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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread [no spoilers use spoiler code tab or be banned !!]

    I didn't know there have been theories surrounding hodor and his speech

    never really gave him much thought until last sunday

    i read dude was visited by the lord of light as a boy after a near death experience (maybe he fell off a horse and hit his head) ...and after the incident was left traumatized..."hodor" is supposed to be his simple minded way of pronouncing "r'hllor" lol

    or maybe he witnessed/heard something incriminating between lyanna and dany's brother attempt was made on his life

    kinda interesting
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread [no spoilers use spoiler code tab or be banned !!]

    dope start to the season... the pieces are really starting to fall in place

    beric was brought back 6 times by thoros and lost a great deal of his memory in the process. wouldn't be surprised if jon is jon but doesn't remember the last year or so

    the greyjoys have boats but no real army ... dany will eventually need boats....interesting ...

  • Re: Millennials Aren’t Lazy, We’re Hurting Because the Baby Boomers Screwed Us Over

    Interesting convo

    I can't say one generation, ideology or government policy is to blame, more than enough to go around

    That said, I think our failure to think beyond capitalism or socialism or communism is what is ultimately stifling progress

    Not to say capitalism has not done a lot of good. And socialism fails to understand that humans attend to their own interests before those of others. However capitalism fails for a reason that is the same, the desire to improve life for oneself and one’s family. Striving for financial success is heartily encouraged, but too easily becomes unchecked greed and disregard for the common good

    Not to mention globalization and
    capitalism’s inherent pursuit of increasing profit which compels exploitation of the world's poor and weak controls giving rise to inequality

    That said, I believe the destruction we see today began with slavery and the industrial revolution. Cheap labor the fuel. Capitalism was the foundation. The idea behind the revolution was rampant consumerism.

    Everything was for sale

    Consumer spending had become the principal driver of the economy and its expansion

    In reconstructing the nation after WW II, leaders of business, government, and labor developed a political economy and a political culture that expected a dynamic mass consumption economy to deliver prosperity....
    reinforcing self interest over family and community

    Now we have a consumer society in which the human tendency to compare ourselves with others is exploited to the tenth degree. We live under the constant influence of advertisements for shit we largely don't need. The solution to an economic downturn is always buy more shit. The more shit you buy the better. Materialism and the mentality for the need for excess has become religion. The wealthy and or job creators our gods

    So when everything has a price, even our basic needs, who is surprised when a person with little economic opportunity decides to take other avenues, some illegal, to generate capital. That's why generally when there's a economic recession AND healthy bouts of inflation the crime rate spikes

    Nixon and Reagan made things worst. Exploiting the fears and xenophobia of the electorate. Especially Reagan. Motivated by big business the Reagan administration began the pursuit to" free" the market from " evil" government and the cutting of funding for vital social services to "help" pay the bill

    His demonization of government regulation and the poor has been a mantra for most politicians pandering to the middle and working class ever since, their constituents forgetting the real source of their strife

    His presidency destorying the gains seen in years prior post WW2 when the nation had never been wealthier. And the standard of living for most Americans rose. During the time we seen the value in utilizing both socialist and capitalist principals. And the government was not yet become this inherently evil force

    Now after what Reagan started we have a dismantled and “outsourced” industrial base, an impoverished work force, saddled future generations with debt, and turned healthcare and education in to commodities

    There is still money being made, but the lion share of the profits are flowing to the top which is unsustainable in the long run

    It's time to think outside the box

    Especially blk ppl when most of us can't even afford bootstraps
  • Re: Pres. Barry Obama: Black Lives Matter And Other Activists Need To Learn To Compromise & Stop Yellin.

    I dunno

    Just going to say I disagree with his critiques

    But first, BLM was started by blk lesbians tired of seeing other blk ppl being gunned by the police... so they weren't later infiltrated by the gays looking to just push a LGBT agenda

    And yes they do have a agenda listed on their site, largely devoted to addressing police brutality

    That said, the movement, organization is still in its infancy so over course they aren't walking just yet

    But what they have done is raise awareness to an issue that has been festering but largely ignored by most americans for decades

    And I would argue their work on the ground and behind the scenes has help to pressure more pds utilizing body cameras and dash boards cams

    And Obama knows there are so many different levels and tactics and strategies that have to be employed to make a difference

    Sitting down and talking and having a nice meeting is definitely a part of it. And then also getting out in the streets and making some noise and disrupting political events and daily life

    Tactics used by activists since forever
  • Re: IC court question: Is it feminism or lack of moral guidance

    It may seem like things are getting worst or that there's some moral decline, but it's not

    What's happening today has been going on

    By that I mean the instances of human cruelty and disregard for the life of others

    And actually I'd say in those regards we are doing better

    In regards to women playing the field, considering we like men are sexual beings I would more so say it's the natural evolution of things once the birth control pill was introduced

    There's also the commercialization of sex

    Sexual images are everywhere nowadays, and then it's easier than ever before to hook with commercialized dating apps like PoF

    Otherwise men have been doing the shit for years yet there was no complaints

    That's true, can't really argue with that, still this nagging tho like we are becoming less compassionate, or more selfish, or less nurturing, or... idk... there seems to be admirable traits that only women used to embody disappearing. I call it essence because I am not sure how to define it. Am I just fucked up and thinking there is something really odd about the girls growing up these days? For real tho, tell me straight, "nah you just high BA".

    No one is necessarily wrong

    We just have different perspectives

    I do see where you're coming from though

    Some of these kids nowadays are different to say the least