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  • The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Offseason Thread

    Keep it going..

  • The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Offseason Thread

    Eh what do you expect? Most of us are a bunch of black people and we be on some BS when we bored...

    Nigga moments all day
  • The OFFICIAL 2014 NBA Offseason Thread

    Mann I can't wait until fantasy bball and I can draft Andre Drummond....dude gonna average like 14 and 16
  • Michael Bay puts the mutant back in tmnt

    "What the shell is going on?"
  • Official 2013-2014 MIAMI HEAT Thread

    Bait-and-Switch With Clips Leads to Odom

    The 2003 offseason was a big one for Miami. Riley stepped down as head coach and promoted Stan Van Gundy. The Heat drafted an undersized shooting guard out of Marquette named Dwyane Wade. And Riley committed multi-millions of dollars to sign Elton Brand away from the Clippers.


    For years, the Clippers had been mediocre at best. By 2003, they had a promising core that included three restricted free agents; Brand, Corey Maggette and a young, multi-dimensional forward named Lamar Odom. Riley went all-in after Brand, who agreed to join Miami.

    The Clips and owner Donald Stering (yeah, he was there back then, too) were well-known for their cheap exploitation of players. Surprisingly, they matched offers to Brand and Maggette, committing a big part of their available cap space to do so. Odom quickly signed an offer with Miami that Sterling couldn't match.

    If the move on Brand was to intentionally trick Sterling, neither Riley or Brand ever let on but both parties got what they wanted. Odom teamed with Wade, Caron Butler, and Rafer Alston to surprise critics and make the playoffs in Van Gundy's first year as coach. Meanwhile, Brand would be paid handsomely and unfortunately suffer injuries that would cast him as a solid, over-priced player. And Odom's biggest contribution?

    Being the biggest bargaining chip in 2004 in a trade to acquire O'Neal from the Lakers. Both Miami and Odom's new team won championships as a result.

    Giving a Chance to The Local Kid

    2003 was a really big summer.

    Udonis Haslem had starred locally at Miami High before moving on to a Final Four run with the University of Florida in 2002. But he was undersized, generously listed at 6'8" and oversized, tipping the scale at over 300 pounds.

    He went undrafted out of UF, got cut by the Atlanta Hawks and went on to play professionally for one year in France. He stayed focused on his goal of reaching the NBA, dropped 70 pounds, and was invited to participate in summer leagues despite concerns that he'd regress.

    Riley took a chance, signed Haslem in '03 and "UD" went on to win three championships in 11 seasons while sacrificing millions to remain the heart and soul of his hometown team.

    Letting Birdman Soar Once Again

    Describing Birdman's past as "checkered" is the understatement of the year.

    Chris Andersen was known as high-flyer with flair when he got his start with the Denver Nuggets after an impressive showing in the NBA's Developmental League. While playing with New Orleans, he was suspended from the league for nearly two years due to a violation of the NBA's drug policy. He was reinstated in 2008 and then signed a five-year deal with Denver but was waived at the end of the 2012 season. An alleged connection to an internet crime with an underage girl tarnished Andersen's image to possible suitors and a promising career was possibly over.

    He was out of work and seemed dirty in a way that made him untouchable to teams. Yet the Heat considered bringing Andersen into the fold. They did their homework on Birdman, realized he was the victim of an elaborate hoax and he joined Heat in January 2013.

    The team soon went on a historical 27-game winning streak and would eventually win the 2013 title. Andersen has played a huge role over the last season-and-a-half and the fans have embraced him fully. After choosing to re-sign with Miami this summer - and spurning Cleveland's pursuit because it was never really an option - he's probably a Heat legend.

    Honorable Mention:

    The Move Anthony Carter Didn't Make - Carter was a backup point guard with Miami for years and eventually became a footnote in Heat history, an unnoticed asterisk next to the 2006 championship trophy. A solid defender and weak scorer, Carter's existing contract in 2003 had a player option that would guarantee him $4 million.

    If only he had exercised the option.

    When the Heat's June 30 deadline to opt in passed, the Heat suddenly had more salary cap space than expected, freeing them to purse Brand and then Odom who led to O'Neal and resulted in a title.

    As Carter's agent, Bill Duffy, told ESPN at the time, ""I feel sick for the person in our office who was responsible (for monitoring Carter's situation and contacting the Heat)."

    Yeah, and missing out on over $4 million sucks pretty bad, too. Carter would go on to play for a few more years, eventually making back what he lost but it's a constant reminder that the NBA is a business, even as fans always enjoy it as a game.

    And it also proves that Riley's success has always relied on a lot of research, a great deal of hard work and, for good measure, just a bit of luck.