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    Girl vs woman
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    Wonder if Bran will get any retribution against the Kingslayer. If he wanted to he could prolly have him walk off a bridge.
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    loch121 wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    loch121 wrote: »
    They said I was banned for posting spoilers?But I didn't have any spoilers just great predictions

    FOH you posted the spoilers word for word from Walder Frey to Cersei, Dorne, Jon, TOJ all of it exactly.

    I didn't know or say anything about Dorne,Toj,or Jon specifically except how could he be legitimized .Ppl in here and all over been saying Cersei would use wildfire.Plus they been foreshadowing wildfire all season.ppl been said Arya would kill Walder.They even said there would be that pie scene,but I didn't believe it

    I got what I said from me and and recap and break down vids

    If you go back I been said High Sparrow and Marg would die.

    Soon as Dude whispered to cersei I figured the kids brought the rumors seeing that thats what they do.

    Also the wall didn't fall,Cersei didn't kill Tommen(directly),so how did I spoil shit I got wrong?

    I can't help that I jumped on the right theories and had good predictions,but I guessed a bunch of shit on tv shows with no help.

    Some of the vids I watch maybe got a spoiler and maybe I worded something how they did,but I didn't intentionally try to spoil shit and I thought of all those options before posting them.

    How is a nigga supposed to know which popular theories that come true ?

    If I had spoilers,I would have known Cersei would take the throne and Jon would be king of the nawf. @Sion

    But anyway I paid the iron price


    I'm going to touch on this once and after that I'm done, anything else you can PM me cuz this is unnecessary and I have qualms clapping you again. The ONLY reason you unbanned is b/C of Jamrock's good word and I need to make some moves behind the scenes. I would have kept you banned until November. This is what you posted:


    GTFOH nigga we had the exact same spoilers to a T in our PM even the white walkers we also read were supposed to appear and attack the wall, which was an unconfirmed spoiler. The post was clapped on June 22 so nobody here would catch it and have the finale ruined (thank God niggas post a hundred times a day in here), it was also made before the episode where Qyburn even talked about his "little birds". Nobody said or even had a clue Arya was going to kill Walder Frey - you did. This shit was the fucking finale spoiler you was tryna pass off as "predictions". Even the Cersei shit which was in the books about them killing off Pycelle. It's "just a coincidence" you had the exact same spoilers we had that the reddit thread was pushing since May until they got the updates (which came in the last week before it aired). GTFOH and please don't insult my intelligence.

    huney wrote: »

    Saying hello

    @Sion is she real?

    I can't tell, her IP is Canadian. If it's hidden it's prolly a catfish no diss.

    With shit like this it's better to stay on the sidelines & see how it turn out. Poster needs to post a sheet of paper with her face and IC screen name saying she's who she say she is. No diss to ole girl (or nigga) but I been here a long time & remember aaallll the catfishes.

    Some of these dirty niggas already in it's PMs fam.... They know the game by now......