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    Steph's fro doesn't has spikes in it.
  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    "Pay Tristan max money to come off the bench or I'm leaving!"

    If anybody is bad for the NBA it's LeBron, so glad this nigga ways ain't rub off on a youngin like Anthony Davis.
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    I expect Klay Thompson to eat in this series since he ain't gonna have to expend much energy guarding any of the Cavs guards since they all gonna basically be spot shooters in the half court because of Lebron's isolation brand of basketball.
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    Highly disappointed with Peterson guy. Dude must have been beating nothing bums his entire career.
  • Re: Grandmaster Caz: I Don't Respect a Single New Rapper's Lyricism

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    Grandmaster Caz is 50+ years old and could serve any of these new Cs in a battle. Just check out his verse on Ice T's documentary The Art of Rap (or whatever it was called)

    lol nigga even someone like Chingy would flame this geezer

    Get him and his "hipit to the hop and ya don't stop" ass all the way the fuck outta here

    Wait, so this the nigga who was spitting them basic ass rhymes on Rapper's Delight who's talking down on ANYTHING 2 Pac ever released? Shit, Pac verse on Digital Underground shit was harder (n/h) than any verse on Rapper's Delight.

    This is why I wanna slap you young niggs.

    Grandmaster Caz was NOT on Rapper's Delight. That was the Sugarhill Gang. He was in the Cold Crush Brothers.

    Fucking ignoramuses. DO your damn research.

    2 Pac shit went harder (n/h) than all this shit you talking bout bruh. That's just the fucking truth.

    Brenda's Got a Baby> Grandmaster Caz entire rap career

    That's your opinion. The truth is, there is nothing intricate or lyrically amazing about Brenda's got a baby or any other Pac record. Pac was passionate, insightful and emotional.

    Substance, relatable, impactful music> any this lyrical shit you just mentioned

    I don't give a fuck how lyrical Eminem is if I can't relate to none of his music, and nobody know who Grandmaster Caz is as a solo artist.

    You weren't asked what you give a fuck about. The context Caz spoke in was lyricism and Pac wasn't that. And it's no big deal. It doesn't take away from Pacs ability to relay his message. So, step out of your feelings and deal with what was actually said, by Caz.

    Speak for yourself. You are making yourself look quite the idiot "nobody know who Grandmaster Caz is as a solo artist."

    Nobody knows who Grandmaster Caz is as a solo artist for him to be trying to diminish what Pac did as a solo artist. Shit would hold more weight if this came from somebody like Jay-Z or Nas, but Grandmaster Caz my nigga?

    I believe you. No one knows who's Caz is. With that said,you obviously didn't listen to the video. All Caz said was Pac wasn't lyrical. That doesn't diminish what Pac did as an artist.

    I watched that video and that nigga said the producers are the ones who made Pac who he was, Vlad had to do a double take and ask that nigga if he at least thought Pac was a great songwriter because of all the hit songs that he had. The nigga answered saying Pac was great at displaying his emotions. This type of shit coming from this fuck nigga was a big reason why their was an East Coast/West Coast beef other than Pac getting shot in New York. So fuck that old ass nigga.
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