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  • Re: T.I. Calls Out Kanye West & Steve Harvey For Meeting With Donald Trump

    Sittin in a corner and not lettin the concerns of you and your community and agenda be heard by President elect with all three branches of government is not a better option.

    Politics have always been about about business moves/negotiations fair or not. These black people going their with intentions to help the black community is fine. And you notice none of these hoe ass crybabies on social media about Steve and Kanye have said litter to nothing about Jim Brown going. While i don't agree with the way the country is going crying about it and not trying to meet with opposition will only make it the same or worse. If these black leaders can negotiate or pressure him to change one thing then that is progress.

    And the funny thing is i live in the liberal democratic Northeast. Boston is 100 times more racist than the average southern city (just quieter and smarter about it) and Massachusetts just had a black Governor who retired on his own will. I live in Liberal Connecticut and the segregation by schools race wise was so bad they had to demand every suburban school back in the 90s allow 30 students or so from the inner city go to their school free of charge.

    Someone like Trump can get swayed to work (slightly) for black people) compaired to the Liberals like those who run the Oscars and Grammy's that will continue to rob niggas of awards till they die.

  • Re: JayZ Vs T.I.

    When Jay performs in the ATL he sells out the Georgia Dome or Phillips arena. When TI last came to NYC he was at Irving Plaza which holds a few thousand. You tell me who is the better artist.
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  • Re: Why DON'T You Listen To Old School Hip Hop?

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    This is dumb as fuck since rappers/personalities from previous eras like Bambaataa, Diddy, Mr Cee, Possibly KRS One, and many more old school niggas was sus as fuck.
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  • Re: Why DON'T You Listen To Old School Hip Hop?

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    EyeofAsaru wrote: »
    Eye only fuck with certain artists from that era

    Public enemy
    Slick rick
    Kool g rap
    Krs one

    The immortal God emcees


    You can miss me with all that hippity hop don't stop bang bang boogie bullshit..that ish is trash..Everything from that era ain't golden and older heads need to stop acting like music from that era isn't above being criticized..We don't have to bump it because u think we should

    Ain't nobody trying to listen to the rapping duke...have all that dust clogging up my ears

    Don't blink!

    Thats not even old school Hip Hop
    You can't cross compare old school rap to golden age R&B and soul. There is not 1 rapper that had a classic era like Stevie (seen him live). It's hard to think any rapper could have the same impact on music as BB King (seen him live RIP). And that is the issue. What is thought of as "old school rap" as far as the 80s and some (not all of the early 90s) is the equivalent of listen to negro spirituals from the late 1800s.

    Before Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters and Stevie and BB and Marvin there was nearly 80 to 100 years of slave and then post slave music. That music was the blueprint but most of it didn't age well and was in the infant stages of black music in America. No offense but i don't jam much 80s rap and some 90's rap because the shit did not age well.

    At the same time you can catch me bumping Tribes 2nd and 3rd album stored in my cars memory bank. You can catch me also bumping it was written or illmatic as well from time to time. Same with other 90's golden age shit that did age well. But what old heads don't want to always admit is there is tons of old shit that doesn't age well. The other thing old hip hop heads can't admit is when it comes to the best R&B or rock legends musically they have tons more talent then the most talented rappers hands down. Stevie wonder live in concert at his old age is miles better than the Jay Z or Nas show i went to and i loved those rappers live shows. Hip hop is far from easy but there is a reason why other genres respect the gods of their era and in hip hop things change and old things don't always age well.

    I don't understand why you guys are saying that old school Hip Hop didn't age well. It aged just as well as the R&B from that era. Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang (they only had 3 good songs), Kurtis Blow I'm talking the REAL old school. I'll give you a playlist;

    1. Rappers Delight - Sugarhill Gang
    2. Freedom - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5
    3. Showdown - Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5
    4. High Powered Rap - Disco Dave and The Force of 5 MCs (The Crash Crew)
    5. Rappin and Rockin The House - Funky 4+1
    6. Rhymin and Rappin - Paulette and Tanya Winley
    7. Christmas Rappin - Kurtis Blow
    8. Zulu Nation Throwdown part 1 - Afrika Bambaattaa and the Cosmic Force
    9. New Rap Language - Spoonie G feat The Treacherous 3
    10. Feel The Heartbeat - The Treacherous 3
    11. Jazzy Sensation - Afrika Bambaattaa and the Soul Sonic Force
    12. 8th Wonder - Sugarhill Gang
    13. Thats The Joint - Funky 4+1
    14. Catch the Beat - T Ski Valley
    15. The Breaks - Kurtis Blow
    16. Rockin It - The Fearless Four

    ^^^^ Thats what I mean by "Old School Hip Hop". I'm not talking about Rakim, KRS, Illmatic or A Tribe Called Quest.

    Old School refers to anything before 1986. And if you don't believe me there's a website called that I'm a member of and that's their definition; anything before 1986.

    some of those joints are catchy but they still don't age well. in additional to that much of it is focused on the elementary foundations of rhyming and don't have the powerful messages of Tribe and NWA in the early 90s. That's why old school rap will never compare to old school R&B. That shit had soul and powerful messages. Whats Going on and Songs In The Key of life are top albums of all time. that shit 1986 and previous is the foundation of rap and i respect it. But the 90s was the golden age. I appreciate the legends to started this rap shit. But fuck listening to them lmao.
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  • Re: Birdman Reportedly Organizing Cash Money Reunion Tour With Or Without Lil Wayne

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    Just pay his money unless Birdman don't got it.....

    Wayne will sign to Rocnation in 2017 and I'll still bet he'll go platinum 2017+ niggas crazy to underestimate Wayne of all people.

    He is done fam. It happens. He had his run, now time for the VH1 show with the kids.

    Sion's dumb ass got the mind of a first grader. Nigga prolly still believe in Santa Claus and shit.
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