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  • Re: The Official Edit/Ether/Roast/Make Fun of/Crack On/Post Gifs of Disrespectful Neeghas Thread (TM)


    Fuck a yellow or red card. That nigga @sion needs a rainbow card and a spiked bat to the head

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  • Re: A Look Back At The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie From 1990

    I watch this movie at least once a week, fucking CLASSIC

    Raph: "come ooonnn how do you guys expect to beat meeeee ?"

    *30 more foot soldiers roll up*

    Raph: "dayum good answer...."

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  • Re: Apple suing Tidal for 20 million after Drake performance

    cold blooded

    I can look at their financial statements and tell you that Tidal does not have 20 million liquid unless they plan on using a line of credit or borrow money SMMFH. Got dayum ETHER.
    _Goldie_ wrote: »
    They cut the stream when Drake came out, shouldnt hold up in court.

    Let's hope so in Jay-Z's case.......

    The onus might be on Drake, if he knew it was going to be streamed by Tidal, it might fall on him. But he's too big of an investment especially with their marketing for them to want to pull the plug on him..........
  • Re: If You Were A Rapper, Which 90's Hip-Hop Record Label Would You Have Signed To Out Of These Choices?

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    Another thing too about Percy Miller, even if even if it doesn't work out, the knowledge you'd have in terms of how things work, where to find things, how to do them and how to manage your money would be far more useful - you'd never have to worry about being broke and you'd have the Master P blueprint of how to market yourself. Plus the music you made you'd still own on your way out. Master P had regular joes and even his barbers going gold..... I mean come on maaannnn........ His whole family got platinum records, that's not an accident.....

    How many ex-No Limit rappers has gone on to have success though?


    LOLOL depends on what you define as success, if you mean fame ? Who cares, they have/had money that's what counts. Fame come and go but money lasts longer. Most of them had hit records if not on a national level then on a local scale, they had the platform it was just on them to take it further. Most of em settled tho but they have things to their names now. To name a few tho:

    Curren$y, Fiend, Majik (RIP but he helped craft a hit record for Roy Jones and made a lot of money in boxing too), Choppa, Mia X, Mercedes, Soulja Slim, etc. Mia and Mercedes said they just wanted out the hood and was cool with a nice lil house in the burbs, a benz and kids in school. I think one of em later became a lawyer actually. P showed them how to hustle tho.

    Whereas Defjam or Bad Boy, your either back in the hood selling crack or lost your dayum mind - in the case of Bad Boy artists Mark Curry, G-Dep, etc. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Re: Lou Cypher's Random Facts Thread

    Lou_Cypher wrote: »

    Thrash like a savage