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Adam saw Eve post a BM, so he hit her up in the DM


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    HafBayked wrote: »
    Didnt know that shit was real...saw it on yahoo or sumn

    fuck that store and they know what they got coming.....but nigga.....people gotta get serious about what they put in their bodies lol

    been roasting people around me for years for gettin hot dogs and chicken wings out the gas station...cut that shit out....they're not in any way held to the health standards of an actual restaurant...i mean you can smell the weeks old grease burning when you pull up

    yeah yeah I know its cheap and convenient and if thats all you could get to that day, I aint mad....but I know people with decent jobs that get in the car on lunch break and go to the damn Tripple J gas station for some chicken...nah

    @HafBayked you are preaching to the choir. I stopped eating gas station food a long time ago but I still have a lot of peeps that eat there like its good. They be like "Sanford, you ever ate at Raceway? Their little 4 piece chicken box meal is good. They'll give you a 4 piece & a biscuit for $3.00. I eat there every morning". It is this hood store on the Southside that a lot of people used to eat at. Then the health department came through & shut them down because they had rats. Months later, they are right back in that store, eating there like it was nothing.
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    Crude_ wrote: »
    Underground Kingz was solid but not great as great as their earlier stuff like Ridin' Dirty and Super Tight.

    Pimp C kept getting locked up and I think that hurt the amount of material they could put out. By their latter years it was obvious Bun B started to focus on solo projects.

    I really don't think those Bun and Pimp got along in their later years.

    They didn't but they patched everything up before he passed. They had their own separate crews & only seen each other during promotion runs around the Dirty Money time & later. That was when Pimp moved to Atlanta but around Ridin Dirty and earlier, they were tight & hung together
  • Re: Flex & Wack have joined together in conspiracy to assassinate the character Of not only Mr. Shakur,

    Treach is a real nigga. Its funny because Naughty by Nature is playing on the radio. The local radio station must be doing a tribute for Treach whooping Wack ass
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    chompollet wrote: »
    Lol I google Mac minister he seem to be some crazy nigga. Why is all this killers defending Pac? Lol

    "Andre Dow (known by his stage name Mac Minister) is an American rapper who was found guilty for the murder of Kansas City rappers Anthony "Fat-Tone" Watkins and Jermaine "Cowboy" Akins in Las Vegas, Nevada in May 2005."

    The bodies of the victims were later found riddled with AK-47 bullets at a construction site outside of Las Vegas

    That was from the retaliation of Mac Dre. Either he did or not, but speculation said that Fat Tone had something to do with Mac Dre getting killed
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