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  • Re: Nicki Minaj Calls Out Kendrick Lamar For Taking Her Gimmick

    Fuck Nicki Minaj (Figuratively and literally LOLOLOL)

    I'm tired of these arrogant muthafuckas feeling entitled and making bullshit claims about shit that don't belong to them. Nicki Minaj don't even respect the GOATs that came before her "Lil Kim, etc." and has the AUDACITY to claim that she influenced anything ?? SMMFH. Kendrick dropped a classic album and is doing something completely organic and HIS way. Nicki better hope that her next album don't flop cuz it aint been a good year for YMCMB. Nicki Minaj got 1 more album TOPS and she's out the game and FINISHED.
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  • Re: Bomani Jones Wonders Why J Cole Spoke Truth Then Said "Just Playing"

    Cuz unfortunately he has sponsors and people backing him that want him to walk both lines and not offend too many ppl at once. Cole is smart, he'll make the bold statement and stick by it when the right platform comes. This is what separates a Lupe Fiasco from a Nas. Lupe gets in his lightskin feelings and goes too far cuz he's sensitive. Nas will say the same thing but do it in such a way it's hard to argue against or critique him for.

    Cole is playing to be the last nigga standing, not society's mule. Pac could say shit and get away with it b/c he was 7x platinum b/w 2 albums (S4MN and MATW), and had millions to boot. J.Cole on the other hand doesn't have any of that shit and has no silver plaques on his walls yet. In due time tho in due time. The tongue is a helluva beast to tame and most important to control when you're still on the come up.
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  • Re: Eric Garner's widow says his killing wasn't about race and calls him lazy on TV(video)

    Welp.... guess you can go to school but you can't buy class SMMFH.

    What an ungrateful and bitter bitch. Some things are just unnecessary, not only is she going to get paid (best believe she gonna get compensated by the city) but she really didn't have to say that shit. Coulda said what she had to, and then kept it moving. It's not just about her relationship, there's a symbolism for justice in America and a long standing war b/w African Americans and police. It's bigger than her and tho it might not be her choice to be a face in the war, she's still a face in it regardless if she wants to be. He may not have been perfect but that was not the time and place to say something so disparaging. A nigga just wants to be respected, in light of people talking down about black men and all these pressures that loom heavy over our heads of trying to prove ourselves, avoid being a statistic and be successful, why should we take that type of disrespect ? IN FRONT OF HIS GIRL NO LESS !? If we fight back we lose, we agree w/ them over that bullshit we lose SMMFH. Fuck that shit you'll never take our pride. Clear abuse of power and Eric Garner's death only draws attention to a fear we have of police and why something needs to change. What's fucked up is the one time he decides enough is enough look what happens SMMFH.....

    Eric Garner did not deserve to be killed no matter how much he was he was or wasn't contributing to a household or w/e.... what does that say for the price of a life ? What does that say about her actually ?? SMMFH.

    MLK might have cheated on his wife, had plenty of women, had other proclivities and to his wife, he may not have been Mr.Perfect, but you NEVER saw Coretta go on national TV and blast off on him saying he wasn't shit and all this other madness SMMFH. Shit like this is why niggas shit on black women or have trust issues. It's also why there's such a stark division b/w us and why brothers are showing love to white women, spanish, asian women and other types of woman. Conversely, it's also why the good black women who DO show love get swept under the rug & overlooked by the media and painted all same. Now the media can take this and have a field day and find a reason to say "fuck that nigger cockaroach he wasn't shit anyways".

    Oh and fuck Al Sharpton, that nigga is a charlatan (thanks @Black_Samson‌ ) what yall don't know is how he is making money off this shit and will jump on the next hustle soon as it die down. Harry Belafonte, Louis Farrakhan, Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washinton, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee they're people who actually go out and get things done and don't want to be in 25,000 cameras with their Versace 2014 suits, 2015 S-Class Benz, slick hair and Cavalli shoes. Sharpton the example of either die a hero or live long enough to yourself become the villain......

  • Re: Bleek Finally Ties The Knot

    Bleek did it right in LIFE period. Niggas can clown on Bleek but when you look at his track record he's got 4 straight gold albums (first 2 almost went platinum), he has platinum singles, business ventures in real estate, his OWN alcohol COMPANY (he owns D'Susse) , he owns his masters, he owns radio stations, he still tours with Jay sometimes and I'm sure he's getting a nice check when he goes on stage AND he's a DOPE rapper.

    All in all, that's how you play it - Bleek never got lazy or grew envious of Jay, he played his position perfectly, made tens of millions, fucked mad hoes, played all the whips, houses on houses, gold and platinum plaques and now he's settled down and gotten married. He had the ideal career. More of these young niggas could learn a thing or 2. Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Cam'Ron they fucked up their opportunities with Jay but not Bleek. He a smart nigga I respect him.
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  • Re: Toronto Rapper & Weeknd X.O Affiliate Derek Wise Arrested On Human Trafficking Charges

    Drake getting killed out chea dayum SMMFH.

    Biggest losers this year was Drake and YMCMB.....
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