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  • Re: Has A Rapper Ever Fallen Off Harder Than Kanye?

    DMX fell off the hardest he could have been what Jay-Z is now but personal demons crushed him man.

    Kanye on the other hand is trying to become a fashion artist and working on that like a Gwen Stefani. There will never be another CD, LR or MBDTF again. His heart is just not there for that. I think Kanye is gonna be more of a Quincy Jones in 10 more years. Where after his music career he's going to have musical muses (common in fashion) that he'll produce for who will carry the vision he's trying to convey in fashion in order to impact culture. He'll make decent albums but nothing on the level of what he became known for. At least not for himself.
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    DWO wrote: »
    Watch.Meek do some dumb shit like Troy ave and get caught fucking up on camera

    That nigga is so got dayum stupid this shit won't surprise me when it happens. Meek is the joke of Hip-Hop.
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    You gay as hell, Sion

    ZuluQueen is your alias and @Joker_De_La_Muerta outed you in the alias thread. If there's anything gay af it's you parading to be an angry black women mad that black men were allegedly running to white women. What's even gayer is even after you were banned over and over you STILL kept making new aliases to troll in every thread. You had like 6 different accounts. When you were found out you changed the register IPs and then tried to play it off as a joke.



    This shit here

    There was a whole thread on aliases being exposed:

    Personally I think some aliases are funny af while others are just stupid. I think cats do it to try and be funny to waste time but get caught up trolling the poster(s) and start getting into the alias too much SMMFH. The link has one of the older accounts. There were A LOT of the coon alias accounts banned SMMFH.

    It makes no difference to me fam, like I said, I don't have time or fux to give thinking about that shit. Just chalk it up as niggas just fuckin weird.
  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    JJ_Evans wrote: »
    bck145 wrote: »
    Dc crumbling right before our eyes

    @Sion predicted this. He said the entire MMG was gonna fold soon.

    Like every rap crew but this is worse because Meek is jaded to the max.

    Meek is too emotional and it gets him into trouble, Wale is narcissistic af I KNOW he looking at this weighing his next move he's going to jump ship and go elsewhere. Ross is fading into executive/businessman territory - his albums don't sell anymore and he can't get the features he used to he relies on to sell his records. Meek's girl is gonna leave him but when she do she gonna do it quietly and respectful and Meek gonna fuckin out her and ETHER himself.

    Wale is Ross' best bet and he's prolly looking at Cole, Drake, Kendrick, Big Sean, ScHoolBoy Q - artists he came up with reaching their potential going platinum feeling a way why he isn't there yet. He's still young enough to reach his potential and be among those cats, he's going to do what's best for his career and MMG/Ross is not looking so hot right now...
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  • Re: The Official Game vs Meek Mill Beef Thread

    I see EXACTLY what Game is trying to do LOLOLOL and it's prolly going to work. Beans prolly gave Meek the OG talk about how to move. I don't actually think Beans got beat up but this is to force a reaction from the two to engage him more. Game will drag this out until he is the unanimous winner and feels comfortable walking away. Beans prolly telling Meek to take the 50 approach and just ignore Game from here on out.

    Social media changes the dynamic of battles now because ppl can almost interfere And persuade things because rappers will make bad decisions to appease the internet and not look like the loser.