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  • Re: why is kendrick not considered a rappity rap nigga?

    Rappers always get more hate when they're at the peak of success this thread proves it. More and more niggas coming out the woodworks with some kind of gripe over this nigga. If DAMN wasnt as successful as it has been, the fake hate for Kendrick wouldnt exist. Happens to every up and comer that that makes it to this level. What happened to niggas not speaking on shit they dont like or fuck with?

    I dunno bruh Ive been respectful of Kdot's fan base

    but at some point you have to speak your mind it just so happens he is at his peak

    it really won't effect him many times it helps them to be criticized

    I let my feelings be know about many considered to be greats such as Jay-Z

    admitted to not liking a Nas song saying it didn't hold up.

    I feel Jay Electronica is overrated and people put him on a pedestal

    at the same time I respect many legends

    Kool G Rap, Nas, Cormega, AZ, Biggie, Wu-Tang, Daz, Bone Thugz, Pimp C, Tommy Wright III, Tupac, Outlawz
    Mobb Deep, Rakim, Erick Sermon, Kieth Murray, Heavy D, Jim Jones, Krs-One, Scarface

    You like what you like feel me? I aint trying to be no hater... but Id be a fake to say I like everything that comes out.
    We all have different opinions on who has the best talent.

    Many times in these days rappers with the most hype have the least talent but again it is opinion
    others may see differently this is where you have to respectfully disagree.

    Im not saying Kdot is trash but overrated especially compared to the greats.

    I know Rosenberg likes him but everyone has a different opinion.

    sometimes to be honest and real you gotta be brave enough to put yourself out there

    cuz most folks is yes men and just wanna fit in with the popular crowd

    but people actually do have sour taste in music. I can't take to much mellow music I have to listen to some hype shit with some energy but Ive seen people play bland forms of rap along with other music and i seen first hand shitty taste in music is real .... but as long as you sell to your market ... gotta cater to your customer$ ...
  • Re: Rappers that dissed Master P

    Yall all on P tip now yall some clowns
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  • Re: achewon87: April Reason Threadstarter of the Month!!

    I aint looking that shit up ........

    let me guess your a producer... Im not a producer

    Im bout lyricist dope music is great but dope lyricist is greater

    You can have the dopest music but without true lyricist not fake ones it aint shit
  • Re: achewon87: April Reason Threadstarter of the Month!!

    Not just that but for real I diversify the subject matter look at my posts you'll see

    but Cutter your always on that psycho rap shit and the majority of the time you on that ICP

    kats be shitting on me but they know I got a vast wealth of hip ho knowledge and I share that shit

    I grew up on Hip Hop Im not just a rock fan that decided to like Hip Hop cuz of some group that mixes rock elements in their rap. Im a scholar but not by choice it just happened. If I would like the off the wall shit u might think im cool but Im straight hip hop alot of hating azz people don't wanna see that but that is my culture.
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  • Re: achewon87: April Reason Threadstarter of the Month!!

    60 threads? Does that nigga leave the house?

    Do you stop posting ICP even tho nobody shows love?

    Even I have seen some luv for the Street Military shit

    but you I can't remember anyone every saying anything nice not even once but you still don't stop

    They have sold plenty of records to get proper promotion in the right platform

    You would think the under dogs would try to respect eachother but heck no you wan't to get shitted on all by yourself
    You know before I got here it was you and Bcotton getting shitted on the most ... you should be happy
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