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    Eminem stans are the worst for many reasons including these :

    1. 90% of them are Eminem fans, not hiphop fans
    2. In their dellusional mind Em is better than Big, Pac, Jay,etc
    3. They act like Em is above the materialistic shit in hiphop, as if making music about (pill popping, rape, drag,etc) is deep.

    i could honestly say the same thing about stans of other rappers as well

    Jay, Nas, Pac, Big,etc have something tangible to stand on though (catalog wise and cultural movement). What does Em have compared to those dudes musically speaking?

    I think we underrate Em because he's white as far as catalog and cultural movement. I remember on the Ice T movie Em said that he speaks for the people from the other side of the tracks who didn't have a voice(the mom haters, the baby mama drama, drug addicts). Just because we don't understand that side doesn't mean he hasn't has nothing tangible to stand on compared to the greats...

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