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  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement

    Cassidy Banks doesn't do black porn because her boyfriend (who's black) doesn't want her fucking brothers, he only wants her fucking white dudes. Christy Mack's ex-boyfriend War Machine had the same stipulation over her SMMFH.
  • Re: The Official Game of Thrones Thread

    True say whenever major characters leave a show they usually "send them off" and have a celebration, I wonder why none of his co-stars did this, they did it for the kid who played Joffrey when he died in the show. Just an interesting point of view.
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  • Re: The Newest ADHD Thread

    Only on the IC have I heard of Rajon, most ppl say Kid Cudi :(

    Man I hate that nigga b :(
  • Re: Supreme Court makes gay marriage legal across the country

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    345 new posts later....

    I will never understand why threads with "gay" in the headlines always seem to do numbers. Some of yall going way harder than you need to be. Who cares what another group does in their bedroom. There are gay people, transgender and straight people in the world. They're not doing you any harm and want an equal chance at a quality of life just like you do. They shouldn't be denied that. It's not a black vs. gay dilemma either, that shit is just meant to divide people SMMFH.

    The fact that gays are now allowed to marry is good for the progression of society and human rights as a whole. Yall really don't know how good you really have it in North America. America sets the standard for international affairs so hopefully other countries around the world follow suit and make it law across the board.

    With all due respect fuck everything in your post. I know how good America is I lived outside of it but keep the rest of the world out of this , other nations should never be forced to adopt the social mores of America. Part of the reason certain parts of the world is on fire right now is because America and Europe keep pushing their ways onto them.

    And point blank period humanity is divided and always will be.

    Gay people are not responsible for America's ills or the ills of the world. People with YOUR mentality of thinking and hatred are.
    Sion wrote: »
    Time for me to walk away form this thread before niggas get into their emotions.... it's not that serious, I don't care if they're allowed to marry or not but I think it's dope they can now.

    Stop being a pussy you walk away from every thread when you are confronted with an opposing opinion.

    Gays responsible for the world's problems?? No more like they are a result of the world's problems

    They say never argue with a fool b/c from a far you can't tell who's who.... That being said no way I'm tryna go what another 5 pages ? Arguing about gay people, and for what ? SMMFH I don't even think gay people are as invested in themselves as some of these posts are of them. Kinda creepy to tell the truth no shots.
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  • Re: What Are You Listening to Right Now

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    "I aint have a rich brother to put me on like Silk Tha Shocker..." Got dayum LOLOL
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