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  • Re: Lord Jamar: People who like Lil Yachty are actually stupid

    aneed123 wrote: »
    how old folk gonna tell young niggas what to like? Its like every rapper the kids like and party too they bash. I would expect someone in they 40s to bump uzi yachty 21 savage ect... but I stay seeing videos of old head bashing and complaining. let them do them hell you aint at the clubs partying with them.

    The thing about it is, hip hop has changed so much in just 8 years. That's pretty fast musically. Most old heads can't adapt. I'm 30, and I like the 2 singles I've heard Yachty on. "One Night" & "Broccoli". I wouldn't compare it to 2Pac. But they're some fun party songs. Lil Uzi Vert is garbage, but I like his work on that Wiz Khalifa track. Plus you got to realize older hip-hop fans didn't have to really search for shit, I'm the 90s- mid 2000s we could find shit on BET, MTV, VH1. Now we don't have that outlet, and most of us don't know where to look. And what's broadcasted now, appeals to a different type of crowd. I see the change in the climate, but I'm also aware rap battles are still big. Fab still dropping shit. Kiss still dropping shit. Lloyd Banks still dropping shit. E- 40 still dropping shit. Snoop still dropping shit. 50 still dropping shit. Ross (even though I don't like him) still dropping shit. It's shit out there for older heads, they just gotta learn how to get past the bullshit without complaint.
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  • Re: GTA Online: Freemode Week IN GAME BONUS AUGUST 26 - SEPTEMBER 1 2016

    i ro ny wrote: »

    @Turfaholic my bad my g.

    i wanted to run GTA but work kept interrupting my flow. i had to play a game that i could pause

    It's good bro. I was off Belvedere and trolling. Lol. I cracked that M tho.
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    Turfaholic wrote: »
    Im so happy im connected to America again, throughout a person of high standard and high value

    The IC doesn't make you connected breh

    It does bruh... it does.

    Nah mayne. You gotta cruise through the streets of Detroit. You gotta ride cable cars in San Francisco then drive across the bridge and catch a side show in Oakland. You gotta duck Trannies in West Hollywood and go to Compton and make sure you not wearing the wrong colors before you get out the car. Go to Times Square with all the tourist than hit up Lower Eastside Manhattan and have a boricua tell you "Yo, deadass, you're a feeb ass nigga B".

    And that's just a small glimpse. This IC shit ain't real. It's just a figment of America's imagination.
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    "The World's Most Dangerous Webite...(we're a little safer now)
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