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  • Re: New Shenco: Standardized Slaughter

    Classic shit.

    So Joker why haven't you ban my account yet since I have supposedly been using a Hacked account
  • Re: New Shenco: Standardized Slaughter

    Recap for the posters who don't want to read the whole thing:

    pages 1-22 Everyone roasts Shenco into oblivion over the mediocrity of Standardized Slaughter. Jokes include his shit sounding like Boy Meets World, Excite Bike 64, him being rhythmless, shit sounding like the epitome of the 90's, people telling him he needs a new career, etc.
    Aliases came in and crushed the building around page 18 but then the shit got old fast and thread was locked on page 24 to prevent aliases from ruining shit.

    PR and stew said "'let that shit cook over the weekend" and the page was unlocked like Gohan's potential and the roasting continued. 24 on continued with the original roasting and Peagle and PR killed everyone with the shenco recycling bin gifs. It was also revealed that Shenco had gotten fired (some say it was for playing his music in the breakroom, others say he got caught playing pokemon) then Matt and I stumbled across Shenco's facebook page which consisted of him talking to himself, liking his own stuff, and overall lame shit. Memes were then made my Lab Baby, me and a couple of other posters and hilarity ensued until around page 36.

    Charlie and peezy started saying lame shit and out from the sky came MC the Rapper on page 37 with his cape and battle armor, ready to defend Shenco's N64 music. He was roasted until PR found out that MC the Rapper and Shenco had been using the same IP address and another roast was born.

    we are 44+ pages now. FOF

    Y'all will believe anything
    (Nope)Dirty Sanchez32DaysOfInfinitibankrupt baller
  • Re: New Shenco: Standardized Slaughter

    Y'all do know I'm a troll right but haha at the conspiracy theory that was pretty entertaining , but my ip well my public ip address starts 66. dumb ass niggas
    (Nope)Rock_WellDirty SanchezNah Sonbankrupt baller
  • Re: New Shenco: Standardized Slaughter

    Y'all do know I'm a troll right but haha at the conspiracy theory that was pretty entertaining
    Men lie, women lie, off beat flows and ip addresses don't lie Shenco

    Word okay Parallel Pedo what ever you say
    (Nope)32DaysOfInfinitibankrupt baller
  • Re: Can Kobe win his 2nd MVP trophy this year... Hmmmm?

    Kobe could have won it any year post 2003 and it would have been legit, but steve nash changed the game once he got to the suns, half the league tried to copy their style and failed. If you weren't copying the lakers by getting big bodies, you were trying to run a form of the 7 second offense. MVP isn't the best player in the league award, if it was Kobe should have won it like 7 years straight.

    but his team either wasn't winning or he wasn't the best player on team . why should he get mvp and he's not the most valuable person on his own team .
    DR. JEK