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  • Re: The Official 2015/2016 NFL Season Thread

    Things that need to retire after the game

    Peyton Manning
    Crying Jordan Face
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  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Los216 wrote: »
    Look at him playmake thru that double team, but he only shoots and never see double teams they said

    Lol u see how you niggas are quick to hype shit up. He split a double team and now he on MJ, Kobe and LBJ level, niggaz that have made a career out of things like that on WORSE teams lol.

    yea you're coming up with this on your own

    Bruh, do you even know the context of the whole convo? I said in an earlier post Curry dominates different than MJ, Kobe, Shaq or LBJ. When those dudes did it, it was against double or triple teams because teams could afford to do that because they had a bad supporting cast.

    Dude tried to say because Curry beat a double team that pretty much means he could do it against defenses stacking up on him like they did against Kobe, MJ, Shaq or even Bron. It ain't the same bruh.

    I don't care what you niggaz tryna say. He ain't doing that shit if a defense could focus all of their attention on him. Yeah he gonna get loose and get some like we are seeing tonight but like I've been saying, on a worse team he ain't getting that freedom to have all these one on one chances that he gets.

    Like I said, it ain't his fault he has a good ass team. He' s making good decisions, and making shots, and being dominate at it. But he would not do what he's doing with a worse team. We saw him with a worse team and he wasn't doing none this. He was still a good player though.

    Lol @ idea of being able to beat double teams determining if you are a great player.

    Rafer alston and white chocolate could bust mad double teams. They better than curry too?

    I'm not even going to get into idea of if curry can break double teams or not, I'm just going to say this get fancy and bust through guys with fancy one on one moves and doing 360 dunks is NOT the only way to judge how good a player is.

    One way to judge is how many points, assists, and steals a guy can get. Or how high his PER is and curry is on the level of wilt and Jordan. If that doesn't make you think he on that level then there is nothing more to say on this topic.

    He can hit twenty threes and you will just say, can he bust a triple team?

    Why do you need to bust triple teams anyway? Save energy and pass to an open man

    Lol omg you niggaz are crazy on here. I ain't even gonna waste my time.

    They're casual fans. I don't have anything against casual NBA fans. The problem I have is when they try to debate you on shit and it shows. If you're a casual fan then you need to stay in that lane.

    Foh, we never seen or heard of neither of u till steph and draymond took off this year

    And my nigga based on the posts uve made in here u the last to call someone casual

    You're saying all this like the cheap seats are the gold standard for opinions on sports. The worst takes on sports I've ever read in my life were in the cheap seats. So using your logic I gotta be a loyal ass cheap seats poster or I'm just hating Draymond Green and Steph Curry lol.

    The internet got these "casual fans" feeling themselves man I swear lol.
  • Re: The Official 2015-16 NBA Thread

    Ok now you are being stupid hes not a dominant player foh

    No he's not. He plays on a dominant team. Lebron, Kobe, KG, Wade, Pierce those guys are dominant. Any 5 of those guys in their prime could take the current Lakers or 76ers team to the playoffs this season. Can Curry do that? Can Curry be n a team where he's the only All Star and lead them to the playoffs?

    You know the answer to that is no. Can Curry take the that Cavs team Lebron beat the Pistons with on '07 to the finals? Could he have taken any of the KG T'Wolves teams to the playoffs. Remember those Celtics teams pre KG and Ray? Throw Curry on one of them squads and they probably don't even make the playoffs. At no point in his career has Curry been an above average defender. He's a one dimensional player on a really good team.

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  • Re: Damn 50 ain't got no class.

    smp4life wrote: »
    Man, 50 smashed Murder Inc when he came up but damn he lost the long game. Gotti and Ja ain't bankrupt.

    They ain't worth as much as 50 either. As far as what 50 said about Irv's father, Um that's 50. I amazes me how since we've known 50 he's always been a true ruthless hard street dude. From time to time he's gonna do and say hard ruthless street shit. The niggas that have a problem with it are obviously not built to go at with 50.
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  • Re: Woman Brings Home Man From Club, Man Kills Her, Her Boyfriend Finds the Body

    Los216 wrote: »
    Westie wrote: »
    Los216 wrote: »
    @Westie what should the punishment for cheating be?

    The person you cheated on leaving you. What else is there?

    So who's the person being punished? How is someone who made the decision to cheat being punished when they person they cheated on leaves them? They're not.

    Why I say it's her fault?

    Did she know this guy? No
    Was she in a relationship with another person? Yes
    Did she allow a guy she just met to go home with her? Yes
    Did she have consensual sex with this guy while knowing she was in a relationship with another person? Yes

    She made all of those decisions. She's an adult, not a child.

    Here's the key thing. Did she know what she was doing? She thought she did and she thought wrong and paid the ultimate price. Her poor judgement did cost her her life. Should it have? Probably not but she knew that it was a possibility or she wouldn't have cared to ask him to leave because her boyfriend was coming home.

    Should we be blaming the guy for killing her? Sure. He also made bad decisions.

    Does that let her off the hook? No it does not.

    She prolly ain't think the nigga was gonna bash her skull after when she told him to bounce. I think that was reasonable on her part bruh.

    Is that what it is when you smash bitches? Cuddle or death nigga???

    Some of you niggas got it fucked up. She put herself in danger close but its not her fault dude crazy AF. Half the shit you faulting her for he at fault for too. He put himself in the position for the ether he couldn't handle.

    What did she think though? that she was gonna go out meet some random stranger, drink with him, take him back to the crib to fuck and it's gone be all good when she say leave?

    I already said the guy who killed her made a horrible decisions too. I'm not letting him off the hook. They both were at fault but it started with her. She allowed this situation to unfold. It doesn't matter if the dude was crazy af or not she open the door and was cool with it.

    You and @Westie are confusing me putting some of the blame on her as me letting the dude off the hook. I'm not letting him off the hook giving him the benefit of the doubt but y'all are doing that for her.