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  • "Even if I say yes, it doesn't mean I mean yes" - Feminists

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    @desertrain10‌ Can you name one feminist argument, precept or claim of the last thirty years that actually held up to scrutiny?

    Seems like every feminist argument is just full of shit on close examination.
    So when you say not all feminists I call bullshit. Cuz y'all bitches were straight riding on niggas with flawed data no fucks given.

    What are u asking of me exactly?

    Are you saying we don't need feminism anymore? Obviously I couldn't disagree more

    Abortion rights are constantly under threat, in the political arena women are drastically under represented, thousands of women are raped a year yet the conviction rate hovers around 7%, thousands of pregnant women are fired or forced to take unpaid leave from work after requesting such accommodations as a stool to sit on, or a change in schedule, woman are paid less for the same work, etc

    That's only in America

    Not to say the aforementioned are purely the result of sexism or discriminatory/ exclusionary practices, but they do play a prominent factor

    Most importantly we need feminism , feminst voices to help empower young girls growing up in a soceity that places little value in a woman's aspirations beyond marriage, her intellect or her sexual agency. To inspire them to have confidence, ambitions worthy of their potential and a sense of their rights
  • "Even if I say yes, it doesn't mean I mean yes" - Feminists


    We are all guilty of making hast generalizations at times, but the generalizing about feminism has reached an all time high... and so has the hostility

    Yes there has been extremist out there who have tried to hijack the term...but sometimes I just don't get the hate

    At the end of the day, feminism is not a political party or an organization like the naacp...its just an umbrella term for a range of views about injustices against women....though I and a another woman may label ourselves feminist, it is also possible and highly probable we share differing view points, ideologies

    I myself have been highly inspired by the writings of angela davis favorite feminist

    With that said, besides the fact they are female students, why do you consider them to be representative of the feminist movement?

    As far as consent goes, yes means means no....however silence doesn't necessarily mean 'yes' ... you have to take body language into consideration
  • Fair or Foul: Stephen A Smith's Comments About Domestic Violence

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    Westie wrote: »
    In regards to hitting, that's legit provocation, and I'd agree in that sense. Don't put your hands on ANYONE unless you're prepared to get hit back. But words are supposed to qualify as a reason for a beating? Foh. So in that case, it's fair to stab a nigga for cheating because I was "provoked" and he started it? And it's fair to slap a man because he said some dumb shit to me right?

    As an adult I should be able to control my hands, and that goes for all men and women. Provocation in an argument isn't an excuse for someone's lack of self control.

    Nobody should have to tell a grown man "use your words". Smh.

    Agreed, but if you're honest to admit this; most times during an argument between say a man and woman in a relationship, usually the woman's voice and actions are oft more aggressive than the guy. In my experiences i usually stay quiet (like i'm so uncomfortable i'm barely audible in such situations). When i've tried to walk away and head for the door, they'll run and obstruct my escape route, what should i do in such a situation?

    Get to a phone and call the police....or/and if possible record the incident with ur phone...

    Plenty you could do to protect yourself without resorting to violence
  • Sexual Harassment and How Men Can Take Responsibility For Their Actions

    i haven't sexually harassed no females .... so .... i don't know how im supposed to take responsibility for something i didn't do ... i don't know anybody who would take responsibility for something they didn't do ....that doesn't really sound to practical actually ...

    Take responsibility for your silence

    From my observations in real life and on the IC, when a woman is subject to sexual harassment, the subject of a rape joke, touched without her consent, etc no one especially men are willing to take a clear stand against this type of behavior ...some men even try to rationalize said behavior

    Just found out we have a thread in illpix that prompts posters to secretly take and share pictures of women's ass...which is not only creepy and may be illegal, it is also a violation of a woman's right to privacy and her personal space... but on this male dominated site no one says a peep about it...the shit is actually encouraged

    I know ur a kanye stan... yet how do you feel about his misogynistic lyrics and how it may contribute to this behavior...are you willing to stop buying his records

    Silence is why this behavior thrives...and in my eyes makes a person just as guilty

  • Sexual Harassment and How Men Can Take Responsibility For Their Actions

    I can attest that unwelcomed sexual advances, unwanted touching, name calling, etc is indeed a problem and women are guilty of these offenses, but men are the biggest culprits

    I think its more so because we live in society where from birth we are conditioned by television, music, and marketing to sports, pornography, and even our parents, to objectify others. Gender roles play a major part in this process. Males are taught to objectify the female body, and females are taught to embrace this objectification by basing their self worth on outward appearance...which leads men to taking certain liberties when they interact with women

    On the opposite side of the coin females are taught to objectify males as dominant protectors....and males are taught to embrace this objectification by basing their worth on machismo, aggression, and physical prowess

    All of which sets the stage for things like dehumanization and enacting violence for example, sexual violence toward women. No coincidence america has one of the highest rape rates... Dehumanization and objectification also lead to even graver things like murder

    The only way we can change is everybody is willing to admit to the role they play

    We also have to stop with the excuses...the way a woman is dressed doesn’t cause rape, unwelcomed sexual advances, harassment, etc. Nor should women dressed in certain ways be treated differently. At the end of the day that is still someone's daughter, sister or mother. And what about female strippers? Strippers are the most sexually “provocative” of all, yet patrons manage to contain themselves. Yes, bouncers provide security, but they aren’t stationed with blinders blocking their sight. And who’s watching them? Male customers aren’t physically restrained. Proving men are capable of actually controlling themselves when need be