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  • Re: People Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Get Racist Whites Fired With #RacistsGettingFired

    She's a 13 year old...what you want her to come on tv and say "fuck that cracker ass cracka "?
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  • Re: South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder In Black Man’s Death

    lol at protests...I only respect rioting and looting

    You out there shooting at cops then?
  • Re: trueor false:why single ladies born in the 80s and 90s may never get a husband

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    This is something that's going to get slept on but I agree with it all. Sad to say, but think of the black women u know. How many of them fit the characteristics in this list? Is there any wonder why marriage is on the decline?? Again, marriage makes no sense to an man who can cook, is educated, and has a good career. As long as a man has those three things, he'll always be attractive to a gang of women. It rarely works that way for women. Good luck ladies. Keep enjoying Love and Hip Hop....

    Not many women I know fit that list. Every time these lists pop up and that comment gets made it just makes me wonder what type of silly bitches some of y'all keep finding yourself around. Yeah its some ain't shit women out there but way some of y'all talk it's 2 out of every 3 women you know who ain't shit. That's more a reflection on you if you know a lot of women who fit these shitty list

    That's probably because you're a simp. Just saying it's possible because your perception is skewed. I'm in a profession surrounded by females and most of them who are my age just ain't shit.

    Besides being a Saiyan on IC, I'm a 25 y/o male Nurse in real life.

    Lol at being a simp....nah brush far from it. I'm just somebody that never dealt with bullshit I didn't like from when women when I was single. Makes sense you have the perspective you do. You're 25 and a nurse. You're surrounding by a certain type of woman. I'm 29 and married to a woman with a master's degree and is a family counselor and I don't have to play step daddy to a kid she had before me because we are both childless so far.. Like I said the women you choose to surround yourself with to pick from for your pool of dating says a lot about you just like it says a lot about those women too.

    Do you consider your marriage the exception to the rule or the norm?? Thee percentage of Black women married is about 26%. I single out Black women because that is what I'm attracted to and because I'm Black. Also, why are you personalizing the list?? You said the majority of women you know don't fit the traits described, right?? So are the majority of women u know married?? How would you know how they are in relationships? Just curious

    Women I know as in actually speak to on a regular basis most of them are either married or engaged at this point in their life. You also have to consider most women I know at this point are in their late 20s/early 30s so that's not odd to be married by this age. I'm not saying no women fit this list I'm saying that if you say you know a lot who do that's partially a reflection on you too. Those personality traits in that list you don't need to date a person to recognize. Those aren't relationship specific those are just general personality traits. I personalized the list because you blatantly said to think about the women you know and how many of them fit this list lol. It was your own words.
  • Re: The Truth Behind The Jay-Z & Jadakiss Beef

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    Jada was MASSIVE back in late 90's early 00's, people are forgetting that Jay wasnt the mainstream billionaire friendly Hov that people know now, it was more the Rocafella movement that was massive...

    Also Jada could kill a street track with whoever and then kill a 'love' song with Mariah Carey or Jaheim...

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    Similar reason to the 50 and Nas beef over a j.Lo song.

    50 and Nas beef was based of Nas screaming on Mega's chick which 50 wasnt cool with...

    Again, Jada was not massive. He had a healthy buzz but that was it and even during that time Jay was a superstar. The Roc movement would've been nothing without him. Jay was defeated with ether and was big enough to come out right after with Best of Both Worlds and Blueprint 2 soon after to collect more plaques keeping his credibility in Hip Hop in tact.

    Jay was definitely not a superstar, far from it... Hes only become a superstar since he married one... A superstar is a household name all around the world, like 50 Cent and Eminem, Jay has only done that in the last 3-2 years...

    He was a rap star, one of the biggest, as was Jada... DMX was bigger than Jay, he had 2 plat albums in one year... Yeah Jay was at the forefront behind Rocafella, but they were still only rap stars...

    The D Block, Ruff Ryders movement was just as big, if not bigger than Rocafella movement
    , it just didn't last as long..

    Wow...No need to argue with this guy just as long as everyone knows he is absolutely incorrect. Please tell me nggas know he is absolutely incorrect

    Not really. DMX was bigger than Jay at one point especially at the start of DMX career. Jay didn't become an international superstar till Blueprint/BP 2 really around time he got with Beyonce.

    As far movements.. Ruff Ryders was as big as Rocafella but did not as long. But they never overlapped. By the time Ruff Ryders momentum died down Rocafella picked up steam.

    As for Dblock on the mixtape they were bigger not on mainstream level.

    No. Just, no. This is just not chronologically correct

    For one,all this is post Vol 2, post Hard Knock Life (back to this in a sec), post Big Pimpin

    No. They were not Jay z peer. Jay z was the biggest star in rap after vol 2, PERIOD

    Speaking of Hard Knock Life: um, question, how can a ngga be bigger than Jay when he's an UNDERCARD on that man's tour: THE HARD KNOCK LIFE TOUR

    Ya know, the movie Backstage n all??

    Questin, how was Jada as big as Jay when DMX himself was under Jay's tour!?!? Enough!

    Im not talking Jada at all. Dmx 1998-2001 was bigger than Jay-Z on the mainstream level, his sales and being in movies prove this.

    The ruff ryders movement was as big as Rocefella it was just not as long. It also had a big tour with Cash Money and its acts were selling and had success (Eve, Dragon, The Lox, Vol. 1 Compilation).

    By the time other acts from Rocafella popped off Ruff Ryders were pretty much done.

    You answered your own question.. it was Jay-Z tour.

    This where I ether that point.. Eminem the biggest rapper in 2000 was the opening act of the Up In Smoke Tour.

    50 Cent was bigger than Jay-Z during Roc The Mic tour yet still shared headlining duties.

    Nigga Eminem went on literally before Dre and Snoop. Warren G and Ice Cube were the opening acts for that tour
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  • Re: Kanye West on Ralph Lauren: I Knew He Was My Daddy

    What's wrong with this dude? Seriously.

    Perfect example of the impact of not having a strong male role model in your life. You a have a grown man calling another grown man daddy after spending a few mins with him.

    Props to the men on here who are role models to their children and involved in raising them and mentors to those who don't have any. Maybe some of you all can prevent future weirdos such as this.

    The weird shit is Kanye dad is and has always been in his life and Ye has said before his dad will call him and check him for wild shit he does..
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