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  • Re: Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today

    yo P might be the Goat verse opener Dun got to much heat

    Yo the P rock forty inch cables, drinkin white label
    My chain hang down to my dick, my piece bang glass tables
    Diamonds and guns before the fame Duke
    A nigga like me hold tecs, are you the same too?
    Goin through the emotions, of gun holdin
    Long shotguns down my pants leg limpin
    Killer bee who still livin, even my pops too
    He taught me how to shoot when I was seven (yup)
    I used to bust shots crazy
    I couldn't even look because the loud sound used to scare me (POW!)
    I love my pops for that, I love my nigga D-Black
    I'll take the life of anybody tryin to change what's left
    And through all of that a nigga ain't scared of death
    All y'all brand new niggaz just scared to death
    I spent too many night sniffin coke, gettin right
    wastin my life, now I'm tryin to make things right
    Grand open some gates, invest, in Iraq business
    Do things for the kids (the little Dunns)
    Build a jungle gym behind the crib, so they can enjoy youth
    CBR's and VCR's
    ATV's and big screen TV's, nigga please
    Don't make me have to risk my freedom
    We worked our whole life for this, you get your shit beat in
    For real..
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  • Re: Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today

    I put my lifetime in between the paper's lines
    I'm the "Quiet Storm" nigga who fight rhyme
    P yeah you heard of him but, I ain't concerned with them
    Nigga I pop more guns than you holdin them
    Make my route while the sun's out and scold your men
    Unload ten, in broad daylight, get right
    Fuck your life - hop on my ninety-eight dirt bike
    You try to stop mines from growin, I'll make your blood stop flowin
    Take affirmative action, to any ass if he askin
    Now here come the mack 10
    You'se a dick blower, tryin to speak the Dunn language
    What the drilly with that though? It ain't bangin
    You hooked on Mobb-phonics Infamous-bonics
    Lyin to the Pop Dog like you got it
    You ain't no wildin out for the night fist thrower
    Rusty shank holder, we live this shit
    Go figureidoitforhiphop10Figobuttuh_bChiCity
  • Re: Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today

    Yo, I could never get enough of it, yo that's my shit
    I need that shit, to boost my adrenaline
    Yo rock that shit, that real life shit
    Makes bitches wanna thug it, makes the projects love it
    We come through like, "Fuck it"
    Y'all want problems, peruse it, let's do it
    Infamous Mobb bosses
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  • Re: Prodigy from Mobb Deep passed away today

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  • Re: A big yokozuna like sized female goes all prime Big Van Vader & rag dolls the sh!t out 2 ratchets…

    "It's time it's Vader time"