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  • Re: Meek Mill feat Chris Brown Whatever you want

    Meek is better off making songs like this than the same ole "started from the bottom" song for the 3,000th time.
    Listenclosernatural born sinners
  • Re: Starlito & Post Malone Goin At it on Twitter

    Lmao T/S should be T/S of the month

    First he said if you not fucking your assistant LA reid style you gay

    Now he is posting starlito vs post malone twitter beefs hahaha

    Nigga is following the @Ear2DaSt formula for T/S of the month status
  • Re: Rick Ross Shares Title Of Meek Mill's Upcoming Album

    The problem with Meek is he fails to be 100% authentic with the L's. He refuses to truly admit when he takes L's. He always backs outta the L's by claiming he has money, or he was still smashing nikki (till he lost her), and then he kept talking about his cars he was in instead of being humble about the L's.

    Meek could really make great content if Wins and Losses is authentic about the L's instead of saying "well at least i still got a rolls royce tho!". Until he does that his music will not be decent at all.
  • Re: Boston Sports Fans Yell Racial Slurs at Adam Jones

    That shit about 1 black church was a lie too, your invested in this because your dad was profiled out here im assuming but you're making up a lot of shit that just isn't true, in reality Adam Jones was antagonizing the crowd and a couple drunk racist cacs probably not even from Boston starting using racial slurs, one threw peanuts so he got mad and went to media, also said he's enjoyed playing Boston but they leave that out, but then you come and paint a picture like he's playing at a kkk rally and 30000 people are screaming and throwing things, it's just not true

    What i said about the churches is 100% the truth. Ebenezer Baptist Church on W Springfield Street is the only black church left in the Heart of the city of Boston. The rest of them have moved out of the city limits to other communities like Morning Star Bapist.

    Young black players (which is why i say under 30) don't even consider playing in boston due to the attitude and racism which again if you read the damn link you would see facts. Older players like Shaq KG, and i think even Jermaine O'Neal who just wanna play in front of a passionate fanbase overlook the racial situations in Boston and play a few years there for titles (KG and Allen) or just to have fun like Shaq.

    You just are clearly disconnected from the overt racism that is different in Boston and worse in the sports venues than even the Southern sports markets for pro sports. There have been numerous occasions where at the venues and on social media the first thing boston sports fans think to say to black players is the n word. Doesn't meant other fans in other markets don't think it or even tweet about it after boston situations. However there are clear cut examples some shared and some unshared that puts Boston at the top as far as being the racist pro sports town in the country.
    its....JOHN B
  • Re: Boston Sports Fans Yell Racial Slurs at Adam Jones

    Show me a majority white city (which is most cities) that don't have racist people.

    That's not the point. The point is that it is the worse in Boston and their fans are the quickest to start calling people "niggers". Black players sign to teams across the country that are mostly white. But if you ask players which city is the worse most of them say boston.