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  • Re: Lord Jamar Agrees with Alimony.. Do you? Also agrees with Polygamy..

    EmM HoLLa. wrote: »
    ^^^ That's wild man.. smh...

    Interesting point Jamar made about breeding and how they are limiting Alfa males and trying to give all these women beta males.. By eliminating polygamy..

    Most these dudes can't even keep 1 woman happy how the fuck they gonna keep multiple happy?
  • Re: Why Do We Want Athletes and Celebrities to Do the Things That Black Leaders Should be Doing?

    I do think that blue chip college bound athletes should take the lead of the brothers at Mizzou, and stop committing to these white schools and take their to HBCU's. I know that the white schools are the "bigger shiner," object, but as Dr. Boyce once in one of podcasts black people have to be willing to buy the "black tax." In the case of college football, it's black athletes sacrificing the state-the-art facilitates, the pussy, the gifts from ballin' ass boosters, t.v. exposure, Bowl games, and a few Heismans and All-American awards in the nature of the greater good which is to return HBCU football and basketball programs back to prominence and add much needed money to their coffers.

    Blacks constitute 57% of the players on college football teams, just imagine if players started going to Grambling, Howard, Southern, and Hampton, slowly building those schools programs to the point to where their not only competing with, but beating schools with big time programs. When asked why they choose these schools and the reason stated is repeatedly, "I wanted to play for a coach and an A.D. who not only could relate, but also "LOOKED LIKE ME, the loss of revenue would result in D I schools extending coaching opportunities and the chance to head the athletic department to blacks.

    Only problem with that is, especially in a sport like football you're asking teenagers and young adults to risk their safety which they're already doing with lesser quality facilities....I mean it wasn't but a couple years ago Grambling had their team boycott games because they were getting staph infections from the lack of care and cleanliness of their gym and locker room. That's asking them to make a sacrifice that could literally affect the rest of their life at the age of 18, 19 years old....
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  • Re: The Official "Power" Season 3 Discussion Thread (7.17.16)

    I swear bruh black women hate to see a black man with a non black woman so much they hate on hoes that are acting. I was looking up why ghost fired kantos to see the dumbass comments and found this lipstick alley message board. Heres just one example of the comments lxs846iapfh0.png

    Lmfaoooo let that hurt go

    Funniest part about that rant is it ignores the fact that Ghost and Angela are so close because she did love him when he was a broke dude in the projects growing up...
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  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

    lordhonka2 wrote: »
    Lol some of yall either don't know or not old enough to remember what it was like with out a black president.
    The fact there someone who acknowledges ur issue is leaps and bounds from where we were just 7 years ago
    go look at the the last civil rights bill what year was that passed and signed. howany pres we had since then. How many even acknowledge ur existence other than election year or to say u on welfare.
    Yall must have forgot.
    Also The fuck u want Obama to do.
    ur local fucking police are controlled locally....let that shit sink in
    Now did u go vote for a new mayor or sheriff.
    Did u even vote in the fucking primaries.
    Keep waiting for the president of the u.s. to save u.
    Dumb ass niggas
    First niggas talking that war with the state and the president is coon shit. Ol look what they did for gay people.
    The faggots voted in the local election. That changed policy where they live.
    Also please tell me what federal law was passed for gay people.imma wait.....
    All it took was 7 years and u trashin Obama for doing more to help u than the last 8 presidents and countless mayors and governors and sheriff's. How many time could u.have changed sheriffs or mayors or city council.

    That snap back to reality when one of these white folks win is gonna be crazy.

    Sorry for yelling

    But...fuck voting...
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  • Re: President Barry Obama Writes Open Letter Of Support To Law Enforcement...

    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    blackrain wrote: »
    ghostdog56 wrote: »
    Like I said, when it is all said and done this nigga will go down as the biggest sellout in black history

    You're grossly over stating that....

    Shit, if he's not the biggest then he's at least in the top five, yea he will make the starting five in a squad of sellouts

    The term coon and sellout have been misused so much I think most of y'all just use it like you'd say "wassup"

    So turning your back on your own people isn't considered selling out now? Didn't like 90% of blacks vote for this nigga and you are okay with him overlooking our issues to help gays Mexicans and Jews? If nothing is going to get done for us can you please explain to me why the fuck I should vote?

    There's actually been threads and posts about what he's done specifically for the black community

    As for the last part of your post...we got elected officials on live TV talking about white folks created more than any other sub group...another guy who is running for President who admits he doesn't read...go ahead and keep thinking not voting and letting these fuckers run the country is doing yourself some good. Being defiant towards certain things is actually detrimental to you.