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@Sion you trill for that. As a young 21, I Been thinking about investing but I have 0 knowledge of it. Is it really a good game to look at? Im at the point where im willing to do practically anything to enable future success for myself. College is like stock itself. Nigga struggling out here for a gamble. Mind as well gamble with other opportunities for potential success.


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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    Lmaoooooo at all of this shit.
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  • Re: The 2016 NBA Offseason Thread

    The knicks really about to sign eric gordon?!? Are they crazy? that would be 3 mad injury prone additions depending on what the hawks,heat and c's do that squad got 6-7 seed written all over it

    Switch in places with axel when it comes to absurd optimism this year he was only out with a finger injury last year


    I'm not tryin to be fuinny what are you sayin? The knicks gonna be good?

    Smh I hate my autocorrect

    I'm switching places when it comes to extreme optimism with axel gordon was only out with a finger injury last year went out twice,

    Just seen him doing exercises his knees are fine that's all I care about funny face dude is strong as hell it seems

    I understand the optimism.I do think they have a good chance to make the playoffs but you got the celtics,hawks(depends what happens with horford and bazemore),heat,hornets,raptors,pistons who all made it last year then the pacers upgraded their talent,cavs the champs,bucks that young team with potential that can shake up the east if they make the right moves + I got a feeling jabari parker breaking out next season and greak freak about to take his game to another level.Magic another sleeper team It's gonna be tough I personally don't think the bulls gonna make it(which is cool with me)unless jimmy has an mvp type season

    Health is the obviously variable for all teams.You got a lot banking on rose,gordon & noah with new teammates and a new coach

    Just have to wait until the season but a healthy knicks team that's projected imo is better than some of those teams if things go well it's will probably be the first time melo will be on a team where defense can't double team him the very least you won't see the whole fucking squad shift to him when. He gets the ball

    melo arguably will have more help offensively than bron with a healthy knicks team

    There automatically gonna be top 5 in offensive rebounds if noah can play

    With an actual driving gaurd there gona feast on putbacks

    Eric gordon is also a outside inside player I know it's easy to forgot about a nigga who's been injured but let's not get carried away he not just

    a spot up shooter and he can handle the ball funny looking nigga will yam it on you if he gets a chance

    It's always hilarious to see out of state niggas clown my Pelicans team and trash the players, but as soon as free agency or a trade occurs, you niggas wanna get all optimistic and find the value in players y'all clown.

    Ol "the sky is blue on the other side" ass niggas. Just be consistent. Gordon a trash ass dude.
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  • Re: So uh.. Pitchfork Ranks The Top 50 Mixtapes of The Millennium

    So far gone should be in the top 10. Shit changed music as we know it today.
  • Re: So in today's news: Man Shoves Poops Down Woman's Panties

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  • Re: Gatorade or Powerade?

    Cool Blue and Rain Berry Gatorade is straight crack after a long workout
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