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  • Re: I See That The Writers At Charlie Hebdo Still Hasn't Learned A Damn Thing

    I don't condone violence

    Anyone who looks at this cartoon and than wants to go blow up a french cafe is a sick human being

    But at the same time with free speech should come a responsibility not to be hateful or fear monger

    Satire or not

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    When I point out all the horrible things Islamic texts advocate and that Muslims are currently doing right now people take issue with it. I don't particularly care the truth has to be told.

    some of these niggas act like only white people can kill you lol
    Same niggas in here caping for Charlie Hebdo probably get infuriated by the white ppl flying the Confederate flag. All yall stfu....goddamn hypocrites

    FOH there's no comparison between a cartoon and a symbol of a slave empire

    Why are you faggots caping for jihadists that are gonna hate everything anyway? Charlie Hedbo draws their ire but so does your pork-eating kafir ass

    Nigga watch your whore ass mouth when you talk to me boy. Bottom line is both are an expression of freedom of speech. Don't make exceptions. If one is ok then so is the other.

    Nigga don't talk like you gonna do shit lol. Since when do internet thugs come in a tap-dancing boot-licking coon variety? The more you know.

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!?! You goddamn faggot, fuck outta here with Freedom of Speech, nobody said shit about making it ILLEGAL to fly that flag, nobody wanted to MURDER anyone to stop them from flying a flag, we just wanted state courthouses to not fucking fly that flag....and kindly acknowledge that its a swastika to black people. Hebdo always been controversial. That flag, in case your stupid bamboozled coon ass didn't notice, was not controversial for far too long. Apples and Oranges.
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    I don't think anyone is condoning murder but after what already happened to you why chance it tho? Every body was screaming that Jesuit Hebdo shit and was showing "e-support".

    If the shit happens again, what do people say? Do we say aww those poor people, they still stood up for their rights to talk shit.

    I am absolutist when it comes to free speech and I will always oppose those who use brute strength to get their way. To say they had it coming is to be complicit in the actions of violence against them.

    nah son when ISIS say "jump" you better answer "HOW HIGH?"

    The only "e-thug" is you sucker nigga. You calling people faggotd etc on the net knowing good and well in reality you don't just call people faggots in casual conversation cuz your lame ass would get ktfo.

    See how that works? You wouldn't talk crazy cuz you know there will be consequences to talking to a grown ass man like that. Just like these stupid Charlie Hebdo mufuckas should know better.

    once again not everyone is a coward i tell people what i think of them anytime i see fit

    Its easy to be brave when the probability of you losing your life as a result of this so called act of bravery is fairly slim compared to that of the moderate Muslims who live in these war torn regions that harbor extremists

    These cartoonist aren't being courageous

    You aren't being courageous by spewing hate from the comforts of America

    And I hate how when we talk about bigotry and Islamic extremism we want to place the blame on the supposed inaction or cowardice of moderates

    How dare any American or European ask these moderate Muslims to risk their safety and the safety of their children speaking out against extremism when a strong argument can be made that the devastion in the region and Islamic extremism is the direct product of Western imperialism

  • Re: Kerry Washington Tackles Black "Homophobia" in GLAAD Speech...

    Dope speech

    Regardless of your beliefs

    We have a public health crisis on our hands

    The homeless and incarceration rate of gay youth has sky rocketed the last 30, 40 years

    And compared to straight youth, they are at greater risk for violence and other abuse once incarcerated or homeless

    The rates of suicide attempts among gay youth have been found to be higher than rates among youth than heterosexual youth

    Closeted gay men have help exabberate the spread of HIV

    And it's because of homophobia

    It's a plague same as the other isms

    Better yet how can we say all black lives matter than devalue the lives of our gay brother and sisters

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    Jamaica has a female prime minister

    1. What's ur point? Lol

    We have a blk president does that mean we live in a post race soceity? No

    2. And for the feminism is not responsible for the breakdown of the blk family

    Just stop

    The number one indicator that a man will marry and stay married is his finances

    With the ongoing struggle against employment discrimination and unfair judicial practices that have branded blk men felons, further limiting work opportunities, it should come as no surprise that the blk community has the lowest marriage rate of any other racial demographic

    By placing blame on feminism, you are doing us all a disservice

    It takes our attention from the industrial prison complex and racist instutional practices that actually do break apart blk families and leaves these broken families vulnerable

  • Re: Thoughts:This White woman just offered this info to Black women

    Why are yall going back and forth with an obvious troll? Not a very good troll at that

    Just flag her post and keep it moving

    I don't get it lol

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  • Re: So, dont trust a stripper. Just wear a condom. Only trust your wife huh?

    this is what i mean by a chick slow walking a nigga. no need to be upfront and fast when you can slow walk

    Whether you believe its right or wrong ...

    Dude makes $2.2 million a day, or $92,000 an hour ...

    Under Illinois guidelines, the minimum child support would be 32 % of his net income... or $20 million a month. His Ex is only asking for 2 %

    I'd bet if he had a mistress and they shared a child, she wouldn't have been so kind

    Trusting anybody even your spouse comes with its risks and rewards, so either you can go through life completely guarded possibly missing out on something worthwhile like marriage and children; or be smart about who let into your circle

    Weighing the pros and cons, I don't see how having unprotected sex with jumps, randoms would ever be a good idea