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  • Re: Jay Electronica: An Album Is A False Concept

    Jay Electronica is a claffy, okay but Jay-Z is a fan of making money dummy SMMFH. He is going to get dropped and when that happens he'll smell the coffee and start putting out mixtapes SMMFH but by then niggas won't care.

    If he's going to say this shit he better come with music that'll be different than the traditional format but no disrespect, I don't see Jay Electronica being the nigga to do that. I could see Drake, Cole, 2Chainz, Kanye, Chance or something doing that.
  • Re: Is it over for A$AP Mob as a collective?

    Hell no. Flacko's last 2 albums went gold SMMFH. Ferg had hits last year on the chart. Yall gotta give it time. J.Cole JUST got his hand in the cookie jar last year FINALLY going platinum, so did Big Sean with his first gold and platinum albums.

    ASAP Mob is slowly building up to it and keep in mind they don't have a major label pushing them like that only Flacko does and the rest of the members are signed to him. With Yams dead I don't think Flacko has the business hand or the time to promote everyone, they have to put themselves on.
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    Alright guys it pains me to make this announcement but there is to be no nudity allowed from hear on out - not in spoilers or nothing, to post nudity you have to post it as a link.
    there is to be no nudity on the site. spoilered or otherwise. including in IllPix or even the ADHD Thread.

    no exceptions. not for mods. not for posters.

    in a nutshell, nudity gives the site a "pornography" rating, and then we're unable to be viewed at work, etc., cutting out our viewership.

    This is coming from the Boss :(
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  • Re: The Official Dragonball Super Thread (All my DBZ fans come in here)

    if gohan aint as strong as future trunks, he is useless

    There's no way he's as strong as Future Trunks especially after the Kai training, SSR and the zenkai boosts from fighting Black and Zamasu. He's definitely stronger than Gohan and that's not to knock Gohan but Trunks trained hard and literally showed us he could hang with SS Rose Black and then Black Zamasu.

    Gohan has way more potential than Future Trunks but he has to rekindle it. Imagine if Mystic Gohan kept training after Ultimate Buu or went with them to fight Black ? If Gohan trained with Beerus and Whis he'd be able to go SSB.

  • Re: Drake Speaks On Why He Had To Destroy Meek, Talks Quentin Miller and Why DJ Drama Is To Blame

    Sion wrote: »
    The rest of the interview is way better than the meek portion of it . Lol like how Kanye and drake lowkey fell off . The QM and dj drama shit, the Grammy shit . Basically pointing out that jay z was the one that asked for the reference tracks

    I doubt it was Hov. He's been writing for niggas on the quiet since way back, it wouldn't make sense to ask for Drake's reference tracks and THEN appear on a song with him for VIEWS (pop style).

    If someone asked for it then it had to be someone who dislikes Drake. Someone who was gonna do a whole run off it, and actually gain something out of it.


    hhhmmmm dayum good fuckin guess :+1:

    Yeah Puffy the only one I can imagine who could have niggas shook like that to fork up reference tracks