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    I just got banned from a thread for having a difference of opinion. The funny thing Is I like Kendrick. I just feel like his last project was weak. His new song wasn't bad though. That shit makes me not even wanna post on this site anymore. I ain't no troll lol. That's the second time it happened. The first time I tried to speak up and a mod kept deleting my post so no one sees it.
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    I just got banned from a thread for having a difference of opinion. The funny thing Is I like Kendrick. I just feel like his last project was weak. His new song wasn't bad though. That shit makes me not even wanna post on this site anymore. I ain't no troll lol. That's the second time it happened. The first time I tried to speak up and a mod kept deleting my post so no one sees it.

    Name names!!!

    lol feel like I'm snitchin but fuck it. That stone cold milky nigga and killacham
    @blackrain @Stew @Sion
    I thought yall said mods dont do this stuff no more?

    @TheGOAT I also said if it happens let us known and it will be dealt with as other mods have been removed in the past because of abuse of power.
  • Re: 1 in 3 Americans can't come up with $2,000—here's how much you should be saving

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    i do agree people should have a plan to save however in some cases it just not possible.. if you start in your youth you definitely have the upper hand because once you have a family and monthly responsibilities.. life comes at you fast. The reality is people need to be responsible with the money they spend but also.. the cost of living and low wage eats away at your saving potential

    If only they would teach you things like this in school, hmmm.

    This and starting a business

    Starting a business isn't as simple as people like to try and make it
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  • Re: 14 Girls Between the Ages of 10 to 18 are Missing In DC

    It didn't happen over one day...its happened over the course of a few days. One 13 yr old girl was found in a hotel on NY Ave in Northeast. When her mom asked about arresting the person responsible they told her to file a stay away order instead. The damn police commander got on the radio the other morning and when asked how can teens protect themselves she simply said "Stay home. Its just that simple" and when called out about how stupid that sounded tried to say there was background noise and she was misquoted...
  • Re: Cinema Etiquette and (some) Black People (especially Black Women).

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    Sidenote I was in Lil Raleigh in North Carolina watching a movie, theater full of country ass hood niggas. Yo the power went out in the middle of the movie and niggas ROBBED THE ENTIRE THEATER I was in tears!!! Niggas was running out with pockets full of popcorn and shit

    So this means you got robbed too right?
  • Re: For all my people here that DON'T have children.

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    to all the people saying they have the same amount of freedom they did before they have kids, not sure i buy it. and i'm not talking about travelling or extravagant shit at all. can you decided to just up and leave at the spur of the moment without getting a babysitter? can you go out of town without getting your friends or family to watch your kid? do you get woken up at the ass-crack of dawn on the weekends cuz they wanna eat? can you decided to do some day drinking on a whim one weekend? the answer to all of that is no. i can decide right now that i'd rather go to a restaurant that isn't chucky cheese instead of making dinner

    lets not even get started on how much kids talk, how much of your attention they demand. you don't get a second off when your kid is around. unless it's men who usually don't do as much of the caretaking as women do, i don't see how you can say having a kid doesn't eat up a large portion of your time and energy. i mean if you want to undertake that task, more power to you. but i'm perfectly happy not having to do any of that shit. and if you get fulfillment out of being a parent, great, but that doesn't mean everyone will or that that is the only way to get fulfillment out of life.

    There's a bunch of shit in life that takes up time and energy. Some people just choose to devote that to their children. There's nothing wrong with not wanting kids at all. I'm a strong proponent of not everyone should be or is meant to be a parent...but every time this topic comes up Kai you seem to take a real tone of talking down on anyone who expressed joy in having their kids. Like the concept of someone actually enjoying raising a child is just a foreign concept that nobody is actually truly happy about. Life in general has things and people you have to be responsible for. It has things that will require time and attention to where you can't always just get up and go if you want. Shit if you don't have kids but you have a job can you just up and leave your job at the drop of a hat, or do you have to put in for time off and plan in advance for a vacation? Everybody's life is controlled in a way by something...and it's not the worst thing in the world for some people to have a portion of their lives controlled by raising their kids.

    i have never talked down on anyone choosing to be a parent. all i am expressing is when i think of all that time and energy spent on those things, they do not seem desirable or enjoyable in any way to me. it's like a visceral reaction in me. that's how i know i don't want kids, everything in me screams no at the thought of it.

    my work life is something that actually does bring me joy. i can see how it would be someone else's worse nightmare to be in a lab all day or doing tedious research, but it makes me happy. i know if i had kids, i'd fall way behind and i'd rather dedicate my time to that than to having kids. on a sidenote, i really could up and walk away from any job whenever i wanted since my man supports me and i really only work/go to school for my own fulfillment.

    maybe i've gotten to used to only having to do what i want in my life, iunno, i consider that a blessing. but my days are my work, taking care of my man then spend the rest of my free time in peace and quiet and how i want to. i think my life is perfect and i have no need or desire to change it in anyway.

    As I said it's good when people recognize they do not want and would not make a good parent. It's not something for everyone just like many other things in life. There's nothing wrong with not wanting kids. As far as walking away from your job, I didn't say you couldn't. I simply used the example of having to tell your job in advance when you plan to not be there to the what you were saying about kids being a problem in terms of how you plan out things in your life. We all have things in life we have to plan around whether that be a career or an actual person/s. Very few people's lives revolve solely around themselves. You may be able to up and leave your job, but could you just up and roll out of town w/o telling your husband? Would you not have to plan that out in advance? Do decisions you make not involve him and how they would affect him as well? And you may not think you're talking down on people who are parents but the things you've said before such as wondering if people really enjoy their kids because they do something such as ask for a babysitter so they can go out for a night...things like that just seems like a reach for a reason to say someone doesn't really enjoy being a parent as much as they say. Your life is not solely your own as much as you think simply because you don't have a kid of your own is the ultimate point of what I was trying to convey.

    my nigga she cant up and jus leave the house either..

    in fact..
    she cant stay gone too long even if she did jus up and leave.. she got cats and dogs!

    she may not have kids naggin and lookin for attention.. but she got cats and dogs.
    she may not have to change shitty diapers and feed a cryin baby.. but she got cats and dogs. lmmfao

    everything she stated outside of she dont want kids is null and void.

    Having to house train a dog is annoying as fuck...and i'm sure it's harder getting someone to watch your pet or come by and feed and walk them multiple times a day than finding a babysitter