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  • Re: Is Kobe Bryant Top 5 All Time? (List ur top 5)

    Tim Duncan's Points and Rebounds in the playoffs from 2012-2015...

    17.4 and 9.4
    18.1 and 10.2
    16.3 and 9.2
    17.9 and 11.1

    But he was a "role player"? Guess Im gonna have to use this gif twice in one night....


    Not impressive numbers bro lol shit brazy.. well the rebounding is good but the ppg isn't...

    Tim has finished out of top 10 rebounding since 09-10 season
  • Re: Is Kobe Bryant Top 5 All Time? (List ur top 5)

    Olorun22 wrote: »
    Olorun22 wrote: »
    I always say Kobe stans rate him too high and Kobe haters rate him too low. I say that as objective as possible because no matter what he's my favorite player ever.

    Kobe has had any amazing career but it's still hard to rate him over (in order)


    I'm not ranking Wilt, Russell, Oscar, Dr J, Jerry etc but Kobe without them and where ever you put him is 9th on my list.

    Out of thousands that have played Kobe is 9th. Top 10 alone is amazing. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Why is Duncan over kobe I don't get that one. Duncan wasn't pretty up stats for a long time.. How many season did he average of 20ppg

    Bro these dudes are delusional.. that's all, ask them why Hakeem over Kobe... Kobe outcareered both of them... Hakeem lucked up on 2 rings and niggas aint got any qualms against him, Duncan was a high level role player last 5 years high key , they give all their fav players passes on their low points in their career but don't want to evaluate the totality of their careers smh

    How many rings would Hakeem have if Jordan didn't retire?

    I can shit on you so easy with these posts. Matter of fact, since you ignored it the first time, Im gonna do it again.....

    Kobe came in the league with one of the most dominant players in the league history IN HIS PRIME and played with him for 6 seasons as a starter. Credit to Kobe, they got 3 rings in those 6 years and made it back to another Finals til Kobe ran him outta town. Hakeem came into the league to team with Ralph Sampson who had a few good years with him until injuries derailed him and he got shipped outta town. In their 2nd year together, pulled off one of the greatest upsets by knocking off the Showtime Lakers in 5 cause Hakeem played like a machine. They lost in the Finals to one of the greatest teams ever in 6 games where Hakeem held Robert Parish to under 13/7 and had more points, rebounds and blocks than Finals MVP Larry Bird.

    Hakeem played his first 10.5 years without a legit star guard until they traded for Clyde in 95 when he was at the tail end of his prime. And what did they do? Win a ring. Imagine if they traded for him years earlier. Or if Houston drafted him in 83 instead of Rodney McCray? They MIGHT've been Shaq N Kobe before Shaq N Kobe.

    Hakeem in the playoffs averaged more points, steals and obviously far more blocks/rebounds than Kobe did. Kobe's only slight advantage is assists. Both averaged 2.9 turnovers. Hakeem's numbers improved in the playoffs across the board. Kobe's numbers in the playoffs were identical to his regular season stats despite playing more minutes. And Hakeem led a team full of role players to a ring which is something Kobe never came close to.

    And like I said before, if you wanna pull that "Hakeem lucked up on 2 rings" shit I can pull the same with Kobe. MJ was still the man when he retired in 98, Scottie was still ballin and Kukoc was in his prime. If Jordan doesn't retire, everybody stays, including Phil. Which means he doesn't coach the Lakers. The Bulls still draft Ron Artest in 99 with the Suns conditional draft pick and who knows how else their roster changes.

    Hakeem can actually say he won a ring in the same postseason Jordan played with the Bulls (1995). He can actually say he swept the team that knocked Jordan's Bulls off. Kobe can never say any of that.

    And that Duncan being a role player his last 5 years bullshit is blasphemy. He made 2 All-Star, 2 All-NBA and 2 All-Defense teams his last 5 years and would've been Finals MVP in 2013 if Leonard and Manu hit their FTs. He was the 2nd best player on a contender his last 5 years until the last year when he finally became a role player. But he was a role player all those years? Fuck outta here.

    He was though tim duncan was the prime duncan we all can see that but you can convince yourself that your right is you want too

    I dont have to convince myself of shit. Just because you're past your prime that doesn't = role player. Tim Duncan was only a role player for a single year in his career and that was his final year where the team shifted towards Kawhi. Role players dont average 15.5 and 9.5 which is what Duncan averaged 2011-2015. And he was the anchor for one of the best defense in basketball and was still one of the best PF's in the league.

    15 and 9 are role players number wtf are you talking about.. those aren't even elite numbers and you're delusional
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    Closed this up Nelly not coming back
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    I don't know you niggas eat that shit, I'll pass on the slave food.

    It's good
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    Cleveland Browns shouldn't have a nfl team. . They should be in the cfl
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