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  • Re: Kanye West's Next Album Will Be Entirely Co-Produced By Paul McCartney


    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gawd

    I knew it was only a matter of time before @desertrain10 player hating ass would make her presence felt ..talking that got damn Susan B Anthony shit ...

    good lord taken up a whole damn page with this shit .....check it out "toots" ..ain't nobody tryna hear that shit nigga ...still talking about records from '05 damn!!!

    @JDSTAYWITIT to the rescue lol


    ye hasn't made any relevant music in forever ....nowadays he's better known for his twitter rants and love for extremely low cut shirts

    so excuse me for having to talk about records from '05

  • Re: Kanye West's Next Album Will Be Entirely Co-Produced By Paul McCartney

    First let me say College Dropout is one of my fav albums though I believe Late Registration is sonically superior

    Im not even afraid to admit "heartless" and "paranoid" from 808s is two of my fav Kanye tracks of all time along with "all falls down", "gone", "hey momma", etc

    With that said kanyes music the last 3 solo albums has been largely trash

    I understand that it's natural for an artist to grow and evolve but his attempts to be this great innovator sound forced at least to my ears ... Like he is being different just to be different

    Unlike the greatest innovators of our time his music doesn't sound inspired nor has it been inspiring

    And to be honest kanyes "growth" has been superficial... his lyrics have always been politically laced/ socially conscious since college dropout ... Yea he's somewhat ramped it up but I dont remember kanyes lyrics ever being as misogynistic they are now which isn't a good thing ... His writing hasn't gotten better either ...Not to mention his music nowadays is largely produced by other mutherfucking people lol

    Smh ... Obviously I don't have high hopes for this next album

    Again I feel like dude is just doin this to be this contrarian

  • Re: Black women are killed by the police, too--we just don't hear about it.

    taeboo wrote: »
    So now because one black woman wrote an article, all black women gotta be attention seeking and divisive??


    No, no

    Just "black feminist" lol
  • Re: Police gun down 17 year old unarmed black teen. (Update) Darren Wilson Not Indicted


    Just get it over with

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  • Re: Real N!ggette Whoopi Goldberg on Soul Smackin Subway Vid 'She Needed To Get Slapped Back'...

    Hate stuff like this is even news

    But I do agree with whoopi

    You can't hit a person and expect them not to hit you back

    I just hate when serious instances of cross gender violence violence are conflated with "personal safety"

    Like bruh just because the 110 lb woman pushed you doesn't give you the right to power slam her or any person ... Ur personal safety wasn't in danger lol

    this guy was slashed by a woman....

    Swear yall nigga's reading comprehension skills are shit lol

    I agreed with whoopi

    The guy on the subway acted within reason

    That's him right?

    reading comprehension?

    well then I guess you've got visual impairment because I clearly highlighted in bold as to what I was referencing in your original post to.

    The guy who was slashed was a NYC club bouncer who was escorting two drunk patrons away before he got struck in the face by another woman.

    He didn't realise the severity of the blow till he felt his face leaking with blood.

    The minute anybody touches you in an aggressive manner your personal safety is compromised regardless if it's a push, slap, punch or a weapon is brandished. Especially when it's unknown how far the situation can escalate.

    Now if someone pushes me would I respond by shooting them? No
    But if I push someone, I can't hold my expectations of a reasonable reaction upon them and should be prepared for whatever.

    Guess I'm not totally clear what we are arguing about

    I thought I made it clear that I am totally fine with a man defending himself hence why I believe the guy on the subway didn't do anything wrong...and that goes for men in similar circumstances

    I just hope that regardless of gender we maintain that individuals should act within reason

    I also find it disturbing that instead of teaching women to keep them hands to themselves, some of you and other men are advocating for more violence

    What ever happened to self restraint being a virtue?

    Again I get it, don't hit someone, and expect not to get hit back with greater or equal the end of the day we are all human beings....but recognizing our flaws and discussing what ideally should happen are two different things

    If that makes sense