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  • Re: Jazmine Sullivan Facing Criticism For FB Post About Dead Man

    ChiCity wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    ChiCity wrote: »
    Rasta. wrote: »
    ChiCity wrote: »
    What she supposed to do, lie cause he dead?

    The nigga was thirsty and that's how she knew him, no big deal

    Or she can choose not to say anything at all
    Why? She can't get a chance to honor the dead cause he was thirsty?

    He was what he was bruh.

    But he dead so fuck it, lets just lie about it right

    You reaching.

    Stop being disagreeable for the hell of it.
    What's the reach?

    Besides you all breathing down her neck for saying how she was familiar with him.

    She didn't have to say all of that is what people are getting at. She made someone's death about her..someone she barely knew at that...then posting the fake sad picture of herself...shit reeked of arrogance. Then again idk why you'd expect more from someone who does a song called I'll Bust The Windows Out Your Car
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  • Re: Trump VS Hillary Round 3 Debate

    Trump ethered that crooked bitch.

    He won this debate hands down.

    Nah... Trump didn't win shit. Literally every time he speaks he shows more and more just how much of a joke he is. Nigga don't even realize he shitted on his own wife in the debate
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  • Re: Nicki Minaj Calls Out Kanye West for Living Up to His “Gold Digger” Lyrics

    Sion wrote: »
    There's some merit to what she's saying but she's tearing down one artist to up her own agenda and cries. Kinda interesting and one of those 'kettle calling the pot black' moments. The Malcolm X spin she did was trashy and disrespectful.

    Kanye has nothing to do with Sharon Osbourne. There's plenty of black men with black women it's just not as talked about or seen in Hollywood because many of them are just regular people. Hollywood definitely does NOT speak for the entire black community.

    The majority of rich black men marry black women. This idea that black men get money and run to white women is some bullshit bitter bitches tell themselves when they not happy about the quality of men they've had in their life so they lash out
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  • Re: Becky, Brad, Jen, Todd, Ashley, And Jeremy Are Starting To Go To HBCU's

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    I blame the coon parents of these athletes who keep sending them to white schools our athletes are one of our biggest natural resources to generate cash but we keep sending them to massas plantation

    Every time I see this argument being made it seems like it's ignored the NCAA would still be the NCAA and the athletes would still be getting fucked over regardless of where they go to school at. Wasn't it at Grambling where the players protested just a year ago because they caught staph infections, long ass traveling for games, and saying the school was going on about it like they gave no fucks about them?
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  • Re: Nicki meets Lauryn Hill for the first time. Kneels down and kisses her feet.

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    ChiCity wrote: »
    "New artists and hip hop in general needs to start honoring our forefathers"

    *New Artist honors an artist that they always looked up to*

    "Man they just honoring them as a publicity stunt"

    Nicki is everything Hill was against.

    Lauryn Hill is everything Lauryn Hill was against lol...wasn't she fucking married men while talking about not being a hoe? Her first album is dope but her personal stances didn't match up with her life then
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