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IC used to be dope. What happened to good jokes and discussions? Grown and sexy is now Race and No Religion.


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  • Re: Diznee with the see through top

    yea like I said...goodbye Diznee. It isn't about her wanting to get healthy, its all about that money. Bodybuilding competitions is a more lucrative hustle than being a hip hop model.

    Shorty gotta do beef. But damn...I miss the old Diznee
  • Re: Chantel Zales

    Face getting protein plastered
  • Re: John Carpenter's "THEY LIVE"

    excellent movie...

    yea everybody knows about that fight scene...shit is a classic

    what's crazy is the metaphor in the movie...interesting to discuss

    what's even more fucked up is that some say this movie was telling the truth.

    Some say "They Live" and "V" are both spreading the same message...

    Who knows...
  • Re: The 20 Richest Porn Stars

    sniperk wrote: »
    Just so you don't think I'm talking out my ass (no homo):

    lol naw bruh, I just don't really give a fuck

    no offense...

    so I will take your word for it
  • Re: Obama signs 'Blue Alert' law to protect police

    You posted this on July 7th to push your "blacks shouldnt trust Obama" agenda during two tragic slayings by the hands of police officers...

    When the law was signed in May of 2015...

    There's nothing that can be said to "convince" or "persuade" any person who deems Obama as a "Uncle Tom". Its impossible to. You know the person is a fool who believed Obama was suppose to be the savior of blacks without understanding the fight is against evil and wrongdoing.

    But to post this to push your silly Obama agenda, especially when we had no charismatic President that even compared to Obama (not even Bill Clinton spoke for Blacks the way Obama has) nor do we even have better options in the future. Hillary Clinton making awkward CPT jokes to fit in foolishly and Trump. Yea, that guy.

    You remind me of the Pharisees in the bible and the jews, who didnt accept Jesus and spoke against him because they figured his coming meant a war against their oppressors and a reestablishing of their kingdom. When he spoke about loving the fellow man and committing to good works, they chose a thief instead of a savior.

    Your hatred of the POTUS is unwarranted and rooted in selfish natures. It takes maturity and wisdom to appreciate what Obama was able to achieve. Hopefully in the future you will get to that point and retrospectively realize he has been one of our greatest presidents not bound by silly issues of color that those cops and blacks are conditioned by.

    We cant advance because white folks still think racially...and black folks still wrapped in chains do the same thing. All slaves to a relic of a past. God bless.
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