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Yo Fam, meet me in Chinatown at 8pm. We gotta meeting with our purchasing department about them buying bricks over priced


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    I'm at work & this white girl said "what are you listening to?". I told her "UGK". So she asked "let me listen to them". So I gave her my ipod then she came back a hour later & said "they are jamming, I never heard of them. It's surprising because they say they are from Pennsylvania & I'm from there". I said huh?.........She said "yeah, they are from Pennsylvania because the high pitch rapper kept saying P.A." I smh in disgust & told her "PA stand for Port Author, Port Author is a city in Texas. They are from Texas".
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    Good morning ICers, this is DJ T. Sanford & welcome to IC 103.5 & I'm about to air some drunk songs to carry out the weekend

    whaat you know about goin out, headin out, ridin out, down south
    findin T. Sanford with the gold and diamonds in his mouth
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    Fun Fact: When niccas was getting labels painted on their old school whip years ago. I had an IC labeled whip with the forum names engraved in the interior
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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    the crazy shit about this whole beef is not only is Ross quiet from meeks camp but Wayne and Birdman on the YMCMB side are both silent about the beef and Drake has the lead right now. I mean even if you are drake it's kind of shocking a nigga you did a whole tour with last year ain't have your back in public comments when it comes to this beef. Remember the only plat single from the C5 singles was the one with the drake stimulus package (as DJ Akademiks says).

    That's one of the reasons why I think him & Ross is going to fall out plus Ross tweeted "Drake>>>>>>Meek" on Twitter before he deleted it. If his albums meet less expectations then I can see Meek becoming emotional & saying that his own boss was riding for him. That's going to make Gunplay start dissing Meek in return but I'm just going by assumptions, but it won't surprise me if it happens
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    The irony is that he sampled the Undertaker theme but it looks like he is the one that is getting his career possibly killed & buried
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