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  • Re: Joey BadA$$ Feels Like The New Generation Has a Short Attention Span

    Could also be the over saturation of music. I listen to alot of underground and indie music, after a while it's hard to keep it

    unless it's Pretty Toney you sleep with his cd by your pillow
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  • Re: Jay Z, Live Nation Enter Into New Deal

    Ear2DaSt wrote: »
    everybody hates something may not be right but everybody human

    hating is hating no matter the situation

    no hate is better because you don't hate on this 1 person

    but then hate on another

    Jay aint the only rapper to make it and they get hated on all the time no one moans and complains

    stop being a self righteous Jigga Shady Team.

    1. stop making bum ass threads on the IC
    2. quit being the head cheerleader for KB the kidnapper

    Im the thread starter of the month

    your just your average mainstream stan nothing different

    You think you look cute naming yourself MeekMonizzle

    whatever that shit means it's wack at first I thought u were a meek stan

    You think i look lame repping underground shit no one else is repping something different

    I think your lame cheerleading for the same ole mainstream rappers

    You really just blend in meek nothing is unique or stands out about your posts

    let's just agree to disagree

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  • Re: Big boat Shannon rips Joe BUDDEN over wackass son

    Yatchy aint wack but he aint no Kodak
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  • Re: Jay Z, Live Nation Enter Into New Deal

    DarthRozay wrote: »
    Ear2DaSt wrote: »
    Who tf cares about any deal Jay Z signs. Is that's news anymore?
    Bitter ass Dame dash signing a deal= now THAT'S news.

    Nation of Naslam fans be like. But but Nas got his investments he's gunna be a billionaire before jay!

    Nas is only 43

    Jigga is 47

    even Master P is younger then jigga at 46

    I though for sure P was older

    Nope not as old as Jigga

    we really makin a big deal out of a 4 year difference?

    Yes yall kats be actin like like jz 32 in yalls minds

    What hot song has Jz made in the last couple of years?

    Yet yall esteem him better then the rest of the industry I know yall want him to succeed

    but have a different perspective won't hurt what he is doing

    There is alot of rappers who would like to network and post their shit

    but yall shut that down to make jz threads all day then

    act like dude is untouchable the epitome of Hip Hop i know im not the only one

    to think like this there are other big stars but yall pus Jz

    Em,50 Cent,Kanye,Lil Wayne etc but they get shit on while yall

    terribly defend Jz and make it seem like he so superior talented

    that pushes members away

    The game wants different styles of music not shit that fit in with what Jz want

    shit might sell cuz it's whats put out but alot of hip hop heads aint gonna be feelin it

    you can hear them saying all shit sounds alike unlike the old times

    they think they are being different with that fancy smancy rap but they are just making that wack azz shit

    You will see industry personalities agree with what im saying
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  • Re: Kodak Black - Tunnel Vision (official video)

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