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  • The south has no classic albums

    Don't get it twistd i love da south, some of my fav rappers are from da durty. They got they own legends(face, the DOC etc..) and they got some classic hit songs, but as far as classic albums, they fall short and its kinda sad that after all the years that have passed since hip hop was created, the south has failed to deliver just ONE classic album smh..
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  • Re: Lets keep it real, 90s babies>>>>coons born in other decades

    Coach carter>>>above the rim and he got game
    almighty breeze
  • Lets keep it real, 90s babies>>>>coons born in other decades

    All I see you old heads talk about is how fucced up 90s babies is and how we make the race look bad n shit

    Niggas really mad at 90s babies for not hangin out on the corner shootin dice drinkin 40s all day FOH


    In reality we all know the earlier decades(mainly 60s and 70s) produced the most coons, with 80s babies being the most DL niggas

    Proof is in the pudding, 90s babies have lower rates of teenage pregnancy, homicide, blacc on blacc crime, auto theft, babies addicted to cracc, drop out rates etc....
    We saving the race

    Look at these stats:2i29yiw.jpg


    " Among black women aged 15–19, the nationwide pregnancy rate fell by 45% (from 223.8 per
    1,000 to 122.7) between 1990 and 2005, before increasing to 126.3 in 2006. "


    And we know damn sho this muffuka right hea aint no damn 90s baby:

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  • When you think about it, the hood is African Americans natural habitat

    Im not saying segregation is right but as black people in america we are not meant to be living in the hills with tennis courts in our backyard and shit. We not posed to be going to all white schools, or be raised in a quiet community.

    No matter what class a black person comes from, male or female, 90% of them are going to be attracted to "hood niggas" and "hoodrats" dont believe me? Just look at all the male posters on here with they hoodrat fetish. And of course we all know blacc bitches love thugs, whether they admit it or not, just go outside, or think bacc in the past on who your ex girlfriend cheated on you with
    The main purpose in life is to reproduce, and to reproduce you need a mate right. Well as blacc people 90% of us are attracted to hood niggas or hood rats so it only makes sense that's who our mates will be, meaning just by nature, we breed hood niggas and more hoodrats, because thats who we are.
    Hell look at whats happening nowadays, with black peopel moving to da burbs out the inner city. Those same burbs that were once quiet, is now loud, and gettin hood. Not that its a bad thing, but its just who we are. We are loud wild people, we come from the fuccin JUNGLE, wtf do you except. Its nothing to be ashamed of, its just who we are.
    All im saying its better for us to just stay in the hood, because once we leave the hood we're doing the same shit that we did IN the hood, and we chase, fucc and date the same people that still live in the hood. So really whats the point
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  • Fellas, can we agree if you dont like big booty girls, you got a small dicc??

    Just look at the crowd who is usually known for prefering no ass woman(white boys, asians, sand people, niggas who dress like wayne brady)
    However, when you watch porn and see a white boy who fuccin a big booty blacc bitch, its always one that gotta donkey dicc.
    And of course blacc men are known for lovin thicc hoz, and by genetics we have the biggest diccs.
    Maybe we just love asses?
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