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    Another comeback with Curry on the bench.

    And Kyrie on the bench
  • Re: Lets address the misogynoirism in Black Community....

    @desertrain10 I'm with these dudes. Can you explain what you mean with the part @D0wn bolded? I can understand saying that men should accept the choices women make, but you can't possibly believe a man that doesn't respect every choice a woman makes is a misogynist.

    You don't have to like or agree with a woman's choices, that in itself doesn't make a misogynist

    What I would like to see is more of is respect for a woman's agency... especially in a world that is constantly trying to strip it away

    So basically you meant respect a woman's right to make her own choices? Ok, that's fine, but do you really see a lot of examples of men trying to stop women from being able to make choices rather than simply expressing distaste with certain choices? Honestly, the only example I can think of is abortion, and that's not as simple as a male vs female issue.

    Expressing distaste, is an understatement

    Any woman who offends the male, patriarchal gaze is shun and marginalized

    And this "distaste" taints every facet of society

    We see it on the IC, movies, television, film, the political arena, school yards, court houses, etc

    That said, these are just a few concrete examples our society strips women of their agency further perpetuating inequality

    Abortion rights. Sorry but it's either we give women the choice to do what they want with their bodies or not. Religion and our personal beliefs do not belong in the debate

    There's the birth control debate

    There's how we treat and demonize single mothers as a soceity

    Keeping prostitution illegal only serves tricks and the men who profit from the profession. And how we treat sex workers, who are largely women, period

    I still don't agree with the point about abortion. You're talking about putting the rights of the woman over the rights of the man and the life of the fetus. There are valid reasons to oppose abortion outside of religious beliefs. You can't just dismiss those and call anyone who disagrees with you about it a misogynist.

    I wasn't aware there was a birth control debate. Is there something stopping women from getting birth control?

    I agree that society can be too hard on single mothers, but the choices that both men and women make that lead to single parent households are having negative effects on the black community and society in general. I'd say it's fair to criticize all parties that contribute to that.

    I agree prostitution should be legal. I disagree that people are wrong or being misogynistic to find it and other sex work immoral and unsavory.

    Again it's her body, it should be her choice. That's what it boils down to

    Sure, if abortion is legal, men don't have a say. But, then again, men are also liberated by not having to carry or give birth to a child in the first place. The whole situation naturally creates gender inequalities

    An unborn fetus without fully developed organs should not have the same rights as you and I

    I'm more so speaking to how we as a society marginalize single mothers, i.e. the misogynoir of welfare reform. And how we as a community are complicit when we demonize single mothers and do not support their interests

    Not saying single parent hood is ideal. Most ppl don't want or plan on becoming single parents. But we are essentially cutting our nose off to spite our face. Condemning these women and their children and their children to a life over poverty

    You can believe sex work is immoral, but when we begin to marginalize sex workers that's when its problematic
  • Re: Lets address the misogynoirism in Black Community....

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    OK misogynoir exists what are the plans to realistically stop it???? it cannot be stopped because it's existence is based on female FEELINGS.

    Every time a black women feels a little disrespected or marginalized she becomes a victim of misogynoir SO HOW THE FUCK are we going to create a world in which black women are never disrespected or marginalized??? it's fucking impossible.

    this is the basis of the thread
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    Like I said before, I give up.

    Some of y'all ain't gonna get free.

    And that's okay.

    U either build or destroy. ..u either part of the problem or solution...

    Sorry to say it, but it's a reality. I've made peace with the fact that many dudes don't actually want to destroy white supremacy--they want a seat at its table. So they'll adopt toxic masculinity towards Black women as if it's a weapon in order to gain a semblance of power that doesn't and will never exist under the current system.

    Look, misogynoir is political, economic, and social. People are socialized to see Black women as the enemy, which is why you have men in here saying that Black women who address it are traitorous and can't be trusted when they call attention to it. Black women are being incarcerated at a high rate. Black transgender women are impoverished, harassed, and killed by transmisogynists. Black women's sexual agency is stripped from them--case in point, that's why you have nude exposures, shaming of sex workers, and criminalization of Black women in that industry. Black single mothers are routinely shamed for their own poverty and the cutting of the social safety net.

    What I want is for niggas who understand this to talk to other men who perpetuate this and see how gender intersects with race when we talk about the current movement. Challenge them on what they say. You have to put your allyship to Black women into practice.

    thiss is a start.....

    SO you think talking to men about changing the way they make women feel is going to make mysogynoir go away or be less of a problem. so you don't have a problem with making men slaves to women's feelings.

    the premise of this thread is asking women how they d like us to rectify this issue

    I don't think black women have an answer at least not a realistic one that keeps our manhood and freedom intact.

    You can begin by taking a step back and reflecting on how your subtle everyday attitudes affect the hostile environment in which blk women find themselves today

    See this shit right here.... u have our attention, and u tell us nothing concrete.

    Its like we're on fire... and u tell us " just put it out", instead of "stop, drop, and roll".

    Hence telling me, ya dont know what the fuck y'all talking about... ya just regurgitating bull shit from a source that dont have all the answers.

    Or in other words

    Ask yourself how can you reduce your misogyny foot print

    Do you personally perpetuate or support mediums that perpetuate misogyny and sexism?

    If so, stop

    Do you personally encourage others to respect the choices of women, despite their personal ideologies and religious affiliations

    And to you all, just because you supposedly pursue women romantically, because they shower them with gifts, attention, and physical affection, doesn't mean you truly support women

    I am still being too vague ?

    what is truly supporting women?

    Reread my post

    There is a list of ways you can support women

    Is English your first language, seriously?

    Look at this condescending ass bish


    Suck on my balls bruh

    I meant no offense to that man
  • Re: *f-cking dead* Amber Rose Organizing "Slut Walk" Protest To Combat Slut-Shaming

    I don't understand this shit. What is wrong with slut shaming? If you are a slut, you should be ashamed. People seem to think they have to be applauded for everything they do.

    U have ur opinion, but I just don't see how discouraging women from expressing themselves and exploring their sexuality is healthy for anyone

    She could be just doing this to market herself and her book ... But I like the thought

    She does raise some interesting questions. Why is she, Amber Rose, the woman both of whom had serious relationships with, now this "slut" or "thot" according to Wiz, Ye ... Is it because she has sexual agency and chooses not let the men in her life govern her actions?

    Simply expressing and exploring sexuality does not make a chick a slut. Only the most conservative and prudish people claim that. Fucking whoever whenever with little to no discrimination makes a chick a slut and that's not good or healthy for anyone.

    I don't know if she's a slut or thot or not, but she's embracing it. If she wasn't a slut, you'd think she'd make the argument that she's not, denounce actual sluttery, and stick up for what she actually considers herself to be. But again, she is embracing that term, so there it is.

    As long as a woman or man is practing safe sex and getting reg check ups, I don't see how a woman exploring her sexuality with whomever she pleases, whenever she pleases is any a more a threat to public safety than when men does it

    Yet men are encouraged to sleep with as many women as possible

    That's the problem

    I don't understand this shit. What is wrong with slut shaming? If you are a slut, you should be ashamed. People seem to think they have to be applauded for everything they do.

    U have ur opinion, but I just don't see how discouraging women from expressing themselves and exploring their sexuality is healthy for anyone

    She could be just doing this to market herself and her book ... But I like the thought

    She does raise some interesting questions. Why is she, Amber Rose, the woman both of whom had serious relationships with, now this "slut" or "thot" according to Wiz, Ye ... Is it because she has sexual agency and chooses not let the men in her life govern her actions?
    Just cause it was serious for her dont mean it was.

    The fact that kanye treated her like community pussy also takes away feom the point u are attemtpng to make.

    With kim ye worships her like a lincoln continental with suicide doors.

    With amber he was just showing off a 97 honda civic and the body kit he bought for it.

    I dunno ...around the time of their "breakup" wasn't he on tour crying, talking about Amber? Lol

    Now all the sudden she's this dirty hoe

    Wiz obviously is the biggest offender

    I just find it funny how one minute she's rewarded by these men for her behavior, the next she's shamed

    It's just so counterproductive and self serving

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  • Re: So It Wasn't Ole Girl's Fault That Brock Turner Took That Ass When She Passed Out Drunk By Dumpster

    Instead, we teach our kids how to avoid them the best they can.... let them get someone else, but watch your own ass.

    As a society, is that the best we can do though?

    That is my frustration. It seems absurd that the way to deal with this issue is merely to keep teaching girls how to protect themselves. And I said earlier, I don't believe anyone over 15 in western society doesn't know that rape is illegal. So if they know, but apparently don't care, how do we fix this?

    The solution is going to be multifaceted

    But i do believe it involve teaching our children what we mean by consent and how to truly respect one another

    My niece, who is 16. said a girl at her school claimed she was raped by a classmate at a house party. She didn't believe her though because the girl is a flirt. Plus she didn't suffer from any visible bruising. And there was no one at the party that heard a struggle or any screams

    It's OK to be suspicious and to question everything. But we really don't question the woman who says her purse was stolen. We aren't suspicious of the man who reports his car stolen. A man can report to have being raped by another man, but he wouldn't face the same scrutiny as a woman who says that she was raped by a man. When it comes to female/male rape, what is really fueling our suspicions?

    Disdain for the female gender largely I think. Men despise the feminine aspect of themselves, being feminine hasn't served women very well thus far and we attack females or disregard them in a variety of ways.


    Then I think we have a natural skepticism of those who we believe are other, not like us

    Same as men typically regard women’s feelings and the way Whites typically regard the feelings of non-Whites

    We are also conditioned to believe women are scornful, manipulative, emotional, irrational, etc. While men are not. Though there is little to evidence to suggest this to be true, it's stuck. False rape allegations, for example, they are statistical outliers. But despite the lack of evidence, we have ppl that would lead you to believe otherwise

    So as women then naturally our recollections of certain things that have happened to us aren’t really to be trusted either.

    Could chalk it up as just being a stereotype or generalization, that while it is not based in fact, it is ultimately harmless. But on second thought, what about when stereotypes, supposedly innocuous differences between the sexes and our skeptisicism of those who are "other" begins to takes foot in our court houses and factor into government policy