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  • Re: JayZ decision in 2006: Stack Bundles or J Cole

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    Jayz fucked up j Cole is Lbgt rap he lost his street cred when he signed j Cole n stack was a better artist than j Cole in 06

    By that logic A tribe called quest was "lgbt" rap. Cole is actually talking about real life shit connecting with niggas in the streets and niggas who are not in the streets getting their college education.

    In an era were 0 rappers wanna rap about what really going on cole is doing that and joining the people in situations like ferguson to see what is going on.

    Look Black people are making strides to leave the hood create black suburbs and become better educated business owners in the 21st century. Fuck the streets my nigga signing cole was one of the better moves Jay made. The fuck is a stack bundles worth in 2016?
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  • Re: Agree or Disagree: Universal CEO Reportedly Outlaws Streaming Exclusives

    Streaming exclusives ruin the access for all people to get an album when it first comes out. You wanna talk about going to the record store and picking up something well when an artist takes a wad of money from apple music or tidal to give the album a 1 week head start of having the album the fans lose. Yes you can trap it out the bandwith and use torrents. Yes many times you can wait a week. But at the end of the day the fans lose because music is starting become video games where you only can get halo on one console and metal gear solid on another.

    95% of artists aren't getting a big payday from a streaming site to drop an exclusive. That is why in this case i am against streaming exclusivity. Now this CEO can fuck off too because labels have fucked up artist growth and development. But still fuck exclusive albums.
  • Why Are None of Lil Wayne's Peers Fighting For Him when it comes to his dispute vs Birdman?

    All you hear about from these new school rappers is how much wayne influenced him. On a pop culture tip many athletes and celebs love Wayne's music and have known Wayne personally for years. But during a time when Birdman Sandusky is black balling him from making money through music where the fuck is his real friends and connects in the game.

    Drake and Nikki are in many ways where they are because of Wayne but they both aren't taking hard stances. They say political shit like "Wayne and Birdman are both my brothers i hope they "work it out". You got other rappers like 2 Chaiz who owes part of his playz circle emergence to Wayne and he puts him on a mixtape but doesn't say "fuck birdman". Same with Big Sean who had Wayne on Deep where Wayne advocated for Sean and Big Sean staying quiet.

    I feel like if more artists and producers and moguls in rap stood up and shamed birdman it may help Wayne get out the bushes. Shit the radio guys called him out and Birdman did a complete 180 and apoligized to the breakfast club after his tirade. At the end of the day some of these rappers and industry powers have more money in their net worth because of a wayne feature of cause of his influence. They should be doing much more to at least shame Birdman in public.
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  • Re: Beefing Rappers Appearing on the Same Album

    Drake and Meek on Rico. Well the beef happened after the song but they still had beef.

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  • Re: So Apparently Nas and Destiny Were At The Whitehouse On August 6

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