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  • Re: J. Cole Plans to Release Live Album on His Birthday Tomorrow

    Sion wrote: »
    So basically J.Cole: Unplugged , very smart he'll see a nice check from this.

    Gotta love how incredibly resourceful J.Cole is. It's a lot of small artists who could do the same and maybe not sell as much but definitely get their names heard more. He's very effective at using social media and everything it has to offer.


    No Jay Z unplugged was at a small ass MTV studio and edited. This shit is going to be better than that. This is a a live sold out arena show with top notch sound engineers and a full band and backup singers recorded at a much higher quality than Jay's recording.

    This next generation of hip hop leaders have the potential to really create a much better live album than the previous generations if they put the money and time cole put into his tour. On some rock shit what got me into many rock bands/acts were live albums. Hendrix at woodstock, Peter Gabriel live in athens, the allman brothers live at fillmore east.
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  • Re: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Is The First Album Certified 30 Times Platinum

    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Hendrix ain't seeing MJ.

    Not even close

    Fuck outta here both jimi and stevie could write/play and sing. Again entertainer easily MJ. But as an all around artist MJ is not the best. The effects and techniques Hendrix used changed rock and roll forever. I know MJ could play instruments a little bit but he was only killing it with his voice and and feet.

    Good points but what MJ did with his dancing and voice has had a bigger impact on music overall then what Jimi and Stevie Wonder did for music. Not even talking record sales, I'm talking cultural and musical influence overall, think of all the artists Michael Jackson has influenced and how many dance and even sing like him nowadays.

    There would be no MJ without jimi and stevie. And take jimi outta this stevie wonder was a fucking child prodigy. He literally played the majority of instruments on every track of an album. He wrote a considerable amount of his material and he could sing. The amount of work Stevie did on dozens of albums is far more than MJ contributed on his album.

    Now compare Thriller to any stevie album obvsiouly you can't top thriller . But Stevie had an entire decade of classic albums (1970's) and he wrote most of it. MJ has credit for writing a very small portion of thriller.Stevie also had consistent brillance from the 1960's to the early 90's. As an artist give me Stevie Wonder's body of work any fucking day over the week than MJ. As an entertainer and icon of pop culture you can't top MJ. But make no mistake Stevie easily was the better all around artist. Not dancer and singer but artist.
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  • Re: Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Is The First Album Certified 30 Times Platinum

    270crownst wrote: »
    Greatest overall artist of all time

    Greatest Entertainer maybe but artist hell no

    Hendrix and Stevie Wonder >>>>>>
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  • Re: Who won 2015? - Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake

    Y'all just can't admit the one y'all want to represent yalls culture isn't the one the majority of the public is feeling

    The majority of what public? What you don't understand is WE determine who represents our culture, not corporate america and white teenage boys and girls.

    People like Drake don't even register. Smarten up.

    You realize corporate america is behind kendrick and so are white teenage boys and girls. Kendricks "i" song was all over commercials and the new NBA which is trying to be more clean and politically correct. Taylor swift is a fan of kendrick and he actually appeared in her pop video not drake. Kendrick was cosigning iggy not Drake.

    As far as the culture goes you are better off being someone like drake who doesn't claim to be someone trying bring "real" hip hop back than create an uninspired half ass but lyrically technical album like TPAB. Kendrick is more like the machine than drake because it seems he has this new uninspired fake backpack rapper personal he is becoming.

    I will say it for the 3rd time but kendrick himself says he might not perform shit from TPAB in future tours. What does that say about his current project lol. When did 50 cent say he would never perform GRODT or when did nas vow to never perform illmatic again? As much as i smh and wtf at some of drakes lyrics and simping he actually is authentic to who he is for better or worse.
  • Re: Who won 2015? - Kendrick Lamar vs. Drake

    i ro ny wrote: »
    Monizzle14 wrote: »
    i ro ny wrote: »
    fuck Drake*.

    im sick of that nigga and his shit.

    and fuck his fans too. they are idiots. if they'd stop taking his nut by the gutful, they'd see that hes a fuckin sucker ass culture vulture who uses reference tracks and ghostwriters.

    thats who yall place your faith in? fuck that.

    Yeah cause all kendrick fans are real hip hop heads oh wait


    again, didnt say anything about "real hop hop heads". stop adding shit.

    Drake* is a dickrider who rides waves and doesnt even write his shit.

    point blank period. there are facts to support this.

    if yall still under his spell, thats yall. i was a fan of his work but enough is enough. hes a sucker.

    Kendrick ain't ride taylor swifts wave?
    Kendrick didn't just become a rent an activist because protests were the in thing to do?

    Again i am not a drake fan at all. I actually enjoyed Kendricks previous projects over drakes previous work. I am just calling it how i see it. Kendrick's latest album was un inspired half ass activist and really half ass trying. But because he used a few key words and said certain things backpackers wanted to hear they act like he made a classic. Drake for his audience made better music and was authentically himself plain and simp-le. He had a better year over Kendrick. Again Cole had a better year than kendrick as far as sales, consistency of fanbase, live performance, and tour attendance.
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