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  • Re: Meek ranting on twitter again!

    D0wn wrote: »
    Lmao Meek won, u nerds over analyze shit, and always end up wrong....
    The streets >>>>>internet

    you realize the rapper from the "streets" been e-crying for the last 3 days like he had his period. and he said he was sorry because his girl told him to do it on the tour meek is an opener for lol.
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  • Re: New Drake Charged up dissing Meek Mill

    Sion wrote: »
    Meek may not have to respond, it'd actually be pretty intelligent of him to go on the radio and just chastise if Drake even wrote that shit and not even respond but if he do - do a freestyle (no blackberry no writing just off the top). However, Meek is the hothead so I don't see him being mum about this. He's probably going to strike in the next 72 hours. It'd be wise to wait after Flex drops the reference tracks on Monday then strike. Meek has ammo he just has to pick his words and subjects carefully no fiction, go after the ghostwriting accusations, Puffy slapping him, Baby not paying them niggas (say Drake and Wayne money is all fucked up), bitches playing him (come on Drake even rap about it), things like that. Meek can come out of this with a W or unscathed if he can keep his emotions under control and doesn't let his idiocy get the best of him. In doing this he can undermine Drake by not taking him seriously as a rapper interjecting that Drake is an R&B singer and not worthy. If he wants to take it seriously call Drake out to a freestyle battle, if Drake declines he lost, if he do then do what it do....

    It is also possible that Drake's camp could be feeding Flex those records as a means to get this shit out of the way now and "sensitize" it.

    the potential L's for both rappers could or can be avoided by not saying shit. Meek had the top album in the country and still went full wale bitch fit. Drake was winning by not responding as meek looked like a hoe. Drakes troy average response hurt him. maybe not an L but def was an average record. Now meek going back to tweet mill status is hurting him.

    Meek lost tho unless he pulls out some over the top diss track. Drake ain't really loose this battle but the average diss and the questions will hurt his all time ranking in the game.

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  • Re: Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN reports say

    DillaDeaf wrote: »

    As a Michigan fan.......this is a good day.

    why because hes going to get even more money to do what he does in cali versus CT for fox sports 1? Harbaugh fucked up that interview. He might have lost future recruits with his fuck up on the herd.

  • Re: Colin Cowherd Leaving ESPN reports say

    His radio show is one of the best programs on ESPN in my opinion. Its not too serious but its still not over the top like first and drama queen. He also has defended black athletes trying to get their money and using free agency to their advantage (lebron decsion).
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  • Re: Why Future get so much love?

    ericb4prez wrote: »
    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    ericb4prez wrote: »
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    ericb4prez wrote: »
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    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    I'm a huge fan of future I been one since like 2010-2011 back when his mixtapes were running atl

    I've been to Birthday Bash the past 4 years in a row mainly because of future. I think he makes great music and he's also one of the most creative artists out right now

    And on top of that future is a part of his own production team. He adds stuff to the beats that are made for him

    He also has a mixtape with Gucci called Freebricks and iirc future did a lot of production work on it

    If you don't like him great but all this music elitist stuff is petty. Especially since the majority of y'all don't even know how to play an instrument much less make a popular song

    what is so "creative" about future

    "man that future song about movin that dope was so creative" - said nobody ever

    but you like jeezy?

    hell yeah he makes the same type of music but flows better hits hard. his hits/bangers are miles beyond any future joint. I used to listen to all them mid 2000s mixtapes and albums back in the day.

    whats the last jeezy record you heard on the radio

    i haven't listened to the radio heavy since like 08 09 so probally the recession era with joints like put on. the radio is controlled by record companies so just because a record is played on the radio doesn't mean its a quality record.

    sales wise the last jeezy album did better than any future first week release

    so jeezy in a position of power at a record company and still cant get on the radio

    Jeezy is also a much more talented artist than future
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