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  • Re: L'Oreal buys Carol's Daughter

    jono wrote: »
    S2J wrote: »
    Apple buys out Beats, 'YAY! Dr. Dre first hip hop billionaire. Black Excellence!'

    Loreal buys Carols daughter, 'we cant have shyt'

    Yea i know, Beats isnt fully black owned but still...if im a black businessman fuk your symbolism, get paid. Its fuking hygeine products not freedom papers

    And this is why blacks don't have shit. Keep creating and letting whites eat off you. That's how niggas lost jazz, blues, Rock and roll, will lose hip-hop etc.

    We start out own shit for a reason. We had our own magazines, newspapers, theaters etc for a reason but somehow that goes out the window once it becomes successful.

    If white folks knew anything about black skin and hair they wouldn't need to buy Carol's Daughter...

    Whatever though.

    Let's get to this Beats thing...which you corrected yourself on and thus you shouldn't have even mentioned. Dre was just a front so jimmy Iovine can sell expensive headphones to niggas just like Michael Jordan. There is a powerful lesson to be learned about branding.


    I understand Lisa price was in a tough position but this comment I found on another site perfectly sums up my feelings on the matter:

    The historical pattern of intentional Black economic limitation repeats itself again. First there was Johnson Products, then Softsheen, then Proline, then BET. For years Essence Magazine couldn't get wide distribution or national advertisers because they questioned its value in reaching Black women who they claimed could be reached by traditional white media. The moment Time Magazine acquired Essence all obstacles were caste aside and the advertisers came pouring in. Main stream consumer corporations and retailers know the viability, loyalty and projected growth of the Black consumer hair and personal care market but will make no effort to help us make money off of ourselves let alone anyone else. Yes Carol will make a few million off this deal and Ken Smikle of Target Market News will get to sell more of his Black consumer research to white corporations, but again Black people are relegated to the secondary status of employees and not national and global business owners who can employ, pass on real wealth from one generation to the next, while helping to finance the startup and growth of other would be Black entrepreneurs.

  • Re: Charles Barkley: ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks ‘Brainwashed’ To Keep Successful Black Men Down

    The contrast is the hood though. Growing up in Baltimore city I would see the type of blacks that he mentioned. Being in better neighborhoods with blacks who are middle class it was the opposite.All that mattered was what my parents and relatives told me.Niggas in the streets were irrelevant and still are.The black people around Charles obviously help to motivate him even if it was just his mama.His comment was too general and was as divisive as those that are crabs.

    I graduated from Douglass... they announced my SAT score over the PA system... niggers and bitches who could barely read gave me props... this issue is more nuanced than many care to know.
    certain types of ppl overestimate the prevalence and influence of the "acting white accusation"...

    I don't think anyone said that all black people hate on successful blacks.

    I don't think I said anyone said that...

    If that's not the point you're trying to make, your post is meaningless.

    I could be mistaken but I think his point was the "acting white" phenomenon is being overblown and is not as prevelant within the blk community as Charles was making it seem ... thus making it a red herring when discussing the racial disparities in education, employment rates, and wealth that exist in America

    I concur ... I did very well in school. Went to predominantly blk schools around metro Detroit..And while some people would joke about me being a nerd or accuse me of "acting white", it was almost done in a joking manner. It was never malicious. Really most of my peers from middle school and beyond were either neutral, supportive or tryna compete with me academically
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  • Re: She tweeted against the Mexican Cartels, they tweeted her murder.

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    And these crackers worrying about ISIS but a border country gives no fucks about nothing.

    Cratels =USA

    Them niggas working hand and hand.


    people are suffering right in our back yard so much so they sending their children here alone to escape the violence but the only thing the government is willing to do is build a fence

    and they expect the american public to believe their endeavors in the middle east are of a noble intent


    obviously its about the money

    the war on drugs has become too profitable for too many people:

    mexican drug cartels

    corrupt mexican elected officials

    american police unions

    american banks
    (interesting read:

    american congressmen who are paid to keep drugs like weed illegal by big pharmaceutical corporations

    shit is a joke

  • Re: Potty Mouth Princess


    was the video offensive? Sure, for more than one reason. It felt dirty. And exploitative. But that was the point

    the video wasn't suppose to be an informative ...and most the info relayed in the message is already common knowledge unless you live under a rock

    the video was designed to stir up controversy and draw attention to the company.

    and hopefully enough of its viewers, particularly those who are predisposed to the message, will be inspired to buy one of their tshirts and/or donate their time to the cause of ending gender inequality

    sure its producers expected the backlash

    the offensive nature of the video is the only reason why the video will reach so many people

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  • Re: The GOP Releases Ad Already Being Dubbed the Most Racist Ad since the Infamous ‘Willie Horton’ Ad...

    S2J wrote: »
    It is a racist ad for obvious reason. But not suprised. Im sure thousands benefited from the good time law an re offended whites included. But they pick the hooded black person possible as a scare tactic. To get people to be tough on crime. Which its already proven longer sentencing doesn't deter re offending.

    See this is just as toxic as any racism imo

    Them crackas got your head so fuked up u willing to sell yourself out along with any moral compass you have, just to side with a murderer and criminal. You dont realize that harms us more than anything. Nikko fukin Jenkins does not represent black people, and i dont look at us as black people as all being like niko johnson, so i didnt flinch watchin that video. Nggas who aint sure about themselves? Or the 'good' white people who 'on our side' but still look at us as less than them? Yea they feelin a way

    The ad is not racist


    Calling the ad racist and siding with the likes of Nikko Jenkins are not one and the same lol

    With that said, I necessarily don't feel the ad is racist ....but what it does do is exploit racism

    or in other words the ad is dog whistle politics at work ...from the imagery to the repeated use of the name "Nikko Jenkins"

    The makers of the ad were exploiting the public's fear of crime and even more so exploiting white irrational fears about Blacks

    Would even argue the ad could serve to perpetuate these fears

    GOP to White voters: Vote for a candidate who is going to protect you from these blac...I mean a candidate who is tough on crime

    Shit is a farse

    Not to mention the ad fails to mention the good time rule was initially widely supported by Nebraska Republican officials even the GOP candidate who is running against Brad Ashford and even a Republican governor signed the good time rule into law

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