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  • Lil Wayne Admits Not Being Able To Battle..

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    So now we gonna lump the same man who gave us takeover and blueprint 2 with the same guy who gave us ghoulish and its good when it comes to battling??? Next you gonna tell us drake is a better battle rapper smh


    Where did I say that they were the same tho ? All I did was contrast that they have a similar weakness. They're not good battle rappers and neither is Drake (I don't even know how or why you brought up that waffle colored nigga). I can post a long list of rappers who have the same issue. Some big some not would it really matter ? So just because it's Jay-Z there's noooo way he can share a weakness ? SMMFH -_-* only on the IC are Jay-Z and NaS untouchable....

    Nobody said the nigga is untouchable or doesn't have a weakness but battling isn't one of them...... To say a nigga who was apart of one of the greatest hip hop battles EVER and has held his own with anybody he's traded bars with is weak at battling or saying that's his weakness makes absolutely no sense.....are their ppl that are better at battling then jay of course but to call that his weakness is just crazy.....

    You talk about him sending others like he didn't hit nas with takeover....or like he didn't hit cam with dig a hole...or like he didn't get at game on that hot 97 freestyle.... Or like he didn't hit 50 with the "I'm about a dollar..." etc....instead of thinking of it as a weakness what you should be asking yourself is besides 50 who has traded bars with more ppl then jay???

    *looks at avi and rolls eyes* you're a Jay-Z stan so you objectively couldn't say or acknowledge Jay has weaknesses. I'll even challenge you to just to post some just to prove that.

    No one is doubting that he's been in battles but his approaches and rebuttals I think OBJECTIVELY the IC can agree (if you made a thread comparing the others) that Jay could have gone harder or weren't really disses that made you fall out of your seat/career ending (save for Prodigy and Dame Dash). Whether or not he's WON battles I think most can't answer. Using your point how many rappers has Jay engaged at that time who didn't have careers after or couldn't bounce back after he engaged them ? Exactly. He makes great hit records and he'll tell you Takeover is a better song than Ether - but not a better diss. He's held his own but you can't say he's definitively beaten a rapper one on one in a battle lyrically dissing the shit out of his opposition like say an LL Cool J or Ice Cube. You couldn't say that Jay-Z is one of the GOAT battle rappers and I think that's a fair judgement. Even Jordan had issues and needed Pippen, even Ali - his defense was terrible but he was smart enough to work around it and use it in some fights against his foes. No matter how high you are in life everybody has strengths and weaknesses and on one is the exception.

    Wayne acknowledging that or Jay avoiding battles shows that they're smart enough to know where they're strogn and where they are not. That is all I'm saying.
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    Where copper spends every Sunday morning

    Perhaps a better question might be how does E2S know this ?

  • ADHD Thread

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    Abella has cute feets too


    You like ratchet hoes.

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    Abella has cute feets too

  • Song of the Day "Good Vibrations" Marky Mark

    They play this at my gym ALL THE TIME LOLOL, I love this track and cosign the girl on the hook makes the record.

    Song catchy as hell, who knew Mark would go from where he is to where he is now...

    Good song and good throwback joint LOLOLOLOL