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  • Re: Protesters Call for Boycott of Missha Beauty Supply Store

    I hate when people protest shit like this. It's probably wrong, but is a shopowner wrestling with someone who tried to steal from him worth this kinda response?

    Sometimes it seems like some of these protesters believe criminals deserve to pick their own reaction to the crimes they commit. And let's be real, if that was a black owned business, they would not be protesting this.

    You hate when an attack of a woman results in black people organizing and uniting against a common enemy to decide to no longer patronize their racist establishments?

    Is there a history of racism or are you just projecting? If you got more info, cool, share it. I don't know if you've ever seen how asians handle asian thieves, but I have. They do the same damn thing. Not everybody in the world is on some "treat a criminal nicely" type shit.

    Again, if this was a black owner in NC doing that to a black woman, would people in Chicago be boycotting? Would you be promoting this reaction? If you say you would, I'll take your word for it and we can agree to disagree. I personally don't believe holding a person down when that person attempts to steal from you is all that crazy. It might be wrong, but not worth protesting over.


    not as if it matters, but the store owner has handed over no proof that the woman was shop lifting

    so let's not concede just yet, that she was....if i'm wrong correct me

    and having walked into many of asian run beauty supply stores, i can tell you a lot of the clerks are often rude ....and some treat you like criminals soon as you walk in for no reason....could it be that i am blk, maybe...wouldn't be surprised if he jumped the gun

    that said, whether of not this man is racist, he handled the situation very poorly... dude literally kicked her and than wrestled her to the ground after this woman even offered to let him check her bag

    regardless of the race he was i'd take issue with it

    so if the community wants to rally behind this woman, good. the store could have a history of mistreating their customers for all we know

    its crazy to me anyone would try to justify the actions of this man or mock a protest
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  • Re: Get Out (2017)

    When you realize the reason why the black guy was running . Wow man lol


    Or when you sit back and think how cotton played a big role in the movie
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  • Re: Get Out (2017)

    I only noticed the cotton when Chris plugged his ears. What else did I miss?

    you didn't necessarily miss anything

    he got the cotton from the couch, had he not been able to plug his ears he would've been paralyzed and gone back to the sunken place once the video played

    just funny how cotton saved the day given our history picking cotton
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  • Re: Does america have a proble with masculinity?

    deadeye wrote: »
    There's definitely a push to emasculate men.

    Even saw a commercial that featured a father teaching his daughter how to shave his legs..............BY SHAVING HIS OWN LEGS with her:

    And I thought the commercial with the father doing cheers with his daughter was too far:

    Angel Soft just took it to another level.

    my daughter wont be no cheerleader..
    but i wish a nigga would say somethin bout me playin dressup wit her and our lil tea parties. lmmfao

    aint nothin wrong wit pops cheerin wit his daughter..


    there is nothing wrong with those ads

    i can remember my dad would crawl into my sheet tent and watch care bears with me sipping "tea"