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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    Chiefs are going to win
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  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    Watch romo end up Washington
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    Romo To denver?
  • Re: The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread.

    Man Zeke reminds me of LaDainian Tomlinson bruh, that boy is talented.

    You nosigned me @Stew explain? Boy can do EVERYTHING.

    Zeke isn't LT. They're game isn't even the same
  • Re: Prime D Wade vs. Prime T Mac: Who is better?

    The only time dwayne wade took over 20 fga's a game he led the league in scoring he's better than tmac in pretty much everything

    Wade a better playmaker,better defender,better closer,better handle,better post game.They were equal scorers when you factor in wade averaged the same numbers as tmac on less shots and had better fg %'s and wade led his team further than tmac ever did in his rookie year.Young/prime wade played just like 84-89 jordan tmac wasn't even the best sg in the league in his prime wade WAS,what are we talkin about.

    A lot of lies in this post . How the hell can you say wade is better than tmac in everything when wade cannot shoot the ball better? D.wade get a lot of his points by driving the lanes so those Fg% are going to be higher than someone who doesn't drive often. Dwade and tmac aren't equally scores. If you can't shoot and get a lot of your points from driving the lane and from the ft line. Tmac doesn't have to get poing just by driving because he can shoot the ball and You pretty much use a lot of energy doing. If you stop wade from driving you pretty much stop him from scoring. Can't say the from T-mac who can score anywhere from the court.

    Wade ave 16 ppg and jordan ave 28 I don't know why this was even brought up to be honest. When the was wade the bast SG in the league? And you're lying about tmac never being the best sg in the league. Some people had him as the best Sg in his prime.

    As far as dwade being better playermaker I disagree. Tmac passing ability was only second two lbj in the era ask JVG.

    Cheapseat is funny this thread has been made before and people pick tmac. Just like the other poster said Tmac is a once in a generation player I didn't see that in wade. Wade played hard but his offensive game has always been limited

    Oh and post moves Wade doesn't have a consistent fadeaway (right or left), No step-back, No spinout stepback(left or right), No drive spinback(right or left) . All move tmac can do on a consistent basis
    All wade is going to do is attack the rim in the post.
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