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  • Re: American Dad Appreciation Thread

    Steve really be going in though. Remember that time he was singing My Body by LSGg, and killing it.
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  • Re: When Comedians spit better quality shit than the the rappers running the Game...

    I fuck with dude
  • Re: Hell Hath No Fury is 10 Years Old

    Wamp Wamp still my shit.

    I remember feeling like I waited forever for this to drop after Lord Willin came out.

    I remember I had got a new whip with a 4 disc changer, I thought I was the shit. Had this, DipSet, Kingdom Come I think and Doctor's Advocate in heavy rotation.
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  • Re: D.R.A.M. At The Breakfast Club

    He got a good energy about him.

    I fuck with this joint he got with SZA

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  • Re: Tell us your experience was like when you 1st smoked weed

    I made a thread years ago about my first time, here's the op from that thread. Sorry so long

    Alrite so this weekend I decided to smoke some weed for the first time, starting Friday night after work a guy I work with sold me somthing called "white rhino". I'm no weed expert so I took it to my other homies and they said it was legit, so we smoked it and we in my homies crib just laughin at everything. We watched the Suns and Mavericks game and was just dying laughin at the stupidest shit, the next thing I know we at White Castle ordering alot of shit. Together we ordered like 15 burgers, 20 chicken rings 3 fries, 3 drinks and my nigga had a couple double cheese burgers. Lol. We smashing this food in White Castle at like 2 in the morning. After we got done eating went to a strip club across the street and drank, I didnt know wtf was goin. The crazy ass lights and loud music was just trippen me out. Before I know it,I'm wakin up at 2 pm fully dressed in my room with all my windows open in 20 degree weather.

    Then later that day me and my roommate was chillen, and I told him that I had smoked the previous night. Dude was dissapointed that I smoked for the first time wit out him. So he goes and buys some and rolls like 5 blunts, I'm like ahhh I guess I can smoke again. We smokin blunt number one, I'm coughin and shit and my eyes are burnin and the room is funky. By number 3 we sittin there with two large pizzas just killing em. Hours later we at a party for our homies graduation and we smoked the other 2. So we leave the party and were hungry again, so we stop at Mcdonalds and got some burgers and fries. I drop him off at his girls crib, then I'm drivin to my crib eatin my burgers and fries while Im driven. Before Im home, my bag is empty.

    Lol. So I stopped at Rallys or Checkers depending on where you from, I ordered some chilli cheese fries and 2 apple pies. I make it home at around 3 am and eat my fries and pies. I pass out and in the middle of the night I wake up coughing and weezing and shit. Im tryna catch my breath while Im coughin, my eyes are running and my throat is burning. I get to the bathroom and start hacking up bits of apple pie and cheese. Then I noticed in the mirror my nose running, but its not just snot coming out. Its a bright orange mixture of snot and cheddar cheese running out of my nose. At this point I'm scared and begin to puke for about 3 or 4 minutes. I get myself together and it takes me a while to get back to sleep and at 10 am Im headin to Church.
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