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  • Re: Cole World! "4 Your Eyez Only" Dropping Dec. 9th

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    R.D. wrote: »
    That first one is hard, I stand by it

    The rest are whatever, Cole ain't a punchline rapper and that's 3 lines 5 projects in


    1. "Going off like boing" is not hard in any way; shape, or form.
    2. Cole aint a punchline rapper but he trys to be too often. Hes is very consistant with the cringe bars.
    3. All that said im a big fan. As far as the new generation goes i rank him right under Krit & Kendrick... right above Joey... Krizzle dont have the cringe bars Cole has

    Edit: forgot about Chance. Chance gets the nod before Cole.

    2. Kendrick
    3. Chance
    4. Cole
    5. Joey


    Krit doesn't have a mixtape bar for bar better than Friday Night lights. Nor does he have an album that is as complete as forest hills drive. That's why outside the IC there are maybe 40 Krit fans that exist. He has his moments "Hometown Hero", "Country Shit", That multi till the muthafucking sun die song. But he ain't as polished or complete as Cole. Krit is a streetball player and Cole is a starting point guard in the league.
  • Re: Cole World! "4 Your Eyez Only" Dropping Dec. 9th

    Looking forward to this album.

    As far as the Kendrick and Cole debate - Kendrick has Cole beat in a photo finish. He's a step ahead of Cole because of his creativity and story telling skills on GKMC & TPAB.

    Drake should not even be in the conversation when it comes to real lyricists like Cole and Kendrick.

    Fuck outta here. GKMC and Section 80 are dope. TPAB is miracle lyrical bullshit that had little to no replay value. The reason cole is better than kendrick is he has bars but his message can reach everyone from a college kid to a street nigga to a chick chillen with you in the whip. Modern Kendrick tries too hard to be lyrical like in holy key.

    Lost with this revolt to mumble rap is understanding over the top lyricism doesn't mean your content is better and recent kendrick is proof of that. Cole music is more about real shit in a straightforward fashion.
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  • Re: Cole World! "4 Your Eyez Only" Dropping Dec. 9th

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    texas409 wrote: »
    remember when Cole came out and folks said he would never be a big artist like Drake or Kendrick.....I remember

    He's not.

    Drake has a wider audience but Cole is easily bigger than Kendrick. If you went to any Forest Hills Drive concert you would have seen that. That nigga Cole was getting 20 to 30K outdoor theater venues sold out on the east coast. He sold out MSG and the Staples Center and everything in between in 2015. Kendrick couldn't do that.

    And on top of that in 2014 he dropped an album out of the blue and the fans copped it in high volumes to where it was a top music album seller in just 1 month of December sales. Cole has a movement. His fans are loyal and i have seen it grow from my first college Cole show in 2010 to his last FHD tour stop in my City in 2015.

    Kendrick could probably sell out MSG too. They're both on about the same level fan base wise. Shit they share a fan base for the most part

    He could sell out MSG and he Staples center. But in smaller cities he isn't getting cole type crowds. Cole sole out a 30K venue in CT. He also sold out other shows in the midwest and south in simular live nation outdoor theater style venues. Cole has more fans than Kendrick easily. Kendricks base has has grown but he still doesn't have the numbers close to cole.
  • Re: Young M.A. hustles $33,000 from New Orleans promoter then doesn't show up

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    AggieLean. wrote: »
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    I'm about to get in the rap game...

    Krazy how this ugly ass bull dagger mutant get 33 stacks for carbon copying Bobby shumurdas "hot nigga" and pouring dyke sauce on it

    Eye still can't keep a str8 face when this bitch rap that deep throat line..This hoe really need to leave that henny alone

    It would be interesting to see if that's her regular rate. This seems like an isolated dumb ass Louisiana nigga who put up too much money for a one hit wonder. I mean there is a fucking rapper from Louisiana named NBA Young Boy. The fuck kinda rap name is that? Louisiana and Mississippi niggas are dumb as hell.

    Dumb names all over. Why single out those 2 states

    They are 2 of the worse states in the country when it comes to Education. The fact a promoter is paying 33K for young MA is just proof.
    Lol, that's one nigga from Louisiana who paid that. Not a big enough sample size to judge two whole states off of.

    Listen, I'm from MS, and I guarantee I'm smarter than you, subway nigga. You a corny ass nigga tho, so do what you do.

    I don't actually work at subway and the numbers don't lie. Mississippi and Louisiana are at the bottom half of every ranking as far as public schools or education in general.


    What about YOUR intellect?

    Smart enough not to "Square up" to niggas who want to fight in a thread talking about intelligence. Lmao niggas catching feelings in this bitch.
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  • Re: Young M.A. hustles $33,000 from New Orleans promoter then doesn't show up

    Cinco wrote: »
    Yeah @MeekMonizzLLLLLLe14 that's a general statement, "all MS and La niggas are dumb,"
    Which means when you run across anyone from those states u automatically label them with your stereotype based upon stuff u Google and other opinions.
    The test scores, fact is true. But who is raised to be average?
    That's fine, I run laps around niggas that think "uh oh anothe dumb nigga from LA," like you daily.

    I never said "all". Now you are lying about what i said. And lol at the bolded. You caught so many feelings you typing 200 miles per hour missing letters and shit.