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  • Re: Why 'Shark Tank' investor Kevin O'Leary flies first-class but puts his kids in economy

    So if its tough love, drop that dude off in the hood, put him in a cheap apartment, have him work to pay for his own rent and clothing, car and have em buy that pack of ramen noodles.

    In other words...

    Don't do that tough love bullshit with just a plane flight, do it in all aspects.

    Fuck all that shit, I'm balling stupid, my kid balling with me. He get out of line, get arrogant and forget humility, I'm smacking the crap out of him. If my kid got a head start in the game because of me, that's gangsta. No King tells his son to become a slave so he can learn to rise to the top. That's stupid and teaches him nothing.
  • Re: Young Dro says that he spent $5 million on Polo in his lifetime. SMH

    But if a nigga had Payless shoes, wrangler jeans and some faded glory tees from Wal Mart...y'all niggas clowning instantly.

    Stop the bullshit. Most mad they aren't on that level.
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  • Re: Video: Baltimore Cop to CNN: Police Morale ‘In the Sewers,’ Worst I’ve Ever Seen...

    Crazy. Had it on the news how this young kid got shot yesterday and laid out on this dude's steps. The man was generally disturbed, thinking about his own kids and how his neighborhood is unsafe.

    Then the Os were out handing out food in the area where the riots happened. Lady who lives in the neighborhood mentioned the riots destroying the stores impacting her ability to get groceries.

    Shit is fucked up on both sides of the fence. Black lives matter, riots happened, murder rate increasing dramatically in the west side, stores burned down, parents need help feeding the kids, and schools trying to stay open for the summer so kids can have a lunch.

    In the midst of all that, niggas in here celebrating about low cop morale. Talk about your ignorance.
  • Re: aye yall bmore posters rising up or ya aint bout it?

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    That's the only downside of rioting. Once people have had their outburst it typically changes very little and what does change only changes for a short time.

    Uhhhhh its a riot. What is an upside to rioting? Free items for a poor neighborhood that gets poorer? Quicker deaths and harsher treatment by the hands of government forces who police the neighborhoods. The closure of schools?

    There are other ways besides rioting to promote and create change.

    Chaos is not a prerequisite for order. These people are feeding the machine, not destroying it.

    Sure there's an upside to rioting. Pressure busts pipes, those people have been dealing with brutality and other issues silently for years. Eventually it will erupt, this eruption is necessary sometimes to fully express the disenchantment of those people. From time to time a little rioting can be healthy, sometimes you have to show that you really do care, there is only so much tweeting you can do.

    I would prefer a more intellectual revolution, not one that involves violence and property damage but It was only a matter of time. From Trayvon to Akai Gurley to Eric Garner to Walter Scott et al. Folks have allowed these things to cloud proper judgment, but they will be heard that much is for sure.

    And ultimately that's the point, when you are being ignored in an argument you get louder, and louder and then you may start slamming your hands on the table and eventually turning the damn table over. After the outburst attention is squarely on you and you will be heard and then begin to deescalate.

    So It will deescalate in a few hours, maybe days and normalcy will return. Baltimore will be just fine.

    Smh naw bruh. There is no upside of rioting. Martin AND Malcolm didn't riot to get their point across. Malcolm didn't encourage looting of local neighborhoods to demand justice for blacks.

    There are no upsides of rioting. LA riots proved this. What did that change? Blacks are still impoverished there. Investment still lacking and niggas still get beat/killed by LA cops.

    You got little kids in Bmore streets, you saying that's cool? Blacks without jobs because of businesses destroyed, that's cool? Old people that can't get their medicine, that's cool? Blocks and cars destroyed by fire, that's cool?

    Smh, man damn...the foolish of worldly man is beyond my comprehension. Its upsetting, disheartening and just plain sad. The actions of evil are distracting from the matters at hand.