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  • Re: Legit Reason's to why Eminem is not top 10 Material.........

    I never understood the appeal of that damn KIM song. The verses, while do tell a story, sound over the top with his whaling and yelling. Then theres that unorthodox whining chorus. It don't even sound like hip-hop, it sounds like a psycho path on drugs trying to make some screaming hardcore rock song.
    In Your Moms RoomSoloman_The_Wiserip.dilla
  • Re: Pusha T versus Lil' Wayne Battle Thread

    So rumor is wayne dropping a single next week featuring............. Big Sean>? So fuck pusha t and everybody that love him but not Sean?

    Lol, Drake said in interviews he loved the Clipse, bought a mic autographed by Pusha T off ebay, so it must be fuck Drake too. Wayne don't use his brain.
  • Re: Pusha T versus Lil' Wayne Battle Thread

    ptowndonte wrote: »
    I wonder if Baby ever took advantage of the whole 'father/son' shit and smashed Wayne's momma

    Doubt it. Baby is a confirmed homosexual.
    runningwolf1980Trill Gate$deemula420
  • Re: What happened to Rick Ross? No album dropping?

    antarticp wrote: »
    GeE-757 wrote: »
    y is muuunkeecracka-unit groupiez n herr runnin they chopz when they favorite muuuunkee & his gggg-string-unit is IRRELEVANT n HIPHOP?..rozay is HOTTER then wooodface on da MUSIK tip & MMG is CRUSHIN da GGGGAY-UNIT ro$$ has drop;d self made & mixtapez since teflon don woodface aint dun shit but drop wack mixtapez since 09 cuz interscope dont believe n woodface after rozAY BEAT him so yall muuuunkeecracka-unit sheep need 2 STFU!

    true rick ross is hotter than 50 cent @ this minute ... but so is lil wayne so is meek mill ... fuck it Kendrick Lemar got more of a buzz then fif ..... BUT GUESSS WHAT ???? not one of those guys have yet to reach the success that fif has ... none of them maybe except lil wayne has the true power to break an UNKNOWN artist ... keep in mind Rick Ross cant break unknowns a la Gunplay Torch etc .... also keep in my Wale is on his second deal ... and Meek Mills was already known on the east coast and blowing up longgggggggg before rick ross came along ........ lol ijs stop blow smoke up this dudes ass ... lol ... i rather hear pcotton and the game talk that YMCMB shit cause @least they running shit for real ... Rick Ross and company are still underdogs on the come up in the big scheme of things .... Tyga sold more than the entire MMG put together LOL!! smh

    Did u just say Tyga sold more than the entire MMG put together? R u on crack brotha?
    Meela Dymmebirdcallaveli
  • Re: Cardboard Biggie at Cochella


    LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Really? REALLY??????
    soul rattlerStoneColdMikey