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  • Re: The I Watched Recently Thread *possible spoilers*


    mississippi damned been in my queue for months. I was scared to watch it cuz i couldn't tell if it would be good or not. I'll watch it now tho

    Oh ok lol

    Yea I was hesitate myself at first but it was really good

    Than its based on a true story if I'm not mistaken

  • Re: The I Watched Recently Thread *possible spoilers*

    Everest (2015) was better than I expected for what it was ...could've devoted more time developing the main characters though ...otherwise the visuals were dope... And enjoyed the cast

    Mississippi Damned (2006?)...stumbled upon it on netflix... It was about a young blk girl and her family living in poverty ...the story takes place over the course of 10-15 years deals with issues such as acholism and pedophilia... Casting and acting was dope... Didn't like how there was hardly any redeemable blk male characters in the film though
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  • Re: Since it's October, list your favorite horror films.

    The Sixth Sense
    Jacobs Ladder
    Let The Right One In
    Stir of Echoes
    The Shinning
    Night of the Living Dead
    Silence of the Lambs
    The Others
    Candy man

    Just to name a few...

    I want to check out Session 9 and The Orphanage

    Fell asleep on The House of the Devil couple days ago...seemed to have had some potential
  • Re: Jeb goes full Mitt Romney: Man of inherited wealth and power says

    Peace_79 wrote: »
    Can someone honestly tell me what is so bad about the Affordable Care Act?

    What are the objective reasons Republicans abhor that piece of legislation (besides the name of the President who passed it into law)?

    It hasn't affected me at all.

    But, from what I can tell, many of my peers have enjoyed the benefits of the program; whereas several corproations point to the increased costs of implementing it and have expressed plans to transfer said costs onto their respective workforces.

    The way I see it - if "better", "more adequate" health care is "more expensive" to companies; they should have been incuring these costs from the get go...


    Because their employees should enjoy "adequate health coverage" ... That should be par for the course.

    However, I know that I am naive to much of the nuance involved. Can someone please enlighten me?

    The most cohesive, sensible answer Ive come accross as to why Republicans believe Obamacare is so bad is because they believe its bad for jobs, which you were alluding to

    By forcing businesses to spend more on health care costs, i.e. requiring them to provide medical coverage for its workers that work at least 30 hrs a week, management will began cutting jobs and hiring part time workers instead of full time ones to compensate

    And I have yet to hear what they would replace Obamacare with

    With that said, I believe we should scrap the current system. It obviously is extremely flawed...On average the cost of most medical procedures and medications here are three times if not more than what other developed nations

    The privitalization of heathcare is just not a good idea...and employers shouldnt be providing their workers with coverage

    We need a government run single payer system

  • Re: Jeb goes full Mitt Romney: Man of inherited wealth and power says

    zzombie wrote: »
    zzombie wrote: »
    So on the campaign trail Jeb Bush recently had this to say:

    "Think about it this way, Republicans get 4-7 percent of the African-American vote…If you double that, you win elections in Ohio, Virginia. And we should make that case, because our message is one of hope and aspiration. It isn’t one of division, “get in line, we’ll take care of you with free stuff.” Our message is uplifting, that says, “You can achieve earned success. We’re on your side.”

    Or in other words...

    “We’re on your side,” black voters, though we’re not sure you’ve really achieved “earned success.” You’ve been relying a little too much on “free stuff” from Democrats, but we’re here to change that.


    I guess Bush is referring to the right to vote, good schools, affordable housing, raise in the minimum wage, etc

    Not like his proposed tax cuts for the wealthy can be considered gifts

    They just don't get it


    I don't support bush but he like many republicans does make a good point in a bad way, living off of the government is not good for blacks and keep it real some black people really expect the government to take care of them

    Who wants to live off the government forever?

    And do we all not pay taxes?

    Better yet did white America not benefit tremendously from our free labor for over 200 years???

    Not to mention the government created the white middle class

    Who wants to live off the government??? Those Niggas who spend their whole lives in the projects or on welfare that's who.

    We all pay taxes but some people abuse the tax payers goodwill. Yes white America did benefit from free labor but that doesn't mean we have to support an attitude of entitlement. Like the government owes us something instead of trying to build shit to economically compete blacks have become wards of the government.

    Yes the government did initially help build the white middle class but the private sector sustains it.

    Blacks no longer have a private sector to sustain ourselves and we cannot compete in the mainstream private sector because of the foolish way we teach our children.

    Blacks: "We want good schools. Jobs. Criminal justice reform. Higher wages. Affordable higher education, healthcare and housing"

    Zzombie: "These ungrateful lazy jigga boos"


    Whites: "We want affordable healthcare. Better schools. Jobs. Higher wages."

    Senior citizens: " Don't touch our SS. And don't touch our Medicare..."

    Government: Sure...

    Zzombie: *silence*

    The most ppl who benefit from government "handouts" are poor Whites and white seniors...not blks

    And I have yet to see a large group of blks in the marching in the streets demanding that the government give them free money
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