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  • Re: WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN!!! Official 2014 N.O. Saints thread

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    south4life wrote: »
    We gotta beat The Falcons

    Don't set yourself up for disappointment with this sorry ass team. Time to clean house.

    I agree its time to let go some past their prime guys, but if we fuck around and get in those playoffs we'll be a dangerous team.

    There are no super dominant teams in the NFC like Seattle was last year.

    I'd favor us to win our home game.

    I don't trust this sorry ass defense and Rob Ryan needs to go. How the hell this defense have so many damn communication issues throughout an entire season, especially in the secondary when it's the same defense they played in last season? The man has to go and we need to go after the 49ers defensive coordinator since Harbaugh is likely done in San Francisco.
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  • Re: WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN!!! Official 2014 N.O. Saints thread

    south4life wrote: »
    We gotta beat The Falcons

    Don't set yourself up for disappointment with this sorry ass team. Time to clean house.
  • Re: Jameis Winston Suspended for 2 Halves* for Yelling 'F*uck Her Right In the P*ssy!!"

    ^^^ Of course they have, but it's still illegal.

    What's the point of telling me it's illegal when the shit is gonna come out when the NFL is in the position to do their do due diligence on Winston? And these muhfuckas can get theirs hands on anything they choose regarding a player coming into their private entity.
  • Re: The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Offseason Thread

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    Da cubs doe....

    Name another another southern NBA team who sells out it's season ticket base with a perennial losing record.

    Why must it be a southern nba team?
    Niggas creating irrelevant criteria to suppport their point, tf going on. Cubs gonna cub and everyone knows this yet they still sell out faithfully.

    Sure, the forever mediocre hawks roster is certainly part of the problem. Is it more of a problem than the fanbase itself? Debatable. But is it easier to fix a broken fanbase than it is to sell a top 10 player a dream of signing to your shitty organization? Without question.

    As for those claiming not all blacks is broke yakkity yak bs, foh. We not amongst crackas here. I consider cheapseats to be a gathering of the fellas. With that said, keep it real my nigga. The ratio of wealthy white guy to wealthy black man is ridiculous. Hell, the ratio of middle-class black to middle-class white is albeit also insane. Is it fair that whites are on average much more well off than blacks? Of course not. But it's not the job of a basketball team owner to fix poverty levels & inequality. It's their job to maximize profits while looking out for the best interest of their team.

    With that said, dude is only using facts when raising the issue that the fanbase needs reform. I'm not no uncle tom/ruckus by any means but I'm just being straight wit yall niggas. Flocka overseas with the white folks doing shows, fuck keeping it real & doing shows in the hood when niggas ain't paying.

    Because we're talking about a NBA team in the south, white people don't like basketball like that down here. And stop comparing an MLB team (who's player makeup is predominantly white and Hispanic by the way) to an NBA team that's predominantly black. The Hawks suck, that's why southern whites don't go to their games, plain and simple.

    That train of thought has holes in it. Are southern whites not coming because the players are black, or is it because they suck? Or is it because they don't care about basketball? That post was all over the place nigga get ya shit together

    The owner told on himself and the league isn't forcing him to sell the team spook.
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  • Re: Official 2014 NFL Draft/Off Season Thread

    Peterson claiming he does more is irrelevant when his team never even made the playoffs in result of him doing more.

    No it's not. The question was "Do you think you're a better player than Richard Sherman?"

    Hard to make a claim about you're the best when your team ain't winning in the 3 years you been in the league. 3 str8 losing years my nigga. And in those 3 years, we can't even legitimately tell if the Cardinals defense OR offense is the strength of their team. So what impact is Patrick Peterson really having with all the things that he does?

    Arizona went 10-6 last year, so that kills that argument. Also they're the only team to beat Seattle in Seattle in the last two years.

    Defense was ranked 6th in yards, 7th in points allowed

    Offense was 12th in yards, 16 in points scored

    So you tell me where their strength is?

    You in this bitch bragging about a 10 and 6 team who didn't even make the playoffs? They had a chance to make the playoffs last season over the 49ers and couldn't even beat the 49ers AT home. What's the point of you even throwing that in your argument in the first place? And you completely leave out the fact that Arizona's secondary was ranked 14th out of 32 teams, so we already know what part of THAT defense ain't the strength of the team. And I'll say this exact same shit again, the Arizona Cardinals played the New Orleans Saints last year, Patrick Peterson had absolutely no impact in the game none whatsoever and was hard to tell if he was even on the fucking field in that game.

    Need proof?


    I was not impressed.
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