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Adam saw Eve post a BM, so he hit her up in the DM


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  • Re: Damn Usher burning ladies out here.


    I saw this on FB. The internet is a savage place lol
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  • Re: Lira Galore Disses Rapper Rick Ross & Wants Black Men To Respect Black Women

    How I am getting the blame when I don't even know her
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  • Re: Happy Birthday Big Moe's City of Syrup

    It's a travesty that Fat Pat, Screw, Big Hawk, & Big Moe are all gone. Fat Pat & Big Hawk (both brothers) were murdered. You have to be the devil himself to kill Big Hawk; one of the most kindly folks ever. I heard the same dude that killed Fat Pat killed Hawk. Don't know how true that is tho. Now I'm educated on who Corey Blunt (no not the NBA player either) & Pat Lemons were. I used to always wonder who they were because SUC used to shout them out all of the time. Corey Blunt was known as the slab king; nigga used to pull up in countless of slabs. Him & Fat Pat used to always be around each other. Pat Lemons was the king of the drank. It's messed how everything went down tho. Pat Lemons got killed by his girlfriend; Fat Pat was killed, then the feds was waiting outside for Corey Blunt at Fat Pat's funeral in 98'. I think Keke said that was the last time he seen Corey
  • Re: Whats The Weirdest/Strangest Experience You've Ever Had?

    I meant to come back to this thread & tell this story but the most strangest stories that I probably seen is the story of Jamieka Porch. The biggest abduction case that ever happened in my city. I think it was once aired on Unsolved Mysterious. This case was big back in the 90s. I've recently saw an old article about her abduction in an old newspaper that this black owned business had posted on the wall. Jamieka Porch was born in 1990. In 1994, Jamieka was asleep & abducted from the house of her grandmother's & never seen again. The family found out that she was missing; when the mother came to the grandmother's house to pick up Jamieka & she was missing. I think I remember hearing that the window was open. Weeks later, investigators spotted some bones near by the home but it didn't match Jamieka. I think around 2000, witnesses think they spotted her description but to no avail. 23 years later, I always think if this case will be ever solved. I always say that the 90s had a high volume of abduction cases.
  • Re: When Racial Profiling Goes Wrong

    He tried to hurry up & dismissed himself when she pulled out that state attorney card on him :joy: :joy: :joy:

    She gave that little smirk & still was smirking when they were writing their names down. R.I.P to their jobs
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