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  • Re: Ace Hood-To Whom It May Concern (New Music)

    bck145 wrote: »
    Meek > Average Hood

    Ace Hood has a few tight hooks but meek has a few tight projects. I'm glad meek took ace's slot since Ace was literally re-writing the same fucking song for 10 years. Shit been played out besides a few pieces of songs.

    U can't even name another song that sounds like hustle hard n go n get it, that's a 3 month period. How did u stretch that to 10 years? U can put ace on that single featuring Nikki meek did a couple years ago and there's literally no difference lol. Especially since that shit reeks of Khaled

    Both those songs are re-written versions of "Overtime", "Cash Flow", Insert half the skippable tracks during the starvation mixtapes as well. Meek was able to retain a portion of his fanbase and merge it with nikki to get that hit. It's the same reason DC2 had a bigger impact than all of ace woods mixtapes combined. The shit shut down dat piff.

    Meanwhile Ace Wood had the connect with Khaled who put him on many tracks he never had the clout to be on and he still had an inconsistent fanbase and music that has 0 lasting appeal.

    Ace can actually flow tho....meek still has yet to learn to do so

    Are you kidding me lol. Meek actually tells unique stories with a dope flow something Ace Wood could never do. Ace Hood could never write a Tony Story, YBA, or Middle of the Summer. Every fucking major song Ace writes is generic. Whereas meek has some generic shit but has specific stories that are told very well.
  • Re: Lil Uzi Vert says if you are over the age of 25 you are OLD NIGGA

    The only thing that can save you from shit like this is talent. Ain't niggas say shit about Prince and MJ looking just like Uzi Vertical via the way they dress and their mannerisms. But them niggas put out generational defining music. But Uzi is trash on the mic.

    Grown ass men worship MJ and shit. But as soon as a photo of Uzi come out they freaking out and shit lmao. Shit is funny and hypocritical as hell.

    I don't think people ever said that about MJ. MJ never came off as feminine, just a weirdo.

    Now you might have a point with Prince, but it was kinda cancelled out by the fact that dude was known to be fucking some of the baddest chicks out throughout his career.

    MJ has hella Feminine tendencies/mannerisms especially in the last 10 to 15 years of his life. He sounds like a fucking girl too.
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  • Re: NBA Youngboy new mixtape "AI YoungBoy (8.4)

    wait this nigga actually makes music? i thought he just went around pretending to be a rapper while getting arrested and crashing cars.
  • Re: Boston Sports Fans Yell Racial Slurs at Adam Jones

    (Nope) wrote: »
    Huey_C wrote: »
    And fenway is closer to a white majority neighborhood, a 15 min walk and you're right in roxbury/ Dorchester. Thats how I know u don't know shit about boston lol. Greater boston area? Lawrence, Brockton, Randolph all have high black and/or hispanic populations.

    My aunt lived in West Roxbury for part of her life so ain't stupid. But when i got to yankees games much more of the population at yankees games is hispanic or black. Same thing when i take my dad to knicks games. Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics games are 95% white. Yes new york has more people but the percentage of black folks at sporting events is higher than boston.

    In the greater boston area the majority of the black population is subjected to a few neighborhoods. Here in Connecticut Black people make up a large part of major cities like Hartford but there are also mostly black suburbs like Windsor and Bloomfield. In Boston when you grow of black in the suburbs you are seen as an alien. Like i said before my dad faced more racism in Framingham Mass when his fam moved to Boston than he did in the Virginia. The same liberals that voted the former black Governor into office would be dammed if boston suburbs starting seeing large influxes of successful black people buying property lmao.

    Here you go again.

    You completely ignore context and eschew logic to speculate about a topic that you are unsure of.

    Have you grown up black in Boston Suburbs?

    What suburbs are you referring to?

    What predominantly white suburb where someone is viewed as other would that other not feel alien in?

    Where you're right is that Boston is majority white. It's also majority well to do people. Living in Boston has become exorbitantly expensive and gentrification is at peak levels.

    However, Boston also has a myriad of immigrant populations (Southeast Asian, Indian, Haitian, Hispanic/Latin).

    There is also a diverse college population that is in part responsible for the gentrification.

    Working class people of all shapes and sizes are moving outside of the city to the surrounding area aka The Greater Boston Area which has a population of 4.7 million with levels of diversity that are in accord with national averages.

    I'm from Lawrence and really don't care how outsider's view Boston, but what the fuck is your point?

    Your argument is a little hollow my guy. Hate the white people in the area all that you want, but you are not an expert on a place that you have never lived, so cut it out.

    One aunt one uncle and both my grandparents still live just outside of Boston. Uncle and grandparents live in Marlburough and my Aunt lives in Natick. All have bounced around and lived in roxbury, west roxbury, and just by fenway (uncle in college).

    Even with gentrification the suburban boston area is abusrdly white as fuck even in relation to where i live in the Greater Hartford area still in the northeast. There are very limited pockets of black people i have seen in Natick, Framingham, and Marlburough all within 35 minutes of the heart of Boston. There are immigrant populations from Asia and Hispanics and Latinos that are in the suburbs. But the black population is condensed into specific areas worse than any other city i have seen.

    You don't see hella black businessmen and women in droves in boston. You don't have large suburban populations that are highly black concentrated in Boston. But just one state down in Connecticut there are black suburbs. Go down south and areas like the DMV, Houston, Atlanta etc. have hella successful black people.

    Plain and simple the vibes and the be like us or you are against us mentality of Boston is something that deters black people from making it a destination to live in. Sure it is a college town where many minorities get an education but past that it is just a city most black folk avoid cause of the racism and one way of living that is accepted.
  • Re: French Montana: Jungle Rules

    Thousand of copies of this trash album will end up in the jungle bushes.
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