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  • Re: Taye Diggs Doesn’t Want People Calling His Bi-Racial Son “Black”

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    There's actually logical, interesting points that can be made on all sides of this discussion. Since there is in fact an element of arbitrariness attached to the categorization of 'races', along with its use as a sinister tool historically.

    Nonetheless, Taye Diggs' problematic past comments and actions suggest he wasn't speaking from a nuanced perspective about a complex topic. The brother obviously comes across as a shoe-shinning, "black on black crime is my favorite social issue to discuss with my white wife" uncle tom.

    If I'm not mistaken he has said growing up he was teased by his peers because of the dark color of his skin

    Than on top of that he was a short, theater geek

    Bruh may have some deep seated resentment he is struggling with

    Just make think of how growing up blk in America can really be mentally and emotionally draining...even growing up as mixed person to a lesser extent considering how they are constantly being pulled in two different directions

    I mean I've always understood the costs of being blk but stories like these on top of everything else is just further confirmation

    Makes it ok?

    and does that not add to the emphasis of creating children in your image? Aka black on black love!

    I don't approve of his position ...I find it sad honestly

    If he internalized the racism and bigotry he experienced growing up it's not surprising he would not totally embrace his blackness or not want not to acknowledge race as a construct all together

    Growing up in a America I think a lot of us struggle with totally embracing our identity and culture. least more of us than we'd like to admit
    I agree with your position and understand your sympathy

    What is our identity and culture in your opinion?

    Considering I am american

    And a descendant of slaves

    I associate blackness most with civil rights movement ...Malcolm...Toni Morrison ...jazz...hip hop...

    Wasn't always that way

    Growing up I remember associating blackness most with slavery, grief, poverty, etc
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  • Re: Is respectability politics... still respectable?

    I refuse to engage in respectability politics

    I just don't feel it should be my job to convince anyone that I'm one of the "good" negroes

    Than it's a lost cause

    No matter if I put on on my best face, i'd still be black and i'd still be the exception to the rule

    The rule being blks/ blk culture is inferior

  • Re: Are Americans dramatic when it comes to struggle?

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    I slept on this thread.

    But @desertrain10 is in here preaching...

    I just can't compute how there are actually blk americans who seriously want to suggest that the race problem here is being overstated or exaggerated

    As a whole, race relations in America are NOT being exaggerated or overstated.

    No One said that.

    On an individual level, there ARE many Americans (even Black Americans), that DO dramatize the "struggle" in America...

    Some even liken it to that of a third/ fourth world country, which is absolutely ludicrous to me.

    Conditions are unacceptable on many levels, given the size, scope and resources of this country ...
    But let's keep some perspective.

    Frankly, if you have degree(s), are working two or three jobs, and you are still struggling to make ends meet - some of the onus is on YOU (regardless of your skin tone) for the degree(s) and career path you chose ... Or the lifestyle that you are unable to support...

    Some research, strategic planning, and responsible budgeting can go a long way

    Just because conditions are unfavorable doesent mean that we are helpless.

    Outwardly, we have to work to address the conditions that we face; but inwardly we also have to take full advantage of the opportunities that do exist to better ourselves and the lives of our families

    As I have stated several times, given my experience, I seriously doubt the latter is happening to the extent that it should.

    There has never been a grand research study to examine this phenomena - "people not taking advantage of opportunities in America and partaking in group think to uphold their status quo and perpetuate generational class issues" ...

    That study would be a major undertaking - spanning several years and costing a fortune.

    But everything we know to be true is not laid out in neat stats and figures.

    I still believe this mindset is affecting our communities.

    If you don't believe that to be true, you reserve that right.

    I dunno

    I believe most Americans are apathetic

    Too content with the status quo

    The Citizens United decision should have incited a

    When the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act that should there should have been way more outrage than there was

    These decisions and efforts on part of our government will have large, long lasting impact on the lives of individual Americans

  • Re: Are Americans dramatic when it comes to struggle?

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    Lol @the views I expressed in this thread being snynomous to the rhetoric pushed by Fox News.

    I never said that the idea was "new"...
    I said that from my perspective we have rarely embraced it as a community.

    Do you truly believe the issues I discussed in this thread are "not a big impedement" or inconsequential to the condition of black people in America?

    For generations most middle class and working class blacks have embraced capitalism, the message of discipline, moral reform, and self reliance same as their white peers fed to them by the elite

    Not hard to find a blk media person or entertainer on tv or whatever telling other blk ppl to pull up their pants and stop the killing

    We have charter schools and HBUCs that ban natural hair styles and dreads because they aren't "respectable" looking in a professional settings

    And even the president of the United states and his blk supporters subscribe to respectability politics

    Its always been them vs the "niggas"

    Only the last decade or so have I seen a lot of blk ppl begin to question where has respectability politics gotten us as a community

    Again no I don't think black pathology or victimhood is the biggest or even that big of an impediment to blk progress as you are suggesting

    And why can't you acknowledge the strides we are making I mentioned before? Crime is at historic lows in most parts of the country. Teenage pregnancy is down. More blk ppl are opening businesses than ever before . Blks have made huge strides in education. Yet racial inequality is getting worst.

    who is the black community is suffering the worst from racial inequality? who in our population is the one suffering from poverty and dealing with prison recidivism the most? are u implying that this is a black middle class/working class problem?

    self-reliance =/= "respectability" politics

    I don't understand how seeking assistance from an oppressor is the best solution in your eyes

    I'm not placing the total blame on one group....I do believe we have all played a role

    And I can't say for sure who is suffering the most

    My guess is the poor have remained poor, obviously because they lack basic resources

    The blk middle class is shrinking, stagnant at best though... and this has been the case for at least a decade

    Also self reliance is only but a tenet of respectability politics...

    Or this belief that in spite of everything we know to the contrary, self accountability, self reliance, moral reform, etc is the key to blk progress ...and the reason that racial equality persists is not because of systemic racism but rather blks are not self reliant

    While I do believe self reliance is important I Also believe blk Americans are some of the most hard working, resilient people on earth

    And considering I believe the government is to blame for perpetuating racial inequality, it's unfortunately going to take a governmental effort to deal with the fallout

    So yes I am asking for some accountability from the "oppressor"...the same entity that collects ur tax payments
  • Re: Are Americans dramatic when it comes to struggle?

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    "But yo not every kid whether they be rich or poor or white or black has a good support structure, the poor blk kid is obviously gonna have the most obstacles to overcome, right? Internet or no what are u really saying?"


    What I said was a rebuttal to what you said- which I interpreted as "black people from a lower class have little autonomy over their outcome in life".

    I disagree with that.


    "Racism and classicism is interdependent. Meaning without classism there would be no racism. Classism is the basis for inequality, racism enforces it"

    "Social mobility is a problem for American of all races and creeds. In a society with broad equality of opportunity, the parents’ position on the income ladder should have little impact on that of their children. That has not been the case in America "


    Exactly. So many of the issues you mentioned affect all people of a specific class, not just blacks.

    So, on an individual level, I would rather focus on overcoming those challenges themselves rather than making it an issue of race.

    On a macro level it is crucial to fight those battles, but I am talking about on an an individual level - parent communication to child, self motivation etc


    "Where we disagree, I don't think that a culture of poverty or blk culture is at the root of the problem or a big impediment to our progress"

    "Encouraging blks to be self reliant is great advice if you are concerned with creating productive individuals. It is not so great advice if you are concerned with america having any resemblance of racial or income equality, which should be our primary goal"


    You misunderstand my argument. I am not talking about how to fix America or claiming that America is perfect the way it is.

    I actually am focusing on "creating productive black individuals"... Because while America is solving its problems, what are we going to do in the mean time?


    "There is no substantive evidence that poor or blk people are any less responsible, or less moral, or less upstanding, less motivated, or that we aren't doing an adequate job of preparing our children for success"


    I never said that ...

    You are taking an entire demographic of people and comparing them to whites on a macro scale.

    I'm not interested in doing that.

    Btw, my argument could apply to poor, middle class, or upper class people - even other races.

    I don't know the exact percentage as a whole... I'm guilty of that. If you would like to indict my argument because of that, be my guest.

    What I do know is that roughly 80% of black children in one underprivileged High School in one underperforming district in one region of one poor educational state in the US; exhibit the behaviors I have discussed-

    NEVER turning in Work
    Gang Activity
    Constant Violent behavior
    Complete Disresect for authority
    No career ambition
    Entitled Attitudes

    That's just one data point ...
    The total percentage is not negligible.

    As a community we can do something about that.

    I don't know what the percentage is as a whole, but it's higher than it should be.

    This is what I am talking about addressing.

    I don't think this is demonizing anyone...

    Why are we so afraid to try and do better despite the challenges we face? ...

    Why is that equivalent to "demonizing" ourselves?

    I think it is realizing a need and wanting to do something about it.

    It is not ALL out of our control.


    At work...

    But we do have agency

    We'll probably never agree on the the extent and limit of human agency

    But our choices are the product of causal chains

    Thus why I said our reality as America is greatly shaped by public policy and other social structures

    Same as our circumstances are greatly impacted by the choices and efforts of others such as our parents, teachers, spouses, etc

    With that said, there is evidence that strongly suggest many are struggling because of the choices and lack of effort of our government, which is why I find the idea that Americans even blks have little to complain about to be crazy

    That has been my argument from jump

    Not going to continue to repeat myself when you have nothing to offer to the contrary but anecdotal evidence