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  • Re: The Official Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City Discussion Thread

    album is ok....

    neva really understood the hype around dude though. pharrell not to long ago even compared dude to bob dylan. wtf? lol

    even though he got bars and he's bringing more creativity to hiphop, i just can't get into his music like that....
  • Re: Black Ty (Tyrese) Speaking That Real About the Build-a-Thot Community

    farris2k1 wrote: »
    He always come with these shallow thoughts that he tries to pass off as deep, mostly lecturing women

    Missing is the critique or mention of how unrealistic beauty standards are set and enforced by the media or society as a whole, with mostly illusory rewards as the prize

    No consideration of the burden, pressure that puts on girls growing up

    And I could be mistaken, but i dont remember him making the effort to cast real, natural women in his music videos


    Wtf??? Are u a female??? Aint no straight dude sayin that shit, and if you seen his last video "shame" "stay" doesnt look like he had any build a bitches in those vids, quit reachin and makin shit deeper than it is

    Yes, im a lady

    You won't find big booty "bitches" twerking and whatnot in his videos

    And i liked stay and shame

    But the women in the majority of his videos and music videos period didn't just wake up like that either. They sit through hours of hair and makeup. Many of them noticably have had breast augmentations. Colored contacts. Weaves. Nose jobs. They just knew when to stop or had the money to get shit done the "right" way

    That influences how many womenm view themselves and the decisions they make

    And where's the videos featuring ladies with locks and or other natural hair styles?

    Liked how tank and wale featured a slim chick with locks in the last video which i don't think I've ever seen

    But yea this isnt his first time jumping on social media to lecture women.... forging concern, when his real concern is book sales...Going for the low hanging fruit ...

    I don't take him serious....I think he's reallly trolling...but it is a serious issue

    Women, especially young women, out here are physically harming themselves trying to live up to unrealistic beauty standards
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  • Re: Sir Coon Charles Barkley: "A lot of Black People are Full of Sh!t."…


    Ok ....

    Barkley is free to have his opinion. But the real bullshit is this idea he is this purveyor of truth who is being punished by many of the very ppl he is trying to help. Then he goes on to act like he does not want a pat on his back for his donations to HBCUs and then proceeds to pat himself on back

    Ppl question his blkness, or allegiances rather, not because they don't like that he "keeps it real". Its in response to when he makes comments like: “The notion that white cops are out there killing Black people is ridiculous. It’s flat-out ridiculous. I challenge any Black person to make that point. Cops are absolutely awesome. They’re the only thing in the ghetto (separating this place) from this place being the Wild, Wild West.” Or when he defends the actions of the officer who killed Eric Garner as being justified

    What is even more damning is when he disparages or dismisses the likes of the BLM movement or police detractors, he does so without acknowledging that they do raise valid concerns

    I really don't take much he says seriously. This is the same man when asked if he would ever play again for the 76ers, said, "I can be bought. If they paid me enough, I'd work for the Klan." But if this isnt the biggest case of a kettle calling the pot black
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  • Re: Get Out (2017)

    I only noticed the cotton when Chris plugged his ears. What else did I miss?

    you didn't necessarily miss anything

    he got the cotton from the couch, had he not been able to plug his ears he would've been paralyzed and gone back to the sunken place once the video played

    just funny how cotton saved the day given our history picking cotton
  • Re: Happy International Womens Day

    deadeye wrote: »
    Not sure I even understand the purpose of the protest.

    Well, I understand it........but it doesn't make sense.

    The Immigrant day made sense because, due to there being a push to get illegal immigrants out.......they wanted to show what it would be like if they weren't here.

    However, I haven't heard anything about there being a movement to push women it's hard for me to really understand why they're protesting.


    it's international women's day

    and many women around the world are still treated like second class citizens

    here in america, specifically, many women are going to be negatively impacted by the defunding of planned parenthood.... especially the poor and women of color who depend on planned parenthood for health services, such as cancer screenings, prenatal services, and birth control, they couldn't afford otherwise

    a little off topic, but just fyi a significant number of women take birth control for reasons other than the prevention of an unwanted pregnancy...

    america is the only advanced economy that doesn't mandate paid sick or paternity/maternity leave for its workers, which disproportionately impacts women...especially women of color

    females make up a disproportionate amount of the poor here and around the world

    all over the country women's reproductive rights are being stripped away though women have a constitutional right to abortion

    but you have no interest in having a real discussion, you just like the attention... I see you