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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

    Hip Hop aint dead.... That shit is and was on hospice........ Thanks Drake dick riders..... Its over now.,....
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  • Re: NAACP Spokeswoman Rachel Dolezal can't answer if she is African American or Not

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    I think that the problem with you guys is that you don't appreciate nuance. That's why I keep finding myself under fire on here. I would say one thing, and you'd hear another. I'd make a complex point, but you read it a simple way.

    For example, with this woman I am not saying that she shouldn't be criticized. All I am saying is that she was doing good work and her heart appears to be in what she was doing. You can acknowledge these things and still criticize her; if she was doing good work, that does not settle the matter about whether she is appropriately criticized.

    But these fine distinctions that I am making her, and that I make in other threads, somehow get lost. So you just read me as defending her, when in truth that's not what I am doing.

    How do you keep missing the point that she lied????
    Wtf is wrong with you???? 90% of race threads you go against obvious shit........ Your points dont be complex.... You just go against the grain about obvious shit like that mob nigga.... I'm convinced somebody is paying you niggas..... You niggas be too habitatual.... Keep acting like you ain't a professional shoe shiner though............

    How am I missing this point?

    She lied and she deserves criticism for that. But don't deny the obvious: that she was doing good work.

    This posts seems to be exactly what I am talking about. You read my post, but you don't seem to really understand it.

    What good work has she done???? Why aren't you talking about the hate mail she wrote to herself??? Bitch wrote hate letters to herself and tried to pass as black but that's OK because she did good work????? WHAT THE FUCK GOOD WORK DID SHE DO???? IF wanting to be black and her lying is good work then you won bruh.......

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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    I know the Knicks made the playoffs like 2 or 3 seasons but I can't remember the last time they made it before then....... That organization is trash from the top to the nigga that sweeps up the confetti when y'all win the 10th game of the season in March..... TRASH..... Y'all been waiting on 2016 since 2010 and but huggin the Bulls in the process...... Y'all gotta crawl first.......... Melo is 30 with a big dumb ASS contract and y'all pieces ain't nowhere near right...... Y'all dream in about Reggie Jackson though...... LOL
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  • Re: Are Men Intimidated By Strong, Smart and Successful Women?

    Lol at using strong and smart to describe a woman..........
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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    I wonder if we still gonna hear Excuses w/ Wall playing today.

    Man you and ol girl was in here crying about the refs a few days ago....... You really wanna talk about excuses fam???????