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  • Re: The Official Pokemon X and Y Thread

    They really nerfed this game

    Word how so ?? What did they change ?
  • Re: Please tell me the origins of these BEEFS.

    gum989 wrote: »
    Saigon vs Budden

    Jadakiss vs Beanie

    Lil Cease vs Dips

    Ross vs TI

    Shawty Lo vs TI

    Jay Z vs Game

    Compton Menace vs Game

    Ross vs 50

    1. started out cuz Joe sent shots, Saigon took the bait. Kay Slay spoke on it how it was nothing but how Saigon took it diff't. Joe made a comment about rappers turnt actors or something. Joe won the battle tho IMO, "you say I can't win in real life, but how you can't even win on TV" [citing his failures as a "rapper" on Entourage when Turtle was his manager].

    2. Jada/Lox came for Jay and Jay put Beans in front of him, it was just competition nothing serious ever came outta it thank God.

    3. Started with a rumor of Cease getting rolled up on or something to that effect. Cease denied it then sent footage of the video of Cam and Jim getting beat up and chased out the Ruckers.

    4. Ross dissed T.I. on a track, Tip never responded tho, they broke bread later and have been cool since (prolly just competition I dont really count beefs like that)

    5. Competition once again. Shawty called out Tip, Tip recorded What's Happenin in Shawty's hood in front of his old apartment. Doing his dance and everything...

    6. Not a diss, Game tried to diss Jay-Z and Beyonce, Hov never responded. So Game went after Bleek on 100 bars and running. Bleek I dont think responded either.

    7. Started with a song with Tyga dissing Lil Durk, Game featured on it. Game cosigned it and said he was backing his lil brother Tyga. Compton Menace aint like that and came at him. I think it's deeper than that tho, Menace was in the Hate It Or Love It video, so I think it was really just a case of disgruntled employee now broke and trying to salvage something out of the relationship with Game SMMFH.

    8. Ross said he saw 50 Cent at the BET awards and didn't like the look he gave him. He dissed 50 in Mafia Music. 50 Cent retaliated by exposing Ross' court documents showing that Ross was not as big a boss as he claimed. He then exposed him as a CO, then interviewed his first BM who wrote a book basically about how Ross was a scrub and used to sleep on her couch. Then 50 took her shopping, then exposed a sextape from Ross' other BM who was an escort. 50 and Ross exchanged bars on records and eventually became cool.
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  • Re: Is 2014 the worst year in Hip Hop? Lord Jamar: 2014 Could Possibly Be Worst Year Ever in Rap Music

    90s elitism at it's finest SMMFH.... These old niggas will shit on Hip-Hop today but won't put out music to change it. Meanwhile Jay, Nas, Em, Wu-Tang and them are still puttin out quality music that's dope. I really really feel that today we live in a Golden Era of rap TODAY, it's just that the 90s elitists are so into their memories they not going to pay attention to all these new artists until they gone (but that's ok this I'm sure we'll do the same to the next generation). Let's face it tho, in 2014 alone there was no wack albums or mixtapes that dropped - except for Ab-Soul's About These Days album and maybe a few bad apples but overall the quality of good music to have come out in the last 2 years has been incredibly strong. YG dropped a great album, School Boy Q dropped a good album, Cyhi The Prynce, Wale, J.Cole, Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown, Big Sean's Detroit mixtape, Joe Budden, MNIMN, Ohio, Big KRIT entire discography, Run The Jewels, Curren$y, etc. etc.

    There's a lot of good music out there, the thing is a lot of the people who came up on 90s Hip-Hop have memories tied to those times. Overall, this is the shit that Lord Jamar does, he just hates on everything and is a staunch 90s era elitist, you think he's gonna put any generation over the one he came up and got rich in ? Hell nah. But on top of that if he agreed with everything he wouldn't have a platform on vladTV. This is what Jamar does, he gets under your skin and gets niggas talkin. It keeps his name in headlines and yall niggas questioning yourselves.
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  • Re: Dropping tonight: Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z "Movin' Bass"

    Going by the reactions of this thread.....

    See this is what I was saying was going to happen to Ross at some point. This is what happens when you rely so heavily on features, niggas begin to forget that you rap too LOLOLOLOL SMMFH. To me Ross is the best DJ in rap, he's amazing at picking dope beats and getting the right features on a track but no one ever really listens for the DJs verses now do they ? LOLOL. Ross needs to make that transition of how he was on his first 2 albums or else he will fade into obscurity and into the position of always needing other rappers to carry him and his albums.

    While it may sell singes and earn you quick cash, down the road when you hot it's very easy to get Drake, Jay-Z, T.I., Raphael Saadiq, Dr.Dre, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Scarface, French, Puffy etc. and them to feature on your albums. Try doing that when you're lukewarm tho and see if that phone rings or any of them call back.

    I understand now why he was branching more into business and not music as much the last 2 years. It makes sense, this is prolly part of the plan to secure his finances first w/ Burger King & Wingstop and then go back to his roots of not relying on features so much so he can maintain creative control. Ross wants to last LOLOLOLOL. Let's see if the fans fuck wit it tho.
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  • Re: Jessica Kylie... AMEN!

    Nah fam there's a video in this thread where she says she's half peurto rican and half irish (white)....