not that I disagree with it and my wife doesn't mind being barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen either. But the answer to your question was in the OP.

    Some women seem to have a problem now with only being a great homemaker. Being a great homemaker isn't equality to some women and they see it as not being good enough IMO. A household is a burden now the shit has been devalued by who and for what reason I will never understand.

    IMO I see nothing better than properly rearing your children and making the most comfortable home you can for your husband as a woman's first priority.

    First I'll begin by saying womanism, feminism and motherhood are compatible

    And for the individuals who decide to have children, parenthood should be there top priority

    The problem is the exploitative, oppressive nature of traditional gender roles

    For ex, the nuclear family consists of traditional roles for the man and woman - breadwinner and caregiver/mother respectively, with the woman staying at home etc etc...

    If a woman has aspirations outside of her household this arrangement can be extremely stifling

    Like men women too have dreams outside of parenthood

    And once married or cohabiting women have children they are much more likely pressured to sacrifice their dreams/career prospects in the interests of their husbands' career prospects/dreams

    Men traditionally have been reluctant, to say the least, to share domestic, child rearing duties in a substantial way...