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  • Re: Rapper Ranking Project: Rapper #1 - Jay-Z

    Im not gonna go to a shit on j-z tirade but he has been dissed by his fair share of rappers
    dang 50 Cent calling his rap golf music ...
    Jonah 2.0
  • Re: Boosie Badazz responds to Jay-Z stans who want him to stop putting racks to his ear

    Just show some respect just cuz I mention other rappers you aint gotta belittle K.B.'s name
    Im the one talking shit .... yall try to make him out to be a joke and that's not acceptable

    I got the right to voice my opinion on major mainstream artist that's why im here
    but beech I aint trying to hear your corky smart remarks about K.B. cuz nicca aint do shit to you

    What you gotta understand you gotta separate the 2 me and the dude .. be mature
    aint nobody trying hear your wanksta shit

    I know yall don't know better

    Your so into mainstream j-z stand mode you understand nothing else ...

    like I said the point of the thread is back up lil boosie by telling the truth j-z can't stop our culture
    we have our own rap scene just cuz they aint on the reason acting a fool doesn't mean it don't exist it's more real then the internet...

    that's why i said go out and experience some real culture ....
    LA. got a rap scene and so do alot of places ... we not trying to shit on the dude but we standing up for ourselves
    in the South !!!!!!!!!
  • Re: Boosie Badazz responds to Jay-Z stans who want him to stop putting racks to his ear

    No stupish they started going at my dawg u cheeseball
  • Re: Boosie Badazz responds to Jay-Z stans who want him to stop putting racks to his ear

    Ear2DaSt wrote: »
    Down in Houston he aint gonna stop our culture !!!!!!!!

    Nah for real if it's like that in LA. then you know it's like that in Texas

    You can't stop the Slabs .... You can't stop the Screwtapes can't stop The Military Minded people ....

    S.P.C./S.U.C./& Tha Killa Klan ALL Day Baby !!!!!!!!!

    Street Military ... K.B. Da Kidnappa ...all of that .... !!!!!!!

    LA. & TX are brother and sister stick together !!!!!

    The fuck are you talking about?

    Get off the IC and go experience some real culture .......
    You sound like a h0 !!!!!!!!!

    What are you talking about ..... smh
  • Re: Who would you say is the hottest rapper currently?

    Yall really do make J-Z hotter then he really is no he wasn't hot 20 years straight

    real talk is a more of a Hip-Hop icon then an hot rapper

    He rides off the shit he did in the late 90's to early 2000's

    Music wise he has had slow spurts but really his biggest hits where from the past

    He would drop some shit but no huge hits ....

    the industry needs a familiar face he is that token dude

    the say he manipulates the numbers

    New York is like the capitol of the world he is pretty much the representative

    New York gonna back him with sponsorship all that high power media shit

    but his music aint been that hott

    but if u got numbers to prove other wise .....

    I can't think of his last big hit in 10 + years but you stans will make a mountain out a molehill
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