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  • Re: Cari Champion on ESPN First Take....

    Cari doesn't annoy me in the slightest, I be laughing my ass off when she gets under Stephen A or Skips skin. If anyone annoys me its Michael Smith and Jemele Hill those two are kinda corny and they don't stop laughing. Jemele be going from laugh, serious, a second from bursting into laughter, serious and the cycle goes on. Kill that show His and Hers and niggas talking about bring back Hugh Douglas? Oh lord how about put him and Warren Sapp in a sports talk show Tuesdays mornings 355am to 4am. Both those niggas are the worst. But I am curious to see who was lying about the confrontation at the black journalists party. Michael Smith doesn't come off as a snake or liar, Hugh on the other hand comes off as a bit of a dickhead.
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