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    What are the chances i can smash if I'm not a celebrity?
  • Re: Tell us your experience was like when you 1st smoked weed

    KamPushMe wrote: »
    The first I smoked it was kinda of wack, but around 3rd time shit was crazy. I was hotboxing in my whip with my homie. Had class later that day, so I had to rush a bit. We was smoking like 3+ blunts and my mans brought his bowl(gas pipe) with him. I decided to try it out. I hit the bowl a couple times and nothing really happened until like the 5th or 6th hit. Broooooo. My ass was done. I started to get paranoid like a mufkuka. I had visions of me dying and shit. My mans asked if I was good and if we should move somewhere else. I told him naw, then realized I had to go to class. I dropped him off, and went home cause I forgot one of my textbooks. Went to my room and I started tripping. I was rolling on floor visualizing my death. Shit was crazy. I took a quick jog to clear my head before heading out class. Finally got class and I felt terrible. The whole class knew I was smoking cause my scent was strong. My instructor asked me question and my ass could even say word without stuttering. I was so embarrassed. Went home then out of the blue I started get the shakes. My ass was shaking the whole gotdamn night and it was like 70 degrees out. I really thought I was going die that night. My heart was beating on some occasions and there were some moments I couldn't even breathe properly. Woke up the next morning feeling great. Told my bro I needed break from weed lol.

    sounds like you almost greened out; i had a point like that too. self-realization of your existence is the worst!
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    Lou_Cypher wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    Never understood how niggas couldn't get high their 1st time. I had some shitty ass dirt Georgia weed and got high as fuck.

    Me and the homies skipped school one day, they been trynna get me to smoke forever, I finally gave in, think I was 16. First time I hit it, I coughed my damn lungs up lol that was the first time I ever smoked anything, couldn't breathe for shit. Tried it again, same thing. Somebody blew me a gun and my god...


    I remember I started trippin talkin bout "Yo I need some medical attention, my throat fucked up" niggas was dying but I was dead ass serious lol went and looked in the mirror cause I felt my eyes slowwwly closing, "holy shit my eyes red as fuck" . After shit settled in, I prolly laughed harder than ever before just chillin wit the homies crackin jokes. Munchies kicked in, everybody left and nigga took a nap lol literally got every single side effect of weed off of hittin the blunt twice and catchin a gun off some shitty ass weed lol classic moment.

    I think cats might not know how to inhale properly at a young age nh

    Inhaling is definitely the problem with a lot of folks. I was always that guy that introduced my friends to drugs and I would notice all the time folks would hit the pipe or blunt and just have the smoke sitting in their mouth and blow it all out. I've trained tons of people step by step how to smoke a blunt.

    "Puff.. ok, now breathe in, then breathe out!"

    What's the technique, no homo
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    mike06Stomp Johnson
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    Kelsi Monroe. A true yamp