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  • Re: The Official Hip Hop Podcasts & Interviews (Akademics on Brilliant Idiots)

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    Charlamange hatin because he sees that everyday strugg is the new wave, and knows Breakfast Club is on its leg, havent been interested in breakfast club for at least a year and never fucked with the idiots shit, they are both corny in fact the white boy says he doesnt or has never listened to hip hop (cant remember which) on the idiots segment I saw on Ak's stream addressing the hating.

    Breakfast is nowhere near on its last leg...and as much as Shculz is annoying the "i don't know about music shit" is a long running joke they've been doing

    In the next few years if everyday struggle gains steam it will be a more daily watched and talked about show than the breakfast club. The biggest flaw of the breakfast club is they usually have 20 to 60 minutes with guests and 5-15 minutes about current events.

    The issue is obviously year round they will have more views but on a day by day basis they only can talk about current events for a short time. Whereas a show like everyday struggle or a clone of it can talk more about current events and bring guests on only when it gets to a view worthy status of wale vs ak or yachty vs budden.
  • Re: Logic's 'Everybody' album sells 251k in the first week ends Kendrick's chart reign

    Some of the album subject matter was cringe worthy like when he kept repeating black people over and over. But some of the album was pretty dope and i am someone who don't usually check for logic.

    The funniest shit was budden saying he doesn't relate to Logic being mixed but Budden lightskinned as fuck lmao. Budden someone in the last 2 generations of your family is white in some capacity. Niggas ain't come off the boats looking that lightskinned.
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  • Re: The all time king of Ls

    Lyga Simpson is the clear cut king of L's

    Having a nigga serve you papers at a LA gear shoe release >>>>>>>>>>> anything bow wow faced
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  • Re: Nas is on the verge of becoming a billionaire ..

    illedout wrote: »
    Nas worth a lot more than y'all hating ass niggas

    the title of this stannish thread is nas is on the verge of becoming a billionaire. Obviously we know that he has more money than the average joe. The title alone shows how stannish nation of naslam niggas are here in the IC.

    You work at a sandwich shop though,
    it's broke niggas like you that sit around hating on dudes that make moves to build their portfolio/brand..

    Nas never put all his business on front street.. Basically we're just getting a glimps of what he's actually doing behind the scenes..

    I bet you didn't know Nas was Miguel's manager before Miguel blew up or that Nas own a sneaker store in Vegas, 2 successful Sweet Chick restaurants, 1 in NYC and another in LA,
    or that at least 2 of his investments already have an estimated net worth of over $10 billion..

    Nas was part owner of a streaming service
    (Pluto tv) before Tidal existed..

    Bevel is also growing legs and is becoming a success..

    Yo just because we acknowledge Nas' success
    don't make us stans, we acknowledge Hov,
    Dr. Dre, Nelly, 50 Cent, Diddy, Rozay, Master P,
    and J. Prince, but for some reason,
    when it seem like Nas getting up there,
    it's always broke niggas like you that try to knock him down like he don't deserve to be there,
    that's weirdo shit..

    1) i dont actually work at a subway it was joke

    2) i respect nas for being humble about his wealth. the issue i how is his stans saying he is going to be a billionaire soon which is bullshit
  • Re: 50 Cent versus Wayne who has the better musical catalog???

    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Shizlansky wrote: »
    Carter 1 and 2 > 50 entire catalog

    Wayne mixtapes >>>> 50 mixtapes

    Niggas brining up the Kanaan mixtape like that shit wasn't extra meh and was short lived like Future new album

    Sir get the fuck outta here with that bullshit.

    GRODT > C1 and GRODT > C2

    Head to head GRODT is better than any single wayne album. The story telling on it is dope as fuck and better than the storytelling on any carter joint. And the hits are miles better than any hit from C1 and C2. Matter of fact A Milli at a wayne show has a bigger impact than any single from C1 and C2.

    GRODT is the most overrated album of all time

    That shit has no replay. Value… the g unit shit was a fad you can't compare a nigga who had a 4 year run… it ended fast… 2 a nigga that's been relivent over 20 years…
    Play any 50 cent in 2017 an it will not I repeat it will not turn up the crowd like a cash money Wayne classic

    Who the fuck in 2017 replays Lights out or 500 degreez tho? GRODT has more replay value than any lil wayne studio album.