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  • Re: Who agree?

    nastrudamus was trash. .not jus trash by nas standards but trash period! streets disciple was street debris when i got thru wit it

    nas lows are MUCH lower than jays ...now the highs are debatable.....but the versitility of the music aint.
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  • Re: Self-Hate Is An Ugly Thing! Azealia Banks Bleaching Her Skin

    ^^And yes I mean she's been bullied by black kids.

    youth comes with all kinds of pressures. ..EVERYONE has someone on their case about SOMETHING at one or more points in their life...

    people talk shit....everyone gets it...i say that to say, u dont get bullied for any other reason than accepting that shit

    thats even before getting to the point that she never even had a complexion that folks get joked at about, bitch aint even dark

    She's stated that she was bullied in childhood and adult life about her skin. That's why she went so hard at that darkskinned child and tried to attack her self esteem.

    Her point was that they do the same to her.

    She was kinda dark tho

    we got to the point in society that WAAAY too many people refuse to even acknowledge this FACT, but
    u gotta have a certain kind of personality to ALLOW yourself to be bullied....not talked shit at or clowned occasionally (we all get that )but BULLIED

    and the fact that she grew up with acceptance of being BULLIED explains the train wreck (bad) attention whore irrational shit shes grown into...theres an observable pathology behind her bullshit

  • Re: Self-Hate Is An Ugly Thing! Azealia Banks Bleaching Her Skin

    regardless of how yall will probably dispute this, that girl is attractive...not even niche attractive but generally attractive. ...theres gonna be pitfalls and doubts regardless of how anyone looks, but a sense of assurdness and validation from your upbringing should eventually reel someone like her back to reality in regards to what were discussing...from mom and dad

    something in her household had to plant the seed for this shit to sprout into thesw mess of weeds were lookin at
  • Re: 58 People Shot in Chicago Over Holiday Weekend

    babelipsss wrote: »
    Sad. That's roughly a person shot every hour and a half. Do they have any leadership? Black leadership?

    I saw a documentary on Chicago, and according to it, one of the reasons shit is so bad is that they locked up a lot of the gang leaders back in the day that kept shit in check. Then the younger cats came up, didn't have that guidance, and just started wilding out.

    it was worst then

    niggas aint gettin shot at over sports logos n colors no more
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  • Re: The Game - 300 Bars and Running - revisited 10 years later...what y'all think?

    GetoBoy wrote: »
    One of the greatest diss tracks ever

    great diss tracks leaves impacts and changes the trajectory of someones career/legacy

    mc shans legacy BECAME "south Bronx " after that record

    ether took nas from a has been to back being an elite emcee

    i can keep going, but u get the idea

    how you personally feel about the song is one thing, but what effect did this song have on games or gunits career /image/ status etc?

    NONE...in the respect im speaking of at least, it was jus background noise

    this joint aint matchin up to the heavyweights
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