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  • Re: Reason posters who don't matter to you

    as much as KB sucks its still not half as terrible as them horror core niggas. half the t/s top 10 rappers wear paint on their face.
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  • Re: Jay-Z - "Spotify Is Slavery"

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    So what's the proper income do you have to not exceed to still be able to be considered a "nigga" lol 50 cent a nigga??? Is birdman a "nigga"??? Shit I make $17 a hour am I above the legal nigga limit??? Lol

    Its not about income its about resources, attitude and mindset. Birdman a cheap nigga he don't pay anybody lol.
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    GetoBoy wrote: »
    All jay said was basically the same thing I've been saying which is niggas don't got a problem with the whites in suits tryna maximize their earnings off of their products no matter who getting raped behind it everybody is ok with that but as soon as a nigga wanna try and do the same thing its a problem like just becuz you a nigga its a problem for you to try and maximize yo dollar even if in the process you actually helping out other artist and tryna bring extra content to the customers....dudes is talking bout jay is just the rich getting richer but walking around with products wearing clothing from ppl that laugh at jay money and nobody complains about supporting them....

    Now watch when beats music is relaunched next month and it's set up JUST LIKE tidal with no free service and exclusive content we won't hear nothing about complaints and the rich getting richer and all these smear ads towards them and why is that??? Becuz jimmy and tim cook are the ones running it and we don't mind those type of guys maximizing their profit but jay??? Naw he a nigga with a lot of money already so he good.....its the Barney's thing over again niggas was made at the prices but will spend $300 on a belt from somebody not a nigga but since you nigga you need to keep yo nigga ass in Macy's or JC Penny's or we all gonna have a problem with you....

    "Oh niggas skeptical when it's they own shit
    You bout 9 iPhones and Steve Jobs rich
    Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks
    Spotify 9 million they ain't say shit!!!
    Lucy you got some explaining to do the only one they hating on look the same as you.

    if nike or apple gave away a free version of the i phone that lets say was 3GS quality so many people would cop the free version over paying for an iphone. If nike gave away a free pair of Nikes that had a defect on it cats would probs buy that over the free.

    Actually people pay hella money for Jay VIP packages for his shows and for his jeans when rocawear was in his prime. It's not about shorting jay its about getting something from Spotify (freemium) that Tidal does not have.

    give users a freemium version of tidal and users would go to that platform and tidal could still make money off ads.

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    if jay thinks spotify is slavery he should make his record label like tidal. Let each artist own part of the roc nation label and let them get paid. The reason why the artist even on tidal sees less money is because the record label take a percentage of each stream as well as part of their agreements with spotify tidal beats music and so on. Record labels and their contracts is what is destroying music. If anything youtube/freemuium music streams and soundclouds allow fans to get into bands and then pay $20-$1,000 to see a band live in concert. It also is how and why people start moving on to download legally future albums and why people get tatoos and merchandise from an artist.
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  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread (Jayz B-Side Concert Stream Inside)

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    Jay even remembering some of those tracks like that is a feat in itself...he don't be performing them like that.

    I'm actually surprised he let the whole thing go online so quickly.

    Thats a living legend right there. God MC.

    "Hov a living legend and I'll tell you why....

    Cause everyone wanna be Hov and Hov still alive!"

    The archbishop the pope john paul of you niggas they way they all follow jigga spotify

    didn't read. i been bumpin kb on spotify premium

    I heard he gotta pay spotify to have his trash on there