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  • Re: New Jersey cheer coach traveled 800 mi to smash teen she met online (W/Pic)


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  • Re: Why rich niggas marry hoes.

    ohhhla wrote: »
    ohhhla wrote: »
    Nigga, I have never got hurt in my life.

    I'm not beta, so I don't do beta things.

    The fuck do I look like wifing a chick?

    Getting down on one knee to marry a chick??

    Lol, go ahead. You right, I'm wrong.

    I'll live my sad, lonely life while you grow old together with yours.

    now i know you lying...

    youve managed to get all the way into your late 20s...and never been hurt?

    lol...ok bruh...

    why cats lie on the internet is beyond me....


    this isnt even about right and wrong...i never said the way you think is wrong...all i said is that it will change

    age has nothing to do with is usually indicative of it tho...but not always

    I have never gotten hurt.

    I'm smart by observing my homies getting crushed.

    I peep and thanks goodness I never was in that situation.

    I'm not beta. I'll do me and you and all the other beta males do y'all.

    do you even know what beta means?

    tell me...

    i think we have a leykis student here
  • Re: Why rich niggas marry hoes.

    ohhhla wrote: »
    2 Drawlz wrote: »
    Mad Jack wrote: »
    No but I do wonder why they would get married period when they have access to a plethora of hoes

    Fucking different hoes, it sometimes get cold.
    sometimes u want to have some one that have u back.

    I'm really tired of this bs saying.

    You take your break of fucking hoes and resumed 5 months later.

    Stop preaching this monogamous nonsense.

    Humans get tired of everyone eventually.

    im guessing youre in your early 20s, correct?

    your outlook is correct for someone in that age bracket...

    no shade...but youre probably a virgin or have maybe one or 2 notches on your belt...

    so to you...chasing and smashing a lot of women is the way to go...

    give yourself 10-15 yrs...your outlook will change...i promise you...

    you'll see that quality beats quantity every time...

  • Re: Why rich niggas marry hoes.

    ohhhla wrote: »
    Why niggas marry bitches period is the number one question.

    nothing wrong with marriage, young padawan....

    if done correctly....and with the right person
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