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  • Re: Ava Devine - Would you Still smash today ?

    What's fucked up is that whole asshole falling out shit became a sub genre called prolapsing SMMFH. Google "prolapse party" dont say I didnt warn ya... SMMFH
  • Re: The Official Jay-Z's "Tidal" Streaming Service Thread

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    It will forever fascinate me how bad news travels faster or how people have so much to say about why a man is losing versus how a man won.

    That article doesn't mean anything but that ppl are narrow-minded. Jay bought Tidal for I think $50 million and it was on a downward spiral at that point. He paid less than what it was worth to save the brand, the financial statements from the prior years are there for everybody to download free of charge. It takes years before businesses like this can turn around immediately not 5 minutes or 2 weeks SMMFH. Niggas are really trying to base an entire business with a dozen employees and markets all over the world like an album "Tidal didn't crack the top 100 las--" no shit doofus he bought it to turn it around and use it's platform to serve him.

    But still I'll leave yall in yall squabbles. In 5 years time Tidal will make Jay-Z very wealthy. As with any business you have to let time run it's course before you be the judge. Warren Buffett bought Kraft and it has a failing food business so he merged it with Heinz to make it more efficient, it's going to take several years before the company starts piling out larger cashflows and several lay-offs later......

    i could care less about how much money Jay makes and this is coming from a big hova fan. what i want to see is how they will compete in this market. fuck cash flow how much will their market share grow? Time will tell and yes it is early. However there was allot of ignorance in the marketing and message from the launch and start of Tidal.

    It's the same viewpoint i have with Roc Nation Sports. Ok you got cano but his brand ain't been shit since he left NYC. Ok you got KD which by default is going to sell shoes for days for the next decade plus. But what is Roc Nation doing to help his image. Same with CC etc. etc.

    My gripe with Hov recently is yes hes investing money and he is a black man doing his thing. But I want to see some of these big boy ventures do some shit on another level. Not pretty much use your brand and money like every other rich white folk running companies.

    Everyone has to start somewhere and there's not such thing as a perfect launch or score. The company was in dire straights prior and he's trying to salvage and save the company. With I think Tidal is actually the future for artists in general and the ultimate platform to sell your music. I think his goal was to buy the subscriber base and move his units on them. I don't understand the "like every other rich white folk running companies". It's just business at the end of the day. Don't spend more than what you make, keep costs low, invest the difference wisely be patient. Jay is on the right track it's just going to take time. I guarantee when forbes list next year comes around Jay will have a GOAT train in that post and niggas will praise him forgetting that many months ago they was shittin on him.

    Yes and no. You can't honestly say between Roc Nation Sports and Tidal hov did market research before launching. He may learn in the long run but hes failed to research and educate himself before launches. Hes depending too much on his name and his fame versus taking a good 6 months plus to research both the sports agency venture and online music streaming.

    Any true businessman spends time doing research. I have never felt hov has done that for these ventures. He seemed to rush this launch versus really looking at what he could do to change the game then re-branding the music service in the states.

    There's the difference between going into something knowing what you know and learned and then there's the reality of the unpredictable occurring. It doesn't matter how much research you do, the economics of a business is completely unpredictable and there's no way to hedge that risk. There's no such thing as a "riskless" investment.

    Hov is realistic enough to realize that there's risks involved and this is one that he was willing to take on. Beats by Dre didn't take off 5 minutes or 2 weeks after launch, Vitamin Water was sued the first year it started, Sean John almost got shut down by Peta in it's 2nd of year of launch. Your post reeks of naivete, again only time will tell but it's completely unfair to judge the success of a multimillion dollar enterprise with global reach and a hundred employees and 500k in subscribers in 2 weeks and determine if it's a failure SMMFH. Only in Hip-Hop do idiots do this, that's the pinnacle of narrow-mindedness and sheer ignorance. in corporate America we never judge companies like that, we analyze them quarterly and typically give them a 5 year window. You're not on the Euronext or in both Europe and U.S.A running the business. Obviously the company has been operational for *ahem* 16 years prior and was fine up until they started borrowing money after the recession.

    Jay-Z paid $56 million for this compay, in 2008 it made $206 million this was BEFORE anybody even knew what it was. This is a European company that was just given the keys to the United States, let the new subscribers come on, cut some of the mgmt and you're good to go. The average Jay-Z album sells 1.8 million copies in physical form. All he has to do is exclusively sell his album over Tidal, sell Beyonce's album along with their collab album over Tidal and they've got almost 5 or 6 million new subscribers and purchasers (maybe more) and at the very least 2 million on top of the 500k they currently have.

    Jay literally bought 500k subscribers & European markets he wouldn't normally have access to. He'll be fine.
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  • Re: The Official 2015 Powerful Porno Movement

    Yeah in that picture Kelly does look a little like Kat. I think Kat is way better looking tho.

    I'll give Kelly points, she's gotten much better looking with time but she's still as ugly as a horse....

    Smash on a slow Sunday but I ain't telling anybody but the #PPMFamilia

    Props to Geno for Jessica Jaymes and Milf Love following him. My brother I don't know how you do it but major props to you that's a gooood look !!!!!

    Jada Stevens is still my bitch woooooo, her Teanna Trump, Franceska Jaimes and Katrina Jade good GOD.... Katrina could get wifed, can't believe I clowned at first until I seen her work SMMFH. She puts it the fuck down and fuck ya like she miss ya.
  • Re: Pic thread for the peaceful and positive

    From yesterday, maaaaannn I just want a good nights rest....


    This was the official shareholder meeting and presentation

    CEO Prem Watsa addresses shareholders



    Canadian white women, very nice and classy, very kind


    Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto



    Chocolate stand from William Ashley, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfax. Those chocolates start at about $10, I got to eat em for free, very delicious but they waaaay too expensive for my wallet. The box of champagne chocolates run $56 and up.


    Expensive ass silverware


    Wealthy businessmen congregate, the dude in the center is CEO Prem Watsa



    A good friend of mine along with Mr. Prem Watsa and myself


    2014/2015 was kind to Prem, he made the forbes list
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  • Re: What should Lil Wayne Do?

    Leave Cash Money, take a whole year off from music, get with Mannie Fresh and Rick Rubin, DJ Dahi or Mike Dean to produce his next album, have Euro and Drake write for him. Come back a year later with a new movement, album and grind. Start a whole new label with 1 or 2 artists (old or new) and also step outside the box creatively.

    DEAD the Carter series with C5 being that last one, close that chapter and start a new one....

    Let Wayne do that and he'll be re-established as the GOAT
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