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  • Re: "Can I touch it?"...The "When white folks wanna touch your hair" Thread

    Had my locs for 2 years been natural for 4

    They may stare or give me a compliment...but no white ppl as of yet have asked to touch my hair...

    Ppl say I look mean so I dunno lol

    And ppl have negative misconceptions about locs

    Blk women, on the other hand, it's a different story..

    I don't mind though. They are looking to loc their hair 90% of the time though. It's beautiful seeing so many blk ppl embrace their natural texture
  • Re: The Get Down (Netflix Original) - 2016

    Show was better then I expected

    I like how everything is so over the top and flamboyant and how the djs, graffiti artists are being built up to be these mythical beings. A lot of what makes hip hop culture great

    Zeek, Jimmy smits, shaolin have really embodied their characters

    The music was lit

    Shaolin is fine

    Oddly enough I'm alil attracted to Cadillac... Bruh is a coke head and can be a fuck up... but i like his style

    Jaden Smith's acting leaves a lot to be desired. He got better as the season went on

    Lol @ Zeeks introduction to punk. It was kinda cliche. And alil random. But the show tag line is it's a coming-of-age romance about two Bronx teens growing up during the rise of hip- hop, disco and punk in I wonder if the daughter will be our punk conduit as the series goes on

    Like how Zeek kept his integrity and didn't let ed kochs man lead him to far astray

    The dj battle in ep 6 was lit. Boo stole the show

    Can't wait for prt 2...

    Wonder how long the show will is one of the most expensive tv shows netflix has produced and the reviews haven't been all that favorable
  • Re: Militant n!ggas in Milwaukee are turning up against the pigs after they shot a man running away...

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    Kwan Dai wrote: »
    I am never giving the police the benefit of the doubt. They ALL are serial liars. History says so. This didn't begin with Treyvon or Mike Brown. The police have been violating Blacks since the very beginning. I don't respect the police or the job they claim they are doing to keep us safe. The police are reactionary. They serve no purpose in there current capacity.

    I wouldn't react the way these folks are reacting but they know what their experience is, and if they feel this is the best recourse for their community then I cannot say otherwise.

    I feel you man.

    But youre right. Police did make those 2 brothas in chicago lure a 9 year old into an alley, and shoot him in the head in retaliation to a gang dispute. Fucking police ruining our cities by forcing us to gang bang, murder each other, fight each other, steal from each other.

    Or remember last year when that 19 year old woman was shot and killed as an unintended target over the gang banging piece of shit sitting next to her at the bus stop. Fucking police!! She was just on her way to one of the two jobs she worked, excited about the new modeling contract she got, working her way up in america, and she was murdered by a gang banging piece of shit because the police wont get out of neighborhoods.

    They feel this is the best recourse for their community? BAAAAAAHAHAHA. You think these little young niggas are actually thinking about what theyre doing. One dude interviewed said this is happening because rich people have all the money, and wont share any of it. LMFAO.

    I mean, if this is what they feel, than it must be right. Right?. What if someone feels like shooting your black ass in the head tomorrow because they FEEL a race war is coming, and its either you or them. Fuck peoples feelings!

    What you´re alledging to has all to do with education, most precisely lack of investing in education. When you invest more in shaping a system built around policies and strategies to discriminate and provide an advantage to certain groups in society in favour of others, what you´re describing in the post above is the fruit of such a system.

    When you´re more concerned with criminalising and bullding prison facilities, instead of schools and investing in education and creating job opportunities and designing a society that is more equal, so minorities don´t feel as, disenfranchised, hopeless and frustrated you would see different results, but clearly that ain´t in the agenda. How some can be so blind and ignorant to this, is what I find the most surprising.

    I hear you. Ive screamed about how shitty Obama is on here because of his continuation and lack of effort to do anything about the war on drugs, and prison industrial complex that disproportionately affects young black men more than anyone else.

    The people in the community upset over lack of funding for public schools, after school programs, and possible discriminatory practices by the city of available budget for said schools based on class or race, are definitely not the same people setting gas stations on fire.

    Those imo are two distinctly different voices. One is the people who recognize work still needs to be done, and their going to do it through the appropriate means that are available to them to do that. The other are professional victims, manipulated by the medias slant on only reporting black civilian involved shooting deaths by police officers,and will take any opportunity to lash out with riots in the name of some pseudo revolution for black equality.

    If you only got your information from twitter, and huffington post, you would think cops are only shooting black men, and its simply not the case. Youre being manipulated, and its working fantastically. All those wonderful left, liberal sites black folks love, are fucking with your perception of reality.

    This is the 2015 numbers. The majority of those shot were white, and the majority of those shot were also armed with a deadly weapon. These are the facts!

    Im not saying we should just be quiet over incidences where racial profiling is the problem. Where racism is the problem. We know these things objectively exist. Problem is no leaders in the black community are controlling this narrative to get us to stop thinking there is a literal race war going on, and the majority of white cops/people are racist waiting to kill you.

    It creates a situation where even when a black cop is involved in the shooting of an armed black suspect, they attack white people randomly still.


    I would like to know how many of the blk men and women gunned down by police actively posed a threat at the time of their deaths and what exactly was the precursor

    That said, you are underplaying the real anger behind riots. It's not just people taking advantage. And it's not just anger and frustration at the immediate cause. It's always some underlying issues that haven't been addressed

    Same as in Baltimore, Milwaukee is a very segrated city. Most It's blk neighborhoods have been devasted by redlining, the lack of any real econmical prospects, the war on drugs and over policing

    Residents look for relief from their government. When their cries go unheard ppl act out, they find means to express their anger and frustration

    Same could be said of the underlying issues that lead to the riots that crippled cities like Detroit in the 60s, 70s....of course things have gotten better, so the riots over see in blk neighborhoods today is more contained

    My point being the media isn't responsible for pushing some bogus narrative that there is a race riot afoot. It's the state and local government inaction to seriously address these issues. The police being an extension of the state are always going to face the most vitriol because they are the ones on the ground. The also bring a lot of it on themselves

    As for any white citizens being attacked, I'd like to know how many ppl were actually involved and the number of victims before I make any assessments
  • Re: NY Cop Rapes Woman Maleatra Montanez In Front Of New Born & Receives 3 Years Probation

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    mrrealone wrote: »
    Daniel Holtclaw's heart is full of jealousy right about now.

    So much to be said about this. Smh, dirty. Sad to see some crap like this. I don't know if that lady is married, boyfriend, etc.. but that's some Samuel L Jackson, hiding in the court type stuff. Where the feminist organizations at to do what they do behind this issue? That's gonna set a standard too. I bet more cops gonna follow....

    Where the feminist organizations at to do what they do behind this issue?

    Fair question

    From my observations blk feminist are the loudest voices speaking out against police violence against blk women. ... But despite their efforts these stories don't get the same attention from others because they don't fit neatly into the familiar narrative

    Which brings me to my question, what do you plan to do to help make sure that these stories are brought to the forefront and the actions of the officer are not ignored? You are a blk man right?

    You act like every story where a black man gets publicized. We shouldn't be quibbling about who brings this up or stands up for it. But that's what happens when you have special interest groups within groups. All black people should speak out against injustice against any black person.

    I find it funny that blk women blame blk men for getting more publicity for being fucked over by white supremacy.
    As if that's something to want .
    2. As if blk men control the media.

    The reason why blk men get more publicity is because, our publicity pushes the narrative of the wht man dominating the blk man. It gets them off... Its not a coincidence all this is happening with a blk hoe as president.

    The only thing I take blk men to task for is when they minimize or downplay the experience of groups such as black women or blk gays who experience discrimination on multiple social levels

    Blk women and blk gays are all too often unseen and unheard in the national conversation about racial profiling, police brutality, and lethal force

    Things are changing though

    shorty what incentive do black men have to support gays (black or otherwise)?

    gay rights are not explicitly intertwined with black issues so why should I be interested in repping their cause?

    I was referring to blk gays

    And you should be interested because...

    They are apart of our community same as straight blk men and women men....they are our brothers, sisters, daughters, sons, etc

    A violation of their rights is a threat to all our rights

    And for the sake of unity

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  • Re: The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Build The Wealth Of A White Family Today

    zzombie wrote: »

    My contention is that we are similar enough. no segregation did not effect jews the same way it did blacks but then again it didn't affect blacks in the north as much as it did in the south either. yes there were many different factors... but at the end of the day black people did not and do not respond to racism very intelligently and other groups have responded better than we have.... the jews are one of those groups and for that matter so are asians.

    WHITES are not pitting the minorities against each other, You give white people too much credit . We are all naturally against each other what white racistS do is simply give their racist perspective on what is already there. There is no nefarious group of whites pitting jews against blacks.

    Blacks were affected pretty strongly. You live in NYC, so you know about ghettos. Large scale housing project more common in the North are a direct result of discriminatory housing practices. Again, that's not something Jews had to deal with. And the problem I continue to have with your argument is the claim that we've responded to racism badly while others have not. Again, you can't make that claim because the racism we've experienced is not the same as others. That's especially true when you bring up a group like Asians. They most definitely have been exposed to racism, but it hasn't been done in a way that would stop them from thriving. There are tons of chinatowns and asian communities around the country. I'm sure at times, whites have attacked those communites, but for the most part, they've allowed those communities to exist and grow. You can go through this history and pick out ever black community that prospered, and almost all of them have been destroyed. That's a major difference in our experiences. Not to mention that Asians have benefitted from all the Civil Rights work blacks did, but didn't really partake in any of the sacrifices. That has most definitely benefitted them.

    Also, you're taking my comments about whites pitting races against other out of context. I'm not talking about some evil cabal out to eliminate nonwhites. However, there is no shortage of politicians, pundits, and talking heads that have used that line of reasoning to attack, and the only reason they ever do that is deflect attention away from legitimate concerns.


    this whole argument that black people did not and do not respond to racism very intelligently and other groups have responded better than we have is ridiculous

    yes, other groups have also faced discrimination...but all discrimination is not created equal

    the plight of blks, particularly in america, has been unique

    its like commending a cat for positively responding to a stimulant, while scolding another cat for responding differently to a different stimulant

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