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  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    DWO wrote: »
    Meek spit facts, dropped the reference tracks, and joked about the pissing incident..

    For all intents and purposes, he should have won right there, but lack of witty and funny punchlines have him losing,.

    I mean I get it, I originally was underwhelmed as well, but after re listening and fact checking his claims, the result was pretty devastating.,...

    Drake should not be able to show his face in public ever again

    This is why I really feel that he should have waited - he had nothing to lose. Impatient fans FORCED his hand and it cost him. I'd rather wait 2 months to drop a scalding and brutal diss record instead of trying to wing it in 5 minutes ESPECIALLY if I had reference tracks on reference tracks PROVING that Drake had a ghostwriter. Meek should have thought his way out properly.

    Nas took months before he responded to Ether, 50 Cent/JaRule took a matter of time before they responded. What Meek dropped should have KILLED Drake but the lack of good verses or punchlines weren't there. At the same time maybe that's a sign that this is going back to bars and not so much "hot songs".
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  • Re: Create Your Own Label 2015 Part I: Auctions

    Wait a sec some of yall aint got the bread for that, Ice and Ibex are cool but Ghost no diss I dont think you got it like that :(
  • Re: Drake - Back to Back Freestyle (Where you at taMEEKa Mill?)

    I don't think ghostwriters have paperwork or credentials or a paper trail. It kinda defeats the point of being a GHOST don't you think?

    My nigga don't waste your energy, it's not even about the ghostwriting claims it's about a nightmare these niggas are having with Drake and themselves SMMFH. They just don't like him, he illicits strong emotions from these niggas. No matter what Drake do these niggas will NEVER like him nor will they give him his just due. The fucked up thing is the same niggas hating are prolly the same niggas bumping his music when no one is watching.

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  • Re: Drake - Back to Back Freestyle (Where you at taMEEKa Mill?)

    Man and I don't think Meek's career can come back at this point. What could Meek possibly do to turn this around ? Social media turned on him, Undertaker is suing him for his diss, nobody seem to care about Meek they booing him off stage, shit even his own Boss said Drake >>>> Meek before deleting the tweet LOLOL SMMFH. All Drake gotta do now at OVO fest is freestyle off the top of his head before dropping his next diss and that's the nail in the coffin.
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  • Re: Drake - Back to Back Freestyle (Where you at taMEEKa Mill?)

    Im leaving this thread for good, Ill be back Monday, if I see 300+ responses I'll know he dropped it.... till then yall enjoy ya weekend.
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