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  • Re: The Flash (CW)

    Why didn't Flash let Reverse Flash go home, was it because he was planning on continuing his mission of killing The Flash. Tom Cavanagh played the role of Thawne/Wells to perfection. Seeing Killer Frost was crazy and Jay Garricks helmet what has been seen...
  • Re: Noisey Atlanta - Gucci Mane & Jeezy: Trap Lords

    Really though if Atlanta takes this much pride in Gucci Mane aka Short Bus Music well than damn that's bigger than any L New York took ever.
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  • Re: Hot 97 Bought Power 105's Preferred Domain Name

    fuck power 105 ... didn't that coon ass nigga charlamange try to say that we need to worry about black on black crime when mike brown got killed? them niggas used their platform to sit up spending the whole show trying to defened cops and talk about how the black community needs to address the issues of black on black violence after a white cop just killed an innocent citizen .... man fuck them ... fuck that punk ass station ..and fuck you if you fuck wit em

    Charlamagne has been talking about black on black crime way before the Mike Brown situation and he's right. Getting riled up when the cops kill one of us and than when we kill each other we keep it moving. Thats wrong.
  • Re: Ayo why we never talk about how Game outlasted 50 tho?

    this thread title looks like it was made by one of games irrational ass fans
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  • Re: Reason Debate VII: YoungGoldie vs King Lee (YoungGoldie wins)

    Older artists have little responsibility to helping younger artists because this Hip Hop business is built on exploiting the youth and that means signing artists to terrible contracts as young upstarts. The elder artists are busy keeping themselves afloat. Hip Hop has the reputation where you have to be the best. To the point where some people with character flaws are championed in this culture. How can we expect artists like Jay Z to look out for younger artists when artists like him solely look out for themselves? For Example Jay was threatened by Cam’ron and his movement, an artist at the time who just got out of a terrible contract with Sony and had little star power. Cam’s hustle and ingenuity got him a label (Diplomat Records), he found artists (Juelz Santana, Jim Jones), and inspired with his swagger. Jay feeling threatened curved Cam’ron a few times. He probably would have preferred him to be a C-Level star like the rest of State of Property who Jay Z aligned with because he could make money off of them and they were no threat. From Industry connections like Lyor Cohen and Steve Stoute to artists like Jay Z and Diddy, one thing in this genre that is for certain is that everybody is on their own. This isn’t the game to be nurtured, it’s a game to be used in a way and find someone else to use.