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  • Re: Fair or Foul?

    blackrain wrote: »
    But...I thought being personally accountable and accepting the consequences of your actions was part of being a man...niggas in here literally doing the opposite

    but how is accepting emotional abuse considered "accepting the consequences of ur actions"?

    do u say shit like that to domestic violence victims who cheat? haha

    Both the t/s and his girl are wrong. He should have been up front he wanted to talk to other women and not lied...she shouldn't have went through his stuff. When I say accept the consequences I mean acting all shocked as to why she still don't trust him and niggas trying to give tips on how to try and cheat better instead of just sayimg be up front about what he wants in terms of fucking with more than 1 woman.

    So one moment women can't think for themselves and can barely operate their brain past the level of a 10 year old...but the next they got military style natural ability to plot and plan to destroy your universe...which is it?
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  • Re: Official 2017-2018 NBA Thread

    blackrain wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    Great NBA Finals Preview

    Lol.Take your corny groupie ass back to twitter and stay there

    I'll go to Twitter when your Bulls make headlines for something other than knocking somebody out in practice

    Wizards haven't won a championship or been to the conference finals since 1979.Beltway ass version of the knicks been trash your whole life

    And y'all ain't been worth a shit since 97 and your front office ran the only decent coach since then out of town...y'all the NBA version of stupid Cowboys fans holding onto glory days you barely were even alive for.
  • Re: Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal Thread - Harvey , Kevin, Andy etc

    TheGOAT wrote: »
    marc123 wrote: »
    Now Al Franken. Damn!

    I call bullshit.

    Republicans at work

    Nigga there's an actual picture of this one

    jono wrote: »
    Everything is oppression and opprssion is everything.

    Its not even about the word, it's about demanding to control language. Innocuous and scientific terms are "offensive" based on the inferiority complex and hurt feelings of a few.

    Fuck off.

    Every group/person demands some control of language by finding the fact that if they are referred to under a certain term they would be offended and react. The bold is a very slippery slope and lines up with the same pov white folks use when they whine about "how come they can say nigga and I can't? Why you trying to police how I talk? If I tell you I don't mean it in an offensive way then why are you offended?"