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  • Re: Charlamange Says Average Rapper In 2015 Put In More Work In The Streets Than 90's Rappers

    He has a point but the purpose of this is to get under the skins of 90 elitists to spark a discussion. That's why he singled out Young Thug, Chief Keef, and YG. If he said Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, Jeezy, Fredo Starr, T.I., this thread would be platinum. What he said about those artists is true but also turns a blind eye to the events they did in the media's eyes (at least 2Pac and Biggie). NaS has told yall he's not a gangster, Mobb Deep were 15 when they were getting on and signed to Bad Boy and driving Porsches/living in mansions at 18-21.

    Most rappers back then and even now, aren't really "street niggas" like that but their crews might be. It's the niggas they roll with that are doing all the "dirty work". I do agree with what he said about Chief Keef tho. You could argue for both sides but you can't say any era was harder than another which is why this shit is trolling. If social media and technology was around in the 90s you'd have seen A LOT of niggas getting exposed.
  • Re: Pic thread for the peaceful and positive

    LOLOLOLOL Ob they just fuckin with you, we know you made them joints LOLOL. Myesha Nicole is a pornstar btw. I think she retired or is still an escort SMMFH. You can google and find her if you're serious LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.
  • Re: The Breakfast Club Rumor Report: Has Lil Wayne Fallen Off?

    This is why I hate the general public and their ADHD attention span SMMFH. Eminem will disappear out of the public eye ENTIRELY for 2 years and not drop ANY music at all NONE, not even a magazine appearance, NOTHING and no one argues "did he fall off ?" and he'll drop an album and bam. Lil Wayne will be in the public's eye, putting out hot record after hot record, doing a mil in the first week 2 or 3 albums straight (he averages atleast 2-3x platinum per album) and even have all of his artists smashing the charts and niggas will look at each other with a straight face and say "Lil Wayne fell off he's not hot anymore". So wtf defines "Hot" these days ???????? If Lil Wayne dropped dead tomorrow tho they'd be QUICK to change their tune and call him the G.O.A.T , I've said it a dozen times on here, rap fans are the worst fans. They have no patience, they will get music from anyone for free and want it all the time, will not support the artist by buying albums and will be quick to talk down on an artist if they don't sell or get a new song in a week SMMFH.

    And people wonder why our legends can't have careers like ACDC, Metallica, U2, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and all these rock bands that can still sell out an arena and no one shits on them saying they aint "hot". That's a problem we have to change in order to have our artists retain longevity and keep the artform that's theirs.

    Lil' Wayne won't get the props he deserves until he dies because that's the only thing that will remind people of the work he's put in and contributions he's made to the game and culture in general, both for black music and pop culture.
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  • Re: Pic thread for the peaceful and positive

    I got some more pics coming hol up hol up
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  • Re: Jaden Smith At Prom

    Niggas can hate but I bet none can post a prom pic of their date and say she badder. He's living the life, if it were me at that age with all that going on I'd have gone to prom in an Ironman armor suit with no fux given. Let him live.

    He needs to STOP hanging out with Donald Glover tho.
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