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  • Re: Thee Official Drake vs Meek Mill beef thread

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    Ok Let's chill for a minute and focus on one specific part in this whole beef

    QM was credited on IYRTITL. Let's discuss just the ghostwriting element for a minute. We heard the supposed referenced tracks and we've also head the actual songs on the album. Aside from RICO all of the referenced tracks were hooks and bridges. They also weren't exactly the same word for word on the album.

    Does that mean Drake got the influence, flow, vibe etc.. of the songs from QM but Drake himself still wrote the whole song that we hear on the album? Or does this mean that QM wrote the hook and bridge and Drake wrote the verse? Also if Drake is also credited on the songs that QM is credited on does that mean Drake wrote some of the song as well. I feel like if we step away from the memes, jokes, and stanning we can have a legit discussion on the actual ghostwriting.

    Right now it doesn't matter if you're a Drake fan/hater or Meek fan/hater. Let's just discuss the reference tracks, the contributions Drake has on those tracks, and the whole ghostwriting issue itself.

    Please let's just debate this.
    I doubt dude wrote for Drake ala what Biggie did for Puff and Cease or BDK did for Juice Crew or Cube did for NWA.

    Seems more like he wrote or helped him with the songs that are currently buzzing. The same songs that's taking Drake from that simp lane to this 6 gawd/Memphis goon lane he current waving on

    At the end of the day, having cats in ya crew or around you to keep you grounded and having the tempo of what's hot on our level is expected *What great hasn't* but it seems like Drake didn't use this QM dude to stay grounded, he just took a rapper rhymes and paid him accordingly. Of course no one believed he catching a body like that but Meek saying he ain't even writing about catching a body, he just reciting other niggas catching bodies and that's a no go in my book.

    Two points I wanna bring up

    1. Meek has also been accused of this by 2 different artist who claim to have wrote songs not just a verse or hook, but whole songs for Meek. Another person has accused Meek of straight up stealing his style. I'm not saying this to distract us from Drake, I'm just saying the nigga that's making the accusations has been accused of the same shit.

    2. When is it actually considered ghostwriting verses just having some niggas in the crew help out with various parts of a song?
    1) There are no tracks to back up that claim. If it happenedn they necer made tracks spitting the same shit the same way. Eith very clever or very stupid on they part.
    Styles...all these niggas sound alike imo. I hear Em in K. Dot. I hear Nas in Cole. I heat Big Boi and Pimp in Krit. I hear Jay in Wayne and Drake. Hell, I hear TI and Pimp in Migos/Future/Bob. We heard Kool G in Nas, BDK and Big in Jay....

    2) Ghostwriting is Nas on Big Willie or Grandmaster Caz on rappers Delight or Jay on Chronic 2001 or even D.O.C and Snoop on the Chronic. This shit that's going on now is like ghostbiting, surrounding a cats good bars with ya subpar bars. It gives the allusion yall wrote the track together but when you take his part out you got a turrible track

    Ghostbiting? What if I (Drake) sit in the studio with a notepad and I got 3 niggas (OVO) with me and we brainstorm about the lyrics to a song that will eventually become Know Yourself. The first thing I do is decide that I want to call the song Know Yourself. One nigga (QM) starts singing a catchy hook so I start writing it. Another nigga (The Weekend) starts singing the bridge so I start writing that as well. I (Drake) write a verse after that.

    The nigga (QM) who thought of the hook goes into the booth and starts singing the hook that he thought of but I (Drake) wrote to a beat that another nigga (40) made. After that he starts singing the bridge that the other nigga (The Weekend) made. I (Drake) am sitting there after writing down all the lyrics to this song and I'm trying to figure out how the flow and tempo of the song should go.

    After listening to QM do the song in the both I feel like I got it. I (Drake) think that I know how I want the flow of the song to go now. I (Drake) go into the booth and do the whole song by myself over the beat that 40 made.

    How does the credit for that song go?
    Who wrote it?
    Who's song is it?
    Was there a ghostwriter?
  • Re: Official 2015 NBA OFFSEASON thread

    The Clippers are bad business. Funny cause everybody thought it was all Sterling. They are just out of control right now from top to bottom. Doc and CP3 being overrated is part of their problem.
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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    And for all this talk about how weak the East is let's not act like the Warriors went through some gauntlet in the West to get to the finals.

    The avoided the Spurs, Clippers, and Thunder. They played N.O. without Jrue. Then they played the Grizz with an unhealthy Conley and Tony Allen. Then Houston without Beverly and Donatas. Now they're facing the Cavs with no Love, Irving, and Andy. They have been healthy all throughout the playoffs minus the few games Mo Speights missed.

    They've had the easiest path to the finals by far and have been extremely lucky.
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  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    I don't see how the gave Kawhi DPOY. DeAndre Jordan should have won it. Kawhi wouldn't even be 4th team All NBA this year but he won DPOY? Nah
  • Re: The Official 2014-15 NBA Thread

    Lucky shot. Kyrie played hurt the whole game. Pau might be hurt going forward. Bulls can't keep TT of the boards. Lebron shot horrible and JR missed the last two. Bulls need a lot to go their way to win this series.
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