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  • Re: Niggas Vs. Black People

    kzzl wrote: »
    So-called niggas are just disadvantaged black people who have been especially hard hit by racism and discrimination going back generations.

    That's not to say that they never do anything that deepen or sustain their own downtrodden condition. But that behavior is itself the cumulative result of racial oppression.

    So this distinction between 'niggas' and black people is dehumanizing to so-called niggas, and wrongly detaches their shortcomings from the racial oppression that produced them. That is something that white people often do.

    Give us an example of a black person not hit hard by racism and discrimination for generations. This shit makes no sense at all. Like some shit you conjured up to cope and assimilate with white people.

    Nigga letting the word be defined by a pissing contest of who had it worst. What black person had it easy?

    For generations we as black people have all experienced the struggle at one time or another

    While I can say that I can also acknowledge that I've had a blessed life.... My father was always active in my life... I never went hungry...I have always had my mental and physical health ... Always been good at school...Never have had to see my mom get beat on ... Never been sexually abused growing up...Shit a lot of people would love to say

    With that I understand that racism and just life has taken a harder toll on others around me ...people who could use my help

    People some blks like to refer to as "nigga

    Think that's all he was getting at

    He can be a coon at times but I think u just misunderstood what he wa saying

    LordZuko wrote: »
    Our goal should not be raising a race of hyper moral super humans or adopting the divisive tactics of our oppressor

    Our goal should be affording our children the right to live like the normal humans they are, will be through group economics, voting, etc

    All this niggas vs blk people talk just impedes our progress as well as perpetuates white supremacy

    Just do your part click up with like minded individuals, volunteer in ur community, mentor the youth, be politically active, put together a neighborhood watch, learn your rights and past on the knowledge, etc

    and the rest will fall into place

    Slavery only ended only a little over 150 yrs it's gonna take time

    What in the fuck is normal?
    Normal is a relative term. It describes the standards of behavior set by a community of people through a system of rewards and punishments. Normal is socialized behavior.

    For instance, in white homes, it's completely normal for white children to have cursing matches and screaming fits with their parents.

    Is this normal behavior for a Black home? I on't care how thugged out or how much of a bad bitch someone claims to be, they know they not takin that mess home to they momma.

    Morality, law, ethics, was disseminated into the world from the African. People were in the world living lawless, straight reckless. African people set the standard, we were the law, we taught law, code of conduct. We were teaching people that you shouldn't sleep with immediate family members. We were teaching people that murdering someone is wrong. We were teaching people that living in the same quarters as your animals is not healthy.

    Black standards of normality are not the same as everyone else's. However we got these generation of folks who want to be be treated just liek white folks not understanding that less than two generations ago we knew how filthy white folks were, and that they were no standard to be following. Our grandmommas and great grans and aunties who cleaned their houses, or great fathers or unc who drove them around knew their dirt, saw beyond that facade, that public mask.

    The community sets the standard for what normal is. However, Black people have been placed, have been imposed upon, have been forced into an environment where criminality, poverty, and the resulting stressed behaviors and personalities, we refer to as niggas, have become the acceptable norm.

    And aint no goddamn slavery end 150 years ago. We still have slavery today. it is caled the prison industrial complex, and rather than matrilineal slavery, we have penal slavery, which is why the existence of "the nigga" is such an imperative, white folks need that image more than anything, because they can project anything upon it.

    A nigga is a Black person who has accepted the cracca's distortion of him or her, which is why they accept the term nigga in the first place.

    When I said "the right to live as normal human beings" I meant our kids should have the freedom to be individuals and they should have the luxury of making a mistake every once in awhile without it costing he or she their life figuratively or otherwise

    That's what my goal is

    As for the rest of ur post all I will say is that there is no substantive evidence that black people poor or rich are less responsible, less moral, or less upstanding than any other race of people ...

    To counter racism urging blks to become superhuman and to disringuish themselves from the "niggas" is great advice if you are concerned with the sucess of an individual....It is terrible advice if you are truly concerned with why blk college graduates make less than white high school graduates ...or why is it harder for blks to get business loans... or we continue to face discrimination the housing market... Inequalities that have persisted since before the conception of respectability politics and even if all "niggas" were to magically diasppear today will continue to persist

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  • Re: Real N!ggette Whoopi Goldberg on Soul Smackin Subway Vid 'She Needed To Get Slapped Back'...

    *slips into combat gear*

    Again while I feel women should keep their hands to themselves

    Lets be real

    Same as black pride is different than white pride

    A man hitting a woman verses a woman hitting a man is different

    Once upon a time a man could freely beat his wife when he seen fit without any consequence

    So the imagery of a man hitting a woman perpetuates a culture of domestic violence and oppression....

    And even physically it's different. Men are generally stronger than women

    Essentially, it's an issue of power imbalances. Society obviously still gives power to men disproportionately to women, through patriarchy, and in the context of physical violence, in almost all cases, biology also provides a power differential, physically speaking

    And so when a member of a class afforded too much power abuses it, it really is a graver offense

    Again I still don't condone violence
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  • Re: Real N!ggette Whoopi Goldberg on Soul Smackin Subway Vid 'She Needed To Get Slapped Back'...

    Hate stuff like this is even news

    But I do agree with whoopi

    You can't hit a person and expect them not to hit you back

    I just hate when serious instances of cross gender violence violence are conflated with "personal safety"

    Like bruh just because the 110 lb woman pushed you doesn't give you the right to power slam her or any person ... Ur personal safety wasn't in danger lol

    why not tho? her grown ass knew she was 110lbs before she decided to go push somebody

    you think people have the same sympathy when a 110lb man goes and pushes another man?

    stop painting women as perpetual victims who can't make logical decisions for themselves since you claim you believe in a woman's right to equality :(

    I don't think she was doing that. She was just saying a dude's response should be reasonable. Hitting a chick back after she hits you is one thing. Trying to cripple her because she gave you a harmless slap is overboard.

  • Re: Real N!ggette Whoopi Goldberg on Soul Smackin Subway Vid 'She Needed To Get Slapped Back'...

    Hate stuff like this is even news

    But I do agree with whoopi

    You can't hit a person and expect them not to hit you back

    I just hate when serious instances of cross gender violence violence are conflated with "personal safety"

    Like bruh just because the 110 lb woman pushed you doesn't give you the right to power slam her or any person ... Ur personal safety wasn't in danger lol
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  • Re: Raven-Symone Confuses Oprah By Refusing To Be Called Gay Or Black "I'm Tired Of Labels"

    Alot of black women are the biggest sambos on the planet

    Let's make this into another "we should all bash black women" thread

    Typical ... Smh lol

    im not bashing just stating fact

    and this clown symone is the obvious example


    i thought a fact was a truth known by actual experience or observation

    or do you consider yourself familiar with the millions and millions of blk women who have walked this earth

    yes i have experienced and observed it, stop being so sour

    Sure your experiences and observations have been limited

    And I'm the one being sour? ...I guess

    But at least Im not the one making negative generalizations about blk women and claiming that it's fact without a shred of evidence besides an obviously confused former child star

    Don't we get enough of that from the media, politicians, white america, etc already???

    Smh lol

    B i didnt say "All" black women are coons I said "Alot" of black women are coons , and if you dont fit in the description ,why is this a problem to you ?

    By saying "alot" you sir made a generalization

    Same as saying "many"

    You made an overly broad statement about a group of people than stated it as being fact

    Own it

    I did own it , and i do claim it to be factual until you can prove me otherwise since this bothers you so much...

    If i said "all" your argument would be valid to me breh

    And since you are being technical about it "alot" is relative,so ....

    So u own that u made a generalization? or does my argument not apply to you?

    And out of the millions and millions of blk women who walk the earth you cant honestly believe the blk women you have actually observed and claim are coons would classify as "a lot"

    Had you said "from my observations a lot of blk women are coons"...maybe than u would have a point

    And even had you prefaced your statement with my "from my observations ..." You still are apart of the problem
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