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  • Re: The Official 2017 NFL Season Thread

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    Brady is THE GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME no exceptions.

    I actually agree. He is the best I have seen with my own eyes. watching Brady is seeing perfection. I used to hate dude until I realized, as a FOOTBALL fan I was depriving myself of the joy of watching a living legend at work. All my friends are patriot fans, so I see alot of their games. I remind them that while they get to see Brady composed in the pocket making the right throw, I get to watch Eli's stupid face every sunday

    Switch Russell Wilson and Tom wouldn't be saying tb was the greatest

    What?...Russell in Tom Brady legendary status now lol. Matter fact if Brady had the legion of boom keeping teams to under 20 points and scoring defensive TDs. He could actually have just as many if not more super bowls. Nigga said Russell Wilson. Russell nice, but come on brah. I know cowboys lost last night. But that don't mean you gotta lose all common sense.

    I know what tom brady is an overrated qb that people like to suck off because he's been in the best situation in NE for the past 15+ years. So, you going to sit up here and say that if you put Tom brady in seattle with the o-line he would be great? Where is your football IQ? I don't understand why people like you can't see that if you put in other qb's in NE that wouldn't have the same success.

    Again What does TB do better than Arod, Brees and Wilson? Bro, RW does shit in spite of oline protect for all these year and y'all act like that isnt greatness when you witness it.
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Somebody up the tranny in the bathroom.. tranny raped a girl
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  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NBA Thread (NBA Champs Warriors)

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    I think I've realized these last 2 games y kyrie was a loser b4 bron came and y they suck when he resting

    Kyrie went to a 19-63 team that lost 26 games in a row as a 19 year old with 11 games of college experience under his belt.It makes no sense when people say "but kyrie never made the playoffs until lebron went there!!!" they sucked & were a perennial lottery team who also took steps backwards when they botched a #1 pick.They weren't a good team.

    They don't win without lebron because they don't know how to play without lebron.He pigeon holes everyone into roles.

    Kyrie has been the same throughout, he nice but he play nigga ball n isn't the best decision maker, early in his career he didn't have the squad or health but now playing the same I have doubts he can win over 40, that ain't Bron fault, one can say bron marginalizes players, but he makes em better, Kyrie don't

    Name a list if players that lbj made better?

    U think KD>Bron, don't​ type at me.

    Yup exactly you just go with shit that everyone else say.. if you can't come up with shit that back up your claim don't say it

    Ironic​, bagg back bruh

    We already know if is better offensively... What make lbj better on defense?

    Bron Still better all around, but kd is number 2 for a reason, he's killin, it pains me to say due to the ho circumstances But it's true

    I asked you what does lbj better then kd on defense? Be specific because I want to know? You going to give me that 1 thru 5 shit or what let me know

    I could care less about 1-5. They bout the same on defense to me, neither one has stopped the other at all besides a possession here or there, kd stands out more Cuz he longer and on a better defensive team, kd a better shooter/scorer, Bron a better playmaker and at gettin to the rim

    Lol, so in other words that makes me better.
    I don't get you niggas argument. How in the hell does the best scorer in the league isn't better than what a top 5 playmaker in the league.

    Just a bullshit argument. Don't lie to yourself .... You can put kd in any type of offense I can't say the same for lbj

    Lemme borrow ur logic a second fam

    Melo was once a top scorer in the league​, so that means he was better than bron too right? RIGHT?!

    sure u can put KD in any offense, true

    Lbj is the offense....
    Bruh, stay on topic it's between kd offense vs lbj... You just shot yourself in the foot with their defense being equally because offensively kd has always been just trying to save face.

    And you don't make sense. You thought you was being funny with that comment early acting like you above approach with the argument but you have said shit.

    All you can say is lbj is better .. that don't make your statement true when you can look at the numbers

    Actually the argument was defense and I answered ur question, I also explained the aspect of offense KD is better at and the aspect bron is better at. U do Kno there's a bit more to basketball than shooting right? If we look at the numbers we see Bron is also one of the most efficient and dominant scorers as well. The only thing KD has always been better at is shooting. That one aspect doesn't make him better than Bron overall but I understand ur a prisoner of this moment

    Weren't u one of the ones hollering "alpha russ" a year or two ago btw?

    Offensive is about scoring more then your oppentent. Which kd is better at. I know about lbj stats he's a stats stuffer that has to have the ball on his .he can't play off the ball well. Most of this nigga point coming from driving to the cup it's not like he has consistent mid-range or a 3pt. That why you don't see him shoot the rock in tight situations.. he'll pass it .. I don't have a problem with that or is game. The problem I have is that the media and is fans just say shit that isn't true

    I never been a fan of lbj. This isn't no prisoner of the moment. He a cool player One of the greats but just never seen he game as great out side of passing

    Can you show me where I pick rw?

    Please Never​ discuss basketball with me again. Have a great evening, my brethren.

    Says that nigga that think lbj is a better offensive player than kd
  • Re: Overrated/overhyped shit

    Yo I just had in and out burger for the first time and that shit is over fuckin rated.. it was ok...wendys is better then that shit
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