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  • Re: Another New Venture! Jay Z Is Launching a New Digital Video Program

    hopefully he has a better marketing campaign than Tidal

    *envisions Jay bringing out every rich actor on stage to beg for money*

    "This is about paying rich actors and pretending to give the fans some sort of false sense of value. It will cost just as much as netflix and amazon instant video but there is no middle man! O wait whats that never mind no tidal we got Time Inc. in the middle ya heard."
  • Re: Bruh lil durk is cold

    its a sad day when we are debating who is better durk or keef. both these niggas are garbage point blank.
  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread

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    Groveshark just shut down damn

    At one time, the music startup — which promised 35 million users they could “Play any song in the world, for free!” but that didn’t have deals to pay the big music labels — seemed like a problem for the music industry. Now it’s dead.

    After losing a six-year legal battle, Escape Media, the company that owns Grooveshark, is formally conceding to the music labels that sued it.

    In a settlement with Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group, the company’s founders are shutting down their Web site, apps and everything else they own, wiping their servers clean of music, and offering a formal apology to the industry.

    And just to drive the point home, the company is telling its users to go buy subscriptions from licensed streaming services, like Spotify, Deezer and Google Play.

    Last week, a U.S. District Court judge told a jury that Escape could be liable for up to $736 million in damages after losing a copyright case. Under the terms of the settlement, Escape doesn’t have to pay the labels anything, but would have to pay the labels $75 million if they violate the terms of the agreement.

    Whelp....what ya gonna do now lol

    im on free spotify and i actually purchase the albums or download the few quality hip hop albums or mixtapes that still come out. I will actually miss grooveshark more for the non hip hop shit like some live shows from rock/jam bands that users self recorded and uploaded. The real ether is grooveshark got forced to have people sign up for other music streaming businesses and they ain't een mention tidal lol.
  • Re: Mannie Fresh Says Lil Wayne’s “Tha Carter V” Will Have That “Original Cash Money Feel”

    how does it sound like the old cash money when none of the sorry singles from C5 had nothing close to that classic song. i guess we will find out in 30 years when it finally comes out
  • Re: Damn Jay is baiting his real fans with this one...B-Side Concert in NY for Tidal users only

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    The haters ain't gonna like this move.....I already know what they thinking "damn jay why don't you just fall back and take a L so I can laugh at you sheesh!!!!"....let him keep adding things like this and the world outside of the IC will start to take notice and slowly start signing up for chances to win or at least live stream event and concerts like this.... Glad I signed up I'll let y'all know what songs he does when its streamed

    do you currently have one of the paid plans for tidal?

    Yep....$9.99 the same price I was giving google for their play music service

    The spirit of Hova just spoke to me. He told me to tell you that you are a great Jayhova Witness. But you can further your faith for $20 a month with the HQ FLAC plan.

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