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  • Re: This Is What A "Perfect 10" Looks Like

    she's gorgeous....

    curious tho: do yall consider any dark skinned women to be dimes?

    knew before i came in here...that whatever chick was posted would more or less a brown-skinned white girl...

    and i was right
  • Re: SMH at it being cool to go to the Pride parade

    skooby2315 wrote: »
    everyone you know who attends are faggots and should be shot on site

    the thing is its A LOT of bitches going. just teenage bitches. is this a parenting fail?
    I'm not a homophobic but this is clearly a bad thing to promote so much homosexuality.

    do you really think people turn gay becuz they see a gay parade or a gay dude on tv?

    you honestly believe this?
    [Deleted User]Lurker6antoseegxxCivicxx
  • Re: Social Freaks

    i guess im too old or something...not feeling any of these chicks....
  • Re: I'm Real Tired Of Obama Yes Men And Women

    Theodis wrote: »
    Theodis wrote: »
    Theodis wrote: »
    Theodis wrote: »
    so you mean to tell me, that 2 past presidents with the same executive decision making abilities are more powerful than the current?


    and... the fact that the nigga hasn't undid any of their BULLSHIT, doesn't bother you?
    rhetorical question, doesn't require an answer.

    fuck whitney houston!


    you can shut right the fuck up talking to me, fuck you and fuck your opinion enjoy your soylent green, bitch!

    just what i are an idiot...good day to you sir.

    no... you are just an indoctrinated government yes man...

    you hate every thread that has us questioning our government...

    every thread that informs...
    you are THE definition of a forum plant, i bet you work for the FBI...

    i hope you fall in a sink hole and die.

    you are ignored young fella...carry on.

    fucking puppet.

    i will deign to speak to you once. and only once. im in science. college degree/interns/decade in corporate america.... i need proof. you cant come in here spouting shit you read in 'the final call' or heard in the barbershop and expect me to take it for more than face value...

    most of you in here crying about viruses and monsanto probably didnt even pass high school excuse me if im now blown away by your copy/paste understanding of genetics and virology....

    blakfyahkingAfrica United
  • Re: I'm Real Tired Of Obama Yes Men And Women

    You niggas who think he can do or say no wrong. Not saying the man is an idiot, but he certainly has surrounded himself with idiots. Eric Holder is a God Damn moron. Obama surrounds himself with worthless idiots and he wonders why people criticize him when he takes their advice. The man's legacy will be tarnished with incompetence. Telling your kids and grandkids he was the first black president will be the equalivent of telling your kids and grandkids your boss was a Jew.

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