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  • Re: Shocking Hip Hop Stories That Nobody Talks About Now...

    Some more interesting facts

    - The Game's mother owns a strip club, early in Game's career he used to strip there under the Moniker "Hurricane" n/h, the name would later be used for his shoe line with 310 Motors "The Hurricane". Game has also appeared on reality TV shows such as Change of Heart.

    - Young Buck had a blood transfusion after getting shot twice at his trap house

    - The Game has been shot 5 times

    - Mike Tyson knocked out Wesley Snipes in an NY washroom because Snipes was flirting (unknowingly) with a girlfriend of Mike's.

    - G-Dep ghostwrote "We Invented The Remix"

    - Cam'ron has slept with Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan and actress Alyssa Milano, it is also alleged that he slept with Jessica Alba as well

    - Rakim and Big Daddy Kane at one point didn't like each other and almost ignited what would have been Hip-Hop's first major beef

    - Lil Flip was a straight A student in High School

    - According to Pac's alleged father who was at the hospital after Pac was first shot in NY, Biggie came to visit Pac in the hospital.

    - In Superhead's infamous memoir, the large majority of her book was in fact fabricated and/or taken from other women's experiences in the industry. The alias "Daddy" was declared to be Method Man after her publisher refused to release her second book without controversy to help sell it. This was confirmed by Karrine in a podcast she did and on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole Radio show. Method Man vehemently denied the rumors, his wife was in the hospital battling cancer when the news dropped. She later passed away.

    - Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch were renting jewellry from 2002 to 2007 (which is why you never saw them with consistent chains or jewels)

    - When Young Buck's assets were put up for auction due to him filing for bankruptcy, the only thing he came back to buy back was his famous YB spinning logo chain, which had cost him 100k to have made and he bought back for $12,000.

    - Mack 10 used to beat T-Boz when they were married and is the reason why they broke up

    - Lil Wayne has writers for his albums and that is the reason why they vary in quality from Carter to Carter. Gillie Da Kid & Curren$y are said to have helped co-write the Carter 1, Carter 2 and 3. Carter 4 & 5 is said to have been written by Euro and Drake.

    - Drake has ghostwriters for Take Care, Partynextdoor, The Weeknd helped write his second album.

    - Many rappers such as Rick Ross, RZA and even Snoop Dogg are accomplished painters in their own time

    - Busta Rhymes is a closeted Homosexual

    - Eminem is actually a ginger and has natural red hair, he dyed his hair brown as a kid to avoid getting bullied

    - Puff Daddy was a backup singer long before he produced or rapped. He did back-up for Heavy D, Big Daddy Kane and many other groups. This is also how he managed to meet Jay-Z who at the time was under Big Daddy Kane's tutelage.

    - People forget that before Jaz-O, Jay-Z actually came up under Big Daddy Kane and learned a lot of what he learned from him in terms of the business side of music.

    - while Jay-Z was having issues with writing a song, it was actually Biggie Smalls who suggested he don't write and just go off the dome as it was easier to come off coherent and flow versus reading off a paper. Jay-Z said it came natural to him because when he was on the block he would memorize lines so he could later write down. (source: Decoded)

    - Just Blaze actually went into production so that he could pay for more video games

    - I Gotta Story to Tell is about John Starks and his wife at the time

    - Guru used to sleep on Fat Joe's couch early on in his career

    - ironically, when NWA came out not one member in the group had a criminal record... think about that....

    - Slim Thug is an accomplished real estate investor and made a million dollars and drove a Rolls-Royce before he signed a deal with The Neptunes. Part of that was the reason why Pharrell signed him to his label. It was actually Slim Thug who put him on to Black American Express Cards, something that Slim still don't get credit for when that was a popular thing in rap.

    - many rappers actually draw or paint in their spare time: Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Wale,

    - Mya fucked with a lot of niggas including (but not limited to) Baron Davis, D'Angelo, DMX, Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent, The Game, Sean Paul, Gucci Mane, Maino, Pras, Julius Peppers, Nelly, several ball players, and more

    - Meagan Goode has been passed around more times then the collection plate at Church (joseph gordon levitt, Thomas Jones, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese & many more)

    - Sauce Money wrote Biggie's "I'll Be Missing You" song

    - Rocsi Diaz of 106 & Park used to blackmail artists into sleeping with her in order to get favorable praise while on 106. Andre 3000, 50 Cent and LL Cool J refused her advances (this is why she went in on LL and 50). DJ Whoo Kid, Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese, Lloyd Banks, and many others have fucked Rocsi. There's a lot of people I know she slept with but fuck it's tiring writing it all out LOLOLOLOL SMMFH.

    - Tupac had a small charity foundation where he'd give jobs to felons fresh out of jail & a mentor for kids, at times he'd show up to their hoods & schools and buy everybody pizza, clothes & pay people's rent.

    - The scar on Dame Dash's head came from an incident in France where he got hit over the head with a bottle during a scuffle

    - Oschino of State Property fame has been shot 11 times, all on different occasions
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    DillaDeaf wrote: »

    is that Cube vs Monster Kody shit even real ....nigga had to be crazy beefing with Kody if true.

    I'm not sure fam, I do know tho that an affiliate of Cypress Hill did take Cube's chain at a stop light while Cube was still in his car. Cube did get it back but that altercation almost caused a huge gang war in LA and had to be squashed by I think Farrakhan or somebody prominent. It was in the Beef 2 or 3 DVD. During that point there was certain places both parties couldn't go without the likelihood of something poppin off...
  • Re: Tyga (24) & Kylie Jenner (17) Spotted In France

    Max. wrote: »
    Sion wrote: »
    Niggas got too much time on their hands. If it don't violate the laws of consent it's alright. Niggas been dating women much younger than them for years. I remember when I was in highschool it was chicks 16-17 who were dating niggas in their late 20s early 30s. I don't do that shit but fuck who cares what another man doing.

    And that Kylie Jenner broad is gonna be a stone cold freak down the road.....

    U were in illpix threatening to ban ppl over teen nudes

    But its ok to fuck them

    Huge difference b/w a chick that's dating a dude that's consensual under state laws wherever they at versus dudes taking illegally obtained pics of minors (under 16) and posting them on social media like that shit is poppin SMMFH.....
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    Sion wrote: »
    OhPee wrote: »
    Apparently the same hackers have obtained 13GB of nude snapchat pictures.....and will be releasing them soon. (No celebs)

    The Snappening.

    Lemme just say.....

    An article on BBC came out saying some of those pics might be of minors... don't none of you niggas try and be "bold" for some fucking GOATs and Cosigns.... I will ban on sight & if the feds ask report yo ass SMMFH......

    Let's keep Ill Pix running, you can find plenty of naked hoes online on tumblr or wherever you get your fix from that are OVER 18.

    U dont scare me doggy, i will slice your tail

    Dont be scared my brothers a revolution is coming

    houh movement

    hard on Underage hoes movement

    So unjail yourself then. Test me fam and the next time you'll be banned indefinitely and reported. You can become cellmates with Supreme_Mind in the pen it's really your choice.....
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  • Re: Pharrell Williams Rockin Eye-liner....the ''New Black'' Style

    Entertainers like MJ, Prince, Pharrell, etc. can get away with shit like this b/c this IS their job. Now where it becomes an issue is when regular niggas start doing this. Understand, Pharrell is a fashion icon and a walking mannequin n/h and he's always on a stage in some form - he's an artist, you regular niggas tho.... CANNOT GET AWAY WITH THIS SHIT SMMFH.
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