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  • Re: In September of 2017, We Are Witnessing Genocide And Nobody Cares

    A lot of y'all are.......brainwashed. You have no idea how the world works outside of your own communities. Hearing people say things like Puerto Ricans had it coming like the majority of the free world doesn't look at all brown people the same way. Again I ask you keyboard warriors who like to watch a 30 min news segment if you really understand the evil that's out there in this world? I swear some of ya'll think the rest of the world is just a poorer version of the United States.
  • Re: In September of 2017, We Are Witnessing Genocide And Nobody Cares

    jono wrote: »
    Genocide? Let's not get ridiculous.

    I spent four years in The Marine Corps. I've been to dozens of countries. I have killed men across four countries. I've watched how third world countries governments treat their citizens. I have done recon and tracked some of the most deadly men on the fucking planet. What Trump is allowing to happen in Puerto Rico is genocide.

    Maybe some of you muthafuckas get all your news from TV, Twitter, and Facebook. I'm telling you right fucking now that what's happening in Puerto Rico is worse than the shit that goes on in all these other countries that bitch ass Americans love to sit at home and talk about trying to sound intelligent. You don't fucking know what you're talking about. Our country is sitting idle while 3 million American citizens are fighting for their life. I can muster up 400 Marines right now who would be on the first plane smoking to Puerto Rico right now to help but we can't do shit because right now our fucking country is being ran by a 71 year old racist lazy white man.
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  • Re: The Official "Espn First Take , FS1 Undisputed, Sportscenter , Sports Radio, Podcasts etc" Thread.

    Fuck Max Kellerman
  • Re: Chaos In Dallas

    ZydecoShawtynot_osirus_jenkinsnaledgestateMaximus Rex
  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Thats cool rather have a contender every year then a roster full of role players.....your not in the lottery and your not a contender...thats the worse place to be.

    "f#ck the middle, cause the middle means alot and a little, stuck in between but ya'll n#ggas dont see the riddle" - Styles P

    You're right we're not in the lottery...but the Nets are and we own their pick for the next 3 years, we also have cap space for 2 max contracts, I won't even breakdown the roster because most of yall are behind on what's going on in Boston and think I'm just spewing out a bunch of biased bs, we might not be contenders at the moment but it ain't all good in Cleveland you can miss me with that shit, Bron's window is closing and its not going to get any easier after this year, Kyrie isn't happy, Love is the most overhyped power forward and he got brittle shoulders every time I hear rumors of him coming to Boston it reminds me of when Nas was about to join murder inc like no, that ain't the move we don't want that trash in Boston, then yall pay 80 million to a backup power forward who does one thing, and the best power move yall could make at the deadline was Channing Frye? Lol even Varejao looks like he has new life over there in Golden State, I might not watch the finals because of that boring ass roster in Cleveland, it's not likely but it's not out of the realms someone needs to pull the upset on Cleveland

    You Boston fans are the worst.
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