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  • Re: Power Season 4 thread: June 25th(You will be banned for posting SPOILERS)

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  • Re: Official BET Awards 2017 Thread

    Chris Brown is the best male performance artist since Michael Jackson. He passed Usher.
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  • Re: Pastor leaves church, no longer believes in bible

    I never read a full page in the bible and I never will.
  • Re: College Student Earns 4.0 GPA, Then Drops Out: "You Are Being Scammed!"

    mryounggun wrote: »
    I can't say that I disagree with much of what he said. Me and my sister have this convo every so often. We both went to college and she kept going and got a masters in Public Health. If we could gonna back and do it over, she would have stopped at her bachelors and I wouldn't have gone to college at all. For me, that time would have been better spent living abroad while working and learning a language, etc, or moving to California right out of high school instead of in my 20s.

    Now there are some professions where you NEED college. Doctor, engineer, etc. But outside of those career paths, I'd tell any young kid to seriously consider whether college is right for them and to actually weigh he pros and cons.

    There are certain people who need college. The kids who thrive on that sort of learning environment, who need that sort of built in networking, etc. And there are certain things that you learn in college that are not related to academics at all but are valuable just in terms of being an adult. Some people didn't learn those skills at home and have to learn them in college. I'm just not one of those people. For the most part, I feel like college was a colossal waste of time.

    I agree with this however I think this applies to HS even more so. I mean there are HS's only a few miles apart that will offer a vastly different educational experience. It gets worse in college because now there's money involved.
  • Re: Aye Y'all Know Hillary Clinton is Trash Right?


    You are dumb ass fuck. The popular vote does matter you stupid fuck. In order to win the Presidency you have to eclipse 270 electoral votes. In order to win electoral votes you have to win the popular vote FOR THAT STATE!!!!

    Now pay attention you stupid muthafucka

    In the state of California there are 55 electoral votes at stake. In order to get those very critical 55 electoral votes to go towards your 270 you need to first win the popular vote in that state. You know the popular vote you keep saying doesn't matter you dumb ass nigga, well it does matter. It doesn't matter if you win the popular vote in California by twenty votes or two million votes, you will get 55 electoral votes for it. Lets say Hillary has 3 million votes in Cali and Trump only has 1 million. She gets all 55 electoral votes.

    No pay attention muthafucka. Let's say Trump then wins three more states that total more than 55 electoral votes but less than 1 million popular votes. He would be ahead in the election because of the number of electoral votes. So let's say those three states totaled 70 electoral votes. If he wins all three of those states he would be winning the election by 15 electoral votes but losing the popular vote. This is where you keep saying "See, the popular vote doesn't matter" No dumb ass, winning the popular vote in a state is what gets you the electoral votes in that state. Totaling 270 electoral votes is what wins you the Presidency. THE AMOUNT OF ELECTORAL VOTES VARIES FROM STATE TO STATE. IN ORDER TO WIN ELECTORAL VOTES FOR A STATE YOU MUST FIRST!!!! WIN THE POPULAR VOTE IN THAT STATE.

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