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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (New Game Pest Control Vid/Beanie KOd in vid)

    gee757 wrote: »
    AggyAF wrote: »

    Better days

    This ain't fire?

    I fucked with Quality Street Music 2. This joint was fire too. Beans must have helped meeky mill on this joint as well.
  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (New Game Pest Control Vid/Beanie KOd in vid)

    It's been great to be ghost pr writing for the dreamchasers this past weekend. I met with the camp right after they woke up from their 18 hour nap (remember they were sleeping when game pulled up). Since then i have helped meek play the "positive" card in social media. I wanted him to use the same tactic i pulled when i was dame dashing Killa Cham previously on the IC. Kinda got a headache tho cause meek was fucking yelling the whole damn time.

    DC4 coming kinda soon be on the lookout for that. Heard about 15 five second snippets and from that it sounds like fire.
  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread (New Game Pest Control Vid/Beanie KOd in vid)

    We have footage of meek and omelly recording their verse for this Oouuu diss. They put a mic above the atv they shared and just spit their verses outside. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan are also looking into using this technique on their next feature as well.


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  • Re: Jay-Z's music streaming service Tidal reportedly posted heavy losses and struggled to make payments

    GetoBoy wrote: »
    Lol Akademiks calls Tidal the Tyga of streaming services lolol. But he has a point these niggas signed to deals with tidal trying to tell us to support the artist and they flexing on social media their cars and money like they set for life.

    He also said they have 4 million subs but let me guess the tyga part and everything else he was saying was legit but the numbers he said they have ain't legit???? Boi you pick and choose with the best of em lol

    If akademiks says they have have 4 million subs then tidal has 4 million subs case closed. They still the Tyga of steaming services lololol.
  • Re: Kanye Signs Tyga And Migos To GOOD Music

    Big Ghost on his facebook page

    If you still dont believe that Kim K n her family singlehandedly ruined one of the greatest album runs ever seen in Rap n transformed the most creatively gifted n bold genius in music of the past 20 years from a bratty ass no filter havin childlike visionary who blessed the culture wit at least 4 classics into a whiny ass no filter havin divalike curator of #fuckery who convinced the now hipster infested n Rolling Stone-approved hip hop world that #Yeezus was a great album....then Ionno what to tell you b. I assume you only started fuckin wit rap after the #Kardashian sisters switched interest from ruining the careers of ball players to ruining the careers of rappers or jus embracing already existing #trash ones. Speakin of which.. We already kno how this shit happened but it still qualifies as the biggest L #Kanye ever took. Kim probably turned to Yeezy one night in bed n said OH HEY YANNO MY LITTLE SISTERS BOYFRIEND MICHAEL? HE IS SUCH A BIG FAN OF YOURS BAE. IT WOULD BE REALLY SUPER LIT IF YOU 2 COULD HANG OUT...HE WANTS TO BE A RAPPER TOO... Im sure Kanye had to really ponder that shit tho.. YOU MEAN THAT CREEPY ASS DUSTY MUTHAFUCKA WIT THE EMBRYO FACE N HAIRPLUGS ALWAYS HANGIN OUT ASKIN ME TO LISTEN TO HIS MIXTAPES? *Kanye shrug*...AIGHT WHATEVER.. n ever since then the phoney cosigns n artificial appreciation for the worst rapper alive has been ON... Muthafuckas even got Kanye to "executive produce" the latest collection of sonic dumpster juice that that waste of perfectly donate-able human organs polluted the world wit namsayin. So thats how Tyga aka the aborted fetus of talent itself came to be signed by #GOODmusic.. Lets not blame Pusha-T when we kno damn well that aint his doin. Pusha signed the Amigos n Remiinder.. Aight coo whatever. But Tyga? Naw no way b. Its no logical reason for anybody to draw that conclusion yo. That aint his kin...this some nepotism shit b. Lets blame Kim...or Kris "Satan" Jenner...or the poster child for teen cosmetic surgery n body image issues Kylie. At the very least blame Kanye for lettin these women press him nahmean. If you wanna go wit the scientific answer blame Brandy's brother for this shit. Anyways fuck rap b..
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