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  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Also Sansa wasn't around when Ramsay said he hadn't fed the dogs for 7 days

    Wait she was with Jon, Lyanna, Davos and Tormund when they first met which is where Ramsay said it I believe....
  • Re: The NEW ADHD thread

    Wtf. . KANYE can I just have a nigga rap on a record the fuck is this shit hip hop

    Been telling yall for years now, rap music is transcending Hip-Hop because it's pop culture now or in other words pop. The art of rapping isn't going to be exclusive to Hip-Hop, now other genres will adopt it and artists who want to sell more and become bigger are going to aim to adapt by making more pop, alternative types of records to reach those masses and yes purists and hardcore rap fans aren't going to like it until it becomes the norm. You already see it in fashion, it's just a matter of time now before you start seeing weirder and weirder videos. This will be dubbed "art". Artists like Drake/OVO, Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Chance The Rapper, Childish Gaybino, Wale, Travis Scott, Kehlani, Big Sean, etc. Are all at the forefront trying to take it there.
  • Re: Game of Thrones Season 6 Thread

    Khaleesi here's a run down of the sets

    Team Triggerfinger: The most powerful squad in Westeros and the IC, we masterminded GoT we winning ova hea

    Team Targaryen: They aight, I think BossExcellence and Mastery are dope af but the rest of the squad iuno, we just don't like the eunuch

    Team Lark: Don't truce with them, they're amazing at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, never seen anything like it SMMFH

    Team White Walkers: My homeboy is a mod over there, that's my nigga but it's too cold over there
    Team Frey: fuck niggas are over there

    Team Lannister: Can't remember whose over there but I think it's like one nigga

    Team LOL: They got wiped out last season

    Team Munny Bolton: Got wiped out on Sunday

    Team Faceless Men: The bathe old men shlong and take their faces, I think they fell apart too Arya deserted them they aint done shit since season 1
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  • Re: The Official 2016 Presidential Election Thread

    Mr.LV wrote: »

    Based on these figures this shit should be a fuckin breeze for Hillary Clinton
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  • Re: TI’s NYC Show Ends in Shooting (TroyAve's Bodyguard killed,TroyAve Indicted on Shooting Charged )

    If he beat the mur charge then he'll likely beat the 2nd degree attempted one. He'll lose the reckless endangerment and illegal firearms ones Tho. If he tells he could prolly get off.

    IDGAF tho what you say that's living proof there's a God if you need a reason.
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