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  • Drake realest bars ever

    I was listening to Marvin's Room today and the lines "after a while girl they all seem the same, i've had sex 4 times this week i'll explain, havin a hard time adjusting to fame" is the realest shit he's ever said imo like that was the most vulnerable shit he's ever said and its something no one else says in rap
    infamous114CashmoneyDuxMarcusGarveyKingFreemansapp08_2001PK_TK_187StoneColdMikeyWiseGuyyLV_DonPiffyHazeThe RecipewAXed_poetic
  • Girls that have had sex with 10+ guys

    If you know a girl has had sex with more than 10 guys is that an automatic red flag not to mess with her at all even if she seems like she'd be faithful in a relationship? I've been talking to this girl for about a month now and everythings been straight until she came out & told me just now she's fucked 15 niggas, not sure if it's really a big deal & if I should drop her or not..
    HyenaKillagrumpycatCottonCitySlimReppinTimeAmotekunHafBaykedsoul rattlerSerious Juice Mayneblackgod813miamivice305Chuchk
  • Official Love Sosa CoSign Thread (Meek Mill and Drake dig it, Keef got a 2nd hit, haters take an L)

    so hard at the haters who said Keef would fall off and never make another single as big as "I Don't Like". Nigga bout to be the next big shit, and Hate Being Sober aint even dropped yet.


    soul rattlersilverfoxxCP203MorganFreemanKingpurpngoldJDSTAYWITITStillFaggyAF
  • Re: Hurricane Sandy hitting Northeast

    These people outside the East coast are getting annoying, about how this ain't shit to them.... One of those guys who thinks he's been through worse so that settles everything. I live in a place that gets a ton of snow, and the occasional big show storm. Our city can handle it. But I realize that other cities that don't get snow will struggle when they get 5 inches of it. Just because it's a relatively weak storm compared to the ones we get, doesn't mean that it can't be as disastrous.

    If there's a terrorist attack in Florida are people in NYC going to be like, "oh wow, that's nothing. I was in NYC when September 11th happened"?

    Need to put things in perspective.
    CP203dwade206scoop1215deadeye5th LetterBDBIIDdalyricalbanditAlready Home_17CoolJoeAmotekunohhhlaSion
  • Let's Be Real: Tupac And Biggie Were Some Ignorant Ass Niggas

    These are two internationally known superstars, but you know what they're most famous for? Being some ignorant ass niggas who went and got themselves killed. These niggas were horrible people. They set hip-hop AND black culture BACKWARDS about 50 years. They wouldn't survive in today's industry, cuz nowadays you can't be ignorant as fuck and threaten to kill another man on a song. Not that you should've been able to in the first place, but shit, we all see how that turned out. And sure, 2Pac had some meaningful songs like Dear Mama, but that's quite overlooked by the infamous lyrics "First off fuck your bitch and the clique you claim..."

    White people who can't stand ignorant ass black people had a field day when they died. They said "Yup, told you they'd kill one of em. OH, THEY KILLED BOTH THEMSELVES?? LMAO u owe me $20 Cletus." SMH at you two "legends."
    infamous114TheRicanKingNothingButTheTruthsouth4lifeblackjack2012ReppinTimeHyenaKilladwade206The RecipeA.J. Trillzynski