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  • Re: Two police officers killed in Brooklyn in ‘execution-style’ slaying

    Although I'm down w the revolution. We have to realize that not all cops are bad I mean homie bodied 2 cops and Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman and the dudes who bodied Eric Garner are still breathing... Talk about misguided anger

    Maybe it was misguided but the "good" cops need to break their silence and take a stronger stance against police misconduct within their organizations ...otherwise he or she is just as culpable as the shooter the next time a blk person is unjustly gunned down by the police

    In these police departments exist a culture of unaccountability and racial profiling that needs to be addressed from people from within

    The police union leaders bending over backwards coming to the defense of the likes of a Darren wilson aren't helping police, community relations either
    around the country

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  • Re: Sony Execs Warned Not To Cast Denzel Washington In Big Flicks Because Black Leads ‘Don’t Play Well’

    mryounggun wrote: »
    As a nigga who knows exactly how studios work and the sort of thing that they are concerned with, this shit is common knowledge. In the end, Hollywood studios are concerned with money and money only. It's a fact that historically, movies staring black male leads don't do well overseas and these days the overseas market makes up a BIG portion of the box office. Will Smith is about the ONLY black star who bucks that trend sometimes.

    I'd say this is more of an indictment of how blacks are viewed overseas and anything malicious on the part of the study exec. But it does speak to their unwillingness to make art for art's sake and being a slave to capitalism.

    In the end...they trying to make that money bag as big as possible.

    Besides will smith in the last 20 yrs what other other person of color has truly been given the opportunity to lead a Hollywood big budget movie that traditionally do well overseas, domestically?

    No one

    So the "overseas market doesn't like blk people" argument to me just sounds like a weak excuse

    Don't get me wrong in certain parts of the world racism is rampant

    And I don't believe these execs are even bad people

    What I do believe is that white superiority is so ingrained in their minds that even if The Equalizer made $250 million in ticket sales overseas white actors will always be their first choice

    The absence of leading roles for Asians makes this even more clearer

    I could even argue Hollywood’s ignorance and close mindedness is actually costing them millions here in America ...they’re alienating a massive demographic of brown peope that could have helped out from what I read the worst US box office in over a decade
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  • Re: Sony Execs Warned Not To Cast Denzel Washington In Big Flicks Because Black Leads ‘Don’t Play Well’

    Blacks have been funding, making movies that tells our stories since forever... Only diff is we don't have the same big budgets, backing as Hollywood flicks ... We don't own any theaters, which is a big, big problem ...

    It just kills me though when a white movie doesnt do well at the box office whether it be over seas or domestically we don't hear Hollywood blaming it on race

    Jennifer Aniston for example can put out failed romantic comedy after failed romantic comedy, and no one says "white" romantic comedies should end

    On the other hand the few times when a big budget movie with a blk lead fails rather than the film being trash or it being marketed the excuses are always: "Oversea markets will never embrace a blk lead", "Racism is to blame", etc

    Not saying economics doesn't factor in to casting decisions but this excuse that films with blk leads don't do well at the box office is weak, and where is the empirical evidence?

    I'm starting to ramble but ...

    One of the biggest artist in music today is Beyoncé a blk woman

    Kobe a blk man is worshiped in China

    Lebron James a blk man has one of professional sports top selling jerseys

    Sam Jackson a blk man is one if not thy top grossing actor of all time

    For decades Michael Jackson a blk man sold out arenas all over Europe

    Yet no major Hollywood studios wanted to pick up the movie "Red Tails" because it had blk leads

    Seems like Hollywood is the one with the problem

    they will use film to white wash every thing from history to dragon ball z but we can't get a blk or Asian spider man???

    And since Asia is Hollywoods biggest market you'd think more people of Asian heritage would get more leading roles ...that is if it were truly an issue of pure economics ... But obviously that isn't the case ... I wonder why?

    These Sony execs and others alike are clearly perpetuating, enforcing white supremacy under the guise of trying to make a profit ... Disturbing people are falling for their bullshit
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  • Re: Black women are killed by the police, too--we just don't hear about it.

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    So now because one black woman wrote an article, all black women gotta be attention seeking and divisive??


    No, no

    Just "black feminist" lol

    What made you chuckle ?

    Is it better to say..."some women"

    This very same sentiment that blk woman face little to no racism has historically been used to demonize, ignore the plight of black women particularly blk mothers in need of social support and programs so it is worth discussing

    Ive never heard anyone argue this

    obviously I have

    you argued that black women dont experience racism?

    they do



    What I was saying was some people like to make the claim, suggest blk women experience little to no racism ... Or not to the extent that blk men experience racism...Which I believe is not only untrue but is a detriment to black progress

    I can refute that quite easily
    At yearend 2010, black non-Hispanic
    males had an imprisonment rate
    (3,074 per 100,000 U.S. black male
    residents) that was nearly 7 times
    higher than white non-Hispanic
    males (459 per 100,000)

    Black non-Hispanic females (133 per
    100,000 U.S. black female residents)
    had an imprisonment rate nearly 3
    times that of white non-Hispanic
    females (47 per 100,000)

    Black man are targeted by the system more frequently

    Doesn't take away from the occurrences that happen to women but statistically it is less likely to happen to them.

    What did you refute?

    I never said blk women were imprisoned at the same or close to the same rate as blk men

    And fact is blacks men, women alike face significant discrimination, racism outside the of the criminal justice system so I dunno why u posted those particular stats as your sole piece of evidence ...

    It's not really something that is unquantifiable

    Anyways I will again repeat there is this narrative that has dominated the social discourse in the blk community, america that paints blk men as being more vulnerable victims of racism than blk women which further marginalizes blk women, and could explain why the unjust killings of blk women by the state doesn't gavanize the media, public as much as when a blk man faces the same fate

    Not trying to make this a contest but making black men the face of unjust police shootings, police brutality continues to perpetuates this myth making it easier for people to either minimize or outright dismiss the uniques challenges that blk women face

    It's all love some of us just want the Aiyana's of the world names mentioned just as much as Sean bells, mike brown, eric garners, etc of the world

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  • Re: Pigs back it: Police shoot dead black 12 yr old armed with BB gun

    Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department
    12/04/14 01:42 PM ET

    WASHINGTON -- In recent years, Cleveland police officers have punched a 13-year-old boy who was in handcuffs for shoplifting and shot at an unarmed kidnapping victim who was wearing only his underwear, according to disturbing allegations released Thursday by the Justice Department. The agency's investigation found that officers in Cleveland routinely use unjustifiable force against not only criminals and suspects, but also innocent victims of crimes.

    The so-called “pattern or practice” report from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was released Thursday afternoon as DOJ and the city announced plans to develop a court-enforceable agreement that would impose an independent monitor on the Cleveland Division of Police.....
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