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  • Re: mc lyte got married recently

    HafBayked wrote: »
    she's a middle aged female rapper

    im sure courting her is a little....different

    u know niggas gotta be Huey status w/ the shit

    I could see her at the bar literally running guys off with the headstrong "come correct" talk lol

    probably points 2 fingers every time she speaks

    LMAO this shit is hilarious
  • Re: I always knew Amerikkkas sweetheart Tomi Lahren was into something.

    Who the hell is the chick?
  • Re: Silver Summer Nights ep 2- SilverfoxxETO

    Fosheezy wrote: »
    silverfoxx wrote: »
    Just wanna say while the IC is making a transition, whatever happens I really wanna thank you all for the support man.

    My art is my life....Words can't describe how much of a long way a listen goes for someone passion and goals to get better and to make it. The IC has always been some Apollo shit lol, y'all don't hold back on opinions, so for folks to give feedback and even enjoy my music man that shit means the world.

    Whatever happens soon just know I won't forget every single word y'all have given.

    @Sion @Beta @mosincredible @Lab Baby @Fosheezy @genocidecutter @sapp08_2001 sorry if I'm forgetting anyone else. But y'all all helped a nigga in tough times when I felt I didn't have nothing, so for that I appreciate and thank y'all man.

    Thanks brother I got your soundcloud ima gonna keep checking for ya and ima reach out to you if anything on there before I get my lil social media poppin

    Word up! Hmu on SoundCloud or even my IG and let me know when you start posting your work brother.
  • Re: New

    An app with instant video posting capability and rewards system will be some game changing forum shit and would take this to a higher level.

    I also believe to attract the younger crowd of posters it would be wise to Interview rising YouTube stars on the allhiphop site and do a set up Reddit QandA style for fans to interact with questioning. That way on social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter it can be advertised to sign up to AHH/IC for the opportunity to engage, as well as generating clicks to the site.

    That way you can grow a newer crowd, keep folks engaged with future interview/QandA interactions, and ultimately give the AHH a relevant experience with the current generation and past (OG in the game interviews /QandA can be done as well)

    This can be a platform for sports, music, fashion, etc. That way you are hitting on all aspects of urban/pop culture.
    water ur seeds
  • Re: ADHD! SHUT DA F*** UUUUUUP!!!!

    Tryna not cheat on my shorty

    Life is trash

    Be strong brother. Thank of the bigger picture and who gonna hold you down through all of this shit in life. Go fap that shit out and stay focused
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