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    That's dope INB4 the "well I guess she's broke" comments SMMFH. There's life after music man, Vanilla Ice flips houses for a living now, David Geffen collects art, Krayzie Bone is a licensed realtor and loan officer outside of music, Jimmy Iovine and Dr.Dre are Apple execs, and Monica is a nurse. That's dope and it goes to show you that at the end of the day they are regular people, she just happens to have gold and platinum albums and grammies on her shelves.

    People change as they get older and different things start to appeal to them. Yall won't give older rappers/singers a chance again talkin bout they need to "hang it up" but when they get legal hustles niggas still wanna clown SMMFH just cuz they happen to work a regular job just like everybody else. Niggas need to grow up and stop tryna live thru rappers.

    Shit goes to show you tho, how naive people are to the smoke and mirrors that goes on in music. Niggas out chea really thinking their favorite rapper really owns all those Bentleys and Rolls-Royces on the set and they got NO album out. It's apart of life man SMMFH, props to Monica.
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  • Re: Rosenberg Blacks On Wendy Williams For Aaliyah Movie (Throws Shots At Charlemagne)

    What I want to know is what people expected? Aaliyah may be a beloved figure, but her life wasn't all that interesting. Other than the R Kelly stuff, what is there to talk about. She didn't go through all that much adversity since her family had connections to the music business. She was pretty low key, so there wasn't much controversy surrounding her. She made some hits, but other than that she didn't do anything spectacular as a celebrity. She might have been a nice and beloved person, but that doesn't necessarily make for a good movie.

    The same could be said for a lot of famous people. At the same time they could have done a way better job to make it appeal and connect with viewers - in particular her fans. Wendy Williams is a bitch, always was always will be. This is what happens when the wrong people end up in the wrong positions and get their hands on things they don't understand.

    Outside of that.... Yo the Charlamange shot is just these 2 radio stations tryna beef. Nobody watches Rosenberg and Ebro fuck ass shows. Breakfast Club dropping classic interviews and they got Angie Martinez too. Hot 97 gots no choice they have no stars or people that listeners want to hear. Yall better get used to Rosenberg talkin out his ass in hopes anyone will listen.....
  • Re: Playstation 4 Continues To Outpace PS2, Challenging Wii For Fastest-Selling Console

    Fun fact: Sony's stock has outperformed Nintendo's stock for I think 2 years now.......
  • Re: Is 2014 the worst year in Hip Hop? Lord Jamar: 2014 Could Possibly Be Worst Year Ever in Rap Music

    90s elitism at it's finest SMMFH.... These old niggas will shit on Hip-Hop today but won't put out music to change it. Meanwhile Jay, Nas, Em, Wu-Tang and them are still puttin out quality music that's dope. I really really feel that today we live in a Golden Era of rap TODAY, it's just that the 90s elitists are so into their memories they not going to pay attention to all these new artists until they gone (but that's ok this I'm sure we'll do the same to the next generation). Let's face it tho, in 2014 alone there was no wack albums or mixtapes that dropped - except for Ab-Soul's About These Days album and maybe a few bad apples but overall the quality of good music to have come out in the last 2 years has been incredibly strong. YG dropped a great album, School Boy Q dropped a good album, Cyhi The Prynce, Wale, J.Cole, Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Big Sean's Detroit mixtape, Joe Budden, MNIMN, Ohio, Big KRIT entire discography, Run The Jewels, Curren$y, etc. etc.

    There's a lot of good music out there, the thing is a lot of the people who came up on 90s Hip-Hop have memories tied to those times. Overall, this is the shit that Lord Jamar does, he just hates on everything and is a staunch 90s era elitist, you think he's gonna put any generation over the one he came up and got rich in ? Hell nah. But on top of that if he agreed with everything he wouldn't have a platform on vladTV. This is what Jamar does, he gets under your skin and gets niggas talkin. It keeps his name in headlines and yall niggas questioning yourselves.
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  • Re: Ja Rule: "I've never been beat up, stabbed up, shot up...He's the real victim"

    He gonna be eighty years old still talking about, " he the real wanksta I ain't a wanksta im a gangsta"

    Clown #1: interviewers ask him questions then he answers

    KNiGHTS wrote: »
    Over 10 years later and he still never learned the greatest lesson of all: Silence is golden. I remember KRS-One said that of MC Shan: "If he never would've responded, I wouldn't be sitting here today."

    50's Interscope machine would've had him do numbers, but Ja feeding into the bullshit just gave 50 extra life. He needs to just treat questions on that subject like they never happened.

    Clown #2: You're delusional and changing history. Niggas was shitting on Ja for not saying anything (for an entire year) when the beef popped off...Had niggas crowning Fif as the God thug for supposedly having Ja too shook to respond

    I cant believe yall still riding cock 10 years later. Hop off 50 nuts and be objective

    Nah Ja responded tho and made a whole album dedicated to beef (Blood In my Eye) SMMFH. If Ja just never said anything period and just stuck to his rap-pop records he'd still be doing music today. He should have avoided that situation altogether. Even if Fif still blew he wouldn't have sold no 10 million albums twice. Ja was going multi-platinum like it was nothing, he could have taken a hiatus and nobody would question it b/c of his success, plus w/ the trial going on he wouldn't have had to reaffirm his "street cred" b/c he'd be literally be fighting for his life in court (when Supreme got knocked). Even if he was going to respond, the correct thing would have been to be subliminal, then wait until Preme went down after his trial to call Fif a rat. From Fif's position that would have been enormously tough to combat but such is the saying - hindsight is 20/20.

    Either way Ja could have maintained a career by just not saying anything. Nobody cared if he was a "thug" or not, he was selling so many records, doing movies and was in a completely diff't lane. He was sensitive & insecure and Fif was counting on that. The Eminem/Haillie Diss was confirmation of what 50 Cent was saying the whole time. Plus bringing Eminem and Busta Rhymes (and Busta was bubbling like crazy in the early 2000s) into the picture was stupid af. Sensitive niggas get themselves into things without ever thinking about how it'll end, clever niggas wait for the right time to strike.