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  • Re: Nelly's "Country Grammar" Certified Diamond

    This is what is missing from the game when the highest sellers are niggas like Drake. Nelly totally had pop and hip hop radio on smash in the late 90s and early 2000's. But it was hip hop first with a hook mainstream pop could dig.

    Now we got Drake attempting to sing like shit for half the album and rap the other half all while getting his bars from the OVO sweatshop.
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  • Re: Timmy Turner-Desiigner Out Now

    xxCivicxx wrote: »
    Melania Desiigner..smh..

    Couldn't even enjoy the beat. Does this niqqa really think he's doing his own thing? He's blatantly biting Future down to the ad-libs. Shit is downright criminal..

    This niqqa n niqqaz cosigning this need 20 lashes in a public square..

    When did Desiigner copy word for word what Future aka Desiigner Lite said.

    "He talked about lean in the fanta" Niggas been talking about lean well before future
    "He stole the future sound" Oh you mean autotune rap that a half dozen rappers been using before future started using it late in his career?

    The specific autotune sound that he mastered and placed on an international platform simpleton

    There are infinite styles one can create with autotune

    Lil' Durk doesn't sound like Kanye who doesn't sound like Migos who don't sound like Keven Gates who doesn't sound like Travis Scott who doesn't sound like Game who doesn't sound like PartyNextDoor who doesn't sound like Post Malone who doesn't sound like French Montana who doesn't sound like Rae Sremmurd and they all use HEAVY autotune in their music

    I have New English, when Desiigner isn't actively trying to flow exactly like Future, he sounds like a regular NY rapper.

    It's not some random thing that he went out of his way to mimic the hottest rapper simpleton

    That wouldn't be him that would be his production. Unless future is a producer now. The point being is it has nothing to do with his voice but computer modulate effects. That's like BB King (RIP) being mad that eric clapton because his electric guitar sounds the same. That's like Farve being jealous that Aaron Rodgers uses a simular looking football as he did back in his day.
  • Re: Drake Takes Shots at Tory Lanez During 'Summer Sixteen' Tour

    So drake stole that dacehall island feel then takes shots at rappers like tyga and tory lanez who steal his steal of dacehall island feel tracks? Lol ok.
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  • Re: Whyd Wayne have to fall off right as he was peakinh

    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    He is already top 5. He is this century GOAT. He has nothing left to prove. He has been recording professionally since 11 years old. He has mastered a solo career, a legendary group career, pioneer of independent mixtapes, a features catalog that is bigger than most rappers solo catalog, introduced Drake and Nicki to the world, sold 1 million albums in one week TWICE, inventor of autotune/drug addict flow and only 33 years old.

    For as much as his albums sold none of them are undisputed classics though. Name 1 album that is on par or as good as illmatic or reasonable doubt or OB4Cuban Linx or any other straight classic album?

    Wayne sold albums and broke records. However his albums have minimum content that has lasting appeal. C1 and C2 are good albums but they are not legendary classic albums. Wayne's best work was on unorganized mixtapes with no 1 purpose or message. That is why he is not top 5 doa.
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  • Re: Tyrese Breaks Up Fight Between Lyfe Jennings & David Banner At Atlanta Town Hall Meeting

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    aneed123 wrote: »
    We gotta keep it 100 tho. Eventually it's gonna take the threat of violence to make white folk act right...

    When has that ever worked? Middle Eastern terrorists have been using threats since the 70s how is that making "white folk act right"?

    This country used violence against black people for years all it did is make them want freedom. If that is the case how will violence change the way white people think in a progressive manner?

    The reason you have white people marching and agreeing with the movement of justice for black folk is because of non violent reaching across and using peace. The reason white folks realized the issues of civil rights was because they saw black folk being sprayed with fire hoses on national tv.

    Black folk need to understand in 2016 violence will get them nowhere. Their peaceful actions and their economic power will get them everywhere. And as doom and gloom as it seems the shit is already changing.

    Man shut your stupid ass up

    White people took over the world through violence

    America was founded on and is sustained through violence

    America checks it's uppity states through violence

    Violence definitely does accomplish things

    It's always 1 dumb nigga saying "here derp violence never gets you anywhere"

    Cool if that's the case then explain why the most violent people on this planet also control the majority of this planet then simpleton

    Go attack the government and law enforcement and let me know how that works for you fuck nigga. White people took over the country because they had guns and ships and disease and that killed off millions of Indians. Same in Africa and other place. If the Native Americans had fucking tanks and swat teams and Africa had nuclear weapons and an airforce in the 1700s white people wouldn't have shit. The issue with violence is the government and law enforcement will win that battle any day.

    What is changing in this country is culture and demographics. What is changing in this country is more white people during times like this standing hand in hand with black folk in these protests. That is true change. How the fuck else is there a black president. over 50% of the country had to say "i wanna vote for this nigga." Back in the 60's the majority of the country wouldn't have done that.

    Things are fucking changing and its not because of fuck niggas like you who wanna get violent. But please use violence and let me know how it goes.

    You are every bit of the coon that you portray on here

    You can name call all you want but you still are avoiding the truth. What will violence get you. Look at the LGBT community. They used economic power and peace and shit in a decade change shit to the point where same sex marriage is legal in every state including the bible belt.

    Now that cause did have white males and other factors African Americans will never have as far as leverage but shit literally changed overnight for that cause.

    What you are essentially saying is Martin Luther King was a coon because he did not use violence. Your mindset is the play checkers when this shit is chess.

    They fags wtf u expect, you are a coon for even saying that ya daughter gone get fucked by a pack of street niggas

    All you are doing is name calling without facts. All i am doing is posting facts without name calling. Name one act of violence toward law enforcement that brought positive change. Ill wait lololol.

    Nat turner

    So a failed rebellion and over 50 black people were executed? That sounds like a bunch of black people were murdered not actual change. True emancipation from slavery was completed by non violent political power in the ear of the government like Fredrick Douglass.